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Ohio Senior Earns Air Force Health Professions Scholarship

Health Professions Scholarship Program US Air Force

Deborah Swegan, an Air Force ROTC cadet and senior at Ohio University, was recently awarded a competitive scholarship to pay for medical school. The Air Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program awards scholarships to only 25 ROTC cadets each year nationwide.

This is the second year in a row that an OHIO Air Force cadet has been selected for the competitive scholarship. The 2021 scholarship recipient, Second Lieutenant Skylar Boggs, is now a first-year student in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine.

The Air Force Health Professions Scholarship covers full tuition and fees at the accredited U.S. medical school of the recipients choice. Recipients also earn an annual salary of $33,000 which includes a signing bonus for students who agree to a four-year commitment to the United States Air Force.

A first-generation student from Niles, Ohio, majoring in Biological Sciences Pre-med with a minor in Aerospace Studies, Swegan is the Vice Commander for OHIOs Air Force ROTC Detachment 650 and is responsible for ensuring the quality of training is at the highest standard. She says she loves working with and training younger cadets to help prepare them to be leaders in the United States Air Force and Space Force.

As Swegan prepares to graduate in the spring, she has applied to several medical schools in and around Ohio and will be able to utilize the Air Force Health Professions Scholarship at any medical school.

How Do I Apply For An Hpsp Scholarship

  • Be eligible to join the military as outlined above.
  • Gather all required documents
  • Start applying at the same time you apply to medical schools. Each service typically takes only 300 students per year, and the acceptance process takes about three months.
  • Get in touch with a recruiter for each service you want to join. You can apply to just one or to all three Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • Recruiters will schedule an initial interview with you.
  • Fill out an application for each service you are interested in.
  • You will take a physical examination at a Military Entrance Processing Station .
  • Once you are accepted to an accredited medical degree program, your recruiter will complete your application.
  • A selection board will evaluate your application.
  • If more than one service accepts you, you can choose that one you want to join.

What Does The Army Pay For

What exactly the HPSP includes.

  • Tuition: You select the medical school, obtain acceptance, and apply for the scholarship. If selected, 100% tuition is paid to any accredited professional school in the United States or Puerto Rico.
  • Books/Fees/Reimbursable: The Army will pay for required books, rental of non-expendable equipment, and most academic fees.
  • Monthly Stipend: A generous monthly stipend of $2,200.00 will be provided for ten and one-half months of each school year.
  • Army Officer Pay: For the remaining six weeks of the school year, you will receive the full pay and allowances offered a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve. After graduation and entrance on active duty, you’ll be promoted to Captain, which means more pay. Your salary will increase through the years with promotions, time in service, and annual cost of living increases. You’ll also receive a monthly non-taxable allowance for your food and housing.

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For Applications And Information

  • NAVY: Navy Recruiting District Maryland, Naval Recruiting, 6525 Belcrest Road, Suite 450, Hyattsville, Maryland 20782 – Telephone: 394-0502
  • ARMY – U.S. Army Health Care Recruiting Center, 6810 Deer Path Road, Suite 400 Elkridge, MD 21075 – Telephone: 379-0691
  • AIR FORCE – USAF Health Professions Officer Recruiter U.S. Air Force Recruiting Office 5211 Auth Road, Suite 202 Suitland, Maryland 20746-4396 – Telephone: 394-0904

Matching For Residency As An Hpsp Recipient

Current P2, Kailey Moss, recipient of the Health Professions ...
  • HPSP recipients apply to the military match before the civilian MD/DO matches and apply concurrently as well.
  • Once accepted into a military facility, you need to pull out of the civilian match.
  • Applying for 1-2 specialties
  • 80-85% of people will match .
  • 15% who dont match do internship year and reapply to the match next year.
  • Reapplying the 2nd time and not matching results in a GMO tour .

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Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship

  • Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship


Obligations incurred in the program will be served as a medical officer in the appropriate service. Application is made to each service separately and, although the programs are basically similar, there are a few minor variations. Information contained on this page applies to all three programs.

What Does The Scholarship Cover

Once you are accepted for the HPSP, the government will pay your tuition, provide a monthly living stipend and reimburse you for required books, equipment, and supplies. Your stipend will be paid to you through direct deposit twice a month. As you buy needed items for school, keep track so you can submit expense reports. You will spend 45 days per year of med school training with the military. During those periods, youll get the same pay and benefits as an active-duty Second Lieutenant in the Army and Air Force or an Ensign in the Navy. You also get a $20,000 signing bonus for joining the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

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Is The Hpsp Scholarship Program For You

Are you thinking about becoming a clinical or counseling psychologist? Would a scholarship that pays 100% tuition, books, and most fees help reach your goal?

