Scholarships For Undocumented Students In Illinois

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No : Pepsico Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund

Rice University among 16 universities facing lawsuit over financial aid

Award: $5,000

How to apply: Submit an application to the PepsiCo Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund.

Eligibility: High school and college students

The PepsiCo Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship helps Hispanic students who are pursuing higher education. Students must be active participants in extracurriculars and volunteer in their community. To be eligible, students must reside and attend college in Arizona or California and must be a U.S. citizen, permanent legal resident, undocumented, DACA, CA Dreamer, or eligible non-citizen as defined by the FAFSA.

Tuition And Cost Of Education For Daca And Undocumented Students

While DACA and Undocumented students are not eligible to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid , undocumented and DACA students are eligible for select scholarships and can take advantage of the many student employment opportunities at SIU.

Undocumented Illinois Residents and IL DACA students can qualify for residency through IL Public Act 93-0007. To be considered, students should complete an Affidavit of Intent to File an Application to Become a Permanent Resident of the United States and submit the official high school transcript upon graduation.

Latinos Progresando Scholarships For Undocumented Students

Its mission is to deliver high-quality information and resources for people to build secure, healthy and productive lives.

This organization was built from the ground up, and even after 20 years, its vision continues to be shaped and led by people in our community.

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No : Ascend Educational Fund

Award: $20,000

How to apply: Submit an application to the Ascend Educational Fund.

Eligibility: High school seniors

The Ascend Educational Fund is a group dedicated to providing scholarships and mentorship to first- and second-generation immigrant students. Their mission is to encourage higher education and professional achievement in order to elevate the immigrant community.

Applicants must be immigrant students in the New York City area. The Ascend Educational Fund awards scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $20,000.

No : Thedreamus Opportunity Scholarship


Award: $80,000

How to apply: Submit an application to TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship.

Eligibility: High school students

TheDream.US offers the Opportunity Scholarship to undocumented high school graduates who live in locked-out states. A locked-out state is one that either doesnt offer in-state tuition or doesnt allow enrollment in state colleges and universities.

The Opportunity Scholarship covers tuition and fees up to $80,000 for a bachelors degree. This award is renewable each year for students who remain eligible.

You may qualify for the Opportunity Scholarship if youre from one of these locked-out states:

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Illinois Dream Fund Scholarships For Undocumented Students

The Illinois Dream Fund Scholarship seeks to create access to financial resources to further this growth and development for the leaders of tomorrow.

With the generous offerings of private donors and in-kind donations, the Illinois Dream Fund Scholarship provides scholarships to undocumented students.

Two-year institutions: Tuition up to $2,000. Four-year institutions: Tuition up to $6,000 . Scholarship awards will be paid directly to the school and not the student.


Alternative Application For Illinois Financial Aid

If you’re an undocumented student, you can apply for financial aid from NIU and the state of Illinois by submitting an Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid. You must meet eligibility requirements.

Financial aid from NIU is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Illinois MAP grants are awarded based on need and satisfactory academic progress.

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No : Golden Door Scholars

Award: $40,000

How to apply: Submit an application to the Golden Door Scholars.

Eligibility: High school and college students

The Golden Door Scholarship was created with the belief that citizenship status shouldnt determine opportunity. Rather, tenacity and hard work should. Golden Door Scholars receive a $40,000 scholarship toward an undergraduate degree.

When To Apply For Scholarships

TEDxIIT – Tanya Cabera – Keeping The Dream Alive

Each scholarship has a specific deadline. These deadlines occur throughout the year, so you can find one for any time of the year. Keep in mind, however, that some scholarship deadlines may fall months, even a year, before the start of the academic year for which youre seeking a scholarship.

So, if youre a high school student looking to get a scholarship for your freshman year of college, you should start the search process early. While you dont necessarily have to apply for scholarships in your freshman or sophomore year, you will develop a sense of scholarships that are available so you can apply when youre ready.

If youre a current college student, you should be looking for scholarships throughout the year. That way, if you find an award that appeals to you, youll be ahead of the game.

And when you apply, be sure to meet the deadline for each specific scholarship.

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No : Questbridge National Match Scholarship

Award: $200,000

How to apply: Submit an application to the Questbridge National Match Scholarship.

Eligibility: High school seniors

Are you an academically advanced, low-income, high-school senior? Then apply for the QuestBridge National Match Scholarship.

QuestBridge is a national nonprofit that empowers low-income students to attend the nations best schools. The majority of its partner universities accept undocumented students without current U.S. visas. The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition and room and board worth up to $200,000. Impressively, the program guarantees that scholars wont graduate with student loans.

Additionally, if youre a junior ready to prepare for college admissions, then apply to the QuestBridge College Prep Scholars Program.

Scholarships For Daca Recipients & Undocumented Students

If you’re an undocumented or DACA student, finding financial aid for college can be tricky. Undocumented students do not qualify for federal aid, and only a handful of states offer state grants to undocumented students. However, there are a number of scholarships for undocumented students out there!

All the scholarships listed on this page are sorted from the most immediate deadlines to the furthest deadlines. The deadline for some scholarships have passed, so bookmark this page to check back when they open again! For any scholarship-related questions, text #Scholarships to 33-55-77!

Disclaimer: Some scholarship websites or organizations found on this list may sell your personal information to third parties, including : your name, email address, home address, and phone number. While we aim to share scholarships and scholarship websites that do not sell any student data, we know that those with larger money scholarships may. We encourage you to always be intentional about the scholarships you apply to and the information you share with them.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: Varies

MALDEF’s scholarship resource guide is updated annually to help students, parents, and educators find good scholarship opportunities. MALDEF also offers helpful scholarship advice and things to consider when applying to scholarships, both in English and Spanish, to help students better understand their options.

