What Is The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship

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Tennessee Reconnect Now Covers 23 Year Olds

How To Apply For Tennessee Reconnect

Pellissippi State can help students of all ages start, stay and finish strong. Tennessee Reconnect is now open to those 23 and older who have not completed a college degree.

People who are 23 years old are now eligible for the Tennessee Reconnect scholarship if they have not previously earned a college degree. This is regardless of their dependency status on federal income tax forms.

Similar to Tennessee Promise for college freshmen who are coming straight to higher education from high school, Tennessee Reconnect is a last-dollar scholarship that covers tuition for adult learners after all state and federal financial aid has been applied.

This is wonderful news for our students, said Leigh Anne Touzeau, assistant vice president for Enrollment Services at Pellissippi State Community College. Now students who are eager to get started back dont have to wait until they are 24 they can get started a whole year sooner.

The age change from 24 to 23 years old was part of the HOPE Expansion Bill signed by Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee on June 1. The bill also increases the amount students at two-year institutions receive from the HOPE scholarship to $1,600 per semester.

Lee also signed House Bill 2436/Senate Bill 2631 into law June 1, allowing students who graduate from high school early to be eligible for Tennessee Promise.

Why Reconnect At Cleveland State

  • You may already have College Credit toward your degree!Your credits may transfer from other colleges youve attended. And, with Prior Learning Assessment, your work experience, training, or professional certifications may count for more college credits!
  • Take Classes Close to Home or WorkWith a campus in Cleveland, and Off-campus Centers in Athens and Monroe County, were close to where you live and work!
  • Fit Classes into Your Busy ScheduleClasses are offered in the day, evenings, and online.
  • Were focused on your success!Our success coaches, faculty advisors, tutors, and other staff are here to help you!
  • Explore Your OptionsWith more than 70 degree and certificate programs, Cleveland State has something to offer almost everyone!

To Be Eligible For Tn Reconnect You Must:

  • Not already have an associate or bachelors degree
  • Be a U.S. citizen and a Tennessee resident
  • Qualify as an independent student on the FAFSA or be 23 years old. An independent student is defined as one of the following: at least 23 years old, married, a veteran, a member of the armed forces, an orphan, a ward of the court, someone with legal dependents other than a spouse, an emancipated minor, or someone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. See FAFSA independent/dependent information.
  • Not be incarcerated currently incarcerated individuals may work with Re-Entry Navigators to prepare for TN Reconnect upon release.
  • Apply to Vol State, be admitted, and enroll in a degree or certificate program at least part-time .
  • No minimum or maximum income is required to be eligible for TN Reconnect.
  • Eligibility is not determined by number of members in the household.
  • To be considered for eligibility, the student must complete the FAFSA and TN Reconnect Scholarship applications See Get Started steps below.

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Adult Learners & Veterans Affairs

The Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs serves the adult learner population at Vol State. We are the primary contact for those students receiving the TN Reconnect scholarship. Additionally, the office provides direction for the adult learner population through academic advising, accessing resources, and providing added support for student success. The Office of Adult Learners and Veterans Affairs also assists veterans and their dependents by certifying students who are eligible for VA benefits so that those benefits can be received and providing information about military training credits. The physical location of the office also serves as the Veterans Center where VA students can utilize the space for studying, working on assignments using the available computers, or building camaraderie with other VA students who have had similar experiences.

What Associate Degrees Are Offered At Cu


Cumberland University offers eight associate degrees to place you on the path to launch your career. Our experienced professors will guide you throughout your academic journey to ensure youre ready to rise to meet what lies ahead.

  • Step 1: Complete the Tennessee Reconnect Grant application
  • Create a login on the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation portal here:
  • Once you have created an account, Select Apply for Scholarships on the TSAC portal, and then choose Tennessee Reconnect.
  • Fill out the application and submit it. Current Reconnect students must submit the application every year to maintain eligibility.
  • Your personalized Reconnect Success Plan will be generated. Make sure you review it and print it out or save it to your computer.

ATTENTION: Mobile devices and Macs are not fully supported. To create an account and/or submit an online application, use a laptop or desktop computer with Internet Explorer .

  • Step 2: Apply to CU.
  • Students applying for the Tennessee Reconnect Grant should apply to CU using the Tennessee Promise/Reconnect application through the Office of Admissions website.
  • If youre a first-time student you can view all your admissions requirements here.
  • If youre returning to school to finish your degree with some college credits you can view your admissions requirements here.

  • Step 3: File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Start My FAFSA Application
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    Apply For Tennessee Reconnect And Work Towards Your Dreams At South College With These Simple Steps

    Step 1: Visit: and create an account. You can start your application at any time!

    • Create a login account with the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation by clicking Create a Login.
    • Complete the form
    • Once finished, click Create My Account
    • After creating your account, log in by clicking Click here to log in to your account and apply online
    • Agree to the User Agreement
    • Inside the TSAC Student Portal, choose Apply for Scholarships
    • Select Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship Application
    • Complete the application and Click Apply
    • You will be directed to an Application Confirmation Page

    TSAC and your Tennessee Reconnect Community will be working with you throughout the Tennessee Reconnect grant process. You can update your application and check your eligibility for the grant by visiting the Student Portal and logging in at .

