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When To Apply To Universities In South Korea


Just like other popular countries, South Korea also follows a 2-semester system. So, if you are planning to study in South Korea and want to know the details regarding fall semester vs spring semester then glance through the following points:

  • The academic calendar commences in March
  • Some universities also offer admission in the month of September
  • For March enrollments, the applications are accepted between September-November
  • On the other hand, for September admissions, applications are accepted between May and June

Global Korea Scholarship Program 2022

The Government of South Korea is opening the doors for worldwide students to study in South Korea. South Korea has the best higher education institutions in the world for all types of educational degree programs. There are thousands of Scholarships in 2022 in South Korea for International students. The Korean Government announced the scholarship opportunities to study in Korean Universities under The Global Korea Scholarship 2022 program.

The Global Korea Scholarship program is open for worldwide students every year. The 2022 Korean Government Scholarship program is open for Graduate Degree programs in February 2022 and for Bachelors /Undergraduate students applications will open in September 2022. Almost all degree programs are available for study in top-class Korean universities. All the undergraduate and graduate degree programs are taught in the English Language.

Why Study In South Korea Of All Choices

South Korea is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for students from all over the world. The reasons are self-evident.

Korea is one of the few nations that empower you to get a quality education with a rich cultural experience and flourishing student life!

There are many reasons to study in Korea, from internationally recognized degrees and hubs of innovation and technological advancement to affordable tuition fees and plenty of scholarships.

About 400 public and private universities offer undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in several areas of study.

There are several top-ranked universities in Korea. Seoul National University , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology , Yonsei University, Korea University , Pohang University of Science and Technology , and Sungkyunkwan University , to name a few.

You can visit beautiful tourist destinations, enjoy delicious foods, and live a high-quality Korean life. You can also explore culture, Kpop, and much more.

Plus, you can improve your Korean language through the training program and immersion method and enhance your career prospects involving Korean.

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Job Prospects And Salary Trends In South Korea

South Korean markets are competitive but if you know the language well then your Korean degree and international background can serve as an added advantage. IT sector is the most popular amongst Indian students. With the growing political ties with the country, Indian students can find better jobs prospects for themselves. An IT or Computer Engineer earns up to USD 46,980 annually. Whereas the salary of a Business graduate can be around USD 74,500.

Can I Receive Full

Korean Government Scholarship Program 2015

You can absolutely apply for full-ride scholarships in Korea, and for the selected few, you will get the chance of receiving full-ride scholarships to study in South Korea. Since the Korean government wants more international students to join its academic student body, it has established a Korean Government Scholarship that covers all your academic costs.

In addition to your tuition fees and accommodation fees, this scholarship program also pays for your airplane ticket to-and-from your home country, mandatory health insurance, monthly living stipend, and additional fees for graduate students when preparing their thesis or research.

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Myongji University Scholarships For International Students

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition waivers, accommodation, and a $400 monthly stipend
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelors and Masters degree

Myongji University is a Christian private university that was established in 1948 in South Korea. This prominent university provides higher education in the subjects of engineering, sciences, and humanities. This university features excellent professors, state-of-the-art infrastructure, an engaging curriculum, and plenty of amenities for students so they can perform at their highest level.

Those who are accepted by the university as overseas undergraduate students are qualified for a 40% tuition waiver, accommodation, and a $400 monthly stipend. Based on their GPA from the 1st semester, students can apply for full-tuition scholarships for the rest of their studies.

Graduate School Of International Studies


Yonsei GSIS is Koreas leading professional graduate school dedicated exclusively to international studies. With all courses taught in English, GSIS is composed of 400 students and faculty with the highest international student enrollment in Korea. Its dynamic and rigorous curriculum equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel globally in the private and public sectors.

Majors Offered

GSIS majors are largely divided into three majors. The Korean Studies major offers a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in Korean Studies. The International Cooperation major offers a Master of Global Affairs & Policy, and a Ph.D. in International Studies. The International Trade, Finance & Management major offers a Master of Global Economy & Strategy and a Ph.D. in International Studies as well as a Ph.D. in Strategy and Organization.


GSIS offers a wide variety of institutional and external scholarships. Institutional scholarships include Merit-based, Need-based, Work-Study, Teaching/Research, and Internship scholarships. External scholarships provide financial aid to international students that include full-tuition waiver and stipend. For more information, you can go to the GSIS website.& nbsp

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Study Options For International Students In Korea

To study in Korea, international students can choose from the following options:

  • 1-2 study abroad semesters taught in English as a visiting student .
  • Korean Language programs short summer courses or 10-60 weeks semester programs at Korean universities. Read more about studying Korean language courses in Korea.
  • Degree programs taught in Korean and/or English covering a wide range of subjects.

