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How To Apply For Hope

How to Apply for Hope Scholarship

HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship

To apply for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the GSFapps. Additionally, a HOPE Scholarship Request Form must be submitted if a student is not a current recipient or transferring from an out of state institution. Graduating high school seniors do not need to submit a request form. The Georgia Student Finance Commission reports eligible students as their final academic status is determined. Students should notify our office after July 15th if they believe they are eligible but have not yet been awarded.

Students can track their eligibility by logging onto the My GAfutures tab at Recent high school graduates should select the “My High School HOPE GPA” link. Current undergraduates should select the “My College HOPE Profile” link.

*Note: The FAFSA is valid for Fall, Spring & Summer semesters of that academic year. It must be completed each year for consideration. Students who are admitted starting summer semester must complete two FAFSAs. For example, for Summer 2019, students should complete the 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 FAFSAs.

Dual Enrollment

To apply for Dual Enrollment, students must complete the application on the Georgia Student Finance Commission website and submit it to their high school. The high school will certify the application and send the student’s information to Augusta University.

Transient Students

What If I Only Want To Use Hope And No Other Aid

If you are ONLY wishing to receive HOPE Scholarship with no other grants or loans, please fill out the GSFAPPS form on the web site. Once you have completed that application, please send an email to and we will process your application as quickly as possible, and you will then receive an award letter.

At this time, the HOPE Promise and HOPE Teacher Scholarship Programs will not be funded due to budget restrictions.

Gpa And Enrollment Requirements

  • Achieve a cumulative HOPE GPA of at least 3.0 OR
  • If your cumulative HOPE GPA is between 2.752.99 and your semester GPA is 3.0 or above in the semester in which you reach the 72, 96, 120 or 144-hour benchmark, then you may retain the award on a semester-to-semester provisional basis. Under these guidelines, you must maintain full-time enrollment to receive payment. However, your payment will be prorated based on Course Program of Study hours. Summer Provisional students are not required to be enrolled full-time. Students must, however, have a minimum of 6 CPOS hours to receive prorated payment.
  • Provisional students will be reviewed at the end of each semester for continued eligibility.

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Applying For The Hope Scholarship

If you think you may be eligible, you will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or the Georgia Scholarship/Grant Application .

To be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must complete an application: FAFSA or GSFAPPS.
  • Meet US citizenship or eligible non-citizen requirements.
  • Be registered with Selective Service, if required.
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the college.
  • Not be in default or owe a refund due on a student financial aid program.
  • Be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990.
  • Must have at least a 3.0 HOPE GPA, which includes all college level coursework attempted since high school and from any institution attended.
  • Must have attempted less than 127 hours.
  • Must be a final HOPE Scholar if less than 30 attempted hours. This means your GPA is an eligible GPA for the HOPE scholarship.
  • Must not have reached your expiration of eligibility date. When you received your first HOPE scholarship payment will determine your eligibility limit. The GAfutures website explains the Length of Eligibility limits.
  • Must not have earned a baccalaureate degree, regardless of whether or not HOPE funds were received while earning the degree.

Hope & Zell Miller Scholarship

CFISD Connection for Community: February 2016

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Georgia Student Finance Commission offers a variety of state-funded scholarships. These include the HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship and Dual Enrollment, among others.

HOPE Scholarship is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education. These scholarships are available to eligible Georgia residents who graduated from a HOPE-approved high school. Awards are made to graduating high school seniors with at least a 3.0 Grade Point Average as determined by Georgia Student Finance Commission . HOPE recipients must also maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average while in college. Students who are not eligible out of high school can gain eligibility after attempting 30 semester hours as long as they meet all other eligibility requirements. HOPE awards are based on credit hours of enrollment. HOPE Scholarship rates can be found on the Georgia Student Finance Commission website. HOPE does not cover fees, books or housing.

What you should know about HOPE & Zell Miller:

  • Students can track their academic eligibility information by logging onto the My GAfutures tab at
  • Students must meet Georgia residency requirements. Students receiving a military out-of-state tuition waiver may be eligible. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.
  • Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by our institutional policy.
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    Hope Scholarship District Obligations

    Pursuant to section 1002.40, Florida Statutes, school district personnel in Florida have a responsibility to notify families of the Hope Scholarship Program. Incidents reported may be investigated at the district level, however, there does not have to be substantiation on the part of the district in order to offer a transfer to another public school with capacity or the ability for the student to move to an eligible private school on scholarship. Districts are also obligated by law to adopt and review at least every three years a policy that among other provisions prohibits bullying and harassment of a student or employee of a public K-12 educational institution. This policy must be publicized in the code of student conduct required by all districts.

