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25 Universities that give full tuition & full ride scholarships to international students

College merit scholarships can vary from college to college. At some schools, all admitted students are automatically considered for merit scholarships.

At other colleges, students will need to complete an essay, separate application, or interview as part of the scholarship application process. Some colleges will even offer merit scholarships for students who have a specific talent inart, music, theater, or another area.

College Of William And Mary

College of William and Mary Stamps 1693 Scholarship: Scholars who are Virginia residents receive a full scholarship, and out-of-state recipients receive a partial award. This scholarship includes tuition, fees, and room and board. Awardees also receive $5,000 to support independent projects they have developed. Recipients can also take part in special events and programs, and work closely with distinguished faculty mentors to plan their course of study. Finally, they are given priority registration for courses.

William and Mary Scholars: This award is reserved for students who are academically distinguished and have overcome significant adversity or will add diversity to campus. The award covers in-state tuition and is renewable as long as the student remains in good academic standing.

Rollins College Winter Park Florida

Rollins College offers several different academic scholarships to outstanding students. Theres no separate application to complete, all college applicants are considered. Scholarship opportunities include:

  • Alfond Scholars Program
  • Deans Scholarships
  • Alonzo Rollins Scholarship

The Alfond Scholars Program awards 10 full ride scholarships each year to first-time college applicants. The award covers:

The awards go to outstanding high school seniors. Scholarship semi-finalists typically have at least a GPA of a 3.8.

The Deans Scholarships are awarded to students with an outstanding academic record. Applicants should have high standardized test scores and a GPA above a 3.6. Winners are awarded up to $27,000/year in financial support.

The Alonzo Rollins Scholarship is another high value scholarship rewarding academic performance. Applicants should have at least a 3.5 GPA. Winners are awarded up to $28,000/year.

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Fully Engage In Your Extracurricular Activities

While it might appear more impressive to have a long list of dozens of extracurriculars on your college application, many colleges look to see the depth of your engagement with these activities rather than the number of activities you participated in during high school.

Most universities would rather see that you devoted several years in a leadership position for two or three different clubs, teams, or volunteer activities than to see that you were an attending member of fifteen different activities.

Being captain of the debate team and the vice president of student council will weigh more than being a participating member of several different clubs.

Being a member of a club for four years will be held in higher regard than if you joined several clubs, but you only were a member for a few months.

When it comes to earning a full-ride scholarship, remember the quality of your extracurricular and volunteer activities is more important than the quantity.

Major Sources Of Academic Scholarships

Looking for a full ride scholarship for college? Here are 79 schools ...

The most well-known source of academic scholarships are the National Merit Scholarships awarded through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. Students enter this scholarship competition by taking the PSAT/NMSQT in October of the junior year in high school. More than 4,000 college-sponsored merit scholarships and more than 1,000 corporate-sponsored merit scholarships are awarded each year through this program.

The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation also funds full-tuition academic scholarships at several dozen U.S. colleges and universities.

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What Is A Merit Scholarship

A merit scholarship is a scholarship awarded to students who have a record of achievement in academics , extracurricular activities, and leadership in their community.

These scholarships can be awarded by specific colleges and universities, as well as private organizations.

Unlike need-based financial aid, merit scholarships do not take into account a students financial need as assessed through the FAFSA or CSS Profile. Instead, they are solely determined by a students academic achievement.

The specific requirements of merit scholarships will vary from organization to organization. However, most merit scholarships will be assessing candidates according to the following factors:

  • High school transcript including grades and the rigor of your high school classes
  • Standardized test scores on the ACT or SAT
  • Letters of recommendation

Next up, well be walking you through the top merit scholarships offered by colleges and private organizations!

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Chancellors Associates Scholarship: Reality Changers


Entering first-year students who are members of Reality Changers, who participated in UC San Diego Academic Connections, who have been admitted to UC San Diego as first-year students, meet the UCs Blue and Gold Opportunity Program .

Award amount and term:

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Law Schools That Give The Most Scholarships

There are many law schools that give out scholarships, and the amount of money awarded varies. Some schools offer full-tuition scholarships, while others may only cover a portion of tuition. There are also need-based scholarships available, which take into account the students financial situation. When choosing a law school, it is important to consider the cost of attendance and whether or not the school offers scholarships that can help offset the cost.

When you apply for a private scholarship, you can reduce the amount of money you must borrow to attend law school. The American Association for Justice provides a variety of scholarships ranging in value from $3,000 to $5,000. Earl Warren Memorial Scholarship is awarded for three years and has a total value of $10,000. At any stage of their law school career, they can apply for the Richard D. Hailey Scholarship. All students in the United States can apply for a $10,000 scholarship through the Rizio Liberty Lipinsky Lawyer Scholarship. This award is given by the Judge John R. Brown Scholarship Foundation to recognize the best legal writing. The Lloyd M. Johnson Scholarship Fund provides $10k to first-year law students who want to work in a law firm or corporate law department.

