What Act Score Is Needed For Scholarships

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Florida Gulf Coast University

ACT score so high scored two scholarships
  • Award amount: $3,000 to $15,000

It was only in 1991 when Florida Gulf Coast University or FGCU was established. Due to this, it doesnt offer as many majors as most other schools. Many students apply to the party school, especially those who would like to major in the likes of Business Administration and Management, Resort Management, Safety Studies, and Psychology.

Organizations Offering Automatic Scholarships

Besides colleges and universities, many private organizations also offer automatic scholarships based on SAT or ACT scores.

In many instances, having a high test score is practically all thats required for a student to be eligible for one. Some providers may also look for potential awardees with a certain minimum GPA.

And because many students would like to get their hands on scholarship programs, its a must to send your application before the deadline to prevent disqualification.

Without further ado, lets check out some of these organizations:

What Is The National Average Act Score

The ACT is scored on a scale of 1-36. The national average ACT score is 20.6, but it doesnt stop there. Theres also average scores for each section of the test. These include English, Math, Reading, and Science. Heres a breakdown of average scores for each section at the national level:

Test Section National Average Scores in 2020
Composite Score

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Act 2022 Scholarships For Indian Students

Following is the list of scholarships available for Indian students to study abroad based on ACT Score:


Texas Armed Services Scholarship Program

Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asian ERG Scholarship

Lloyd M. Fujie Scholarship for Accounting Major Students

Deanas Wish Memorial Scholarship

MSLP Governors Best and Brightest Scholarship

Note: Details mentioned here are subject to change

Should You Take The Sat Or Act To Win Scholarships

Guaranteed Scholarships Based on SAT/ACT Scores

Many colleges and universities and private groups award merit-based scholarships entirely based on SAT or ACT scores. In some cases, a combination of test scores and GPA is necessary for eligibility. Though there are test-optional and test-blind scholarships, many still require SAT or ACT scores.

It cannot be denied that standardized tests are immense sources of stress and anxiety among high school students. This is most true for those in their junior and senior years and gearing up to step foot on a college campus.

Nowadays, there is a growing number of US colleges and universities embracing a test-optional admissions process. Its because of this why you may feel that taking the SAT or ACT is no longer necessary since you have the option to submit your test score to the school of your liking or keep it to yourself.

But if your goal is not just to gain admission into the college of your dreams but also to win a scholarship many students long for, then its a good idea to take the SAT or ACT, just like in the good old days. But its not enough that you take the standardized test its of utmost importance that you get a high SAT or ACT score, too!

A lot of schools and scholarship-granting organizations take a look at test scores when selecting winners.

And this brings us to a pressing question probably lurking at the back of your mind

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Colleges Offering Act Scholarships To International Students

Scholarships can be a significant aid in achieving your educational objectives if you are an international student. Check out the following list of some of the most well-known educational institutions that provide financial aid based on ACT scores:

Amount Awarded per Year

President’s Gold Scholarship

Out of State Tuition Scholarship

ACT: 29

Minimum ACT and Math Score


Blue and Green Scholars Award

ACT: 28

Blue and Green Directors Award

ACT: 25

ACT: 29

USD 10,000

These scholarships are fantastic possibilities, if you’re looking to submit as many applications as possible. If you’re seeking a prestigious scholarship, you’ll need to devote more effort to your applications, but the results will be worthwhile. Be sure to make the most of your ACT results for a bright, economically feasible future. For further assistance, speak to our Yocket counsellors today.

Just Before You Apply For A Scholarship

Its true that many colleges and universities these days have a test-optional admissions policy. So, in other words, they allow applicants to decide whether or not they will submit their SAT or ACT scores.

Even though the schools on your list are all test-optional, its still a good idea to take the SAT or ACT. This is especially true if you find the cost of going to college too steep for your pocket. Thats because many schools and scholarship-granting organizations are helping students with certain test scores get their post-secondary education.

To be eligible for one of these scholarships, its a must to meet a certain SAT or ACT score.


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What Is A Good Sat Or Act Score For Scholarships

Generally speaking, the higher your SAT or ACT score, the more likely you will get a scholarship.

While the standard for a good SAT score varies, you should shoot for a 1200 or higher.

A good ACT score is above the 75th percentile for whatever school you are applying to. That means you are in the top quarter of scores and more likely to be considered for a scholarship.

Anything Else You Need

Finding ACT and SAT Score Requirements for Scholarships

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Check Out How Much You Could Receive From Our 2023

Renewable merit scholarships are split over four years.