Korean language is essential for culture integration. Without knowing Korean language daily life in the local society is difficult and inconvenient. Knowing Korean at Topik 3 level or higher is often a prerequisite for degree programs in Korea since even degree programs taught in English often include some classes taught in Korean

Therefore most international students start their studies in Korea with language learning at the Korean Language Institute of one of Koreas many universities. There are also a few private Korean language schools, but unlike the university KLIs private language schools cannot sponsor a student visa. So if you want to study in Korea for three months or longer the universities are your best bet.

Korean language programs in universities consist of 4 quarters a year , with 10 weeks each quarter. You usually have language classes 4 hours per day , five days a week. We will talk about Korean language levels and how to reach those levels later in this article.

An Information And Communication Technologies Leader

KGSP // GKS Korean Scholarship: How to Study in Korea for FREE

Few countries can equal the outstanding success and contribution of significant South Korean corporations like Samsung, LG, and SK Hynix when it comes to ICT. Thanks to Hyundai and Kia, it is also a major player in the automobile sector.

Did you know: South Korea implemented a regulation in 1999 mandating the use of Internet Explorer for all online commerce and banking. It is still there. Thats probably why they miss out on so many opportunities.

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Preparing For Study In Korea

As your plan your Korean adventure, begin by looking over this list of financial aid options that may be available to you. In your applications for these programs, aim to be as specific as possible. Why are you the right student to study politics in Korea? What benefits do you think your time there will offer to their people? What are the factors of history that draw you to Korea on the map?

Be sure to check with other local resources for possible funding options as well. The study abroad office of your school may have other scholarships that are specific to study in Asian countries. Your local political studies center or travel hub may have some funding lying around for inquisitive students, as well, that can supplement your Korean learning experience.

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Korea National University Of Arts

At Karts, foreigners listed in 142 eligible countries may apply for the Art Major Asian+ Scholarship. With this, the institution hopes to educate qualified students about the importance of spreading Asian art to the rest of the world.

The AMA+ Scholarship includes full tuition fee coverage, round trip plane tickets, a monthly allowance, and limited medical insurance coverage. This also includes a 3-month intensive language course before the start of the school year.

If you are interested in undergraduate scholarships all over the world, check out Undergraduate Scholarships Page.

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Ewha Global Partnership Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition for Entire Academic Program
  • Eligible Degrees: Bachelor, Master, Doctoral Programs at Ewha Womans University

EWU is a private university based in Seoul, South Korea. Semestral fees for undergraduate studies start around $3,000 while graduate fees cost about $5,000.

As the scholarship recipient of EGPP, however, the entire costs for undergraduate or graduate studies are covered. Awardees also stand to enjoy free dormitory lodging and a living stipend. Insurance, however, is not included in this grant.

The EGPP is given to female applicants from developing countries. Awardees are selected according to their academic capacity and leadership potential.

Eligibility is subject to screening and renewal every year.

List Of Fully Funded South Korean Scholarships 2022

KAIST Undergraduate Scholarship 2021

Fully Funded South Korean Scholarships.Korea is one of Asiaâs rising economic stars. If your interests are in that part of the world, it might be a good opportunity to consider studying in South Korea

especially now because with low CGPA holders can also get scholarships for higher education and if you have a high CGPA, you can get scholarships at Korean universities through the Korean embassy worldwide along with undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. Scholarships.

Many scholarships in South Korea are open to international students looking to enroll there.

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Sogang University 2021 Admission Scholarship Iii For International Students At South Korea

  • Admission Scholarship III for International Students at South Korea 2021 is offered for Masters degree in the field of All Subjects offered at the University. The deadline for the sending your application is Always Open. This scholarship is provided by Sogang University and the value of this scholar
  • Deadline: Not Specified
  • How Can International Students Receive Full

    To receive a fully-funded scholarship while studying in Korea, your best option is to apply for Global Korea Scholarship, which is a prestigious award offered by the Korean government. Awarded only to top applicants, the GKS Scholarship covers your tuition fees, airplane tickets, resettlement allowance, health insurance, stipend for Korean language courses, and more!

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    Ajou University Scholarships For International Students

    • Scholarship Amount: From 80% up to 100% of the complete tuition amount
    • Eligible Degree: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees

    Ajou University is one of the top-rated universities in Korea and was established in 1973. This university is recognized for its vast and resourceful programs in business administration, engineering, international studies, physical sciences, and computer science. Ajou University welcomes foreign students and strives to make the admissions process as quick and easy as possible. To do this, they offer a set of admission guidelines for foreign students that detail the application process, documentation requirements, and resources available to them.

    In the admission guidelines, students can find the relevant details for this Korea scholarship. For students at the bachelors level, the scholarship can cover 100% of the tuition fee, and the only requirement is for students to achieve a level 4 evaluation on the language proficiency test TOPIK. For students that want to attain a masters or Ph.D. degree, the tuition amount varies from 80% up to 100% of the complete amount. This is one of the best opportunities for international students who are highly skilled in the Korean language.