    Step 2: Apply to South College here:

    Step 3: File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at

    Step 4: Begin attending classes at least part-time, and you are on your way!

    If you have any questions, please reach out to our Financial Aid office. We cant wait to help you earn your college degree and explore options for your dream career!

    The South College Reconnect Grant is administered as follows:

    Ground Campus Students:

    • 10 or more hours: $1,000 per term
    • 6-9 hours: $500 per term
    • 1-5 hours: $250 per term

    If Eligible Tn Reconnect Provides:

    • Adults who meet all the requirements will receive a last-dollar state grant covering tuition and allowable fees. Last-dollar means the tuition amount remaining after other grants and scholarships are applied.
    • Tuition and allowable fees 5 years which is considered 10 Semesters OR 15 Semesters Degree Completion

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    Welch College Students Are Eligible Fortennessee Hope Promise & Reconnect

    Your college choice is an important decision. If you decide to make Welch your home away from home, you will find that our Christian community is the perfect place to help you with your future ministry or career.

    Welch College is an eligible participant in federal and state financial aid programs including Pell, VA, TN Hope, TN Promise, and TN Reconnect, as well as numerous private aid foundations. Since the state of Tennessee has funding available for Welch students who are residents of Tennessee and who meet the requirements, eligible students are encouraged to apply. Dont wait! You could be leaving money on the table. Here is some important information to help you get started:

    do not delete

    do not delete

    How do I get started with Tennessee Hope, Promise, or Reconnect?

    To see if you are eligible for Hope, Promise, or Reconnect you must first do two things:

    • Register at the TSAC student portal. Be sure to follow all the instructions on this page carefully.
    • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Be sure to enter Welch Colleges school code .
    What is the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship?
    What is the Tennessee PROMISE Scholarship?

    For more information, visit the info page provided by THEC and TSAC, or visit the Tennessee Promise website.

    What is the Tennessee RECONNECT Grant?

    Contact Us Were Here To Help

    10Listens: Answering your questions about Tennessee Reconnect

    If you have any questions or need any help through your next steps, please dont hesitate to reach out. Were here to help guide you through this process and discuss your future at Cumberland University.

    The Admissions Office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 4:30pm CST. Please contact the Admissions Office at locally or to speak with our Non-Traditional Enrollment Specialist or email .

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    Admissions And Enrollment Questions

    How do I begin the process of re-enrolling in college?
    The first step is to complete a free online application for admission. You will also be asked to provide certain pieces of information such as official transcripts, proof of citizenship, immunizations, etc.
    What if I previously attended Walters State Community College?
    If you previously attended Walters State Community College, you will need to complete an application for readmission, and submit the necessary documents. This application is also free.
    Can I speak with or meet a college representative after I get off work?
    Yes, in most cases a later appointment can be accommodated.
    How do I register for my classes?
    You will receive assistance with class registration when you attend student orientation. Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor who will assist you in selecting the appropriate classes for your major. You can always schedule an appointment with your advisor prior to orientation if you do not want to wait.

    Tennessees Independent Colleges And Universities

    Independent, private, non-profit colleges and universities in Tennessee provide two- and four-year degrees, as well as graduate programs in traditional arts and sciences, as well as specialty fields such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, and fine arts. The scholarship can be used to pursue an associate degree at the following institutions:

    • Baptist College of Health Sciences
    • Bethel University

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    In Order To Maintain The Tn Reconnect Grant:

    • You must enroll in 6-credit hours – courses that are required for your degree or certificate program
    • Maintain a 2.0 GPA
    • Maintain continuous enrollment
    • Summer term is not required, but is optional. If students use TN Reconnect for their Summer, then the 6-credit hour minimum applies
    • Re-apply for the FAFSA each academic year

    Ready To Reconnect Get Started Now

    Governor Bill Haslam Tennessee Reconnect

    Whether youre ready to return to college or starting for the first time, weve got you covered, tuition-free! to complete an application and become a Dyersburg State Eagle!

    Helpful information for adult learners.

    What is Tennessee Reconnect?

    Tennessee Reconnect is an initiative to help adults enter higher education so that they may gain new skills, advance in the workplace, and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing a degree or credential.

    What are the eligibility requirements?

    In order to receive the Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship, students must:


    TN Reconnect covers tuition and mandatory fees. TN Reconnect does not cover books, online fees, or other non-mandatory fees. The TN Reconnect covered fees are listed here.

    Why Dyersburg State?

    Convenient Online & Night Classes – One-on-One Instruction – Affordable Tuition – 96.8% Job Placement Rate – Close to Home – Deferred Payment Plan

    Whether you’re needing to finish a degree or are starting college for the first time, contact Academic Success Coach, Erin Newsom, and get started today!

    Visit the TN Reconnect website.

    Do you need to take a semester off?