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum 21 ACT / 1060 SAT in order to be considered for merit scholarships.

In-State rates are listed in bold. Out-of-State rates are listed in regular font.

Freshmen Merit Scholarships*

ACT 33 or above / SAT 1490 or above $16,000 / $24,000

Frequently Asked Questions About How To Find Act Scholarships

Ques: What ACT score is needed for most scholarships?

Ans: You should be able to apply for scholarships of a lesser level if you have a score of at least 25 on the ACT. Scholarships, on the other hand, grow increasingly difficult to get as the amount of money available, and the score ranges expand. To reiterate, the score range of 20-25 should serve as the very minimum goal to strive for.

Ques: What ACT score gives you a full ride?

Ans: ACT Composite of 3236: Many colleges and institutions provide full ride scholarships to students who have an ACT score in this range on the ACT and a grade point average of 3.5 or better on their high school transcript.

Ques: Is a 36 on the ACT a good score?

Ans:Yes, a composite score of 36 is perfect. This number is the average of your four section scores for English, Math, Reading, and Science. Even though you don’t need a perfect score to get into elite institutions, a 36 on the ACT can help you stand out.

Ques: Do we get scholarships in ACT?

Ans:Yes, there are certain colleges that will automatically award scholarships based on your ACT score. There are several universities that reward students with automatic scholarships if they have high ACT scores together with other academic accomplishments such as a solid grade point average and an outstanding academic record.

Ques: What is the highest paying scholarship?

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Sat & Act Scores For Outside Scholarships

Even if you dont need test scores for your college application, you will likely need them for most of the scholarship applications you fill out, including those for outside scholarships that are not affiliated with your college but sponsored by community organizations or foundations.

Kal Chany, author of our book Paying For College Without Going Broke , explains, Nothing can change a students fortune faster than a big increase on the SAT. Why? While it takes four years to accumulate all those great grades on your high school transcripts, the typical test prep course takes just six weeks.

Alfred State Excellence In Education Scholarship

Did Someone Say Scholarships?  Test Prep Gurus

Incoming students with an ACT of 28 or an SAT of 1310 and a 3.7 GPA are eligible for the Alfred State Excellence in Education Grant. To keep this award, students must achieve an aggregate 3.25 GPA each semester. Students must attend university and be legal residents of the United States. Up to $5,000 per year granted to gifted and talented first-time new students trying to enter a bachelors degree program must be a New York State citizen specific value decided by the power of academic history and funding accessibility applied to non-tuition expenditures the choice is given to the students acknowledged by March 1 no scholarship application required.

Provided by: Alfred State College of TechnologyAmount: 5000 USD

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How Hard Is It To Get A 34 On The Act

For example, a 90th percentile score would mean that you scored the same as or higher than 90% of test takers. On the ACT, 34 and up is the 99th percentile. So if you score 34 or higher, youre in the top 1% of test takers!

How much does 75 percent Bright Futures pay?

Medallion Scholars will receive an award amount equal to 75% of tuition and applicable fees. The tuition and applicable fees for 1 credit hour is $159.21.

Scholarships With Score Cut

Although many universities don’t have automatic scholarships based on test scores, GPA, or class rank, many use these factors as cut-offs for scholarship consideration. So even though in these cases high scores don’t guarantee you scholarships, they are an important factor in being considered.

Just like when you were a kid and couldn’t get onto the roller coasters at the theme park, you won’t even be considered for some scholarships without high enough SAT/ACT scores.

For example, Texas A& M offers multiple scholarships based on test scores, GPA, and/or class rank. So are scholarships like these guaranteed even if you meet these minimum scores? No. But you won’t be considered for them at all unless your ACT or SAT score is above a certain level. Many other colleges have GPA and score cut-offs for scholarship consideration, so the higher you can get your scores, the more likely you are to earn merit scholarships.

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Why Consider Using Act Scores For A Merit Scholarship

More than 1.9 million people took the ACT test in 2018. One study reports that a decade ago, one of every 2,600 students got a perfect score. In 2018, one of every 500 students nailed a perfect score.

But you dont have to get a perfect ACT score to get a merit scholarship. Otherwise, all 4 year colleges and universities in the United States accept ACT test scores.

