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Doing The Mathcost Of Attendance

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Education costs at Penn State varies depending on the campus. Also, as students progress into their third and fourth years of study, some academic programs primarily nursing, engineering, and the sciences assess a higher tuition rate, known as tuition differential.

Schreyer Honors College Fees

The Schreyer Honors College charges Scholars additional fees to support various amenities and programming.

Scholar Fee

The $25 per semester Scholar fee ensures that all Scholars, regardless of their housing location, have access to the College’s study lounges and meeting spaces, computer labs, music practice rooms, and game rooms.

Applying For Student Financial Aid

To be considered for most student aid, all Penn State students must complete the FreeApplication for Federal Student Aid , a form accepted universally by U. colleges anduniversities to determine a students eligibility for financial aid.At Penn State, submission of the FAFSA qualifies students for consideration for all four types ofstudent financial aidgrants, loans, scholarships, and work-study.

Penn States Federal School Code: 003329

How Eligibility is DeterminedThe amount of financial aid awarded is based on the following: The information submitted on the FAFSA The information submitted on the admission application The amount of funding available The number of available endowed scholarships The number of students attending Penn State

The Aid AwardStudent aid is awarded in the form of loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study. Moststudents can expect to receive a $5,500 Federal Student Loan as one, if not the only, source ofassistance. * Students and families are responsible for covering the remaining educationalcosts. This difference is generally covered by additional loans, which means a credit- worthy co-signer may be necessary. The graph to the right shows the amount you can expect to cover eachyear. Parent PLUS and Private Alternative Loans are available to those who qualify.For more information, go to website: studentaid.psu.Students will receive an email notification prompting them to view their Award Summaryonline.*Federal Loans are not guaranteed

Room And Board Costs At Penn State

Housing and campus dining at Penn State costs $12,744 a year. This covers the cost of living in dorms or other on-campus housing, plus a meal plan that allows you to eat all or some of your meals the Penn States on-campus cafeterias and dining facilities. Students who live off campus but still want to use the dining facilities can opt-in for a meal plan. The cost of a mean plan, or board-only, is $7,126.

Board costs may vary depending on the numnber of meals you intend to eat on-campus

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Outcomes At Penn State

When choosing a school, you should encourage your student to look at the typical student outcomes as a factor in their decision. Although their individual effort and resourcefulness are more likely to secure their post-college success, its still good to know if a school provides a conducive environment to students. At Penn State, around 83% of their students graduate within six years. Ten years out of school, the average main campus grad is making $55,300.

Federal Student And Parent Loans

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Education loans are the primary source of student aid at Penn State. Each year, the majority of Penn State undergraduate students receives a loan to help pay for their education.

For most students, federal education loans may be the only form of assistance available. Besides the loans available to students, parents who request additional assistance will be directed to consider the Parent PLUS Loan Program. Parents who qualify for this program can borrow up to the cost of attendance minus any aid to their student.

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Penn State Early Action Acceptance Rate

Penn State has an early action acceptance rate of 68%.

This figure is auspicious compared to the regular decision enrollment rate of 16%.

The admissions department has declared that admission to Penn State becomes more competitive each year. It explicitly encourages candidates to apply early, if possible.

GPA statistics and standardized test scores paint a picture of an accomplished cohort of applicants.

For the class of 2026, the middle 50% of GPAs fell between 3.59 and 3.93 on an unweighted 4.0 scale. Those who submitted test scores ranged between 28-33 on the ACT Composite and 1270-1450 on the SAT.

Typically, other colleges and universities offer early decision plans that bind students to attend upon admission.

Penn States early action plan does not bind applicants in any way. Penn States flexible early action plan affords students more time and resources to make the best decision for themselves.

Some programs dont accept an early action option, such as music, theater, or graphic design tracks. Other programs will stipulate interviews or portfolios.

If the program youre interested in pursuing extends an early action option, we highly recommend taking advantage of this nonbinding program. Early action candidates essentially have nothing to lose.

How Much Does Penn State Cost

What will the cost of attending Penn State be? Here is a breakdown of tuition and expenses.

2022 Total Tuition and Expenses
In-state Tuition
Other expenses $3,222

The total estimated cost will vary depending on whether you are going to live on-campus or off-campus.

Total Estimated Costs

Tuition and fees may vary depending on program, course level, location, and more.

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Alyssa Curryenvironmental Resource Management

We are proud to announce Alyssa Curry as one of our 2021 Scholarship recipients. Alyssa is a junior at University Park campus majoring in Environmental Resource Management.Alyssa is focusing her undergraduate studies on research for honey bee behavior. Outside of academics, Alyssa participates in a hospitality committee for THON, AURORA – a freshman backpacking orientation program, and is vice president of the beekeeping club.The Penn State Central Texas alumni chapter is honored to have Alyssa represent our area up in Happy Valley.