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University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill North Carolina


Merit-based scholarships at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill range from $10,000 to the full cost of attendance. Potential recipients are considered based on:

  • academic achievement
  • commitment to service
  • potential for success at the University

There is no separate application for this full tuition scholarship. Students are considered based on their admissions application. They will be notified after admittance. Unlike many other full ride scholarships, UNC doesnt consider financial need as a factor when deciding who gets funding.

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Navy Rotc National Scholarship

The U.S. Navy is another Armed Forces branch that offers full-tuition scholarships to Reserve Officers Training Corps members enrolling at Navy-affiliated postsecondary institutions. Funding is renewable if undergrads take 30+ credits per year with GPAs above 2.5. Freshmen initially need a minimum 1150 SAT or 21 ACT score. Fulfilling the physical and medical requirements for active-duty preparedness is also critical. Chosen ROTC members under age 27 must serve at least two years in the Navy or Marine Corps after graduation. Students taking the Navy Nurse Corps Option must enlist and serve four years.

Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program

This scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition as well as a stipend of $2,500 every year. Academic achievement , a commitment to serving historically underserved populations, the ability to bring diverse people together, application answers and essays, and recommendations received as part of the admissions application are all taken into consideration when making awards. This grant is open to international students.

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Scholarship For Stamps Purdue University

This scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition as well as $10,000 for extracurricular activities. Leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, and personal history are all factors in the selection process. Only those who have been invited are eligible to apply. To be considered for this grant, students must apply for admission to Purdue by November 1.

The University Of Georgia Athens Georgia

Some colleges offer full

The University of Georgia offers several unique full ride scholarships that reward outstanding students. Their Foundation Fellowship is a comprehensive program available to:

  • Georgia residents
  • non-resident students
  • international students

In addition to covering tuition, students receive a stipend and housing supplement. Three fully funded spring travel-study programs and a summer study abroad program to Oxford are also included in the award. Additional benefits include:

  • Twice-a-year, all-scholar retreats
  • individual travel-study grants
  • faculty, peer, and alumni mentoring

The University of Georgia also offers the Bradley Turner Leadership Scholarship. The award goes to one incoming freshman and includes a full ride scholarship. The scholarship includes the cost of in-state tuition and room and board. Preference is given to students living in the Columbus, Georgia area who aspire to be student leaders at UGA.

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What Colleges Offer Full Ride Scholarships

The top five universities with the highest average athletic scholarship athletic awards per recipient in 2017 are as follows:

  • Tulane : $48,849
  • Southern Methodist : $41,552
  • Northwestern : $40,144

If you are wondering what percentage of college athletes get full ride scholarships, the fact is that only about three-tenths of one percent of U.S. university students receive full funding. For the majority of these chosen few, winning one of the best full ride scholarships is no accident. Along with their parents, they did the research, crunched the numbers and got the professional assistance they needed to have the best chance of winning a free university education.

Depending upon the schools annual tuition, housing and meals cost, scholarships for college students may or may not constitute full ride athletic scholarships. However, for NCAA Division I sports, also known as head count sports, mens football, mens and womens basketball, womens volleyball, tennis and gymnastics, scholarships for college students are always full rides.

Most schools with sports programs offer more partial scholarships for high school seniors than full ride athletic scholarships, but even so, the total amounts to just two percent of college prospects. In addition, according to the NCAA, only a small number of high school seniors make the cut to compete in college.

Lewis And Clark College

Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarship: Given to students with exceptional academic and personal accomplishments, this scholarship covers the full cost of tuition along with a $2,000 stipend for use on a project during the students fourth semester at Lewis and Clark. Five Barbara Hirschi Neely Scholarships are awarded annually.

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Duke University Robertson Scholars Leadership Program

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program provides a select few Duke University students with four years of full tuition and room and board. It also funds summer experiences, conference tickets and two semesters of study abroad.

The application for the Robertson Scholars program opens on August 15 every year, and semi-finalists are invited for Skype interviews. Both entering freshmen and current Duke students are invited to apply.

Merit Scholarship At The University

100% Scholarships for International Students at Yale University | Road to Success Ep. 07

This scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition. Students must have an SAT score of 1480 or an ACT score of 33, a 3.5 GPA or higher, and a rigorous academic course load to be considered. Students who apply for university admission by December 1 receive priority consideration for all scholarships and honors programs.

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University Of Southern California Los Angeles California

Students applying to the University of Southern California are considered for Merit Scholarships based on areas like:

  • academic promise
  • athletic achievement

Students from different cultures and underprivileged backgrounds are also considered.

These awards range in size and can potentially cover the full cost of tuition. USC offers a full-tuition, four-year Trustee scholarship. They also offer a half-tuition Presidential Scholarship. All students who apply to USC by the deadline will be considered. No separate application is necessary.

