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How To Make An Esports Highlight Video

College Esports Teams Offer Scholarships For Video Gamers | NBC Nightly News

Creating an esports highlight video is a great way to impress college coaches and earn an esports scholarship. As coaches perform initial evaluations, they typically turn to video on demand on Twitch to vet recruits. To create a highlight video that makes a great first impression, pick your best game and start adding clips.

Save content you stream with VOD. Make sure you enable VOD saving to hold onto past footage. On your Twitch dashboard, click the Settings tab and check the box marked Store Past Broadcasts. Use the Video Producer tab to pare down past broadcasts into short and sweet clips.

Wow college esports coaches right off the bat. Within the first minute of your video, include four or five of your best plays to showcase your abilities. Use clips that demonstrate your strategy and train of thought in a variety of situations. Make sure the clips provide context by including a few seconds of footage leading up to the highlight.

Less is more. Highlight videos should be between 1-2 minutes. Dont delete unused footage! Interested coaches may follow up by asking for more video. As your skill level increases, make sure you update your video with new highlights.

Include your basic contact info in the video and description. Shoot a short introduction to your video that includes your gamer tag, rankings, primary role, high school GPA and graduation year. At the end of the video, list your email and phone number to make it easy for coaches to get in touch.

Who Should Varsity Esports In College

Varsity esports arent for beginners, so in order to qualify for a team or be considered for a scholarship, youll need to have some experience with competitive gaming, such as competing in local tournaments during high school.

Youll also want to think carefully about how much time youll have to spend on esports and whether youll be able to stay on top of your coursework. If esports is just your casual hobby, then you may want to consider an intramural esports league instead.

For those who are committed to esports, participating in a varsity program can be a fun and rewarding part of the college experience.

University Of California Irvine

They play host to competitive teams for League of Legends and Overwatch, but they also offer a program for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The program actively supports their world-class gaming scholars by connecting them to both recreational and elite gamers. They also annually co-host the annual UCI Esports Conference along with their Informatics department as a way to talk about the latest research in esports.

What makes this program stand out is the structure of their culture. According to their website, they are the first public university to create an official esports program. UCI has become a sort of leader in collegiate esports as the industry has boomed since 2015. To that end, UCI has developed a program to promote messages of diversity and inclusion in esports in 2017. Their overall mission is to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for all students. With that, UCI is our number 6 choice.

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How Do Colleges Find Esports Athletes

In the early days of varsity college esports, programs relied on referrals and emails from prospective students to find gamers. As the industry has evolved, many varsity programs now invite gamers to fill out recruiting forms with the following information:

  • Game of interest
  • Highlight video

To learn more, the coach will vet recruits by watching their Twitch feed and listening to their in-game communication on a Discord chatroom. Recruits who make the cut are then invited to campus for a tryout.

You can kick off the esports recruiting process by contacting college coaches at any time. NCSA is the official Recruiting Services Partner of NACE and all NACE programs use the NCSA Recruiting Network to search for esports athletes. You can create a free online profile to increase exposure across our network of college coaches.

How Esport Scholarships Began

2017 Q2 Collegiate eSports Report: 40 Schools, $4M+ In Scholarships ...

In 2014, Robert Morris University made headlines around the world by being the first institution of its kind to bring esports into its athletic program. This is when esports, at least in the US, became a varsity sport.

Robert Morris University created its own League of Legends team in 2014. Although schools technically had college esports teams, what marked this as the beginning was Robert Morris Universitys designation of their LoL team being a varsity sports team.

After Robert Morris University created their varsity esports team, and after many considered it to be a mere publicity stunt for a small school, the year 2015 saw the University of Pikeville in Kentucky create their own varsity esports team.

Yep, the beginning saw two small, mostly unheard of schools, create their own varsity esports teams. But if you do a bit of research on collegiate basketball, you may find a similar story. Nowadays, many consider March Madness to be better entertainment than the NBA.

Fast forward a bit and in the spring of 2016, University of California Irvine became the first public university to create an official esports program. By September 2016 the UCI Esports Arena, sponsored by iBUYPOWER, was opened. It has since gained additional sponsorship.

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University Of Central Florida

Central Florida offers esports programs for 6 titles: LoL, Dota 2, Rocket League, R6 Siege, Overwatch, and CS:GO. For the competitive nature of these programs, their Overwatch team is ranked #1, Rocket League is ranked #3, and League Legends is placed in the top 50 in the nation. They aim to be an inclusive and diverse community for students. By competing in multiple tournaments, they hope to foster the growth, engagement, and development of esports in an friendly and competitive environment. With that, Central Florida makes our number 13.