The U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force offer a scholarship program that will cover these costs and include a monthly allowance for living expenses. The Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program has one-, two-, three- and four-year scholarships.

In return, there is a service commitment of one year of active duty service for each year of participation in the program, with a minimum obligation of three years.

Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarships Army Air Force And Navy

Military Med Student | Air Force HPSP

The United States Army, Navy and Air Force offer prospective military physicians, physician assistants, clinical psychologists and pharmacists a paid medical education in exchange for service as a commissioned medical department officer.

The Health Professions Scholarship Program provides funding for tuition, fees, books and instruments as well as a monthly living expense stipend.

In return for the scholarship, recipients are obligated to give one year of service for each year of support . Recipients will be required to spend 45 days on active duty each year while in school .

Eligibility is for U.S. citizens based on academic performance, recommendations and physical requirements.

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Still Need A Bachelors Degree

Keep in mind that this scholarship is to fund those entering graduate school in the healthcare professions. Perhaps youre at the beginning of your journey to enter the healthcare professions and are wondering about your next steps.

The field of healthcare is vast with a wide array of opportunities for jobs and undergraduate degrees. Although the cost of undergraduate degrees are high, you have alternative options like choosing to study online.

For those seeking a flexible and tuition-free degree, you can earn your Bachelors degree in Health Science at University of the People. The programs goals are three-fold, namely:

  • Provide an understanding of the biological and social causes of health and illness
  • Cover the knowledge and skills to perform effectively within the context of disease prevention and for the promotion of health
  • Develop an understanding of the role of policy, ethics and resources in managing disease prevention and the delivery of health services
  • The coursework spans multiple health-related classes from Biology to Human Psychology and Epidemiology to Genetics and more. The undergraduate degree will place you in good standing to continue your path towards earning your graduate degree and being eligible for the U.S. Armys Health Professions Scholarship Program.

    The Advantages Of Army Health Care

    The Army Health Care Team: Once you graduate, you will become a member of one of the most comprehensive and dynamic health care organizations in the world, the Army Medical Department. Its mission is to support America’s Army at home and abroad, serving over three million beneficiaries. The Army Medical Department is comprised of six corps: Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Medical Service Corps, Medical Specialist Corps, Nurse Corps, and Veterinary Corps, plus enlisted specialist and civilian employees. Together they offer more diversity than just about any other health care system in the world.

    Superior Facilities: Army health care is like no other health care in the world. Where else can you work and train at state-of-the-art facilities like Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. or the Army Burn Center, located in San Antonio, Texas and part of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases located in Frederick, Maryland?

    High-Tech Equipment: Where else can you have the opportunity to work with the latest high-tech equipment, whether it’s laser technology, life-saving trauma equipment, or sophisticated telemedicine capabilities that enable Army personnel to hold teaching seminars and perform medical operations all over the world.

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    What Kind Of Military Training Do I Have To Go Through

    During your first or second year, you will complete a 2 to 14-week officer orientation program . During training, youll learn about the customs and traditions of military life as you transition to the military. You attend this training if you have had no prior commissioned officer experience.

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    What Will Med School Be Like

    Three St. Thomas Air Force ROTC students earn full

    As an HPSP scholar, med school is not much different than your civilian peers. You take the same classes and dont have to wear your uniform to class. You will have to attend officer training and take part in one 45-day training session each year you get scholarship funds. During training, you can still study for exams at your med school, do research, or perform clinical rotations at military treatment facilities. You will wear your uniform during training periods.

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    Why Choose Healthcare

    Healthcare is a growing and rewarding profession. Working in healthcare doesnt just mean becoming a doctor. It is a broad profession with multiple options for a career path, ranging from being a doctor or a nurse to becoming a physical therapist or dentist.

    Healthcare is something that people always need, so you can rest assured knowing that the job market will offer many opportunities for the long term. Additionally, you will know that you are doing something that gives back to the greater good of humanity. Youll also learn life skills to help you in both your professional and personal endeavours, like empathy, care, patience and time management.

    What Are The Benefits

    Theres more than just tuition coverage. Along with the full coverage of tuition, the Health Professions Scholarship Program also provides students with a monthly stipend of over $2,200, salary advancement upon graduation and entrance of active duty and payment as an officer for 45 days while in training for service. Additionally, the army will award you with a $20,000 signing fee, monthly allowance for food and housing, and officer pay during school breaks.

    You will have the opportunity to join the United States Health Care team, which is one of the most well-funded and robust health care teams in the world.

