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Two Approaches To Study In China On Scholarship

Fully Funded MBA Scholarships in China 2022|| Top Chinese Universities

Get a Full Scholarship

Everyone wants to get a full ride scholarship. Chinese Government Scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses and insurance for the entire duration of study. Confucius Institute Scholarship is as good as Chinese Government Scholarship. However, it is limited to Chinese study. If you are planning to study in other majors such as business, engineering and science, this scholarship is not for you.

Some students assume the best way to get the full scholarship is applying to as many universities as possible in Chinese Government Scholarship. We dont think this is the right way to do it. You dont know which university and major you can be accepted or whether you can get the scholarship or not until you receive the notification. Some students find out they cant get the scholarship in July.

If you want to get a full scholarship, the best way to do is focusing on one or two universities that you have a better chance to be accepted. If you take your application very seriously and will enroll at the university after receiving the scholarship, its more likely that the university admissions officer will be more willing to assist you. There are other scholarships you can apply for such as scholarships offered by local government, university and enterprise. In many cases, you can still get another full scholarship even if you cant get Chinese Government Scholarship.

Choose the Right University

China Ustc Full Scholarships For International Students

The University of Science and Technology in China offers several scholarships for students to study in one of the majors available by the university. In particular, undergraduate, masters and doctoral students. The scholarship is open for international students who are not Chinese citizens.

Application Deadline:

On March every year

Coverage of the scholarship:

Basically, the Chinese University Program provides a full scholarship that covers tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.

to learn more on China USTC Full Scholarships.

Changchun University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This type of scholarship is offered to masters and doctoral students.

Indeed, Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer.

Finally, Changchun university is one of the key universities in Jilin province and the only institution of higher-learning for fostering international students engaged in Chinese Medicine.

to learn more.

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Best Scholarships In China For International Students

China is becoming a fast-rising star in the field of education. Its obvious in the influx of students, with more than 490,000 foreigners studying in the Red Dragon.

And why not? Chinese universities promise quality education. In fact, it has 6 institutions in the top 100 brackets of the World University Rankings.

More importantly, Chinese universities offer education at a price cheaper than more popular options. Students only have to pay a minimum of USD 2,500 a year so thats only USD 10,000 for a 4-year course.

Even with this affordable price, some students find it hard to afford. Good thing the Chinese government, universities, and other entities offer scholarships for international students. Lets look at some of the China scholarships that are available for international students.

  • Scholarship Amount: Partial to the full tuition amount
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees

The CGS program is the best scholarship in China for international students and is offered by the Ministry of Education through the China Scholarship Council.

It offers many types of scholarships, one of which is Type A. Also known as the Bilateral program, covers the tuition for a Chinese or English-taught program as well as the preparatory year.

The scholarship also includes free university accommodation , stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.

The requirements for a Type A scholarship include:

Which Type Of Chinese Scholarship Is Suitable For Me

Xiamen University CSC Scholarships 2021 in China (Fully Funded ...

This question is tricky. The first thing you have to ask yourself is what are you going to study? You basically have two options: study Chinese language , or do a degree . Then, you have to think about which city you want to study, since that will also influence the choice of your scholarship.

To give you an idea, the entities that grant the scholarships have agreements with many universities nationwide . After all, both the sections of the governments which provide scholarships, such as the Confucius Institute and the various universities, are part of the government body.

Also apply forRhodes Scholarship | Fully Funded

Several scholarships quotas are derived from these agreements that each financier grants to each university by the type of course. Students from all countries are eligible to apply for Chinese government scholarship, which translates into a very high competition.

That is why it is very important that, once you are clear about what are you going to study and in what city or university you would like to study, you have to investigate the following points university by university:

  • If they offer scholarships to study what you want
  • How many scholarships each entity grants to the type of course you choose?
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    Types Of Awards In Shanghai Government Scholarships

    Now that you know a little bit more about Shanghai Government Scholarships, its time to take a look at the different types of awards available.

    There are basically three types of scholarships: full scholarships, partial scholarships, and tuition waivers. Full scholarships cover all expenses, while partial scholarships cover a percentage of the costs. Tuition waivers waive all or part of the tuition fees.

    So which one is right for you? Well, that depends on your situation and your financial needs. The best way to find out is to apply for all of them!

    S For Getting Chinese Government Scholarship

    In most instances, Chinese Embassy or Consulate General is the dispatching authority in your home country. Embassy of each country has its own specific application details and deadline. Information may be updated every year. You must first contact the Chinese Embassy.

    1) Submit your application to Chinese Embassy.

    2) After reviewing all application documents, China Embassy will issue the award letter to qualified candidate for Chinese Government Scholarship .

    3) Contact with universities in China that you want to apply for with the award letter. Pre-admission letter will be issued. Submit your pre-admission letter to Chinese Embassy.

