University Of Regina Scholarships For International Students

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Study In Canada Via University Of Regina Scholarship 2022/2023 For International Students

Top 5 Scholarship for International Students in Canada

Canadian Scholarships are one of the best mediums to travel to Canada if youre seeking to study at Canadian Universities. Therefore it will interest you to know that the application for the University of Regina Scholarship is ongoing.

The prestigious University of Regina Scholarships are now available in Canada, and all International applicants are welcome to apply. University Regina was established in 1911 as a public research university in Canada, it offers degree programs, internships, and professional placements.

Most students prefer Canada over countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and France, because of the Permanent Residence. Also, most Canadian Scholarships do not require IELTS.

The University of Regina Scholarships 2022 in Canada is a great opportunity for international students to pursue their studies and research in Canada.

Fnuniv Library Book Award

The FNUniv Library Book Award is a $300 gift certificate given to one student of fnuniv who frequently visits the First Nations University of Canada Library. Eligible students are those enrolled in 24 to 60 credit hours. The student with the highest GPA among all applicants will be selected. In addition, the student with the highest number of completed credit hours will be chosen where there is a tie.

When students apply for this award, they are to submit a letter of reference from the Head Librarian of the institution and also provide relevant transcripts.

University Of Regina Automatic Entrance Awards 2023

All undergraduate students who apply for admission for Fall are automatically considered for these scholarships based on your admission no application is required! Students may only receive one of these scholarships.

  • UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship, $20,000
  • University of Regina Entrance Scholarship, $3,000
  • University of Regina Entrance Scholarship, $1,500
  • University of Regina Entrance Scholarship, $1,000
  • University of Regina Out of Province Entrance Scholarship, $1,500
  • University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship, $3,000
  • Faculty of Business Administration Excellence Program Entrance Scholarship, $1,000
  • University of Regina Adult Learner Award, $2,000
  • University of Regina Returning Student Award, $2,000
  • University of Regina Transfer Student Award, $2,000
  • University of Regina Transfer Student Scholarship, $3000

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Hudsons Bay Company Student Achievement Award For Excellence

This is an award worth $2,700 given to two students each from Indigenous Studies and Administration departments. Eligible students are those who have completed 60 credit hours in Indigenous Studies or 90 credit hours in Administration Program.

The minimum credit hours acceptable for any program is 12, and applying students must have a minimum of 75% academic performance.

International students who prove their aboriginal ancestry can apply for the Student Achievement Award for Excellence and provide relevant transcripts.

The University Of Regina Scholarships Canada 2022

University of Regina

The University of Regina was established in 1910 by the Methodist Church of Canada, it is a non-denominational public research university which began as an associate of the University of Saskatchewan. The University of Regina Graduate Scholarship is a part of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport. Its varsity name is Cougars, with the exception of their football team, which is called Regina Rams.

The main sports team on the campus are men and womens basketball, volleyball, hockey, together with womens track and field, swimming, cheerleading, hockey, and wrestling. It has intramural leagues, in which different sports played on each season.

Students who want to enjoy yoga, hip hop dancing, or other activities, can try attending some of the UR Fit Classes available on the campus. The Fitness and Lifestyle Centre is considered to be one of the best-equipped fitness centers in Regina.

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University Of Regina Scholarships 2023 In Canada

Are you looking for Scholarships in Canada? Applicants can now apply for the University of Regina Scholarships 2023 in Canada. The name of the scholarship is the University of Regina International Entrance Scholarships in Canada. The scholarships are for the Undergraduate and Graduate degree levels. Applicants from all over the world are eligible to apply.

The University of Regina is public research University in Canada and was established in 1911. University offers internships, professional placements, and various degree programs. Most of the students prefer Canada over countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and France due to certain advantages of the study in Canada, and one of them is PR .

We encouraged you to must apply for the University of Regina Scholarships 2023 For international students. Its a good opportunity for international students to start their studies as well as research in Canada. For more details read the complete article given below.

University Of Regina Student Awards And Financial Aid

The University also helps her students to clear the bills of their education by providing assistance in the form of Student awards and financial aids.

To be eligible, one has to be a fully registered student at the University.

For more information and to apply for these assistances, please, kindly visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

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About The University Of Regina

The University of Regina is a public research university with excellent research facilities. The school also has a wide range of programs in thirteen faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies
  • Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
  • Faculty of Science, Centre for Continuing Education

Given the health and mental benefits of sporting activities, the University of Regina, also has a good focus on sports which is just as strong as their academic focus. The university takes part in the sports league for Canadian universities, Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

The University has students from all over the world studying with them. In a bid to encourage the relationship between her and her international students, the University of Regina, in a bid to improve has added two new scholarships specially designed for international students who are entering the school for the first time.