    If a student cannot enroll in school for a semester due to extenuating circumstances, then the student will need to request a leave of absence. The IRP will review the request, like an appeal, and approve or deny the leave of absence. Allowable reasons may include, but are not limited to,

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    What Is Tennessee Reconnect

    Tennessee Reconnect is the states initiative to help more Tennessee adults attend college. Goals include helping these adults gain new skills, advance in the workplace and fulfill lifelong dreams of completing their education.

    Tennessee Reconnect provides last-dollar scholarships to qualifying adults pursuing an associate degree or credential at a Tennessee community college.

    Learn how to enroll in the Tennessee Reconnect Enrollment Guide.See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

    College Success Program Participation

    A student participating in the Tennessee Reconnect Grant program shall participate in a College Success Program. This program is completed annually as part of the application process. The annual requirement ensures update of success plan information and connects a student to available institution and Tennessee Reconnect Community resources.

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    Eligibility Criteria For Scholarship Continuation

    After the student has earned an associate degree or certificate in an eligible program of study, or five years have passed since their initial enrollment as a Tennessee Reconnect student, the scholarship will be terminated.

    Following completion of a certificate that directly leads to an associate degree or sequential certificate, a student may continue to earn a Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship for an associate degree or sequential certificate.

    The scholarship is terminated if a student completes a certificate that does not lead directly to an associate degree or consecutive certificate. The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship is not affected by the completion of a certificate or diploma at a TCAT.

    Why Reconnect At Walters State

    Cleveland State Reconnect

    We understand that many barriers can arise for adult students during the process of enrolling in college, and it is our goal to remove as many of those barriers as possible. Many Walters State employees returned to school as working adults, so we can identify barriers we faced, and try to eliminate them for our students.

    • We want to help you take the first step in the process by allowing you to apply for admission at Walters State for free! Since there is no financial obligation up front, the only thing you are giving up by applying to Walters State is about 10 minutes of your time.
    • We also have an open admission policy which allows us some flexibility with our enrollment deadlines.
    • We offer a variety of options for our students to take classes. This allows students to work classes into their already busy lives! About 1/4 of our student population falls into the non-traditional category.

    We also understand that our students may have concerns about returning to college after a period of time. We try to tackle those head on to make our students feel as comfortable as possible.

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    Complete The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship Application

    To create an account and/or submit an online application, use a laptop or desktop computer with Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, mobile devices and Macs are not fully supported.

    • Create a login on the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation portal.
    • Once you have created an account, select Apply for Scholarships on the TSAC Portal. Choose Tennessee Reconnect.
    • Complete the application and submit it.
    • Finally, your personalized Reconnect Success Plan will be generated. Make sure you review it and print it out or save it to your computer.

    Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship For Returning Adult Students

    Tennessee Reconnect is a program that aims to assist more adults return to school to obtain new skills, improve in their careers, and achieve their long-held goals of earning a degree or certification. Adults who dream to earn a degree at a Tennessee community college or technical institution can apply for the Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship.

    Returning Tennessee students who need financial aid to pay for college should take advantage of this chance. This blog will assist you in learning more about the program as well as navigating the application process. To help you get started, weve put up a comprehensive guide. Without further ado, lets get into it.

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    What Does Tn Reconnect Cover

    Although the TN Reconnect Grant is considered a last dollar award, it does not pay last dollar when utilized at a four-year institution. The grant covers the average state community college costs of tuition and mandatory fees not met by gift aid from the Pell Grant, TELS programs or TSAA programs.

    • If a students gift aid amounts exceed the average community college tuition and mandatory fees, the student will not be eligible for a Tennessee Reconnect Grant payment at APSU.
    • To estimate your potential Tennessee Reconnect Grant amount, use our Estimated TN Reconnect Calculator.

    Adult Learners Complete Your College Degree At Cleveland State


    “Let’s Chatt” video is courtesy of

    Beginning Fall 2018, the Tennessee Reconnect Act establishes a last-dollar scholarship for adults to attend community college tuition-free! Cleveland State recognizes that not everyones schedule for taking classes is the same, so we have expanded the number of programs where degrees can be earned by taking classes during the morning, afternoon, evening, on the weekend and online. Tennessee Reconnect covers tuition and fees after other grant or scholarship programs have been applied.

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    About The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship

    The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship, also known as the Tennessee Reconnect Grant, is a last-dollar grant that covers the leftover tuition and obligatory fees after all other state and federal financial aid has been applied. It is accessible to qualifying people who want to attend a Tennessee community college or technical institution to earn an associate degree, technical degree, or technical diploma.

    The Tennessee Reconnect Scholarship can be used toward a qualifying associate degree at an eligible public or private college or university, but it is not a last-dollar award.

    Those seeking a diploma or certificate at a Tennessee College of Applied Technology are eligible for a portion of the award. TCATs can be found all around the state of Tennessee. They offer a comprehensive range of technical and occupational training programs, with the goal of connecting students with high-quality professions through quality technical education.

    The scholarship, on the other hand, can be used to pay for tuition at Tennessee community colleges and some four-year institutions while pursuing a two-year associate degree. After additional state financial aid and Pell Grants have been applied to tuition and obligatory fees at the community college, this award pays the leftover amount.

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