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    How To Apply For The Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program

    Indy Military Medicine

    I have been meaning to write this post for a while, and I recently got an email that spurred me to just write it. The question was when and how to apply to the Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program . So, here goes! A basic rundown of how to apply to HPSP.

    Image courtesy of the US Air Force.

    Who should I talk to?

    You should talk to a Health Professions recruiter, NOT a regular recruiter. The health professions recruiting process is different in a lot of ways from how the military hires, well, anyone else. Every geographic area should have a health professions recruiter who specifically deals with health professions students.

    The Air Force just updated their recruiter search tool to make this easier for health professions folks by adding a healthcare option to their recruiter finder. Go here and check the box that says healthcare student or professional.

    What is the role of the recruiter?

    Honestly, the recruiters role is largely administrative. The recruiters are enlisted personnel who work full-time as recruiters . They may have worked in healthcare at some point as a medical technician, or they may not have. They have never been to any of the health professions officer training courses that you will attend, and they have not been to medical school/nursing school/etc.

    If you are selected, your recruiter will arrange for your commissioning oath, and might help you buy your uniforms and other equipment before you leave for training.

    Some Advice For Premed Students:

    Air Force Medical Corps Health Professional Scholarship

    It might not be for everyone, but you wont know until you start looking into it and ask questions. This could open up a whole different career for you, as youll be touching lives not only in the US but around the world.

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    Health Professions Advisory Committee

    The U.S. Air Force Academy has sent cadets directly to medical school since 1962. In 1997, dental and nursing schools became available for cadets. For over a decade, the Health Professions Advisory Committee has overseen the application process of cadets into military health career fields.

    Yes! We can send graduates directly into professional schools for medical, dental, nursing, physician assistance, physical therapy and clinical psychology training. We also can send graduates directly into the bioenvironmental engineering and hospital administration career fields.


    There are four specialties in the Biomedical Sciences Corps routinely available to cadets:

    • Bioenvironmental Engineering
    • Physician Assistant , Master degree program
    • Physical Therapy , Doctoral degree program
    • Clinical Psychology, Doctoral degree program

    What Does The Army Expect Of You

    • Be a Full-Time Student: You are expected to be a dedicated, full-time student, putting your best effort toward your studies.
    • Army Reserve Officer: You will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve. There are no weekend drills associated with this. You will be in the United States Army Reserve database.
    • 45 days active duty for training : While as a student, you will be required to perform a training period for each school year in which you participate in the scholarship program. This training may be performed at an Army health care facility near your school, or you could work in one of the Army’s world-renowned health care facilities, such as Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, or Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. Either way, you’ll be exposed to a health care system that excels at training people for rewarding careers in health care. This training provides you the opportunity to learn about your particular specialty. If your academic program does not permit time away from your school, arrangements may be made to allow you to continue your studies while performing annual training at school.
    • Active Duty Obligation: Your active duty obligation to the Army is one year for each year you receive the HPSP. Your minimum obligation would be two years.

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    Optometry Student Aims To Fulfill Passion For Serving Through Health Professions Scholarship Program

    Tennessee native and third-year Kentucky College of Optometry student Morgan Peters recently earned a full-ride scholarship through the Air Force Allied Health Professions Scholarship Program .

    The HPSP program is a service scholarship offered by the Air Force, Army and Navy, to students who attend medical and dental schools. If accepted, tuition, fees, health insurance and other costs are covered, along with a monthly living stipend. Upon graduating, students pledge to work one year in the branch of service in which they were commissioned for each year they received the scholarship.

    Dean of KYCO Michael Bacigalupi, O.D., M.S., FAAO, says very few HPSP scholarships are awarded nationwide each year.

    We are very proud of Morgan for being selected to receive the US Air Forces Health Professions Scholarship, said Bacigalupi. During her time at KYCO, Morgan has demonstrated great intellectual ability, people skills and character. These qualities will certainly serve her well as an Air Force officer throughout her career!

    Peters will serve as an optometrist on active duty for three years following graduating from KYCO.

    I feel very excited and grateful to be selected for the Air Force HPSP scholarship. I am honored to use the skills and knowledge I am learning at KYCO to help members of the military, said Peters. I know that starting my career in the Air Force will be very rewarding and will allow me to continue learning.

    Interview Process + Tips

    Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) â Tufts Dental Central

    It is important that applicants consider, and can clearly articulate, their genuine motivation to embark on a career in military medicine. Applicants should also understand what it means to not only be a physician but also a commissioned officer in the Military. Be aware and able to communicate core strengths, weaknesses, and willingness to work in teams. Dress professionally even if the call is a virtual/video one, and dont be afraid to ask questions of your interviewer you also want to learn about their experiences in the Military as well as talk about your future career as a military physician.

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