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Dean’s Academic Excellence Scholarship

Scholarship Options | Baylor University Admissions

This scholarship is based on a variety of merit factors. You do not have to apply for it, as all Baylor Law applicants are automatically considered. This scholarship will cover part or all of your tuition. This scholarship is granted for the first year of law school and is automatically renewed by the recipient maintaining a 2.75 GPA throughout his or her second and third years. To view the grade distribution within the current class .

Scholarships & Special Programs

All scholarships are awarded at the end of the spring semester, with a single application that is announced to majors early in the spring semester.

Fellowships and Awards- Office of Engaged Learning

Housed within the College of Arts & Sciences, the Office of Engaged Learning supports undergraduate students from across Baylor’s nine academic units as they pursue dynamic educations. Faculty designated as fellowship and award mentors meet regularly with students to discuss their academic goals, their summer plans, their thesis ideas, their research goals, and their professional aspirations. As part of accomplishing their goals, students then will often decide to apply for a competitive, national award–a scholarship, fellowship, internship, or research experience–such as the Fulbright, Truman, Gates Cambridge, Boren, and Goldwater. Many of these awards support study and research at the graduate level. Notable awards such as the NSF-REU, Critical Language Scholarship, Gilman, Mount Vernon, and PPIA, fund student research and study at the undergraduate level, often through summer institutes, internships, research appointments, and symposiums.

Baylor Geology Student Awarded Scholarship At Groundwater Summit

May 20, 2010

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Stephanie Wong, a graduate student in Baylor University’s department of geology, was recently awarded a $500 Farvolden Award Scholarship for her poster presentation at the 2010 National Groundwater Association Groundwater Summit, held in Denver, Colo.

Wong was one of four college students to receive the award, and the only student from Baylor. Students could choose to submit a paper or a poster.

Wong, who entered her poster as a part of her master’s thesis, had been working on the project since for more than six months. Wong’s work is titled, “Quantifying Groundwater Resources in Alluvial Aquifers using Geographic Information Systems.” Wong focused on the Brazos alluvial aquifer, which is the water-bearing unit that the Brazos River runs through.

“It deals with using spatial tools to look at the physical properties of an aquifer,” Wong said. “The water levels in the aquifer fluctuate a lot and we can use GIS tools to do calculations quickly and accurately on the aquifer. Improving knowledge and characterization of this source of water can help water managers such as the Southern Trinity Groundwater Conservation District make informed decisions about how to manage this aquifer.”

The Farvolden scholarships are given every year at the summit in honor of former NGWA senior science council Dr. Robert Farvolden. NGWA’s primary goal is to advocate responsible management and use of groundwater.

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Scholarships For Current Students

The Honors College is proud to continue to offer scholarships to current Honors College students. Students who receive scholarships through the Honors College are eligible to receive this funding for four years. Current students who received Honors College scholarships as freshmen can keep their scholarships if they maintain at least a 3.5 GPA and remain in the Honors College. Current students may submit one joint application for these scholarships.

2023-24 Scholarship Applicants:
  • The current student application opens on and closes on May 1. Applicants are notified of their award status via email in May.
  • Waitlist: Students who apply after May 1 are automatically added to the waitlist. Applicants are only notified if funding becomes available before July 31, at which time the process is completed and closed.
2022-23 Scholarship Applicants:
  • The current student application is now closed and all funds have been distributed. We welcome students to reapply in the fall.
Honors Residential College Leadership Scholarship:

The HRC Leadership Scholarship is open to any returning resident of the residential college serving on the community’s leadership team. Second-year students who are awarded a scholarship will receive up to $1,000. Third and fourth-year students will receive up to $2,000.

Study Abroad Scholarships:

I Am Eligible For The Student Engagement Scholarship But I Am A Nursing Student Planning To Attend The Dallas Campus In A Coming Semester Can I Still Receive The Student Engagement Scholarship

Congratulations, 2020/2021 Scholarship Recipients!

Yes. Pre-nursing students who plan to attend the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas and want to maintain their scholarship, can generally do so through similar means as Waco campus students. Depending on the desired form of engagement, students should contact or (for more information about leadership courses and research opportunities. Direct other questions to .

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How To Apply For The Scholarship:

  • This scholarship application can be found in the university portal.
  • The school will begin examining applications in late February after the application period closes on October 1st. However, it is subject to change.
  • Applications for the first round of review will be due on March 1st and 2nd*, for the second round on April 1st, and for the third round on May 1st.
  • In late March, April, and May, applicants will get an email from informing them of their award status.
  • However, note that due to certain technical difficulties with the application, the deadline for the Baylor University Scholarship for this 2021-22 session is March 2.

    If you are having problems logging onto the application, please send an email to by March 1 so that they can help you.

    Can I Receive A Student Engagement Scholarship During The Summer

    Normally, no. The Student Engagement scholarship is offered during the fall and spring semesters. The only exception is made for those who are studying abroad for at least 4 weeks in the summer. In that case, this engagement meets the criteria for their fall engagement and the scholarship will be awarded in the fall.

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    If I Am Invited Into A Program What Are The Requirements To Participate

    If students are accepted into a program, they must register for that program by the corresponding deadline as a formal indication that they intend to fully participate.