What Colleges Give Full

There are many different types of colleges that offer full ride scholarships. These range from large, public universities like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to highly selective private universities like the University of Souther California.

Below you will find a list of some of the top colleges and universities that offer full ride scholarships for students.

We are constantly updating this list, so check back for more colleges and universities. In order to be as complete as possible, we have also included some colleges that offer full tuition scholarships .

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How To Get A Full

Generally, private colleges award most full-ride scholarships to students at the top of their class. Therefore, scholarship committees are looking for students with excellent grades, a record of leadership and community involvement.

If youre a top student, you may have your sights set on an Ivy League school, such as Harvard or Princeton. However, it may be in your best interest to consider another college where you could get a full-ride scholarship.

Youll still get an outstanding education, and you could be part of a motivated, inspiring community. Rather than choosing the most highly ranked school, consider striking a different balance. You could find a school that offers both a top-notch education and scholarship money.

In the end, you could save money on student loans. And, once you graduate, youll be able to hit the ground running, debt-free.

Where else can you find scholarship money? Check out these 10 wacky and unusual scholarships that could help pay your tuition.

Overview: What Are Full Ride Scholarships

List of Colleges with Full Ride Scholarships in all states of USA

Full ride scholarships cover more of your educational costs than full tuition, which would be very significant for most families. The best full ride scholarships are comprehensive, taking care of your total cost, including housing, food, books, school supplies, and travel. In financial terms, that means that a university is paying you an average of $200,000 or more per year, depending on the schools full tuition costs, so that you can get an education and excel in athletics too.

Full ride sports scholarships are the result of a formal agreement between an athlete and a university. The best full ride scholarships reflect a coachs recognition of your talent in a sport. Most people looking forward to college wonder, Are scholarships for all four years? Typically, full ride sports scholarships come up for renewal each year you are in school.

With such beautiful benefits, you would think that the competition for full ride athletic scholarships is fierce, and you are right. When you add in the fact that full ride scholarships are rare, you may be asking how hard are full ride scholarships to get?

Both smaller, lesser-known colleges and a select number of top universities offer full ride scholarships. You and your parents should get the answers to questions such as what GPA you need for full ride athletic scholarships, and then tap into the available resources to get you through the process.

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How To Find Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships are restricted to students who enroll at the college or university that sponsors the award. The easiest way to find these awards is to look on the web sites of the colleges of interest to the student. Googling the name of the college and academic scholarships or merit scholarships can also help locate information about academic scholarships offered by the college.

Some scholarship matching services list academic scholarships in addition to private scholarships, but only for the colleges that the student lists in his or her background profile.

The web site allows students to search for colleges that offer academic scholarships that match the students academic credentials. U.S. News publishes a list of colleges with the Most Students Receiving Merit Aid. But both of these sources include non-need-based aid, not just academic scholarships. They include many colleges that indiscriminately award small grants to almost every admitted student as part of a strategy that involves front-loading of grants.

University Of Rochester Rochester New York

Both first-year and transfer students are eligible for full-tuition, merit-based scholarships. All students who apply to the undergraduate school are considered for these full ride scholarships, which are awarded based solely on academic excellence, rather than financial need.

Additionally, students who receive this scholarship will need to maintain full-time status in school. They will need to meet high academic standards throughout their studies. A yearly review will ensure that students meet these criteria and qualify to continue collecting funds for their education.

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University Of Notre Dame Notre Dame Indiana

Notre Dame offers the Hesburgh-Yusko Scholars Program. This scholarship program is open to students from any college of major. Applicants should have the following attributes:

  • outstanding academic achievement
  • demonstrated leadership ability
  • exemplary moral character

The award is good for $25,000 annually toward the cost of tuition. Award winners attend a one-week Outward Bound Wilderness Leadership Canoe Expedition in Minnesota. They also participate in four Summer Enrichment Experiences to explore their interests outside the classroom.

The Stamps Scholars Program offered by the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation is another full scholarship opportunity. This full ride scholarship program covers the cost of:

Recipients participate in the Outward Bound Wilderness Leadership Canoe Expedition and the bi-annual Stamps Scholars National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tier One Scholars Program

Med Schools with FULL RIDE Scholarships

The University of Houston accepts ApplyTexas applications until November 15th from in-state high school seniors pursuing the Tier One Scholars Program. Full tuition scholarships are rewarded with $1,000 research stipends and $2,000 study abroad stipends. Freshmen and sophomores get their room and board costs exempted. Non-Texans receive an out-of-state tuition waiver to save over $40,000 instead. To qualify, entrants must rank in the top 10 percent of their graduating classes. At least 1400 SAT and 30 ACT scores are mandated. Finalists must display outstanding academic and career promise at the January interview.

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