Pa Ready To Succeed Scholarship Program

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The PA Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program is administered by PHEAA in close cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The program, which is funded by the Pennsylvania General Assembly, provides awards to high-achieving students whose annual family income does not exceed $126,000.

The RTSS Program, in combination with the PA State Grant Program, provides scholarships to high academic achievers to cover the cost of attendance. Up to $2,500 for full-time and $1,250 for part-time students in total awards are offered in the 2022-23 academic year. The minimum award is $500.

Students must be nominated by their postsecondary institution for participation in the program. Funding is limited for the program and awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Student Eligibility: With the exception of financial need, the student must meet all other PA State Grant eligibility requirements to qualify for RTSS. This includes the submission of a FAFSA® and a PA State Grant Form . The student must also:

  • Have completed at least one academic yeardefined as having earned at least 24 semester credits or the equivalent by the time that the student’s school checks academic progress for the PA State Grant Program. This may be at the end of the Spring or Summer term of the previous academic year.
  • Have a family income that does not exceed $126,000 .
    • Find some answers to common questions about RTSS.

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    Maximizing Your Chances Of Fully Funding Your Education

    With the average cost of college reaching $34,740 in the 2017-18 school year, students and parents are looking for ways to reduce the cost of higher education. While most scholarships and grants can chip away at the total cost, there’s usually some left to be covered unless you’ve earned a full ride scholarship. Full ride scholarships cover the cost of tuition and more, removing the difficulty from paying for an education. These scholarships are available to all types of students, too, and there are plenty of full ride opportunities available.

    Prioritize Free Financial Aid First

    Once your FAFSA is completed, processed and used to determine your financial need, youll get a financial aid award letter from the colleges you applied to. Each letter outlines the financial aid package youll receive if you accept their offer of admission.

    However, they dont often explain in detail what each type of federal financial aid is. You should do your own research to understand how each kind of financial aid works whether its a gift with no financial obligation or a loan that youll have to repay.

    Among the types of financial aid that take the form of gifts are:

    • Grants: These are gift awards that can include Pell Grants from the federal government and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants awarded by the college. Students should prioritize merit aid and grants in their financial aid package, Randolph said. Neither of these have to be paid back.
    • Scholarships: These, too, are gifted awards to help cover college costs. Unlike grants, scholarships are usually offered by private entities and granted based on merit as well as need.
    • Work-Study: Work-study will require that you work a campus job, Randolph said, and you can either use the paycheck for personal expenses or put it toward your tuition bill. If you qualify for work-study, take that over any loans in your package.

    And if youre considering attending one of multiple schools, use our financial aid award comparison tool to see which college or university offers the best package.

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    Penn State Early Action Deadline

    First-year applicants who wish for their application to be considered within the early action cohort should submit it by .

    As previously mentioned, financial aid documents should be submitted by December 1.

    The reality is that finances often impact if and where a student will end up attending college.

    Penn States study body is overwhelmingly from Pennsylvania, and the in-state tuition is roughly 50% of the tuition for out-of-state students.

    Pennsylvania residents who apply early action seem to gain the most from applying early action.

    While youre waiting to receive your admission decision, its important to calculate the potential costs of attending college.

    Tuition for Pennsylvania residents is $18,363 annually. Add nearly $13,000 for room and board, among other fees, and the total cost of expenses amounts to $38,270. Out-of-state students will foot a bill of $55,848.

    Fortunately, Penn State offers an array of scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study placements as part of its financial aid packages.

    In the most recent year, Penn State awarded $116.5 million in need-based scholarships and grants, $47 million in non-need-based scholarships and grants, and nearly $20 million in athletic awards.

    Speaking of which, athletics are a huge part of the Penn State student culture. Football, in particular, is a huge communal love.

    Start Researching Planning And Learning Now

    Penn State

    Ideally, students and their families should start planning for college costs years in advance. Students and their parents can educate themselves on the process before diving in, said Fastweb contributing editor Kathryn Knight Randolph. The college admissions process takes some students months even years to complete it should be the same with financial aid.

    Starting early could also give you time to plan and avoid costly mistakes. Youll have plenty of time to apply for financial aid ahead of deadlines and employ strategies that can help you receive more aid.

    Research the process, apply and then figure out which type of financial aid package is right for you through further research and seeking counsel, Randolph said.