Student Awards Management System

How to Apply: University of Regina application process for International students(DETAILED)

The SAMS is an online tool provided by the school for her students which they can use to search for and apply for the available awards at the University of Regina.

Due to regularly scheduled maintenance, the SAMS site is usually unavailable between 9:00 pm and 9:15 pm every day.

For more information and to register for SAMS, please visit the school website or follow the link to be redirected:

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University Of Regina International Entrance Scholarship At University Of Regina Canada

Closing date: Applicants can apply anytime

Student type: International students are eligible for this scholarship program.

Level of study: undergraduate

Scholarship value: $3,000


This award provides up to $200,000 annually. $3,000 is automatically awarded to undergraduate students on a Study Permit who are applying for admission directly from a secondary school into a direct-entry undergraduate program.

Eligibility: Students must have an early-conditional admission average of 85.00% or higher and be enrolled in nine credit hours in the semester the award is presented.

How to apply: No application required

Ielts Is Not Mandatory At University Of Regina:

University of Regina has all its deliverables in the English language. Therefore, the applicants are required to provide proof of their English Language Proficiency, so the university can ensure that they are capable of undertaking studies at the institution. These proofs can be provided through English Language Proficiency Test results. The tests which are recognized by the university include:

  • International English Language Testing System
  • Canadian Assessment of English Language
  • Test of English as a foreign language
  • Pearson Test of English

However, exemptions from the IELTS submission or any of the above mentioned test results can be obtained in certain scenarios. If the students primary language is English, he/she doesnt have to submit a test result. In addition to that, if the applicant has completed an ELP program within the last couple of years, that is also acceptable. Furthermore, ESL program from the University of Regina or any other Canadian university can be accepted if passed successfully.

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University Of Regina International Experience Travel Fund

This scholarship is available for students of the University of Regina who are going to be participating in a University-related travel experience.

The eligibility criteria and application can be found below according to categories:

The University of Regina International selects those to be awarded the travel grant. If an applicant is selected, such applicant is expected to fill out an acceptance form within thirty days after the money has been issued.

The form can be found on the school website or you can follow the link to be automatically redirected:

For more information, please visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

About University Of Regina

University of Regina Scholarships

The University of Regina is a comprehensive, mid-sized university that traces its roots back to the creation of Regina College, a small residential high school established by the Methodist church in 1911. Its campuses are located in Regina and Saskatoon on Treaty 4 and Treaty 6 territories, the ancestral lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakoda, and Lakota nations and the homeland of the Métis.The College grew in size and significance becoming a campus of the University of Saskatchewan and, ultimately, an independent degree granting university the University of Regina in 1974.

U of R offers more than 120 undergraduate programs and 78 graduate programs, including many specialized programs such as police studies and public policy. Tuition remains below the national average and the University ranks second nationally among comprehensive universities in the level of student financial support scholarships, awards, and bursaries available as a percentage of tuition.

The University supports excellence in research, teaching, and public service. It is one of Canadas leading comprehensive universities, ranked first in international research collaboration in 2014 by Research Inforsource Inc. Scholars and scientists at the university conduct research of global impact and importance. The University is home to more than 400 active researchers, including faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and nine Canada Research Chairs.

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University Of Regina International Entrance Scholarships In Canada

With the motive of providing a world-class education for deserving and talented students in Canada, the University of Regina is implementing the International Entrance Scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023.

The award is accessible for the international candidates who are applying for admission in a bachelors degree program at the University of Regina in Canada.

Great offer for international students to get an award for study in Canada.

As a denominational high school of the Methodist Church of Canada, the University of Regina was founded in 1911. It offers internships, professional placements, practicums, and various degree programs.

Why study at the University of Regina? While studying at this university, you can enjoy life and succeed in your career goals. They promote the intellectual and personal development of its students through innovations in learning.

Application Deadline: Varies according to the courses

Required Documents Of International Scholarships At The University Of Regina

The required documents for international scholarships at the University of Regina may vary depending on the specific scholarship being applied for. However, some common documents that may be required for most international scholarships include:

  • International scholarship application form: Students will typically need to complete an application form in order to apply for an international scholarship at the University of Regina. The application form will typically ask for basic personal and contact information, as well as information about the students academic history and career goals.
  • Transcripts: Students may need to provide transcripts of their previous academic studies in order to apply for an international scholarship. These transcripts should include grades and other relevant information about the students academic performance.
  • Letters of recommendation: Some scholarships may require students to provide letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or other individuals who can speak to the students academic abilities and potential.
  • Personal statement: Many scholarships will also require students to write a personal statement in which they describe their academic and career goals and explain why they are interested in studying at the University of Regina.
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    Top 12 University Of Regina Scholarships 2022

    Here is a descriptive post of the University Of Regina Scholarships 2022. Carefully read through to Apply for these Scholarships in Canada

    Just take your time and go through this article, we have arranged every detail you need to be an applicant among the top 15 Universities Of Regina Scholarships, and I believe the information in this article will go a long way for you.

