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Tip #: Make No Essay Scholarships One Piece Of The Puzzle

How I Got $500,000 in College Scholarships (WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU) national merit/applying early/ECs

Scholarships with no essays should be a key component of your scholarship application strategy because of how easy they are to apply for.

However, it’s important to remember they should be balanced with other scholarships that have more specific and stringent requirements.

When you apply for essay-based scholarships, you’re given the opportunity to tell the committee about you, who you are and why you should be selected for the opportunity. The winners for these scholarships, unlike their no-essay counterparts, are not chosen at random, so if you choose these scholarships carefully, apply for ones that are specific to your qualities, and write strong essays, you’ll have the best chances of winning at the end of the day!

Doodle 4 Google Scholarship

Amount: $30,000

Niche: Illustrating Google

The is an award for artistic high school students who may submit a doodle illustrating the name Google using any materials. Students must also include a doodle description an artist statement explaining the doodle and how it represents something that inspires the student. Doodles will be judged based on artistic merit, creativity, and theme communication .

Wisegeek Community Service No

Community service strengthens our society by improving lives, building connections, and tearing down barriers. The volunteers who give so much back to their communities deserve all the support we can give them, including help paying for a college education. The WiseGeek Community Service No-Essay Scholarship recognizes the invaluable contributions of high school and college students who commit their time and energy to lift up their neighbors and neighborhoods.

  • Deadline: The application deadline is April 16, 2022.
  • Award Amount: $500

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Sharon And Gary Kelly Scholarship Fund

The WindsorEssex Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the Sharon and Gary Kelly scholarship is now available for students either graduating from a secondary school in Essex County or are enrolled in a post-secondary institution. $1,000 is available to students who are pursuing a post-secondary degree in either an Accounting or Finance discipline at either St. Clair College or the University of Windsor. This scholarship is to be credited to the successful recipients account to support their Winter semester tuition.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must have reached graduating status from a secondary school in Essex County this past academic year or is currently enrolled in St. Clair College or the University of Windsor
  • The student must be pursuing or is already actively within a post-secondary course of study in either an Accounting or Finance discipline and has maintained at least a B average in their Fall semester. Proof of enrollment and Mid-term GPA is required .
  • The student must demonstrate financial need.
  • The student must demonstrate a commitment to academics .
  • The student must demonstrate participation in extracurricular activities at current school .
  • The student must demonstrate that they work part-time to add some self-support and demonstrate initiative.
  • Complete one post-secondary term successfully before funds are advanced .


Yes For Liberty Constitution Bee Scholarship

15 No Essay Scholarships Worth $30,000+

Amount: $3,500

Niche: History Buff

If youre a U.S. history buff at a Kansas High School, the Yes for Liberty Constitution Bee Scholarship is worth a look. Scholarship applicants will go through a four-part round of questions about the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, Founding Documents, and Federalist Papers. Applicants will run through true and false questions, and work through a series of multiple-choice questions. The final three scholarship awards will be determined by an oral presentation.

Loving these scholarships, but need help applying for your government financial aid? We can help you fill out your FAFSA and state aid.

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Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

This is an annual scholarship, valued at $4,000 and renewable for up to four years. Students must be studying towards a first degree or diploma, be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and not over 25 years of age. Demonstration of the highest ideals and qualities of citizenship will be criteria for the selection of recipients. Further relevant qualities are courage in overcoming obstacles, involvement in humanitarian service and participation in sport, fitness and community service.


Create Real Impact Contest

Provider: Impact Teen Drivers

Amount: $500- $1,500

Submit: A video, music, creative writing, or graphic design

Students between 14-22 years old may apply to the Create Real Impact Contest. The contest seeks original work about a solution and strategy regarding reckless and distracted driving. Choose either video, music, creative writing, or artwork. There are many submission options and contest categories, so make sure to visit the scholarship page for details!

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Axon Optics Migraine Story Scholarship

Provider: Axon Optics

Amount: $1,000

Submit: A video, an image, or an essay

Share your story of dealing with migraines or light sensitivity. All full-time students of accredited two- or four-year American universities may apply. Choose from a video or an image . To qualify for the Axon Optics Migraine Story Scholarship, the submission must be posted on at least one of the following social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The American Society For Enology And Viticulture Scholarships

This University Is Waiving Application Fees For A Limited Time (APPLY TODAY) || 100% Scholarship

If you are interested in wine and all of its facets, this scholarship is for you. The American Society for Enology and Viticulture Scholarships offers annual scholarships to students studying enology and viticulture or any other science that emphasizes wine and the grape industry. The ASEV offers two scholarship programs.

  • The ASEV Traditional Scholarship is for their traditional program with no predetermined amount of money, as it varies annually. Within the Traditional Scholarship, candidates who intend to work in viticulture or enology also have the opportunity to apply for the James Wolpert Scholarship Award.
  • ASEV President’s Award for Scholarship in Enology and Viticulture is a special scholarship awarded to two students who exceed the expectations of ASEV’s Traditional Scholarship program. One scholarship goes to enology, the other to viticulture, which amounts to $12,500.
  • Deadline: March 1st

    Who can apply: check the scholarship documents linked

    Award amount: up to $12,500

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    American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest

    If you ever had a talent for public speaking, a school offers a cash reward for it. The American Legion National High School Oratorical Contest is offered to students attending any college or university in the U.S. to participate in a contest where they give a speech about the given topic.