    Generally speaking, students who participate in a scholarship program will have either an interview during the on-campus event or an essay to submit following the event. If your program requires an essay, the prompt and deadline will be in your goBAYLOR account following the event.

    • First, submit an application to Baylor.
    • After you’ve submitted your application to Baylor, you’ll gain access to your personal goBAYLOR portal.
    • If you apply with Common App or ApplyTexas, be aware that you will get a separate email 24-48 hours after you submit your application to create your goBaylor account. Please keep this in mind as you apply for our Scholarship Programs.
  • The 2023 Scholarship Program Application will be in your goBAYLOR portal under the “Connect & Visit” tab.
  • Keep in mind: You can make changes to your application up until you click Submit. After submission, changes can not be made.
  • Note: If you opt into providing your test scores on your Baylor admissions application, your test scores will be considered as part of your Scholarship Programs Application. If you opt out of providing your test scores on your Baylor admission application, your test scores will not be considered as part of your Scholarship Programs Application.
  • L And 3l Academic Scholarships

    Admissions and Financial Aid | Baylor University Admissions

    If a student has a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or above after all grades from the first three quarters of law school are received, the student is eligible for up to an $8,000 scholarship and will receive it in each subsequent quarter, up to his/her 9th quarter of law school, provided that the student continues to earn a cumulative 3.60 GPA. If the student is in a consecutive fourth quarter and earns a cumulative 3.60 GPA after all grades from the first three quarters of law school are received, the student will receive up to $16,000 in his or her 5th quarter only and up to $8,000 in every eligible quarter thereafter. Baylor Law awards this scholarship as long as the the law student does not already have a scholarship larger than $8,000/quarter and as long as the law student abides by the Donor Appreciation Protocol.

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    Baptist Church Matching Scholarship

    Baylor matches outside scholarship assistance from a student’s Baptist church, state Baptist convention or Baptist church affiliated program up to $1,000 per academic year . We reserve the right to determine appropriate convention and Baptist church affiliated programs. Funds are matched upon receipt of the scholarship check and the completed Baptist Church Matching certification form. Matching funds are available as long as the church continues to provide scholarship support and the student is enrolled full-time and maintains a minimum 2.5 Baylor cumulative GPA. Please report the church portion of the scholarship by completing the Outside Scholarship Report Form .

    Why Does The Name Of My Scholarship Change

    Only students who have previously received the Baylor & Beyond, Impact, Leadership, Transfer, or First In Line scholarships are eligible to receive the Student Engagement scholarship. After their first year receiving one of the aforementioned scholarships, students are eligible to receive the Student Engagement scholarship. This marks a shift in the requirements of the scholarship and provides increased flexibility for meeting the scholarship criteria while still engaging in practices that research demonstrates an increase in students success and satisfaction with their college experience.

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    What Is The Student Engagement Scholarship

    The Office of Student Learning & Engagement developed the Student Engagement scholarship to help students maintain their Living-Learning Center or First In Line scholarship, as well as reward their commitment to co-curricular engagement at Baylor, beyond their first year as a Baylor student.

    Not only does the Student Engagement scholarship reduce the cost of attending Baylor, it supports enriching opportunities that increases college students development, satisfaction, and success.

    Baylor University Scholarship For Prospective Students

    Congratulations, 2020/2021 Scholarship Recipients!

    For those who are yet to get into Baylor, you can take advantage of the Universityâs Scholarship for Prospective Students, especially if youâre an international student.

    The potential students can submit a single application and be hopeful of getting the grant.

    Summer tuition subsidies are exclusively available for Baylor University study abroad programs. Other scholarship opportunities are available in the fall and spring semesters.

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    How Can I Participate

    For the 2022-2023 year, certain programs will require a separate Scholarship Program application to be considered for participation while others will be invitation-only based on academic record. To be considered for either, you must first submit a 2023 application for admission to Baylor by November 1. The decision plan you select will have no bearing on your consideration for these Scholarship Programs.

    The following programs require a Scholarship Program application separate from the Application for Admission to Baylor:

    The deadline to apply for these scholarship programs is November 28.

    • Getterman Scholars Program
    • Baylor2Baylor Law Program
    • Baylor2Baylor Seminary Program

    The following programs are invitation-only based on academic record. If you qualify and are selected, your invitation will be made available in your goBaylor account:

    • Invitation to Excellence
    • Distinguished Scholars Day

    Please review the specific program descriptions below to learn more about the academic profile of students who are typically accepted to attend each program.

    Be aware: Qualified students may apply and register for multiple programs, but if selected they will only be allowed to participate in one program to be considered for the scholarship award. Whether you are applying to one or multiple programs, you will submit only one Scholarship Program application.

    Leon Jaworski Scholarship For Outstanding Undergraduate Advocates

    Baylor Law is pleased to offer the prestigious Leon Jaworski Scholarship for Outstanding Undergraduate Advocates to incoming law students who have outstanding records in advocacy programs such as debate or mock trial. This scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship and is renewable for the second and third years of law school if the recipient continuously maintains a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 and participates in Baylor Law’s award-winning interscholastic advocacy program.

