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General Army Rotc Scholarship

How-To: Complete the #ArmyROTC National Scholarship Online Application

Rising high school seniors may apply for the scholarship as early as mid-June between junior and senior year. A National Board awards 4-year and 3-year advance-designee scholarships worth up to $57,000.

The scholarship can pay either tuition and fees or room and meals a $420/month stipend, and $1,200 per year for books. They are awarded based on high academic achievement, excellence in athletics, and demonstrated leadership skills. After graduating from the University of North Georgia, Army ROTC Scholarship recipients will serve as an officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Note: For Georgia residents who are eligible for the HOPE scholarship, it can be used in conjunction with an Army ROTC Scholarship. Hope can only be applied to tuition. The Army ROTC scholarship can be used to pay for room and meals. Georgia residents on the ROTC scholarship will also receive up to $2,000 in grants from the State of Georgia at the end of each semester after contracting.

Ready to Apply?Application Instructions

How To Win A Navy Air Force Or Army Rotc Scholarship

There are a lot of benefits to joining an ROTC program while in college. For one, you get to join a community of other students committed to learning what it takes to serve and protect their country. And, on top of that, youd qualify for ROTC scholarships, which are some of the most generous in the nation!

But you arent guaranteed a scholarship just because you plan to join ROTC. You need to apply for the scholarship and ROTC program best suited for your goals. You also need to make sure you submit a top-notch application!

Thats why, in this blog post, were going to show you how to get an ROTC scholarship by covering:

  • The different types of ROTC scholarships offered by the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy
  • The ROTC scholarship eligibility requirements
  • The application timelines for each of the ROTC scholarships
  • How to submit your ROTC scholarship application
  • 3 tips to increase your chances of winning an ROTC scholarship

But before we dive into those topics, lets first go over some general information about ROTC programs!

Army National Guard / United States Army Reserve Minuteman Scholarship

The ARNG / USAR Minuteman Scholarship offers the same benefits as the Army ROTC Scholarship. In addition to the benefits listed above Army ROTC Cadets will earn an extra $350 per month by participating in the ARNG / USAR Simultaneous Membership Program. The SMP program offers Army ROTC Cadets the unique opportunity to attend drills with ARNG / USAR units. The program was designed as a mentorship for Army ROTC Cadets offering them the ability to shape their future decisions with calculated and well-informed information. It allows an individual to see what specialty branch fits their personality and career outlook. After graduation from the College and commissioning as an Officer Minuteman Scholarship recipients are guaranteed placement in the Army Reserve or National Guard.

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Where To Find More Scholarships

If a career in the military sounds like a good fit for you, then youll definitely want to apply for one of the ROTC scholarships before or during your time in college. Use the information and tips weve shared here to know when and how to put together a winning application!

But dont stop with just one scholarship application. You likely qualify for dozens of other amazing scholarships!

To easily find them, download Scholly Search, the #1 scholarship app in the world that instantly matches you with hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in scholarships based on your interests, accomplishments, and traits!

You can also check out the rest of our blog where we share tips on how to apply for FAFSA, write amazing personal statements, and win competitive scholarships like the National Merit Scholarship.

Good luck!

Dedicated Army National Guard And Army Reserve Scholarship

Does rotc look good on a resume

GRFD scholarships 2.5 or 3 year are considered dedicated and those students must serve in the National Guard or Army Reserve upon commissioning. These scholarships cover full tuition and mandatory fees. Scholarship awardees also receive a book allowance and a monthly stipend. Scholarships can be awarded in increments up to three years. These cadets also receive weekend drill and annual training pay as participants in the Simultaneous Membership Program .

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How To Apply For A Rotc Scholarship

To apply for a ROTC scholarship, first youll need to find a ROTC scholarship board. These boards are generally located at colleges and universities that have ROTC programs.

Once you find a board, youll need to fill out an application. The application will ask you many questions about your academic record, military record, and extracurricular activities. Youll also need to submit letters of recommendation and answer questions about your motivation for joining the military.

Once youve completed the application process, the scholarship board will evaluate your application and decide whether or not to award you a scholarship. Its important to note that not all scholarships are available to everyone. You may be required to audition for a scholarship or meet other requirements before being awarded one.

Army Rotc Scholarship Program

Whether you’re a college-bound high school student or already attending a college or university, Army ROTC enables students to enroll in elective leadership and military courses at colleges and universities in addition to their required courses. Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s merit and grades, not financial need.

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Air Force Rotc Scholarships For Enlisted Cadets

You can apply for one of the following Air Force ROTC scholarships if youre already an enlisted Air Force personnel that would like to return to school full-time.

Airman Scholarship & Commissioning Program and Scholarship for Outstanding Airmen to ROTC

As a recipient of either one of these scholarships, you can receive an award that pays up to $18,000 per academic year. Youd also receive a monthly stipend, ranging from $300-500, for living expenses and an annual stipend of $900 for textbooks. Upon graduation and completion of the program, you would commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

Possible Total Benefits For A Scholarship Cadet

Augusta University Army ROTC: Join the Jaguar Battalion!