    Each year, the topic varies, and only three finalists receive the top three cash rewards. You can find more details about the contest on their website. First place wins $25,000, second place $22,500 and third place receives $20,000. Each state winner who participated in the first round wins a $2000 scholarship.

    Winners will be eligible to receive their scholarships immediately and must use the cash reward within eight years, with the exception of those on religious missions or military duty. Winners can also join the Youth Champion delegation of the American Legion.

    Deadline: Varies

    Who can apply: current high school students in the U.S.

    Award amount: $2000-$25000

    Clowns Of America International Scholarship

    For Clowns of America International club members, this scholarship is available if such members are currently enrolled in a ten-hour family entertainment program. This is a great way for students to get funds to pay for their education. If you love to entertain and are willing to be a member of this society, go for it! There is no set amount for the scholarships monetary award, as it varies from person-to-person. For more information about this scholarship, which runs through March 2018, visit this website.

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    Our Top Pick: Wisegeek Disability Scholarship

    Deadline: April 16, 2022

    Award: $1,000

    Overview: Millions of people suffer from various physical and mental disabilities, and unfortunately, they also deal with disability discrimination and disproportionate representation in the impoverished population.

    Continuing discussions and raising awareness for people with disabilities is fundamentally important to ensure equal rights, treatment, and opportunity for all people.

    To support those with disabilities, the WiseGeek Disability Scholarship will be awarded to one student at any grade level or field of study who has a disability and large ambitions for their life.

    Award: $1,0002 winners, $500 each

    Overview: Roughly 1% of the population has an Autism Spectrum Disorder , amounting to more than 75 million people.

    Unfortunately, there still isnt enough support for autistic students, preventing many from pursuing higher education and reaching their goals. Nearly 50,000 autistic individuals graduate from high school every year, but only 16,000 of those students go on to pursue a college education.

    This scholarship aims to support autistic students who are pursuing or planning to pursue post-secondary education.

    Any high school or college student who is on the autism spectrum may apply for this scholarship.

    To apply, share an essay or video telling us about a dream or goal of yours and how higher education will help you achieve it.

    Award Amount: $23,41020 winners, $1,170 each

    How do you live fearlessly with diabetes?

    Award: $1,000

    Chick And Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest Scholarship

    " No Essay"  College Scholarship  $2,000  Apply every month
    • Deadline: November 29, 2022
    • Available to: High school senior with enviable duck calling skills
    • Amount: $2,000 , $1,000 , $750 , $500

    Details: A uniquely performative scholarship, the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is part of the Worlds Champion Duck Calling Contest that happens every year in Stuttgart, Arkansas. The winner of the scholarship whoever can crush all four: hail, feed, comeback, and mating call will receive some money for their college fund.

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    James Lee Foundation Scholarship


    The scholarship is open to emerging creative talent from across Canada wanting to enter the advertising industry. Entrants must be non-professional Canadian residents over the age of 16. All fields of creativity related to the advertising community will be considered .

    How to Apply:

    Upload a link to a portfolio that you host with a maximum of 10 pieces to the JLF website. In addition to your portfolio, please provide your contact information and a paragraph explaining how the funds would help you to pursue your creative path. Please apply through the link to the scholarship.


    Dont Over Rely On No Essay Scholarships

    No essay scholarships can be a great no-effort way of applying for educational funding, but make sure that your overall scholarship strategy makes use of all potential funding sources. Make sure especially to seek out local scholarships through community organizations and your high school counselor.

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    Student Donor Youth Leadership Awards

    This scholarship is a more general one. If you are interested, you can visit your local organic donor service and find a variety of Student Youth Leadership Scholarships available for you to apply to. You must have a strong commitment to promoting organ donations and praising organ donors.

    Deadline: Varies

    Who can apply: Prospective college students

    Award amount: Varies

    Nsd Milk Marketing Scholarships

    How I won OVER $1 MILLION in scholarships for college | Scholarship Tips

    Got milk? Or at least an interest in it? The National Daily Shrine offers a multitude of . No matter which scholarship you wish to apply for, they all require you to show an interest in the dairy industry and provide academic transcripts. Other than that, the requirements vary depending on which one you choose.

    Deadline: Varies

    Who can apply: mostly current high school and college students

    Award amount: Varies

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    How Can I Improve My Chances Of Winning Easy Scholarships

    To improve your chances, read the entire application. By fulfilling all the stated requirements, you may be able to improve your chances. Also, you may want to give yourself enough time to submit the application before the deadline.

    If the award allows more than one entry, then apply to the same one multiple times. They tend to be random drawings so the more entries, the more chances of winning. You might also do a scholarship search every month to see if there are new ones to apply for.

