What Colleges Have Archery Scholarships

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Nasp Scholarships = Big Money

Texas National Archery in Schools Program State Tournament 2017

Since NASPs inception, just under $1.8 million in cash scholarships have been awarded to its student archers. A total of 351 scholarships have been awarded to top NASP performers at the national and state bulls-eye tournaments. Beginning in 2015, NASP decided to encourage states and provinces to offer or increase scholarship awards at their state and provincial NASP tournaments. Since that time, 20 states and Canada have awarded $490,450, and the parent NASP organization has matched $321,700 of those funds.

Partly because NASP is a successful, private non-profit organization, it receives tremendous donor support from various companies and non-government organizations. The list of NASP supporters is impressive: Whitetails Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rinehart Targets, Mathews Archery, Gordon Composites, Morrell, Plano, Saunders Archery, Feradyne, BCY, NAP, Lancaster, NEET, Academy Sports + Outdoors, Easton Technical Products and American Whitetail Targets.

Archery Supplies Spruce Grove

Colleges with outstanding archery programs

  • Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Brandeis University
  • California State University, Fullerton , CA
  • Columbia University
  • and Emmanuel College are among the institutions that have campuses in Tempe, AZ.

What colleges have archery teams, and where can I find them?

  • Mississippi Colleges archery team is aiming for more success. Collegiate archery is becoming increasingly popular on college campuses around the country. Archery teams are fielded by schools such as Missouri, Arizona, Purdue, Penn State, Michigan State, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, and the University of the Cumberlands, which is located in Kentucky.

Joseph A Baum Memorial Fund In Archery

The Joseph A. Baum Memorial Fund in Archery is a fund set up by the National Field Archery Association to help pay for archery equipment, training and travel expenses for archers who are pursuing a college education. The association will award $1,000 each year to two different students who participate in competitive field archery, an Olympic-style sport that is popular on college campuses.

The NFAA awards scholarships based on financial need and academic merit as determined by evaluating transcripts, letters of recommendation and previous achievements in collegiate archery tournaments. For more information about applying for this scholarship see the list below:

  • To apply for the Joseph A. Baum Memorial Fund Scholarship please submit an essay about why you want to be an athlete at your university or why you would like to attend college in general along with 2 letters of recommendation from coaches/teachers/colleagues within your community.*

Scholarship amounts vary 5 years ago it was $500 per semester but now it has increased due to inflation rates.*

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Pinnacle Archery Students Offered More Than $1 Million In Scholarships

Four seniors at Pinnacle Classical Academy were offered a combined $1.3 million in four-year archery scholarships by all the colleges and universities to which they were accepted.

Morgan Bussert has signed with University of the Cumberlands, Kate Miller and Landon Standish have signed with Union College , and Olivia Poston has signed with Lindsey Wilson College.

“We are incredibly grateful for the work of Todd Tongel, our archery coach, who has built one of the best scholastic archery programs in the nation,” said Dr. Shelly Bullard, the school’s headmaster.

“These kids gave it their all from the first day of archery practice at PCA,” said Lorie Poston, the mother of Olivia Poston. “For them to be able to continue that journey into college with sizable scholarships is just a phenomenal feeling.”

“Archery has offered Landon the opportunity to gain personal skills that he will now be able to use as he enters his collegiate years,” added Shannon Standish, the mother of Landon Standish. “Shooting for S3DA also provided scholarship opportunities. As a parent I couldnt be more pleased with the journey I have watched since Landon started archery in fifth grade.”

“We have been incredibly blessed to attend Pinnacle Classical Academy, to earn a free two-year associate degree, and to have made the PCA Thunderbird’s Archery Team with Coach Todd Tongel for Kate’s fifth grade year, and winning at the national level,” added the Miller family.

Itawamba Community College Scholarship


Itawamba Community College of Mississippi offers Competition Scholarships.

It includes archery that amounts to $800 and divided $200 per semester.

If youre a student talented in archery, you can get the scholarship after passing the audition, completing the interview, and submitting the required document.

Itawamba Community College gives equal opportunity and students, and discrimination of any kind is prohibited.

You have a fair chance for the program regardless of race and financial status.

Contact the archery coach or sponsor for more information.

Because athletic scholarship also requires good academic performance, you may qualify for the Academic Excellence Scholarship that amounts to $725 per semester, and other higher academic grants with higher support costs.

So do your best in both archery and academics.

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Why Is Archery Considered A Sport

While training for a competition or tournament, archers are regarded to be participating in archery as a sport, according to the International Olympic Committee. Yes, many people still consider backyard target shooting to be a recreational activity, but when done for the sake of competition, archery is seen as a sporting activity.

How Do You Get A Scholarship For Archery

You must be a member of the National Field Archery Association and have been a member for at least two years in order to be eligible for archery scholarships via the organization. The National Federation of American Astronomers awards scholarships to high school graduates and current college students. The money are held in escrow until the recipients high school diplomas are received.

