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Tips: What To Do When Writing Your Scholarship Thank You Letter

UChicago Students Say “Thank You” to Scholarship Donors
  • Show that you are an appreciative recipient and not just a prospective candidate. Be enthusiastic about winning in your thank you card for scholarship.
  • Convey your message of thanks in a clear and concise manner.
  • As seen in the below scholarship thank you note example, be genuine and sincere in the tone of your thank – you letter.
  • Ensure that your grammar and spelling is correct and checked. As far as you are concerned, this is an academic award.
  • Have your letter typewritten and submitted in a business – type structure in your thank you letter for bursary or perhaps on high quality resume paper.
  • Two Examples To Give You An Idea

    Winning scholarships shows that you are a class-act, with academic credentials and extracurricular commitments deemed worthy of free college cash. But it doesnt end the day you endorse your scholarship checks your responsibility includes a follow-up thank you letter, acknowledging the generous gift-aid you are receiving, due to the philanthropy of the scholarship sponsor.

    For most students, transitioning into college requires financial assistance like loans and grants. For high-achievers, scholarships provide additional resources. To qualify, students put their best collective foot forward, encouraging scholarship sponsors to lean in their direction when granting awards. Achievements speak for themselves, but certain personal traits are also desirable in the eyes of educational benefactors. Interviews are often part of the scholarship application process, so candidates and scholarship administrators have personal contact during the review. Just as it is important to present yourself favorably during the scholarship application process, following up with a thank you cements your image with scholarship sponsors.

    Use these following sample letters as guidelines for crafting effective scholarship thank you letters.

    Thank You Letter To A Scholarship Donor

    A thank you note addressed to your scholarship donor is a great way to show you value their donation.

    Although scholarship donors describe the requirements for their scholarship award recipients, they may not personally select them.

    Dont forget to mention these details in your scholarship acceptance letter to a donor:

    What to include in your thank you letter for a scholarship donor

    • your contact details and the name of the scholarship you received
    • the details of your academic education such as your universitys name, your degree name and program , year of study, and your minor or specialization
    • any information about the extracurricular activities, volunteer organizations, leadership initiatives, and clubs youre a part of
    • a description of how your donors contribution will help you accomplish your career goals and reach your full potential

    Thank you letter for a scholarship donor example

    Heres an appreciation letter example to impress your scholarship donor:

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    Scholarship Thank You Letter Guidelines

    Generous University of Utah donors support many scholarships on campus and a well-written thank you note can go a long way. Donors appreciate hearing from students and how their investment is paying off. A short note from you affirms the value and significance of their contributions and encourages their continued support.

    Scholarship Thank You Letter Templates

    Thank You Letter To Scholarship Donor

    You may have specific target audience in mind. It is understandable that the above guide might not capture all the aspects of your target audience or your purpose of composing a mouth – watering scholarship thank you note for scholarship. That’s why the following scholarship thank you letter templates will appear very helpful. Pay rapt attention.

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    Donation Thank You From Person To Person Template

    Donations arent always directed at institutions or organizations. If youre in the position of having been given a donation of any kind think beyond just monetary donations then you should consider sending a thank you for your donation letter. Even if you dont expect to need another donation in the future, simply acknowledging a helping hand when you needed one is a practice worth developing.

    Writing A Scholarship Impact Statement

  • This is a formal communication. Write clearly and concisely.
  • Double-check for punctuation, typos and grammatical errors.
  • Express enthusiasm and be sincere.
  • Make the statement personable and meaningful. Your donors are interested in learning about you and how their gift made a difference in your education and life.
  • If you have any questions regarding impact statement submissions, please email .

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    Thanking Your Donor With A Well Written Letter

    There are many types of donors, but each plays a role in providing financial aid. Scholarship organizations like make it easy for anyone to fund a scholarship, so your donor may be an individual, a family, a small business, or even a large company.

    Scholarships vary in size, ranging from $500 to $75,000. Regardless of the amount, the donor made a selfless contribution in an effort to fund the educational pursuits of students like you. Writing a scholarship thank you letter is an easy way to thank the donor for their generosity and it can show them that they made a real impact in your life, possibly inspiring them to fund more scholarships.

    Thank You For Your Donation From An Organization: Message Examples

    Student Thank You to Deakin scholarship donors

    So you can see the template working its magic within the context of different types of donations, weve compiled this list of example thank you for your donation letters.

    Dear Jonathon,

    Thank you for donating to the John Mathews Scholarship Fund. Because of your generosity, we are now able to offer scholarships to three deserving students that we would otherwise not be able to assist. With your help, we will continue to expand educational opportunities to underprivileged communities.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 718-395-1023.