University Of California Irvine Esports Scholarship Amount Varies Apply By November 30

UC Irvine Esports is the worlds first esports program at a public university with the nations first arena dedicated to esports. UC Irvine currently offers esports scholarships in the amount of $5,610 for League of Legends and $2,500 for Overwatch players. It takes a holistic approach to recruiting players, so applicants must have a strong academic record and competitive test scores as well as video game skills. Applicants must fill out a recruitment interest form to start the process.

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What Colleges Have Esports

All colleges who have esports are members of the National Association of Collegiate eSports. The list has been growing every year, and currently, 170+ schools are a part of it. NACE advocates for esports and helps develop esports nationally. They provide resources, tools, and structures to move esports into the varsity space. NACE also provides scholarships, aid, and holds an annual national convention. An increasing number of schools have been including esports to their schools every year.

Different Types Of Esports Games

How Esports Scholarships Offer Gamers A New Path To College | NBC News

According to the Next College Student Athlete , there are gaming scholarships for a wide range of popular titles.

  • Multiplayer online battle arena : League of Legends , Defense of the Ancients 2, Heroes of the Storm, Smite
  • First person shooter: Overwatch, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds , Paladins
  • Collectible card game: Hearthstone

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Create Your Own Esports Scholarship

Want to create a scholarship or grant in your name, business, institution, or organization? Visit this Restricted Fund page.

Scholarships are required to be distributed to higher education student accounts. Scholarships will not be paid in cash or online transfers. The Varsity Esports Foundation distributes scholarships for organizations.

Learn how esports scholarships are awared from colleges

Learn from a former pro-esports player and former college esports coach about the best opportunities to earn a college scholarship.

How To Get Recruited For Esports

To find recruits for their esports teams, college coaches start by performing an initial evaluation of prospects who have submitted a recruiting form. In some cases, coaches also monitor major tournaments to find promising recruits. If a coach is impressed by your Twitch stream and video on demand, they will invite you to campus to meet current team members and undergo a live tryout. Tryouts are typically held during or shortly before the school year. They allow the coach to evaluate you in person and test your abilities in a team environment. If you pass the test, the coach will offer you a spot on the team and a partial, full-tuition or full-ride scholarship.

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Lourdes University Esports Scholarships Amounts Varies Deadline Varies

Lourdes University, a private liberal arts school in northwest Ohio, announced the addition of esports to its Gray Wolves collegiate program in January 2017. Lourdes is the first in the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference to offer aneSports scholarship program. Lourdes looks for talented video gamers who have competed nationally and internationally in the high school and/or collegiate arena. For more information, you can contact Cory Cahill whos in charge of the esports program.

Note: Since Lourdes is a Catholic and Franciscan University, its eSports student-athletes will not participate in any video gaming programs that feature first-person shooting.

Ashland University Esports Scholarships Up To $4000 Deadline Varies

High School Esports

Ashland University, a mid-sized private university in Ohio, first announced its intent to compete in intercollegiate esports in February 2018. It is offering up to $4,000 per year in esports scholarships starting in the fall of 2018. Ashland is the first university to add Fortnite to its esports program. Applicants must fill out an esports team recruitment survey with their high school graduation year, intended college major, overall GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and the game in which they would like to compete. You can choose from the following games: Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Starcraft 2, and Rocket League.

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A New Era In College Athletics

A new sport has recently emerged on college campuses, and it seems to be here to stay. The rise in popularity of college-level esports has led to many universities giving away significant money to attract top gamers. During the 2018-19 school year, 200 colleges awarded a combined total of more than $16 million in esports scholarships.1

How Much Are Esports Scholarships

Esports scholarships are awarded on a school-by-school basis. The majority are partial and range from $500 to $8,000 per year. Several schools are beginning to offer full-tuition, and even full-ride scholarships. Harrisburg Universitywhich won ESPNs inaugural Collegiate Esports Championship in May 2019became the first college esports program to award full ride scholarships to its entire 16-player roster in 2018.

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Lees Mcrae College Esports Scholarships $1000$5000 May 31

Lees McRae, a private four-year college in North Carolina, offers $1,000-$5,000 esports scholarships based on skill level. The scholarship is designed to assist incoming main campus students who excel in eSports competition in League of Legends and/or Hearthstone. Participants can apply online for the scholarship.

University Of California At Irvine

College Esports Program with Scholarship Opportunities

Since 2016, UCIs esports program has trained varsity teams in League of Legends and Overwatch. Varsity scholarships are up to $6,000 and junior varsity scholarships go up to $1,000. Teams benefit from the guidance of coaches, managers, analysts, an exercise physiologist, a team psychologist, and a player support coordinator.