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Northwestern Ontario Moose Hunting

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Bull Moose hunting is something we have a lot of experience with. We are located in one of the best Moose hunting regions in Ontario. Our guides pre-scout the prime hunting areas for fresh Bull Moose sign such as bark/sapling rubs, fresh scat piles and active wallow pits. During the hunt you and your guide will be on the ground in active areas with fresh sign and will engage is effective attraction behavior, thrashing tree branches and calling as either a competing bull or cow to lure in rutting Bulls. During the rut the bigger bulls are ready to fight to protect their territory and show dominance. The guide will do the work to bring the Moose within target range while you are ready to shoot. There is nothing more exciting than that very moment when the Moose moves into range, especially if it’s your first Moose.

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Do Colleges Set Up Competitions For Cheerleaders

Changing Lives, One Arrow at a Time through NASP®- National Archery In The Schools Program

At basketball and football games, cheerleaders frequently appear on the sidelines to support their teams. Fans merely perceive them as additional team supporters. To master the dances performed in sport cheerleading, performers must undergo extensive training and constant rehearsal.

Performers engage in various events such as the Nationals when the best teams from across the country gather to vie for the number one spot. The majority of participantsif not allwork toward this contest all year long, and it is the point where their daily practice sessions in the gym start to pay off.

We went to see the end-of-year concert for marching band and holy cow college marching band is no joke. This is not just a concert, its a performance! There was a stage that rose and lowered, color guard, cheerleaders, the school mascot. It was amazing!

Cheerleading is considered a sport. However, because the NCAA does not authorize it, no formal promotional rules are in effect. Since there is less money available for instructors in these organizations, full-time college cheerleading scholarships are usually unavailable.

Students who excel academically or athletically may apply for sports and cheerleading-related scholarships.

Poll :

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Can You Get Recruited For Archery

You must be a member of the National Field Archery Association and have been a member for at least two years in order to be eligible for archery scholarships via the organization. These yearly honors are given to the archers school as well as the archer himself. S3DA events frequently get the attention of college recruiters on the lookout for skilled archers.

Field Hockey Scholarship Requirements

The NCAA has established eligibility requirements that student-athletes must meet in order to be eligible for a roster spot on an NCAA team. Eligibility is determined by a student-athletes academics and amateurism status. There are three factors in determining academic eligibility: core course requirements, core course GPA and the NCAA sliding scale. The NCAA requires student-athletes to pass 16 core courses during high school. If the student-athlete completes all 16 courses, then the NCAA uses a sliding scale that combines the athletes SAT/ACT test scores and their GPA in these core courses to determine eligibility.

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Application To Join The Florida Poly Archery Team

Students can apply to be part of the archery team simply by filling out the application form. A formal try-out is not required. However, archery experience is preferred. Students should plan to have their own equipment, but the team may be able to assist those who are unable to secure the proper competition equipment. If you have any questions, please contact .

Ncaa Division 2 Field Hockey Scholarships

Cheyenne Field Archers
  • D2 field hockey scholarships per team: 6.3
  • Total number of D2 field hockey teams: 36
  • Average team size: 24

NCAA Division 2 programs are limited to just over half the number of scholarships that Division 1 programs are allowed. While only 14 percent of all collegiate field hockey players compete at the Division 2 level, the level of competition is still high.

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Do Colleges Offer Archery Scholarships

Scholarships for College Students In exchange for the scholarships, which are granted directly by schools and institutions, college-bound young men and women will have the chance to continue participating in archery while attending school. There are several JOAD and collegiate archery groups located around the United States, so there are options near you.

Nevada Bow Hunters Association

The Nevada Bow Hunters Association looks for a student who actively contributes to the sport of archery, and one who is sufficiently motivated to locate documentation on this relatively unpublicized scholarship program. You will need to supply proof of your academic record, discuss your involvement with the sport, and tell the committee your plans for using the award money.

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Colleges That Give Scholarship For Archery

There are many archery scholarships available to students who are pursuing an education in the sport. Some of these scholarships are specifically for college and university students, while others can be used by high school students who plan on attending college once they graduate. Heres a listing of some of the best archery scholarships you can apply for:

Nasp Begins Awarding $500 Scholarships To Participating 2022 National Tournament Archers

Presentation Academy holds 2nd annual archery tournament

May 25, 2022 by

NASP® celebrates its 20th year of Changing Lives One Arrow at a Time with the return to in-person competition. When combined, the 2022 Western and Eastern national tournamentshosted 13,741 student archers safely participating in these exciting in-person events.

Both national in-person competitions were open to all U.S. qualifying NASP® archers. Earlier this year, NASP® announced an exciting addition to this years event: all archers competing, were eligible to be randomly selected for up to $500 college scholarships. Upon graduation, archers could then apply these funds to the cost of any post-secondary educational institution or training program of their choice.

NASP® established a computerized random selection process using the combined results from Western and Eastern Nationals. Eligibility only required for each archer to register, attend either national event, and submit a Bullseye score higher than 0. The computer then selected 50 males and 50 females from the combined results.

The selected archers can be found here:

Coaches of these selected archers have been notified to begin the award process.

NASP® is conducting the 2022 Open Championship in Louisville, KY June 23-25, where an additional $500 scholarship will be randomly given away during each flight.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their remarkable support of our program, allowing this to be possible:

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Prince William Sound College

PWSC has scholarships that range from $250-$1250 per semester.

