University Of Alabama Presidential Scholarship

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How Will I Be Notified If I Am Eligible For A Freshman Automatic Merit Scholarship

University of South Alabama announces finalists for president

Freshman automatic merit scholarship letters are mailed to recipients approximately two weeks after they are admitted up until the Consolidated Scholarship Offer Letters are released. Students will receive notification of the Consolidated Scholarship Offer Letter via their Crimson Mail email address.

What Are The Act/sat And Gpa Requirements To Get Scholarships

Now, there are many scholarships that are available at UA. The requirements are different for different scholarships. But if you want to get a top-tier scholarship, here is some breakdown.

For in-state, to get top scholarships, you should have:

  • At Least 30 ACT Or 1360 SAT

For out-of-state students and international students, to get a top scholarship, you should have:

  • At Least 32 ACT Or 1420 SAT

Here are the requirements to get a top University of Alabama scholarship, but even if you score lower, there are still scholarships available for you. We will look at those after we finish with these frequently asked questions.

Fall/summer Semester 2023 Enrollment

  • Student Financial Aid Priority Date for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Application deadline for incoming freshmen. You must submit an application for admission and all supporting documents to be considered for competitive scholarships.
  • Application priority date for incoming transfer students. You should submit an application for admission and all supporting documents to be considered for automatic merit and competitive scholarships.
  • Application deadline for current UA students. You must submit your Current Student Scholarship Application to be considered competitive scholarships.
  • May 1 Application deadline for incoming freshmen. You must submit an application for admission and all supporting documents to be considered for automatic merit and Alabama Advantage scholarships.
  • May 1 Application deadline for incoming transfer students. You must submit an application for admission and all supporting documents to be considered for automatic merit and competitive scholarships.

The value of institution scholarship funds, or the combination of institutional scholarships, certain federal grants, federal loans, Academic Common Market and the faculty/staff Educational Benefit may not exceed the cost of attendance as outlined on UAs Cost of Attendance page.

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Black And Gold Scholarship

The Black and Gold Scholarship pays towards tuition, required fees, and/or on-campus room and board as follows:

The Black and Gold Scholarship pays $4,000 yearly for eight semesters for freshmen and six semesters for college transfer students.


  • High school applicants must have a minimum academic grade point average within the range of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale in academic subjects and an ACT score of 18 .

College Transfer Students:

  • College transfer applicants must have a grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale after completing 24 semester hours of credit.
  • Applicants must transfer from an accredited college.

To Maintain Academic Scholarship Awards

Awardees must remain enrolled full-time Awardees must also complete at least 24 semester hours by the end of the spring term.

Awardees must have a minimum academic grade point average of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale to retain the academic awards the following academic year and 2.5 for the Black and Gold Scholarship. Students who are awarded academic scholarships must stay in compliance with the academic scholarship requirements. Those students who do not meet the specified qualifications will not retain a scholarship.

National Recognition Scholarship Package

Sawyer Syndicate, LLC

First-time freshmen who are recognized by the National African American, Hispanic, Indigenous or Rural & Small-Town Recognition Programs who have submitted an application and all supporting documents May 1, 2023 will be selected for our National Recognition Scholarship package and receive:

  • Value of tuition for up to four years or eight semesters for degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate or law studies
  • $1,000 per year supplemental scholarship for four years
  • First year of on-campus housing at regular room rate*

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Can Undergraduate Students Use Remaining Semesters Of Undergraduate Scholarships Toward Graduate School

Yes. Students with remaining semesters of an undergraduate automatic merit scholarship or the UA Competitive Admissions scholarship can use their remaining semesters toward graduate school. Students with a scholarship package can use the tuition portion of their scholarship towards graduate school. To learn more about the Scholarship Use for Graduate School Policy please visit the Scholarship Policy website.

Scholarships For Community College Transfer Students

USA offers a variety of scholarships to admitted Community College transfer students based on criteria such as academics and academic extracurricular activities. These scholarships are competitive and do require an application. Please note that for the purpose of these scholarships, you will only be considered if you have earned at least 48 credit hours at an approved community college.

To ensure consideration, students accepted for admission must apply through the JagSPOT portal prior to the transfer priority deadline. For questions about specific requirements or how to apply, please contact the Office of Scholarship Services.

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University Of Alabama At Birmingham Presidential Scholarship 2022

Do you want to apply for Presidential Scholarship 2022-2023? Say no more, this article you are currently reading contains all the necessary information you need regarding Presidential Scholarship.

The cost of attending college is often a major factor in whether or not a student can afford to attend. Even if you have the grades and test scores to get into the school of your choice, its tuition might not be something you can easily afford.

Financial aid is a necessity for almost every college-bound student. If youre worried about financing your education, dont panic just yet. There are plenty of financial aid opportunities out there to help you pay for school including that of Presidential Scholarship found on this page.