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    Tips For Winning Penn State Scholarships

    Many awards you may apply for will have some written component, whether a full-length essay or questions requiring an extended response. Be sure not to ramble on the application and stick to the topic.

    Another way to increase your chances of winning is by applying for awards of smaller funds.

    You can also increase your chances by applying for opportunities for a specific type of applicant.

    Reach Out To Experts And Utilize Online Resources

    As youre wrapping your head around the process involved for financial aid, it helps to know what resources are at your disposal.

    One of the first places to start is with experts. High school guidance counselors and college financial aid officers are there to help students plan for a successful future and find financial aid. They provide individualized advice based on a students academic and financial situation. A counselor will also be aware of scholarships, financial aid or tuition-assistance programs specific to a students school, community or state.

    There is also a wealth of online information available to students and parents on how to apply for financial aid. For instance, you could get started with

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    How To Apply To Penn State For Early Action

    Applying to Penn States early action option is easy, and candidates have fewer supplementary materials to submit than their peers applying to other colleges.

    Before applying, candidates should consider which major they will select and review its eligibility requirements.

    Next, candidates will need to select a Penn State campus. Penn State has 20 undergraduate campuses and an online World Campus, with University Park as its main campus.

    After making this determination, candidates will complete the Penn State application or Common Application and submit it alongside a $65 application fee.

    Applicants are limited in sending additional materials.

    More often than not, most of the recently admitted first-year class members chose not to submit their standardized test scores, which stands in contrast to percentages at other similar national universities.

    Of those recently admitted, 37% shared SAT scores, and only 8% submitted ACT scores.

    And thats all, folks! No essay responses, no letters of recommendation, no personal statement

    The Penn State early action application process is relatively straightforward, and admissions emphasize an applicants academic prowess, as evidenced by their transcripts and cumulative GPAs.

    As a reminder, it is absolutely acceptable to continue applying to other schools. The beauty of an early action plan is that it creates more flexibility and autonomy for college applicants.

    Plan For Your Brightest Tomorrow

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    Education is an investment in yourself and your future. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward and take advantage of every opportunity to lighten the load.

    Free Money

    When we put it that way, what’s not to love? Unlike loans, scholarships don’t need to be repaid. So the more scholarships you can earn, the more you can carve off your bottom line.

    Stack & Save

    The possibilities are endless. Get creative. Explore all of your options including Penn College and external scholarships. And combine as many as you can.

    Just Ask

    If you want to talk through your options, the Financial Aid team is ready to lend a hand.

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    How Many Penn State Scholarships Can You Get

    There is no limit to the number of applicants you can get, so you dont have to limit yourself when applying. First-year and continuing students are eligible for any awarded opportunities to help them in their college careers. A quick search online can tell you how the university may handle your chance.

    Beat Financial Aid Deadlines

    FAFSA submission periods open on Oct. 1 every year, and they remain open until the end of June a year and a half later but you shouldnt wait to file. File before the deadline, and if you can, file as soon after October 1 as possible, Randolph said.

    But if you have a whole 21 months to submit a FAFSA, whats the rush? Well, filing early can have a few benefits:

    • Your FAFSA will be received and processed well before the school year when you will need it.
    • Find out earlier what aid you qualify for. This can help you plan ahead, budget for college costs and even compare colleges to choose the most affordable option.
    • If there are any errors in your FAFSA, youll have time to correct or amend the application so you can receive the correct amount of aid.
    • You could get more non-federal aid: If you apply early, youll have a better chance to qualify for non-federal financial aid programs, such as for school-based funding or state grants.

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    Expert Tips To Winning Full Ride Scholarships

    Finding a full ride scholarship without any help can be difficult. Fortunately, there are experts who have plenty of experience connecting students to the right scholarship opportunities. Here are some tips from Veronica Schofield, an academic success coach:

    1. Look at your heritage

    Some scholarships don’t require academic or athletic success. Your heritage or any other affiliation can lead to private full ride scholarships that are accepted at any accredited institution.

    2. All athletics can count

    While Division I sports only offer full ride scholarships to 6 sports, private organizations also offer full ride scholarships for athletics. âI know of a Bowling League that offers a full-ride scholarship!â â Veronica Schofield

    3. Keep applying!

    Each application is a chance to practice, and the more you apply to, the stronger your applications will become.

    4. Be creative

    Many students are eligible for full ride scholarships â they just haven’t found the right scholarship to apply to yet.

    5. Always apply

    If you think you have a chance at earning a full ride scholarship, then apply.

    “Students shouldn’t make the mistake of not applying because they don’t think they’ll win they’ll never know if they don’t apply.”

    Veronica Schofield

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