All PWSC students eligible for financial aid may apply.

Archery Sportsmanship Scholarship supports the full-time study of students actively involved in the PWSC Collegiate Archery Program.

Students must maintain a minimum GPA: 2.5.

Full-time means having other perks besides money grants.

The college has made the application easy for all wanting financial aid.

You dont have to scratch your head and apply again for other available programs.

Their system will automatically try to pair you with other available grants.

The college carries many scholarships.

That means you have a chance for archery and more chances for others.

Just fill up one application form to apply.

Log-in to AcademicWorks and make sure you complete the General Application and any supplemental forms.

Depending on the criteria, the system automatically matches you with scholarship opportunities and recommends additional scholarships that you can apply for.

Submit any additional requested essays or references through the portal by the application deadline.

Remember to check twice before clicking the submit button.

Youll receive an email notification if accepted, or you can also log-in back to the AcademicWorks portal to check application status.

For more information like eligibility, application deadlines, and award amounts per scholarship, contact Student Affairs at 907-834-1600 or email

Texas Field Archery Association Youth Scholarship

TFAA offers an attractive scholarship of $5,000 for high school seniors who are members for at least 2 consecutive years.

Besides association membership, you need additional requirements.

  • Proofs that show your merit on academic achievements, leadership, campus activities, and community participation.
  • An overall grade of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, and must keep it during the scholarship duration.
  • A written 500-word essay on why you deserve the scholarship.
  • Include additional details on community service, archery participation, and future goals.

    Needless to say, if English is not your native language, expressing yourself clearly would be a bit hard.

    Polish your English skills early on.

  • Official high school transcript, original or certified true copy.
  • A recent ID photo.
  • Fill up the application form and submit it together with the other requirements.

    Check it twice because they might reject you for incomplete documents.

    TFAA and Texas A& M Archery are different organizations.

    If you live in the country or planning to migrate, go apply for both scholarship programs.

    In case both organizations accept you, get both if they will allow or select one with more benefits.

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    State Archery Association Of Massachusetts

    The State Archery Association of Massachusetts provides scholarships for archers from Massachusetts and archers from other states, and the two groups fill out separate applications. The eligibility criteria for the in-state application are not restrictive: for example, you can reside in Massachusetts or participate in a Massachusetts archery club, if your activities include SAAM tournaments in the two current and previous years.

    The out-of-state application also requires you to compete in SAAM tournaments. Both types of award have an age limit of 22, and you must submit a detailed essay covering topics like the role of archery in your life and your plans for a career.

    From Nasp Target Archers To Bowhunters

    Scholarship Opportunity

    As NASP changes the lives of youngsters all over the world, it also continues to achieve its mission. According to recent surveys, representing more than 2 million participants, NASP is working for the students, conservation and the archery industry. Almost two-thirds of NASP students have purchased or plan to purchase their own personal, non-NASP bow. More than 50 percent of NASP students report having bowhunted or wanting to bowhunt but havent yet. On the conservation front, more than 40 percent of NASP students, after mastering archery, have taken or plan to take Hunter Safety Education with hopes to hunt or target shoot with firearms. Finally, 58 percent of NASP students say they feel more connected at school because of NASP, and 40 percent report working harder in the classroom because of the archery program.

    You can find the full student survey report by .

    NASP has always received kudos for building youth confidence, expanding extracurricular activities, and enhancing academic performance, but because of NASP, more and more students are making and fulfilling educational dreams, far beyond high school, all the while participating and enjoying the sport that took them there archery.

    For more information on NASP, visit

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    Minnesota State Archery Association

    The Minnesota State Archery Association lists a Youth Scholarship as one of the benefits of family membership. Student archers graduating from high school are eligible to compete for two $500 college scholarships, and students in the first three years of college may also apply as long as they are members in good standing. The scholarship is a one-time award.

    There Are A Number Of Benefits In Participating In Competitive Archery At Florida Poly

    • It improves your focus. Staying focused and maintaining balance while setting up and drawing in a target is critical for every archer. The ability to concentrate on form and disregard distractions helps you develop an endurance for focused work that escalates and achieves results while maintaining a calm demeanor in high-pressure environments.
    • It enhances your hand-eye coordination and strength. Practice in archery trains the hundreds of muscles not only in your hands and arms, but also your core and back, while coordination develops between your eyes and your body. Coaching, peer support and continuous practice and repetition develops expertise and strengthens coordination.
    • It helps develop leadership and social skills. Archery can be an individual sport or a team sport. When an archer competes in a tournament they are usually grouped together with other archers for scoring. Archers can get to know each other while they walk the course together. Teams are important in archery too. Working as a team and supporting one another is important for the success of the group.
    • It develops your confidence. Florida Poly Archery participation gives you training and experiences that will increase your self-confidence, self-appreciation and pride in achieving that which comes with coaching, practice and hard work. We have observed a marked increase to archers when they observe gradual, and sometimes rapid improvement, in their mental and physical skills after practices and tournaments.

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