    Note: The pre-admission letter from a Chinese university is not a necessary application material. Applications enclosed with the pre-admission letter will be sent directly to the host universities for placement confirmation. Applications without the pre-admission letter will be sent to universities to go through admission procedure. For applicants without the pre-admission letter, Chinese Scholarship Council cannot assure the host university will be one of the preferences of institution, since the capacity of the universities and the eligibility of the applicants will also be considered.

    4) Chinese Embassy will send all applications to Chinese Scholarship Council for final review.

    5) Wait for notification of receiving scholarship.

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    Scholarship For Enrolled Students

    List of Some Enrolled Students Scholarships:

    Coverage Standard of Enrolled Students Scholarships:How to Apply:Documents List:

    • 1. Application Form.
    • 2. Transcript of Recent Academic Year.
    • 3. Copies of Passport and Current Visa.

    The Best Time to Apply:Faqs:Q1: A1: Q2: A2:

    Can I Apply In The Last Year Of My Studies

    Jiangsu University CSC & TSP Scholarships – Why Study in JU China?

    We have placed several bachelor’s degree students in the final year in their home countries and want to enroll for Master degree in China. You need to provide a current and updated transcript and the universities will make the determination. You need special assistance to connect with our staff for help

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    Universities To Study In China Scholarship

  • Peking University Peking University

  • The University has stood out as one of the best to study in China. It was established in 1898 and is in Beijing. The massive increase in international students records high admission rates every year due to the enormous increase in international students. Also, it has maintained a relationship with Germanys Freie University Berlin since 1981.

    Besides its leading academic offering, Peking Universitys traditional Chinese architecture is loved by students. The university ranking system is ranked 23rd in the world and 2nd in China. It ranks among the worlds best in many of the 48 subjects: chemistry, dentistry, modern languages, linguistics, and many others.

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  • Tsinghua University Tsinghua University

  • It is ranked 15th in the world and first in the Mainland China Ranking in 2019. Tsinghua University is in the Chinese capital of Beijing and is a member of the elite C9 League. It was established in 1911. Presently, Tsinghua University has over 46,000 students, and nearly 2,700 are international students.

    Viewing the most recent QS World University Rankings by Subject, Tsinghua University performs best for architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and materials sciences. For all three of these subjects, its ranked in the top 15 universities in the world.

  • Sino-British College, University of Shanghai Science and Technology:

  • Hohai University Scholarships For Foreign Students

    The Chinese Government Scholarship, the Hohai University Scholarship, and the Nanjing Municipal Government Scholarship are available for international students at the University. The CSC Chinese University Program is fully funded and aims to attract foreign students for graduate studies in China. The other two scholarships are open for candidates from all corners of the world, who wish to study in Undergraduate and graduate programs.

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    What Are The Benefits Of China Scholarship

    • Undergrad Program CSC Scholarship: CNY 2500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free accommodation
    • Master Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3000 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room
    • Doctoral Program Students CSC Scholarship: CNY 3500 RMB Monthly Stipend, free tuition, and free room

    Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship

    Top Universities in China for Pakistani students Offering Scholarships ...

    The Jiangsu province government has established the Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship for International Students in Jiangsu Province. Under this award, you can study in Nanjing. You can read more about studying in Nanjing here.

    Every year we enrol about 100 students in Nanjing through this quota. And in recent years, Jiangsu Province, thanks to cooperation with institutional companies around the world, has managed to expand the number of students. This scholarship was presented for all ranking universities in the cities of Nanjing, Changzhou, Taizhou.

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    China Scholarships For International Students 2023

    In this article, a comprehensive guide of scholarships in china is presented for academic year 2022-2023. Although it requires a lot of thought beforehand, but I think its an opportunity that worth a lot. In most cases Chinese Scholarships will cover not only tuition and accommodation fees during your study period, but you will also benefit from a monthly amount for your personal expenses.

    Here you will find some clues that will help you decide which scholarship is best for you, as well as the steps and documents necessary to apply for them. Good luck and Cheer up!

    What If I Am A Matured Student

    Chinese Universities are not flexible to mature applicants who do not meet the requirements but they do accept matured applicants who have experience and are applying for Post Graduate Programs. As a mature student, universities and colleges may give you accreditation for life or work experience if you don’t meet the qualification or subject requirements

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    List Of Universities Offering Shanghai Government Scholarships

    Shanghai Government Scholarships are awarded to international students who want to study in Shanghai. There are more than 20 universities in Shanghai that offer these scholarships. Some of the popular ones are below mention.

    1# Fudan University

    Fudan University offers Shanghai Government Scholarships for international students who want to study at a university in China. The scholarships cover full tuition fees, accommodation, food, and medical insurance while studying at Fudan University.

    Deadline: March 31, 2023

    2# China Europe International Business School

    China Europe International Business School is offering annual Shanghai Government Scholarships. The scholarship is offered to students pursuing full-time study at the institution.