While some financial aid require that you pay back, most financial aid is money that you dont have to repay and that doesnt have to be paid back with interest. Dont worry, the details we have provided regarding Presidential Scholarship will mention if you need to repay it or not.

Get Access To Merit Scholarship Information From All Schools In One Place

University of Montevallo offering scholarship to combat teacher shortage in rural Alabama

Want to easily research merit scholarships for all schools without having to google each collegeâs common data set?

Check out our College Insights tool. Its an easy-to-use resource that combines government college data with common data set information.

In one resource youâll be able to filter, sort, and compare colleges by merit scholarships as well as other variables such as:

  • Average and 75th Percentile Test Scores
  • Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision Admit Rates
  • Availability of Honors or Co-op Programs
  • Acceptance of AP Credits
  • Application, Financial Aid, and Housing Deposit Deadlines
  • And so much more!

Having this information all in one place saves you time otherwise spent searching individual college websites. It also gives you the ability to filter, sort, and compare ANY criteria or combination of criteria thatâs important to your family.

You can quickly and easily use the tool to find colleges where your student is in the top 25th percentile of applicants and more likely to receive merit scholarships.

Use College Insights to quickly search and find schools where your student is likely to be accepted and receive need based aid and/or merit scholarships.

Merit scholarship information for other schools:

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More Ways Ua Is Making College Affordable


The UA Tuition Guarantee Program ensures that tuition will not increase over four academic years, allowing you to better predict and plan for the cost of your education.


If you have a GPA of 3.00 or higher, youll receive the renewable $3,000Akron Advantage Award. Combined with the Presidential Scholarship, this can significantly reduction the cost of your education.

Abraham Mitchell Scholars Program In Business

The Abraham Mitchell Scholars Program allows elite business students to develop to their full potential. Through faculty mentorships and a four-year scholarship that includes a laptop computer, scholars will pursue challenging programs while developing stewardship and civic responsibility.

After acceptance to USA, incoming first-time freshman majoring in the Mitchell College of Business will automatically be reviewed for the Abraham Mitchell Scholarship award.

For more information and qualifications visit the Mitchell Scholars Program website.

Please note: Students who are awarded both a Mitchell Business Scholarship and a USA Freshman Admission Scholarship must choose which scholarship they wish to accept.

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Scholarship Payment And Renewal

To receive scholarship funds, students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours each term by the last day to add courses for the term . Scholarship funds are applied as a credit to the students university billing account at the amount indicated in the scholarship award letter. Scholarship awards are divided equally between fall and spring semester and disbursed a maximum of 10 days before the semester begins.

Competitive merit scholarships are available for a maximum of eight semesters, independent of academic program. To be eligible for renewal, students must have a minimum 3.0 unadjusted Auburn GPA and have earned a minimum of 24 Auburn credit hours from fall to spring of the current academic year. Eligibility for scholarship renewal for the upcoming academic year is reviewed at the end of spring semester.

Students who plan to enroll summer term and wish for their competitive merit scholarship to be applied during that term should email the Office of University Scholarships. Scholarship funds requested for summer term will contribute to the maximum eight semester total. Students must be eligible for scholarship renewal at the end of spring semester to request payment for summer term.

  • Office of University Scholarships

University Of Alabama Scholarships

UA Students Win Goldwater, Truman Scholarships  University of Alabama ...

The University of Alabama gives generous scholarships for both US students and international students. In this article, we will be looking at the frequently asked questions about the University of Alabama scholarships, and then, go over scholarships for US students, and finally, scholarships for international students.

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I Competitive Diversity Scholarships

The University of Alabama Diversity Scholarships are aimed at further supporting the stated goal in The UA Strategic Plan to enrich our learning and work environment by attracting, welcoming, and supporting all faculty, staff, and students through inclusive excellence.

Freshmen should submit their application for admission and all supporting documents by in order to be considered for UAs diversity based scholarships. In addition, they should also complete the Freshman Supplemental Scholarship Application by .

Transfer students should submit an application for admission and all supporting documents by May 1 to be considered for UAs diversity based scholarships. Submitting your application for admission and all supporting documents by will ensure priority consideration. Transfer students should also complete the Transfer Supplemental Scholarship Application by .

Admitted students will be emailed instructions on how to access the Freshman or Transfer Supplemental Scholarship Application.

How To Apply For University Of Alabama Scholarships

To apply for merit scholarships of Alabama at the University of Alabama, you need to submit your application by December 15th. Please note that this is earlier than Regular Decision Deadline.

If you are just applying for automatic scholarships, theres no separate application. But if you are applying for competitive scholarships, you need to fill out the appropriate scholarship form.

So, for most people, to apply for the University of Alabama scholarships, you just need to fill out the application form. You can find the application form here.

I hope that this article was helpful! If you are interested, visit the Scholarships Page!