    A 1926 graduate of Baylor Law, Leon Jaworski perhaps will be most remembered for his roles as Special Prosecutor during the Watergate crisis and as founding partner of the international law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski LLP. The path chosen by Leon Jaworski took him to a place in American jurisprudence where his legal accomplishments will not be forgotten and will be remembered by Baylor Law.

    The recipient will be chosen by April 3, 2023, regardless of the entering quarter. The deadline is March 10, 2023 This scholarship requires a separate application, available here.

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    How To Apply For Scholarships And Grants

    In order for students to be awarded scholarships and grants at Baylor, they have to complete the FAFSA process. Other scholarships are available, each with their own requirements depending on the type of scholarship being offered. These other requirements include academic ratings, being siblings with incoming freshmen, being dependents of Baptist ministers and missionaries and being hit with an emergency situation that hinders continuing education at Baylor. Students also need to apply through their specific departments to qualify for specific department scholarships.

    Communication Sciences And Disorders

    Incoming Baylor freshman surprised with full tuition scholarship

    Scholarship Application deadline has past. Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are pending review.

    The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders offers a number of scholarships for our students. Students can apply each spring for scholarships to be awarded the next academic year. Support for the scholarships comes from these endowed funds:

    • Rhonda Sheryl Reynolds Scholarship Fund
    • Dr. Madalene Barnett Scholarship

    All applicants must first complete a student FAFSA form to certify financial need to be eligible for the scholarships awarded.

    Applications for CSD Scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year are now closed.

    Scholarship Committee recommendations will be forwarded to the Student Financial Aid Office for final assignment.

    Award notifications will be sent by the end of the Spring semester for use the following academic year.

    There are two types of scholarships offered to our students.

    • Merit-based scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of college academic success or other leadership criteria.
    • Need-based scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. Eligibility is based solely on the assets and income of the student and his or her family.
    • Student FAFSA must be completed to qualify for ANY scholarship.

    For more information on these scholarships see Baylor’s Scholarship page.

    If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Scholarship Committee Chair, Dr. Samantha Dvorak at

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    How To Apply For Baylor University Scholarship For International Students

    Baylor University offers student-aid programs for their undergraduate and prospective students. If youâre contemplating how to apply for this scholarship program, then this article will be helpful.

    We have covered the application process, eligibility, requirements, and all involved to get a Baylor University Scholarship.

    If I Am Eligible For The Student Engagement Scholarship How Do I Apply

    Student Engagement scholarship renewal forms are distributed electronically to current scholarship recipients prior to each long semester by the Office of Student Learning & Engagement. If you do not receive an on-line renewal by mid March for fall or by late November for spring, contact . You can also stop by our office on the 3rd floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center.

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    Baylor University Us 2021 Need

  • Need-Based Awards for International Students at Baylor University 2021 is offered for Bachelors degree in the field of Courses offered by the university. The deadline for the sending your application is Deadline varies. This scholarship is provided by Baylor University and the value of this scholars
  • Option : Financial Aid

    Baylor University Scholarships â Weird Scholarships

    To be considered for the maximum amount of financial aid, you must submit BOTH of the following applications:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Both applications open annually on October 1 and should be submitted by the final deadline to be considered for the most available funds:

    • Freshman Early Decision 1 and Early Action Priority Deadline: November 1
    • Final Deadline to submit the CSS Profile for all Freshman Admission Plans: February 1

    If you miss the final deadline, please submit an application as soon as possible to be considered for any remaining funds.

    PLEASE NOTE: Once you submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile, it may not be reflected in your goBAYLOR account until late October as files are processed. You can check the status of your CSS Profile here, and as long as it is considered “Submitted,” there is no further action for you to take. Likewise, you can check the status of your FAFSA here, and as long as it is considered “Processed Successfully,” there is no further action for you to take. Upon acceptance to Baylor, if any information from either the FAFSA or CSS is still pending, there will be an update in your goBAYLOR account that will explain the pending information.

    The FAFSA will determine your eligibility for these programs:

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    How Many Undergrads Get Financial Aid

    Baylor University’s average financial aid deal for newly arriving first year students is $37,628. Around 93.0% of new students receive some type of financial aid, most of which is in the form of scholarships and grants.

    Bringing Down the Cost of College

    Financial aid helps reduce the cost, or the full retail price of the school. However, know that the only true college discount are scholarships & grants.

    What About Student Loans?

    A student loan is not a genuine college discount, but rather an additional cost consideration. Discover how much student loan debt from Baylor you may end up taking on.

    A Highlight Of Baylor University Scholarships

    Baylor University offers merit-based scholarships given out largely for academic achievement in college or other leadership qualities. According to historical data, students with a cumulative GPA of 3.85 or lower are rarely awarded merit-based scholarships.

    The second category of Baylor University Scholarship is known as need-based scholarships. They are given to students who have financial needs. The studentâs and their familyâs assets and income are used to determine eligibility for the grant.

    Moreover, Baylor University requires the submission of a CSS Profile and an annual FAFSA to evaluate eligibility for need-based university scholarships.

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