Students entering as college freshmen are eligible for 4-year scholarships. Currently enrolled students as well as enlisted active-duty personnel are eligible for:

  • 3 year and 3 1/2 year scholarships
  • 2 year and 2 1/2 year scholarships
  • 1 year scholarships
  • 1/2 year scholarships
Scholarship projections based on 2014 rates. Tuition, fees, and housing grant are subject to increase pending annual review.

$24,136 $37,452

Additional two-year scholarships are available to students who attend the Basic Camp 2-year program. These scholarships are awarded based upon outstanding performance.

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Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarships

GRFD scholarships are available only to SMP cadets who wish to earn a commission into the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Scholarships are 2-2.5 years full tuition or room and board, with a $600 per semester book allowance, monthly cadet stipend of $450 for juniors and $500 for seniors. In addition, cadets may use tuition assistance, drill pay and the GI Bill or SMP Kicker if eligible. Contact the recruiting office or your chain of command for more details.

For High School Seniors

To apply for the Army ROTC scholarship complete the following:

  • Upload HS transcript and College Board scores
  • Complete all biographic information and write an Applicant Personal Statement and Applicant Essay
  • Conduct an interview with a Professor of Military Science. This step is completed after all other steps. The PMS with whom you conduct your interview does not have to be with a college/university to which you are applying. Your performance in the interview will be factored into whether you earn a scholarship. The PMS with whom you conduct your interview has no influence on earning a scholarship.
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    Army Rotc Nursing Scholarships

    Nursing students who are also Army ROTC Cadets can benefit from unique hands-on nursing opportunities while receiving financial assistance for college. You will gain valuable leadership experience and management training that can benefit you in either a military or private-sector nursing career. The Army ROTC Nursing Scholarship program offers two-, three- or four-year scholarships for undergraduate nursing students. These are full-tuition scholarships , additional allowances for books and fees, and a monthly stipend. You must be enrolled in Army ROTC to compete for this scholarship and majoring in nursing.

    Air Force Rotc Scholarship


    Although the Air Force ROTC does not have to option to pay for room and board like Army ROTC scholarships, the AFROTC offers unique types of scholarships for your financial needs.

    The Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program offers a Type 1 scholarship, which pays 100% of college tuition and fees with an additional $900 annual book stipend and a monthly living stipend at any public or private institution with an Air Force ROTC detachment.

    The monthly stipend increases based on the selectee’s student status: freshman status starts at $300, sophomore increases to $350, junior to $450, and senior to $500. An Air Force ROTC scholarship also covers travel expenses for students who commute from their homes to the Air Force ROTC detachmentâs college where the student enrolls.

    If you’re already in college, joining the Air Force ROTC still comes with its benefits. College freshmen and sophomores may be eligible for the In-College Scholarship Program , which offers three types of scholarships:

    Enlisted Airmen have chances for two or four-year scholarships as AFROTC cadets. Outstanding RegAF Airmen can try for the Airman Scholarship & Commissioning Program , or try qualifying for Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen and Guardians to ROTC . These scholarships include payments for tuition and scholarship fees, an annual textbook allowance, and a monthly stipend.

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    Rotc Learning Community Link

    The ROTC housing community is based in the Sadler Residence Hall as part of the Leadership Development Community. Students enrolled as Army ROTC Freshmen cadets are eligible to select this Learning Community. Enhance your ROTC experience by living with ROTC peers and share its mutual culture.

    Why Join?

    Participation in a learning community offers a number of benefits, all of which help promote your academic and social success at SU. As with any endeavor you undertake, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it, but the potential benefits of living in a learning community include:

    • enhanced academic and social opportunities,
    • increased satisfaction with your SU experience, and
    • increased persistence to graduation.

    Navy Rotc Service Commitment

    • As a graduate of the Navy ROTC program, youd be required to serve a minimum of five years of active military service. Additional requirements may be required for specific job assignments.
    • As a graduate of the Marine Corps Option, youd be required to serve at least four years on active duty.
    • As a graduate of the Navy Nurse Corps Option, youd be required to serve at least four years on active duty.

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    Q How Do Students Benefit From Army Rotc

    A. In college and after graduation, cadets find that the training and experience that they have received are assets whether pursuing an Army or civilian career. Employers place high regard on the management and leadership skills that ROTC instructors stress. Plus, ROTC looks great on a resume. When cadets complete the ROTC course, upon graduation, they become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army.

    Air Force Rotc Scholarships

    ROTC Scholarships

    The Air Force ROTC scholarship program offers awards for current and future college and university students. Candidates can qualify for full-tuition scholarships at affiliated schools in return for completing the appropriate training program and at least four years of service after graduation. Scholarship recipients also receive living and book stipends and travel expenses.