    I hope that this article on the best scholarships in Korea for international students was helpful. If youre interested in studying abroad, make sure to check out the Available Programs for International Students!

    Undergraduate Scholarships In Korea For International Students 2022

    how I got a full scholarship in South Korea + tips for applying

    Find undergraduate scholarships for international students to study in Korea 2022-2023.

    • Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology is currently inviting applications from interested and eligible candidates for the International Undergraduate Scholarship to be awarded for the commencing 2022 2023 academic session.
    • Deadline: June 30, 2022
  • UCEA-KDU Undergraduate Scholarships: The Inter-University Council for East Africa wishes to announce a call for applications for undergraduate Scholarships to study at Kyungdong University, South Korea, commencing in September 2022 for the study of Bachelors degre
  • Deadline: April 15, 2022
  • The program seeks to nurture future leaders who will contribute to the development of global society and to friendship between Korea and their home country.
  • Deadline: Not Specified
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    Soongsil University Scholarship For International Students

    • Scholarship Amount: From 70% up to 100% tuition coverage
    • Eligible Degree: Bachelors degree

    Soongsil University is one of the top private universities in South Korea, and it is distinguished for its modern facilities and evolving programs. This university offers various scholarships for international students, and a number of them are financed by the university itself.

    Students are eligible to receive a maximum of 70% of their tuition during the first semester, and they are qualified for up to a 100% tuition waiver starting with the second semester. The amount that is awarded is determined by their entrance test results, including TOPIK and English Proficiency scores, and also their GPA, which will determine which scholarships they will receive. Extra information regarding this golden opportunity can be found in the attached scholarship link.

    Study In Korea For Free

    South Korea is widely known as the home of K-pop and K-beauty. But unbeknownst to many, its a great location for higher education as well. With two of its universities placed in the top 100 of the World University Rankings, South Korea proves to be a prime destination for quality education.

    While studying and living in South Korea can get quite expensive, you can easily defray these costs. As long as you follow these tips on how to study in South Korea for free, you can finish your degree program without spending a lot of money.

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    Summary How To Study In Korea In 7 Steps

  • Find a suitable school in Korea. We recommend that you start by learning Korean language if you want to study in Korea for a longer period of time, even if you want to take a degree program that is primarily taught in English. Learning Korean is the key to enjoy and succeed in your life in Korea.
  • Apply to your school at least 3 – 4 months before your course starts if you want to study on a student visa. Fill out an info request if you want help to choose and apply to a suitable school.
  • Get a student insurance. This needs to be done when you apply to the school if you prefer to have your own study abroad insurance, otherwise you need to purchase the insurance offered by the university.
  • Your school will then help you to apply for a student visa after the admission and tuition payment.
  • Book student housing. You can book the dormitory at the same time when you apply to the university. You will be able to find and book off campus accommodation after you get a visa.
  • Travel and arrive in Korea.
  • Enjoy your studies in Korea. Be prepared for an initial culture shock. So stay calm and open minded, explore and enjoy!
  • You will find more details in the article above. For more info on how to plan your studies see our checklist to study abroad.

    Posco Tj Park Scholarship For Asian Students Studying In Korea

    Korean Studies Center
    • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition for 4 Semesters
    • Eligible Degrees: Master and Doctoral Programs

    As the name suggests, this scholarship in Korea is exclusive to Asian students who wish to undertake graduate studies in South Korea. It was developed to help groom the next-generation leaders from every corner of Asia.

    Apart from shouldering the tuition fee for 4 semesters, the scholarship award will also provide a living subsidy of $800 per month with a settlement allowance.

    To be eligible, the applicant must have completed a bachelors degree in Korea or any other country.

    Despite this minimal requirement, all applicants will undergo 2 rounds of selection. The first evaluates the submitted documents, while the second relies on the applicants interview.

    Upon passing the 2 selection rounds, the student needs to be successfully admitted to his/her university of choice. Only then will the student be named a POSCO Asia fellow.

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    Can You Help Me To Study In Korea

    Yes, we have helped students study in Korea since 2010. We and our partners can help you to choose and apply to selected universities in Korea. However, please note that we cannot help you fund your course so you will need savings to cover tuition fee and living costs. Fill out our request form and we will send you more information about studying in Korea.

    Yonsei University Underwood International College Admissions Scholarship

    • Scholarship Amount: Full Tuition for 4 Years
    • Eligible Degrees: Yonsei UIC Undergraduate Degrees

    Yonsei University, one of South Koreas best institutions, has recently opened the countrys first English-language liberal arts college. Named UIC, it currently has more than 2,500 students from 66 countries.

    Whats great about the UIC scholarship is that all applicants are automatically considered. Awardees for this top scholarship in Korea are chosen according to their academic credentials. Once selected, the notice of scholarship will be sent together with the admission packet.

    As with other scholarships, students must maintain a certain GPA to renew their eligibility for the next school year.

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