    In gratitude,

    PP Volunteer

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    Example #1 Scholarship Thank You Letter Sent By Mail

    Atlanta, GA 30301

    Dear Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Committee:

    Im writing to express how grateful I am for being chosen as one of this years recipients for the Coca-Cola Scholarship.

    Thanks to you and the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Ill be able to devote more time to my studies this year without needing to take out another student loan. Im planning to pursue a career in medicine and know that this support is an investment in my future.

    Thank you again for your time and all your work!


    Tips & Tricks For A Great Thank You Note

    • Make sure the letter is free of both spelling and grammatical errors.
    • Remember to write the date on your letter.
    • Use formal salutations .
    • Take care to write legibly.
    • Do not mention the amount of the scholarship you were given.
    • Ensure the notecard is the correct way .
    • Do not refer to the donors as alumni. Although we have many alumni donors, we also have supporters who are friends, parents, faculty, staff, etc.
    • Be sure to sign your name, as well as print your name underneath it.
    • Dont be afraid to show your personality.
    • Say THANK YOU again.

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    Send The Note From An Individual

    If youre an organization, you should still consider writing the thank you message from an individual at the organization. Typically this will come from a director or someone at the top, but it may also be valuable to have the card come from someone like a volunteer or staff member. Its easy to forget that organizations are made up full of passionate people trying to make a difference.

    Send beautiful thank you notes in minutes. Postable will print, address, and mail them for you.

    Sincere Scholarship Thank You Letter Samples

    Thank You Letter To Scholarship Donor

    Categories Etiquette & advice

    After all your hard work, sleepless nights and anxiety, you have finally received a scholarship that will help to propel you to the next stage in your education and bring you one step closer to your dream career.

    It is now time to express your gratitude towards the scholarship founder, but you need to make sure your thoughts are organized and your message is sincere in the scholarship thank you letter.

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    What Is A Scholarship Thank You Letter

    A scholarship thank you letter is a letter that acknowledges the generosity and unselfishness of scholarship donors that support students like you. Following up with a thank you for scholaship letter solidifies your image with the scholarship sponsors. The scholarship committees and donors want to know how a scholarship award has made a difference in your life. They ask for nothing in return. Your acknowledgement of that fact will undoubtedly please them in a thank you letter for scholarship sponsors. So now let’s take a good look at the parts of a well – crafted scholarship thank you letter. Further, you will see touching thank you for the scholarship quotes.

    How To Write Your Scholarship Thank You Letter

    Your thank you letter format can depend on what type of scholarship you’ve won. If you receive financial aid at your college from alumni donations, your school may reach out to you requesting that you write thank you letters to the individuals or families who have helped fund your degree.

    Your school may request handwritten notes of a certain length and format, or they may request a video, email, or other expression of gratitude.

    For scholarships won outside of your school, such as through, you can use this letter template to create a well-written letter.

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    How Do I Use The Scholarship

    Navigating the world of financial aid and scholarship applications can feel daunting. strives to make the process of finding and applying for scholarships as painless as possible, and the process of using a scholarship is no different.

    For high school winners, we’ll hold your award for you until you enroll in a college or university, at which time we’ll send the money to your financial aid office. College winners will have their check immediately sent to their school for usage, or they can opt to use it at some point within the next year.

    For scholarships for graduates with student debt, you’ll be able to use the money directly for your student loans.

    How To Write A Heartfelt Scholarship Donor Thank You Letter

    Thank You Scholarship Donors

    Just because you are already one of the chosen few doesnt mean that you would not take writing your letter seriously. Your scholarship acceptance letter will serve as a reminder to the donors of why they are offering scholarships in the first place. It will let them feel the value and the weight of their actions towards deserving students like you. To write a thank-you letter that would not make your donors regret choosing you, follow these steps:

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    How To Write A Thank You Letter For A Scholarship

    The contents of your scholarship thank you note may differ depending on who you send it to.

    However, your thank you letter should still meet certain requirements.

    Here are four guidelines to follow when writing your scholarship thank you letter:

  • Keep your thank you scholarship letter one page long to show that you respect the scholarship donor or sponsors time.
  • Type out your scholarship letter using a professional font and font size so the recipient can read your letter easily. If youre handwriting your scholarship note, make sure your writing is neat and readable.
  • Send your letter within one week of accepting your scholarship offer so the donor or organization knows youre respectful and made writing your thank you note a priority.
  • Include the organizations name, address, and a formal salutation to show youve personalized your thank you letter. For instance, write Dear at the beginning of your letter.
  • If youve received contributions from multiple donors, send personalized thank-you letters to each one to show your genuine appreciation.

    The Importance Of Thanking Your Donors

    Scholarship donors are generous and caring people who unselfishly give to support your education. Thanking them is a way for you to let your donors know that their scholarship is greatly appreciated. Your gratitude shows them the impact of their generosity and inspires them to continue supporting other students like you.