    How To Apply For Wuhan University Of Technology Csc Scholarships

    Canadian University Scholarships for International Students

    There is an Online Application Process to apply for Wuhan University of Technology CSC Scholarships 2023-24 in China. Follow the given below steps to apply successfully. Also the Official Advertisement link is given below:

    1. Firstly, register and submit your online application at the CSC Online Application System for International Students at . The Agency Number of Wuhan University of Technology is 10497 and the Type is B. Please Choose Program category type B which refers to scholarship programs responsible by Chinese universities under the Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program. Please download and print a hard copy of the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship after you complete the form.

    2. Next, register and submit your online application at University: Application System for International Students is . Please choose sources of funds Chinese Government Program, submit online the completed Application Form for International Scholars and Students of Wuhan University of Technology and other required application documents.

    3. Applicants are not required to send hard copies of application document.

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    University Of Regina Admissions Requirements For International Students

    Undergraduate applicants should have completed secondary or high school or have taken partial post-secondary education before applying to the university. Also, the university has the English Language Requirement for international applicants. Some may be exempted from this requirement if they have completed secondary education at a school where English is the primary instruction language.

    Meanwhile, the university may still send students who fail to meet the language requirements a conditional acceptance letter that they can use to apply for study permits. They will only receive a full admission letter upon meeting the language requirement.

    International applicants for all graduate programs must have a graduation average of at least 70% from a four-year baccalaureate degree or equivalent, except for English, History, Mathematics, Statistics, and the Master of Public Administration that require a 75% average.

    Other admission requirements include the academic background, full-time work experience for selected programs, English Language Proficiency test scores, Graduate Record Examination for Biochemistry and Chemistry applicants, and Graduate Management Admission Test for MBA applicants.

    How To Apply For The Regina Scholarships

    To apply for the University of Regina Scholarship:

    • The applicant is required to apply online and provide the necessary documentation.
    • There is more information about the program as well as how to apply on the official website
    • Undergraduate Applicants should visit the webpage below to apply:
    • Graduates applicants should visit this page: to apply

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    University Of Regina Graduate Teaching Assistantships

    There are graduate assistantship positions available for registered students at the university.

    The online portal of the graduate awards as provided by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is made available for applications and monitoring and tracking of applications as well.

    For more information and to apply please, visit the school website or follow the link to

    Documents Required To Apply At The University Of Regina

    University of Regina, Canada

    University of Regina requires a set of documents from the applicants for the completion of the application. The supporting documents include transcripts, degree certificates, letter of intent, CV, Letters of Reference, English Language Proficiency proof and other additional documents required by particular faculties.

    How to Apply for admission at University of Regina?

    The application process for the University of Regina is primarily online. Before applying, you must check out the minimum admission requirements according to your educational background and faculty. Head over and fill out the application form. The next step is to pay the application charge. Once the application is completed, youll be required to submit the supporting documents as required by the faculty.

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    Eligibility Criteria University Of Regina Scholarships 2022

    • Applicants from all over the world are eligible
    • Scholarships will be offered in all subjects.
    • An international entrance scholarship of $3,000 will be awarded to all undergraduate students applying directly from secondary school to the undergraduate level.
    • The University of Regina awards scholarships to top international students with an admission average of 85% or higher. Scholarship recipients must enroll and complete at least 9 credit hours per term.
    • Graduates: Ph.D. scholarship applicants must have a minimum first-class average or 80%. A minimum of 75% is required for the masters program, and an average of 80 percent must be achieved.

    Also Check:

    • A previous degree certificate is required.
    • Transcripts from your high school for bachelors degree
    • A Bachelor Degree for a Master Degree and a Master Degree for a PhD
    • Copy of your passport

    University Of Regina Circle Of Scholars Entrance Scholarship

    This yearly award is presented to the top three students in three specific regions as named throughout the world in three regions as specified throughout the world.

    The scholarship is automatically available for students entering an undergraduate degree in the Fall Semester. The scholarship is valid for four years and is worth 5 000 dollars.

    The students, however, must maintain the criteria for the scholarship while they are on it otherwise the scholarship will be terminated.

    The recipients are also invited every year to meet with the President of the University of Regina for a Circle of Scholars event.

    For specific eligibility requirements and criteria, please visit the school website or follow the link to be automatically redirected:

    OTHER SCHOLARSHIPS: there are other scholarship opportunities for students of the University of Regina as found below.

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