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Uab Birmingham Promise Scholarship

The UAB Birmingham Promise Scholarship is an opportunity available to students who graduate from a Birmingham City School. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be admitted to UAB as first-time, full-time freshmen by Dec. 1 and also complete the required application from Birmingham Promise, Inc., by published deadlines. In addition, students must complete and submit the FAFSA by Dec. 1 to determine eligibility for federal grants . Once a student is awarded UAB merit scholarships and/or federal grants for which they qualify, the UAB Birmingham Promise Scholarship may be awarded to cover the remaining required tuition and fees only for up to 15 credit hours per semester. Housing and meal plan costs are not covered by this scholarship. This scholarship may be awarded for up to four years provided the student meets academic and application renewal requirements by posted deadlines each year. Students do not have to qualify for merit scholarships or federal grants to receive the UAB Birmingham Promise Scholarship, but they must have a FAFSA on file to reflect their aid options. View more details about qualifying for and receiving this scholarship.

Records Broken For Fall 202: Ua Sees Highest Enrollment National Merit Scholars

UAB Undergraduate Summer Commencement Livestream

Enrollment at The University of Alabama reached a record this fall. It includes some of the most academically talented students and a record number of National Merit Scholars.

Welcome to The University of Alabama the place Where Legends Are Made.

Since its founding in 1831, UAs impact on Tuscaloosa and the surrounding communities has been significant. Today, the Capstone is a premier research university, and our nationally ranked programs are yielding substantial results and shaping the future. Through the steadfast contributions of our faculty, staff and students, UAs reputation and influence are grounded in champion results.

If youre a prospective student seeking cutting-edge educational experiences, well help you turn your passion into a professional career. If youre a faculty candidate committed to research and teaching, at Alabama you can use your expertise to shape students lives and contribute to your discipline. If you are a skilled staff applicant seeking employment, UA provides a positive, enriching work environment. Or, if youre an alumnus who can give deserving young people the chance to realize the dream of higher education, there are exciting ways to offer support and be involved.

When you are a member of UAs campus community, you are part of our family. Extraordinary opportunities await and a revolutionary future lies ahead. I invite you to join us on the journey.

Roll Tide!

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Charles William Ireland Presidential Honors Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship was established by Vulcan Materials Company in 1983 to honor Vulcans former Chairman of the Board and, in the words of the scholarship contract, to promote the in-state education of gifted, promising students whose work may lead to the “growth, commerce and governance of Alabama. To be considered for this renewable award, students must submit the Presidential and Endowed Scholarship Application by February 1. To access this online application, Alabama residents must apply to UAB for the upcoming summer or fall semester by December 1 of their senior year in high school with an ACT of 33-36 and a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. Applicants should demonstrate outstanding character and integrity, potential for leadership, and the promise of significant achievement in his or her chosen field. Approximately ten applicants will be selected to interview in late February or early March, and one entering freshman will be selected as the Charles William Ireland Scholar. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents to receive this award.


Do External Scholarships Military Benefits Or College Saving Plans Impact Scholarships At Ua

No. However, scholarships at UA could possibly impact these external funds. Please consult with the external scholarship, military benefits or college savings plan representatives to determine if your funds will be impacted by scholarships received at UA. Students with military benefits should also contact our Veterans and Military Affairs Office at or email .

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Scholarship Use For Summer Semester

Students awarded an Office of Undergraduate Admissions automatic merit or competitive scholarship may request to use their scholarship toward a summer semester. Students can make the request by completing the Scholarship Summer Request form located on the Admissions/Scholarships tab in myBama. Students need to submit this request form no later than a week before summer bills are due.

Submission of this form does not guarantee committee approval. To apply your scholarship toward a summer term, you must have a scholarship in good-standing, have registered for summer coursework for the same term of your request and have a scholarship from The University of Alabama.

The amount of scholarship awarded is dependent upon the type of scholarship you have been awarded and the number of credit hours you have registered for during that term. Funds will disburse five days before the start of classes. The use of scholarship for a summer term will count as one semester of scholarship in full despite the amount of credit hours taken.

For additional questions regarding submitting the Scholarship Summer Request form, please reach out to our office at .

Tuition Fees At University Of Alabama For International Students

Scholarship  Tuscaloosa Branch of ASCE

In this section, we will be discussing the tuition fees for international students at University of Alabama. The bachelor’s tuition fees for international students at University of Alabama is 31,500 USD per year. Master’s tuition fee for international students at University of Alabama is 31,500 USD per year.

When studying abroad, it is best to save as much money as you can. After all, there are other costs to consider besides tuition fees, such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and books.

The scholarships at University of Alabama can help fund your study expenses. There are currently 5 scholarships being offered to international students at the University of Alabama, all with varying requirements, benefits, and application processes. We have compiled them in this list to help you find the scholarship that best fits you.

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Do Residency Changes Impact My Scholarship Values

Yes. Automatic merit scholarships, UA Competitive Admissions Scholarships and other competitive scholarship values are impacted by residency changes as many values are representative of the tuition charge. Therefore, if the tuition charge changes, the scholarship value typically changes as well. Email to find out if your residency change will impact your scholarship.

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