    You can share with your donors about the impact of their scholarship on your education and life. In addition, you may have an opportunity to meet your donors in person at an annual scholarship donor appreciation event. If your donors attend the event, you will receive an invitation as well.

    Below youll find information on submitting scholarship impact statements, recording videos, and attending the scholarship donor appreciation event.

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    High School Scholarship Thank You Letter

    Receiving a high school scholarship means youve received financial support from your high school and have a higher chance of entering into your dream college.

    With a high school scholarship thank you letter, you can express gratitude to the donor for how theyll positively impact your future.

    We recommend including the following items on your high school scholarship thank you note:

    Tips for writing a high school scholarship acceptance letter

    • focus on your top academic achievements and extracurricular activities youve participated in
    • mention your post-graduation plans, such as the college you hope to attend and the degree program and career you want to pursue
    • highlight how your high school years have contributed to your development and helped you build your future

    High school scholarship thank you letter example

    Below is a thank you letter example for a high school scholarship:

    The Importance Of Financial Aid

    Thank you Letter Scholarship Donation

    As a student, you’re likely aware of how expensive college can be. Rising tuition, in addition to expensive room and board and the significant expense of books, can make paying for college feel impossible.

    The skyrocketing costs of college have forced millions of students to turn to loans to finance their degrees. Thegrowing debt crisis has swept up more than 45 million borrowers in the US who owe over $1.7 trillion in student debt.

    Many borrowers are paying their loans off years or even decades after graduating, and high interest rates only make it more difficult to pay off debt.

    The struggle to make loan payments has resulted in an 11.1% delinquency rate. While some are hopeful that their student debt will be canceled, the crisis is currently affecting millions of people’s ability to move forward in their lives.

    The intimidating student loan statistics have made many students wary of relying on loans, leaving scholarships as a great option for making up the difference.

    Scholarships are able to create real change in the lives of students, helping them avoid loans, pursue their dreams, and graduate debt-free. The generosity of scholarship donors is therefore a key aspect of eliminating student debt, making thank you letters a wonderful gesture and a way of encouraging even more donations.

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    More About The Undergraduate Student Thank

    The Undergraduate Student Thank-You Note Program helps students express thanks to the donors of their named scholarships at Duke. If you have received a named scholarship or endowment by our office, your donor is excited to hear about your life at Duke!

    Your outreach to your donor strengthens Dukes relationship with generous alumni and friends who have invested in financial aid. We ask that you write a thank-you letter for each year you receive the scholarship.

    Check your DukeHub account under your Financial Aid tab. Your named scholarship will be listed there along with a link to a scholarship description. If you have questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

    Donors love to hear your story and why you’re excited to be at Duke. If you’ve had an amazing experience or class, write about it! If you’re excited about future opportunities you’ll have at Duke, you can write about those, too. You can find additional prompts below:

    • Discuss what brought you to Duke. Why did you choose Duke?
    • Have you chosen a major? If so, write about it!
    • Have you had an amazing research, study abroad, and/or DukeEngage experience? Tell those stories!
    • Check out the scholarship description on your DukeHub account. Were you chosen for this award because of a specific reason? For example, if your scholarship is for someone from North Carolina and you are from North Carolina, write about that!

    Why Should I Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter

    It may feel like your job should be done once you finish your scholarship application, so why take the time to write a thank you letter?

    Depending on where your scholarship came from, you likely aren’t required to write a thank you letter. However, it’s important to let scholarship donors know about the impact they had on your life.

    Expressing sincere gratitude for the donor’s help easing the financial burden of college encourages them to fund more scholarships, leading to more students receiving aid.

    Regardless of the size of a scholarship, it will positively impact the life of the recipient so scholarship thank you letters are a simple way of expressing gratitude for donors’ generosity.

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    Scholarship Thank You Letter Pdf

    Our dear scholarship winners, we don’t want internet disconnection to stop you from having an easy access to the above thank – you letter for scholarship donor sample. You can easily download the material in a scholarship thank you letter pdf version. A scholarship acceptance letter pdf will be provided on the next posts. For now, don’t delay a single minute in downloading your scholarship acceptance letter pdf.

    Anatomy Of A Thank You Letter

    Thank you, scholarship donors!
  • Introduce yourself: Simply tell the donor who you are and that you are a scholarship recipient. Include your year and program. Be sure to communicate your appreciation to the donor for making this opportunity available to you.
  • Tell us about yourself: Let the donor know a little bit about you, including any brief background that might be relevant to the scholarship. Mention any awards you have received and your career goals. Write about the classes you are taking and give some insight into your progress.
  • Talk about your school: Your benefactor has invested in you personally and in BU. Discuss your positive experiences at BU. Why did you choose to come here? Identify special learning opportunities you may have.
  • Say thanks again and be sure to sign the letter!
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