    The Air Force ROTC offers multiple scholarship awards, including the In-College Scholarship Program, the Commanders’ In-College Scholarships for technical majors, the Nursing Scholarship Program, and enlisted airmen scholarships. For eligibility, graduating high school applicants need a minimum 3.0 GPA with a 1240 SAT score or a 26 on the ACT. Technical and foreign language majors may receive preference.

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    Who Is Eligible For An Rotc Scholarship

    Each branch of service has its own requirements for ROTC scholarships. They do have some things in common. You must be a strong academic candidate. You must graduate high school with a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

    For some programs, you will need an SAT score of at least 1000 or ACT score of 19. Be sure to check the eligibility requirements for the specific branch of service you intend to apply through.

    You must also pass a physical fitness test. This includes things like pushups, situps, and a timed run. It also includes screening for height and weight.

    High school seniors can apply for an ROTC scholarship. Current college students may apply for an ROTC scholarship to cover the rest of their college years.

    The application process varies depending on which branch of the armed forces youre applying to. The US Army ROTC program has a set application deadline. There are rolling application deadlines for the other military branches. Be sure to research the exact requirements of the scholarship you intend to apply to.

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    Rotc Scholarship Application Process

    If you are interested in an ROTC scholarship, you should visit your local military recruitment office or go to the website of the service branch you are interested in. Visit as early as possible, preferably during your junior year of high school, or early in your senior year. Scholarships often go to students majoring in subjects that are highly valued by the military, such as engineering, computer science, specific foreign languages, or nursing.

    Army ROTC applications for high school students can be found online here through the Armys website, while applications for current college students are to be submitted to their colleges Department of Military Science. Air Force and Navy ROTC applications for high school students can be found online through each services website. Students interested in a Marine Corps ROTC scholarship must apply through the Navy ROTC.

    For students currently enrolled in college, the Army and Navy ROTC both offer two- and three-year scholarships. The Air Force offers the In-College Scholarship Program , which awards scholarships based on merit during two selection periods in the fall and spring.

    Scholarship application deadlines differ by military branch. The current deadlines for ROTC scholarships are as follows:

    • Army ROTC February 4, 2021
    • Air Force ROTC January 14, 2021
    • Navy ROTC December 31, 2020

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    When Should I Start Applying For Rotc Scholarships

    Depending on which ROTC scholarship you are applying for — Army, Air Force, or Navy — the deadline will differ. In most cases, however, these deadlines are toward the beginning of the calendar year in January and February.

    That being said, you should start applying for ROTC scholarships far in advance of deadlines. Each application has its own unique — and potentially time-consuming — requirements. These include academic, physical, and medical tests, as well as paperwork for your specific, and hopefully, military-friendly college.

    When in doubt, speak to your recruiter or military contact.

    How Can Rotc Help Pay For College

    Rotc scholarship college requirements

    High school students who apply for an ROTC program are eligible for scholarships covering the full cost of tuition, fees and textbooks for four years, plus a monthly stipend for personal expenses. Students who have financial need beyond what is covered by an ROTC scholarship may seek supplemental aid from the federal government or other sources.

    When you accept an ROTC scholarship, you are legally bound to serve in the military for a certain number of years. If you fail to fulfill the academic or military service requirements of an ROTC scholarship, you could face disenrollment from the ROTC and could be held to additional active duty and repayment of ROTC financial assistance.

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    Does Rotc Pay For College What You Need To Know About Rotc Scholarships

    Are you a high school student looking for a way to pay for college? Have you ever wanted to serve in the military? Have you ever thought about how to get an ROTC scholarship? If so, a Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship program may be for you.

    ROTC scholarships provide you the chance to earn a college diploma. It guarantees employment after graduation. You can fulfill a dream of service to your country in the U.S. military.

    These perks dont come without compromise. You will need to enlist in the active duty military. Well teach you more about the ROTC program, how it operates, and who is eligible so you can make an informed decision.

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    S To Apply For Army Rotc Scholarship Application

    There are some steps that are to be followed for applying for the army ROTC scholarship application. Check all of them:

  • Firstly, download all the instructions and see how to make an account ROTC application.
  • Submit all the high school transcripts and also ACT and SAT scores.
  • After the documents, there will be a test that a coach or instructor will conduct.
  • A person can see the fitness card here.
  • An interview is conducted, and a person can select the place and can even choose for an online interview, in case the applicant is residing far away.
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    Rotc And Outside Awards

    Outside awards consist of aid from sources and agencies other than VMI and are considered resources for determining financial assistance. It is incumbent upon the student to notify the Financial Aid Office of such awards.

    VMI commends students that take the initiative to earn outside awards. Outside awards must be reported to the Financial Aid Office. All sources of financial aid must stay within a student’s cost of attendance and a student’s need eligibility as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . When a student receives an outside award, there are times that the award or other financial aid will be reduced/changed to accommodate. Please contact the Financial Aid Office with specific questions or concerns about how an outside award will be applied to a students aid package.

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