    Additionally, Section 1006.09, Florida Statutes, requires that principals submit accurate School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting system and discipline data to the state using the Automated Student Information System. Each school principal must ensure that standardized forms prescribed by rule of the State Board of Education are used to report data concerning school safety and discipline to the department. The school principal must develop a plan to verify the accuracy of reported incidents. Therefore, beginning in the 2020-21 school year, the Department will begin collecting data from schools and districts on the number of Hope Scholarship Notification Forms given to families to pursue education in private schools.

    Regaining The Hope Scholarship

    If you fail to meet the academic renewal requirements and lose the HOPE Scholarship, you can regain the award one time only by meeting the renewal criteria listed below. You cannot appeal to regain your HOPE Scholarship if your GPA falls below the renewal requirements. Once you have met the renewal requirements at a future benchmark, you must complete a HOPE and Institutional Scholarship Appeal form.

    Students who received the General Assembly Merit Supplement are not eligible to regain the GAMS portion of the HOPE Scholarship when regaining the award after loss due to GPA.

    To regain the HOPE Scholarship, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress and achieve a cumulative HOPE GPA of 2.75 after attempting 48 semester hours. After reaching the seventy-two-hour benchmark and beyond, you may regain the award in one of two ways:

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    How To Apply For Hope Scholarship

    If you qualify for HOPE, you must still apply for it, even if you have received an eligibility certificate. If the student only wants to receive the HOPE Scholarship , then they may complete the GSFAPP. If the student wants to receive HOPE in addition to Federal Aid, such as grants and/or student loans, then the student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid .. See The Financial Aid Process: Six Easy Steps for more information regarding the application process.

    Georgias Hope Scholarship And Stem Courses Can Add Half

    Scholarship Facts & Tips : How to Apply for Hope Scholarship

    The HOPE scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides financial assistance to students with academic achievements. The program is funded by the Georgia Lottery for Education and is available to Georgia residents who have demonstrated their academic abilities. Those who wish to study STEM courses can add even more weight to their application. For more information, visit the HOPE website.

    HOPE Scholarship is a state-financed merit-based scholarship program

    A student may qualify for a HOPE scholarship if they meet certain eligibility criteria. These include the fact that the student has not completed a baccalaureate degree or attempted to complete less than 127 hours of college courses. In addition, he or she must be a Georgia resident.

    The amount of the HOPE scholarship will be determined by the number of credit hours a student enrolls in each semester. Students must enroll for a minimum of 15 semester hours per semester. After that, the amount will be adjusted as necessary at the time of disbursement of financial aid. However, students who enroll for more than 15 hours will not receive a HOPE award greater than the total tuition charges for the semester.

    In order to receive a HOPE scholarship, a student must be a Georgia resident who has not received a previous HOPE scholarship. He or she must also have a minimum GPA of 3.30. Eligibility is limited, so students who receive a HOPE Scholarship should plan accordingly.

    Show Academic Achievement and get it

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    What Are The Guidelines To Be Eligible For The Hope Scholarship

    Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, a public school student who was a victim of bullying or violence within a public K-12 educational institution, any school-related or school-sponsored program or activity, riding on the school bus or waiting at the school bus stop may be eligible for a scholarship to attend an eligible private school. The Hope Scholarship allows parents the opportunity to transfer their child to another K-12 public school with available capacity within the school district, receive a scholarship to transport the student to a public school in another school district, or to request a scholarship for the student to enroll in and attend an eligible private school. Step Up For Students is administering the private school and transportation options for the Hope Scholarship.

    Qualifying incidents include battery harassment hazing bullying kidnapping physical attack robbery sexual offenses, harassment, assault or battery threat or intimidation or fighting at school as defined by the Florida Department of Education in accordance with s. 1006.09.

    How Is Hope Gpa Determined

    HOPE GPA is calculated using college credit hours earned after high school graduation. This includes transfer hours. HOPE GPA may be different than Dalton State GPA. The following grades are included in the HOPE GPA, but not in the Dalton State GPA: 1) Transfer hour grades and 2) grades received in College Prep Courses courses taken at Dalton State. You may view your current HOPE GPA through DSConnect.

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    Basic Hope And Zell Miller Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

    • You must be a resident of Georgia.
    • You must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen to receive funding.
    • You must be in a degree seeking program.
    • You must be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • You must not be in default or owe repayment on any federal or state aid.
    • Male students must be registered for Selective Service if required.
    • You must be in compliance with the Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990.
    • Once you earn your first Bachelorâs degree you are no longer eligible for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships. Click here for more information.
    • Initial eligibility for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships is determined by theGeorgia Student Finance Commission.

    Residency for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships

    To meet residency requirements for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships, you must be a resident of Georgia at the time of high school graduation. Students who are not Georgia residents when they graduate high school will not meet residency requirements for the HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarships until 24 months after they establish domicile in Georgia. If that date falls after the start of a semester, the student will not meet residency requirements for the scholarships until the following semester.