    3# Donghua University

    Donghua University offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, including Chinese language, international relations, management, law, and economics. It also offers graduate programs such as a masters degree program in English language teaching, an MBA program, an MPA program, and a Ph.D. program.

    Deadline: March 31, 2023

    4# East China University of Science and Technology

    The ECUST Shanghai Government Scholarship is an annual award for outstanding Chinese students who pursue their undergraduate studies at ECUST. The scholarship covers tuition fees for two semesters and living expenses during those two semesters. The award consists of two parts: one part covers tuition fees, while the other part covers living expenses.

    Is Chinese Language Or Ielts Tofel Is Required For A Chinese Government Scholarship

    How to Get a Scholarship in China in 2023?

    NO! In China, 99% Universities dont need IELTS or TOEFL if your Mothertongue is English or language of instruction was English during your last study at your country. You can get an English language proficiency certificate from your previous university, and it will work. There are many universities they have the language of instruction Chinese only, but they are offering one-year Chinese language under CSC scholarships, you dont need to apply separately, the university will do for you all, and I think its kind opportunity to learn the Chinese language. If you are the concern with thesis it entirely depends on your professor, they usually agree to write the thesis in English, so you dont have to worry about this.

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    Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    It is included in the top 39 universities of Asia. Campuses of SJTU are located at Fahuazhen Road, Shangzhong Road, Qibao, South Chongqing Road, Minhang, and Xuhui. Departments of the university include Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Naval Architecture, Software Engineering, Information Security Engineering, Micro-electronics, Design & Media, Law, Medical, Pharmaceutics, Engineering & Environmental Science, Biology & Agriculture, Foreign Languages, Public Affairs, MBA, Finance, Management, Economics, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Humanities, Biomedicine, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Physics & Mathematics, Material Sciences, and Electronic Engineering.

    Can You Apply For Scholarships On China Admissions

    You cannot apply for scholarships on China Admissions. Chinese scholarships are awarded by the universities/Chinese government, so you will need to apply to these organizations directly.

    We cannot help CSC Scholarship students apply to a university. We can help university scholarship or self-funded students apply.

    Read more here: FAQ: Can You Apply for Scholarships on China Admissions?

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    University Of Science And Technology Of China

    University of Science and Technology of China was established in 1958 in Beijing by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Later, they transferred to Hefei, their current location. This institution was founded to help respond to the countrys scientific and technological needs and improve competitiveness at the international level.

    Most of the top English-taught programs in the University of Science and Technology of China are for graduate students. Around nine masters programs and nearly all doctoral programs are delivered in English. Students need to complete their credits and defend their thesis to accomplish their graduate program. Usually, masters programs are set for two to three years, while doctoral students may take up to four years.

    There are also undergraduate programs offered at the University of Science and Technology of China. However, these 35 programs are primarily delivered in Chinese. There may be some taught in English or bilingual however, these courses are only a part of the program, and knowledge of Chinese may still be needed.

    How To Apply For A Scholarship As An International Student In China

    List of Scholarships in China offered by Chinese government and ...

    The method of applying for a scholarship offered by higher education institutions in China varies from one university to another. Also, the documents to register are different. Heres the list of the documents generally required:

    • Application form for the grant
    • Acceptance letter from the university
    • Two letters of recommendation by your professors
    • Copy of passport
    • Certified copy of your degree certificates.
    • Copy of the physical examination clearance
    • English or Chinese languages test certificates
    • Research paper with a description of the study plan

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    Hit Outstanding Enrolled International Students Scholarship

    • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition
    • Eligible Degree: Undergraduate programs

    The Harbin Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities in China. It offers various programs at different levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees. It also provides training for teachers and professionals.

    The Harbin Institute of Technology Outstanding Enrolled International Students Scholarship in China is awarded to international students enrolled in HIT. It aims to support outstanding students who have achieved excellent academic results and demonstrated leadership skills in their studies.

    Applicants must meet all university requirements before submitting their application materials to apply for this award program.

    Scholarships To Learn Chinese Language In China

    Many foreigners venture to take a Chinese course at a Chinese university. It is a great idea if you already study the language in your country . You will see how your level progresses exponentially, unlike the minimal advances that are occasionally seen in your city. If you have never studied Chinese before, it is perfect to try and see if you like it and have aptitudes. I have friends who spent one year studying Chinese in China, know more than I learned in five years studying in UK. But that evidently depends on you.

    The three scholarships mentioned in the previous section accept Chinese language course students, the Confucius Institute scholarship being the most oriented for this purpose . However, this scholarship requires that you have studied Chinese before and in priority in one of the countless subsidiaries that have throughout the world.

    To apply for scholarships of the national and provincial governments to do a Chinese course, it is not necessary to have studied the language previously. However these scholarships are much more requested, so they are also somewhat more difficult to obtain. Between these two scholarships, the Chinese government scholarships award more grants for Chinese language courses at a larger number of universities. Not all provincial governments, however, grant scholarships to study Chinese. You will have to investigate university by university.

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