Like most traditional college athletes, UCI esports team members must balance academics, practice, and anything else they may have going on. Often, scholarship winners go into computer science or computer game science, fields that complement esports.

The UCI Esports Arena was the first of its kind on any college campus. The 3,500 square foot facility houses 72 top-tier iBUYPOWER computers and Logitech gear, courtesy of their sponsors. The Console & Community Corner hosts campus club events and meetings, including virtual reality demos by the esports program.

Scholarships available: Up to $6,000 per student player

Represented Games for ESports Scholarships:League of Legends, Overwatch

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Hens College Esports Scholarship For Women Amount Varies Deadline Varies

Stephens College, a womens college in Columbus, Missouri, is the home of the first varsity collegiate all womens esports team, which began in the fall of 2017 and is supported by scholarships. To join the team, applicants must meet certain criteria. Applicants are required to submit an application to the Stephens esports PC Overwatch team, application to Stephens along with test scores and transcripts, and completed FAFSA form. Partial scholarships will be awarded to eligible candidates.

List Of Schools That Offer Esports Scholarships

Most eSports scholarships are partial tuition, ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars a year. There are some full tuition eSports scholarships, but these are very rare. Below are the schools that offer gaming scholarships, along with the state theyre in, their NACE division, and the scholarship amount. You can click on the schools name to get more information on its eSports program.


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Scholarships For High School Freshman 2022

Take a look at these 10 scholarships for high school freshman. You may be able to apply to them now to use them for college later.

Three students will each receive $500 for a scholarship for one year as long as they are in grades 9 thru 12. Students need to submit a proposal for a new idea that involves engineering, science, or technology.

Are Esport Scholarships A Good Idea For You

20 Colleges With Varsity eSports Programs

You might be thinking youre better off to invest your time and energy into esports and only esports. After all, if youre going to be pro, why do you need to go to college as well?

The truth is, esports careers can be short-lived. Some say the average pro career is less than 2 years for LoL. CS:GO and other FPS pros seem to last a little longer, but its still rare to find someone approaching 30 years of age.

Whatever the actual average is for a professional career in esports, most will agree its short. Dont be disheartened, the average career for an NFL running back is barely over 3 years.

Another factor to consider is the practicality of you actually becoming an esports pro. There are said to be over 80 million people who play LoL. Out of the 80 million LoL players, only a few hundred are pro, and out of the few hundred pros, only the top players are making what can be argued as good money.

The odds of going pro in esports are slim and even if you make it, you wont last long. You need to have a plan B and an esports scholarship is a great opportunity. Not only will you get to compete on a varsity team, but you will be setting yourself up for life after esports.

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University Of North Texas

It is home to 3 esports programs in Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League. During the Spring 2021 Season of Rocket League, their team placed 3rd. Also, like Ohio State, the University of North Texas made it into the top 16 for Overwatch this year. Currently, the school does not offer any official esports scholarships but does give out scholarships to players based on their performance in tournaments.

UNTs campus flaunts an esports facility which was a $200,000 project in cooperation with the schools media library and is open to all students. While not many occupational programs, UNT engages with community events. The next big event is a Dorm Clash in which freshmen dorm teams will compete in a Rocket League tournament. With that being said, North Texas is our number 15.

The Ncaa Has No Plans To Govern Esports

On April 30, 2019, the NCAA unanimously voted to indefinitely table governing collegiate esports at a board of governors meeting after an 18-month study, according to the Sports Business Journal.

The announcement came five months after NCAA President Mark Emmert sat down to discuss the growing presence of esports during his “State of College Sports” interview at the 2018 Intercollegiate Athletics Forum.

Emmert said he was aware of game publishers like “League of Legends” hosting collegiate tournaments. There had been questions on whether the NCAA would create a structure for intercollegiate esports.

“It’s an interesting question, and it begs a whole number of things,” said Emmert. “How does it square with traditional athletic activities?”

Emmert said that esports is male-dominated, creating diversity, equity, and inclusion issues under Title IX. He also said some games’ violent, misogynistic, and hypersexualized content creates problems for university group affiliation.

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University Of Texas At Dallas Dallas Tx

A relative newcomer, UT Dallas is fast emerging as a top competitor in college esports. The popular Texas university established its esports program in 2018 and has already achieved an impressive amount of success.

In 2021, the school’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate team took home its second national title. And by the end of the 2020-21 school year, the UT Dallas Overwatch team ranked among the top eight esports teams in the country.

UT Dallas maintains varsity esports teams in Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All varsity players are considered student-athletes and receive athletic benefits from the school, including an athletic scholarship, a jersey and uniform, and priority class registration.

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