    Apply For Hope Scholarship

    HOPE scholarship gives hope to those ineligible for government ...

    First, you must be eligible for the Hope Scholarship the will help. Once you determine that you meet the requirements, actually applying for the HOPE Scholarship is not difficult to do but you should always communicate with the college admissions and financial aid office that you are planning to attend in order to ensure you are completing the application steps which they require.

    Step One:

    Check with your High School Counselor and request a transcript to determine Hope Scholarship GPA eligibility.

    Step Two:

    Create a GAcollege411 account. You may need some information from your parents to complete the application.

    Step Three:

    Complete the online application process as follows:

    Students have three options when applying for the HOPE Scholarship:

    1) If you want to be eligible for other aid along with Hope, then complete the free Application for Federal Student Aid . By using your GAcollege411 account and accessing the FAFSA application from GAcollege411, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete this form. Proceed to the FAFSA. You will need your parents to help complete the FAFSA due to questions concerning financial matters.

    If you do not want to be considered for other financial aid, you do need to complete the FAFSA and can complete the GSFAPPS application.

    2) GSFAPPS .

    3) GSFAPPS .

    Application Deadline

    If You Need Help

    You can contact GSFC by: E-mail

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    What Is A Hope Gpa

    Your initial eligibility is determined by the Georgia Student Finance Commission** based on your high school HOPE GPA and the completion of academic rigor courses. However, after your first term of enrollment in college, your eligibility for HOPE or Zell Miller depends on your college HOPE GPA.This is not necessarily the same as your GPA on WolfWatch! All the grades you earn from all colleges after high school graduation , except for grades of W, S, U, and I, are used to calculate your HOPE GPA.

    What Is An Attempted Hour

    Attempted Hours are used to determine your HOPE checkpoints, NOT your HOPE GPA. If you begin the class, it will count as attempted hours, unless you drop it during the Drop/Add period. All courses that you withdraw from are still counted in the attempted hours calculation. Classes taken prior to high school graduation do NOT count as Attempted Hours. Classes taken at other colleges will also count as Attempted Hours. You can find your Attempted Hours and HOPE GPA by logging into or creating a account.

    * The Georgia Student Finance Commission determines high school student eligibility from the student’s GPA, fulfillment of academic rigor requirements, and achievement of test scores. UWG only determines that the student is an eligible US citizen and GA resident, and that the application requirement is met. Questions or issues regarding high school graduate eligibility should be directed to .

    ** Academic Rigor Requirements and their fulfillment are determined solely by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. For more information about rigor requirements, please view the HOPE Scholarship Regulations. Rigor requirements do not need to be met if seeking to gain HOPE Scholarship AFTER high school graduation for the first time.

    ***The HOPE Grant and Zell Miller Grant are not offered at UWG.

    HOPE Scholarship Eligibility

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    As Enrollment Falls And Public Skepticism Grows Some Colleges Are Cutting Their Prices

    The Hechinger Report

    Hope College is holding tuition steady for students once they are admitted, the first step toward a planned free-tuition model under which graduates will be encouraged to pay for their educations retroactively as a gift.

    Ready To Learn More About Hope?

    Wed be glad to send you more information by mail and email.

    Bekkering Admissions Office69 East 10th StreetHolland, MI49423

    workP. 616.395.7850

    Regaining Eligibility For The Hope Scholarship

    Mission of Hope Scholarships are a big help to local students

    After a student has attempted 90 credits, he or she cannot be reevaluated. Students who lost the HOPE Scholarship at one of the checkpoints and now have a 3.0 at 60th or 90th check point are required to complete a HOPE Scholarship Institutional Application in addition to the FAFSA and/or GSFAPPS to be reviewed again for HOPE eligibility.

    Note: A student who has lost HOPE Scholarship Eligibility at two Checkpoints since fall semester 2011 cannot regain eligibility.


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    Hope Scholarship General Information

    The HOPE Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who are residents of Georgia, maintain a 3.0 HOPE GPA, and meet UWG’s academic progress rules. For the High School Graduating Class of 2017 and beyond, a student meeting the requirements to be a HOPE/Zell Miller Scholar at the time of high school graduation must earn a minimum of four full credits from the academic rigor course categories prior to graduating from high school. A student that did not graduate high school as eligible for the HOPE Scholarship can gain eligibility at specified checkpoints. The HOPE Scholarship program has attempted and paid hour maximums of 127 hours.

    Students Taking One Or More Semesters Off

    If you take one or more semesters off from GHC, you need to complete the HOPE Review Form and submit the completed form to the GHC Office of Financial Aid. This is because the GHC Office of Financial Aid will need to determine whether or not you took classes at any other colleges in your absence from GHC. All qualifying college credit hours must be counted in the HOPE calculation. Processing timeframe is up to two weeks once the HOPE Review form and all applicable supporting documentation and/or information is received.

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