Here are a few other reasons to use your ACT scores for merit scholarships:

  • Taking the ACT may help boost your chances of winning a scholarship from colleges and scholarship organizations.
  • Some colleges award scholarships based on your ACT scores. For example, offer scholarships ranging from $40,000 to $84,000 based on a combination of test scores, class rank, and GPA.
  • Higher test scores may also lead to more scholarship dollars. For instance, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville offers $5,000 awards per year for ACT scores between 34 to 36.
  • Being rewarded for good grades is one way to make college more affordable. At last check, the average amount of scholarship and grant aid received by undergrads is $11,810.
  • Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay back ACT scholarship funds. Though you do have to abide by their terms. You should also strive to maintain a specific GPA.
  • Certain ACT/SAT scores may place you in the running for a full ride scholarship.
  • Recipients and finalists of the National Merit Scholarship may also be eligible for other awards and aid. The National Merit Scholarship looks at PSAT scores.

What Is The Qualifying Score And How Much Can I Receive

Arkansas Tech drops test score requirement for scholarships

The qualifying ACT and SAT scores for students who will graduate in the current academic year are re-evaluated and announced each fall. These qualifying scores are based on the scores of students who were high school seniors in the previous academic year. For example, the 2021-2022 qualifying scores are based on the test results of all 2021 Missouri high school seniors. Because the minimum score is set by a percent of test takers, that score is subject to change annually.

If you took the ACT or SAT as a high school junior or sophomore, your score will be accepted as long as it meets the qualifying score announced during your senior year in high school.

The following table displays the qualifying ACT scores, along with the statutory maximum and final award amounts for the 2021 high school graduates . The final award amounts are dependent on the amount of funds allocated for the program during the 2021 legislative session for the 2021 graduates.

Award amounts are not available during summer terms.

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The Best Possible Act Score For Scholarships Ranges

However, for the widest range of opportunities, then the 25-30 score range is better.

At Kent State University, a 3.3 GPA and 25 ACT score will garner you over $4000 in scholarship money. Similar to Kent State, the University of Maine can provide you $4000-$6000 in scholarship money for ACT scores from 26-28.

Unsurprisingly, the highest potential comes with ACT scores 30+. With ACT scores in the 30-36 range, its possible to win $10,000 or more in scholarship prizes. For example, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville grants scholarships up to $32,000 for students with ACT scores in the 34-36 range.

If you dont hit that range, its still possible to receive over $20,000 from them if you score between 30-33. The biggest takeaway here is that you dont need to score a perfect 36 for substantial scholarship money.

Think about score ranges you want to hit, and base your scholarship hunting on those targets instead. Itll make it easier to find more potential scholarship opportunities fast, and take the pressure off of thinking that you need one perfect score.

For more test strategy, college admissions, and scholarship application tips sign up for our FREE classes happening right now!

Advantage Iowa Award For Incoming First

For incoming first-year students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and are from historically underrepresented populations.

$2,000 – $8,000 annually

The award is based on merit, contributing criteria also includes students that are from historically underrepresented populations at the University of Iowa or participation in a federally funded Upward Bound program.

No application required for Iowa residents. Students are considered automatically upon admission. Submission of the FAFSA by November 15 of the year prior to enrollment is recommended to maximize the available benefits of the Advantage Iowa program.

Up to four years, or until you receive your bachelors degree . You must maintain continuous full-time enrollment at the University of Iowa and maintain a minimum 2.00 cumulative UI GPA, and meet all additional requirements listed at for renewal. Renewal reviews are done at the end of each semester.

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Scholarships Available For Various Act Scores

ACT Score
The AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program $2,000
King’s Daughters Health Foundation Health Career Scholarship $2,500
The Full Impact Foundation Scholarship Award $2,000
Catch a Break! Scholarship Program $40,000
UM Missoula Presidential Leadership Scholarship $37,492
University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship $19,458 University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship

Big Caveat: Many of these scholarships have other qualifying criteria that you have to meet to receive them. These range from the common to the uncommon .

Also, keep in mind that an ACT score isnt always just one ACT score. Some scholarships will want to see particular subsection scores above certain points. For example, engineering scholarships may want your science scores to be in the top ten percentile , but not care so much about your scores on the English test. This varies so much by field, scholarship, and school, that youll definitely want to take a look at websites to make sure youre eligible.

What Is The Bright Futures Sat Requirement

What scholarships can you qualify for based entirely on your SAT or ACT ...

To earn the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars award, youll need a minimum of 1330 on the SAT, or a qualifying ACT score. The Florida Medallion Scholars program, on the other hand, requires a 1210 on the SAT, or a qualifying ACT score. The Florida Gold Seal CAPE Scholars program has no SAT requirement, and the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars program has varying minimum SAT scores for the different awards.

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