    The Sunshine Coast Health Centre Scholarship

    As a leader in addiction treatment, Sunshine Coast Health Centre is proud to announce a new scholarship opportunity for $1000 to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in clinical counselling, psychology, social sciences, medical, and nursing programs who are interested in working in addictions and mental health in Canada.

    In order to qualify for this scholarship, students need to be:

    • Enrolled in a counselling, psychology, medical/nursing, or relevant program
    • Currently enrolled in the 2018/19 semesters at an accredited university or college in Canada

    To apply for this scholarship, students will need to submit a 500-1000 word essay. For Essay topics, please visit to link below.


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    Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest

    • Deadline: June 13, 2022
    • Available to: Students 11-18 years old from around the world

    Details: If you can write, draw, produce in film or perform an original piece on the topic The Funny Thing About Climate Change, exploring our connection to climate change and its impact on the ocean, you could win up the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Contest.

    Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design Scholarship

    No Essay Scholarships: Easily Apply for Awards

    Amount: $3,000

    Niche: Sneakerheads

    Ever thought about turning your love of sneakers into a career? The Two Ten Higher Education Footwear Design Scholarship could make that dream a reality. This unusual scholarship goes to a student studying design with a specific focus on footwear. Applicants must submit three different designs from their portfolio, so sharpen those pencils!

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    Introduction: No Essay Scholarships

    Let’s talk about no-essay scholarships. Whether you’ve been applying to scholarships for a while or you’re completely new to the scholarship process, chances are, at some point you’ve felt tired, frustrated, or even fully on fed-up with writing all of those essays. Finding financial aid can be a lot of work – I feel you!

    A smart strategy when applying for scholarships is to mix up the types of scholarships you’re applying for. But what does this actually mean?

    Well, if you’re familiar with the world of scholarships, you’ve probably discovered that there are scholarships out there of all sorts, shapes, and sizes.

    Some scholarships are for small amounts while others go for larger amounts . Some scholarships have long lists of application requirements, while others only ask you to write a sentence, upload your transcript, or fill out a form.

    So, when I say “mix up the types of scholarships you’re applying for”, I’m saying that it’s important to consider things such as scholarship type , amount , and category .

    This post covers one specific type of scholarship that I’m sure you’ll enjoy incorporating into your scholarship strategy: a no-essay scholarship!

    Most of these no essay scholarships are open to high school, college, and graduate school students, be sure to get those easy applications in, and keep your toes crossed while you get to work on some of those other more labor-intensive opportunities.

    Allied Van Lines Scholarship

    Allied Van Lines is offering a $1,000 scholarship to four current or newly enrolling full-time students who pursue degrees in logistics or an equivalent field.

    In order to participate in our scholarship contest, student applicants must meet the following criteria:

    • Canadian Citizen .
    • Enrolled as a full time student of an accredited college/university within Canada for completion of an undergraduate degree in Logistics or equivalent field.
    • Limit of one entry per contestant.
    • Employees, professional affiliates, and agents of Allied Van Lines are not eligible.
    • The applicant must comply with CRA rules to qualify for the tax-free benefits of the scholarship

    To apply, students must

    All applications must be complete and submitted by the deadline December, 15 2021.

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    The Kor Memorial Scholarship

    While many of our unique scholarships are for common causes, this is one of several truly weird scholarships. The Klingon Language Council awards $500 scholarships to students who excel at implementing creative uses for the language of Klingon, from the fictional Star Trek Universe. There is lots of interesting information about the Klingon language on their website.

    Create A Greeting Card Scholarship

    BEST College Scholarships

    The Create a Greeting Card scholarship permits students to submit an original photo, art piece, or computer graphic as the front of a greeting card. Any original work can be submitted online as a .jpeg through the site’s entry page. You can also submit a digital photograph of your original art piece and scan it for entry.

    The judges put 100 entries on the site every month and have users vote. The top 10 entries with the most votes from each session move upward until the final round. In the final round, five entry pieces with the most votes will collide with five entries the judges chose themselves, and the final winner will be picked and announced on May 17.

    The winning piece will be displayed on a greeting card and sold in the Gallery Collection’s line.

    Deadline: March 2nd

    Who can apply: high school, college, university, and home school students aged 14 or older

    Award amount: $10,000 for student, $1000 for studentâs school

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    Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute

    SixSurgery, a leader in cosmetic and plastic surgery, will award a $1,000 scholarship to one deserving student who has demonstrated leadership in medical or health-related fields. A winner will be selected according to their academic achievements, and their submission of a short essay or video presentation.

    Criteria: Students must submit a 500-word short answer or 2-min video answering a question related to the future of our industry. Please visit the application page for more details.

    Eligibility: The Six Surgery Scholarship is open to students pursuing higher education who meet the following criteria:

    • You are currently enrolled at an accredited college or university in Canada or the United States at an undergraduate program related to medicine or healthcare
    • Your education will continue through the Winter 2022 semester
    • Must be a legal resident of Canada, United States or hold a valid student Visa
    • Must not be an employee of Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute or associated companies


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