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Arthur H Goodman Scholarship // Cdc Loans

Amount: Varies

Deadline: June 30, 2022

This scholarship provides financial assistance to dynamic, community-minded women and minority students transitioning from a community college in California or Arizona to four-year universities.

Amount: $2,000

Deadline: June 21, 2022

WIA aims to provide scholarships to women interested in a career in the aerospace field to pursue higher education degrees in engineering, math or science. One or more awards of $2,000 will be given each year to a rising senior in college, to be applied during the upcoming academic year.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: June 15, 2022

Students who are pursuing a career in nursing by pursuing a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree are eligible for this scholarship.

Amount: $1,000-$5,000

Deadline: June 5, 2022

Prism Foundation provides scholarships to empower students who are making a positive impact on the Asian & Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ communities. Students who attend college and trade/vocational schools are eligible to apply. Non-U.S. citizens are welcome to apply.

Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals

Covid19 State Financial Assistance for Undocumented &  Mixed

DACA is a program through which undocumented young people brought to this country by their parents could get a temporary reprieve from deportation and receive permission to work, study and obtain driver’s licenses. DACA participants voluntarily signed up for the program through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services , and their status was renewable every two years.

On September 5, 2017, it was announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy would be rescinded, with a six-month wind-down, during which no new applications were to be accepted under the program. The State of Illinois recognizes the significant uncertainty this created for those in the DACA program as well as other undocumented students and their families. As part of our mission to make college accessible and affordable for all families in Illinois, ISAC will continue to support and assist these students by providing information and assistance in navigating the college planning and financial aid processes.

Due to federal court orders in early 2018, the USCIS resumed accepting requests to renew a grant of deferred action under DACA. The USCIS is not accepting requests from individuals who have never before been granted deferred action under DACA. For more information, visit Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Response to January 2018 Preliminary Injunction.

For information about financial aid eligibility as a DACA student, visit the U.S. Department of Educations Student Aid website.

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Chicana Latina Foundation Scholarships // Chicana Latina Foundation

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: Applications open January 1, 2023

This scholarship is offered to Latina students in Northern California. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college, university, or community college in one of the following California counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, Sacramento, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, San Francisco, Sonoma, or Yolo. Applicants must have lived in one of the above counties for at least two years.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: Applications open February 2023

Latino Scholarship Fund to advance the education and career opportunities of Latino students in the Fairfield County & New Milford area in Connecticut.

Amount: Up to $10,000

Deadline: February 20, 2023

Graduating high school students who have promoted vegetarianism in their schools and/or communities are eligible for these scholarships.

Amount: Up to $10,000

Deadline: March 1, 2023

SEG offers scholarships of up to $10,000 to students interested in pursuing an education in geophysics and related geo-sciences.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: March 2, 2023

This application is open to incoming and current college students who attended a California high school for a minimum of three years and will enroll in an accredited California college or university. Applicant must be a non-resident applying under AB 540 and AB 131.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: April 30, 2023

Education First Scholarships // Education First

Amount: $5,500

Deadline: March 18, 2022

Education First offers scholarships of to students in EF Chapter cities including Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, and Portland.

Amount: $500-$5,000

Deadline: March 1, 2022

This organization offers scholarships of $500-$6000 to students from the South Bay Area, CA.

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Mental Health And Wellness

College can be difficult, especially when balancing school along with other responsibilities such as work and family. Our staff understands that our students have busy, fast-paced lives and sometimes need help navigating their challenges.

Students can see a counselor for any number of reasons, which can include short-term counseling services for personal issues, including relationship issues, conflicts with parents or peers, sexual assault/domestic violence, anxiety, depression, struggles with substance abuse or identity issues . All services are confidential and your information is kept private.

Gary Yoshimura Scholarship // Prsa Foundation

FAFSA opens Friday Oct 1

Amount: $2,400

Amount: $500-$1,000

Deadline: April 29, 2022

This scholarship is for Latinx students who are graduating from high school with plans to attend any two or four year institution of higher learning. Attending Stanford University is not a requirement. Applicants will be judged on their contributions to the guiding principles of Los Hermanos de Stanford: community service, academic excellence, and cultural awareness.

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Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship //ted Rollins Eco Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: December 1, 2021

This scholarship is offered twice each year to one talented high school or undergraduate student who is majoring in a field related to sustainability. This money may be used to pay for tuition, books or living expenses.

Check out our college scholarships page to find more scholarships you can apply to now! Need help writing your scholarship or college application essays? We have you covered! Well review your essays for free and our experts will give you actionable feedback.

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The Law In The State Of Illinois

An undocumented student refers to students who were born outside the United States, but have lived in the country for a significant portion of their lives, and who reside here with no documentation stating U.S. citizenship or legal residency. House Bill 60-In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students ” rel=”nofollow”> Public Act 093-0007) states that undocumented students in Illinois may receive in-state tuition if they meet the following conditions:

  • Student resided with his or her parent or guardian while attending a public or private high school in Illinois.
  • Student graduated from an Illinois high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in Illinois.
  • Student attended an Illinois high school for at least three years as of the date of graduation from high school or received the equivalent of a high school diploma in Illinois.
  • Student provides the community college with an affidavit stating her/his intent to file an application to become permanent residents as soon as they are eligible. The affidavit can be obtained in the Intercultural Student Services office located on the second floor of the Student Center on RVC’s main campus.

This does not guarantee admission to a state community college or university. Students must meet admissions requirements and must contact the community college and/or the university directly.

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Retention Of Illinois Students & Equity Act

The allows eligible undocumented students who are disqualified from federal financial aid to apply for state financial aid, including programs administered by ISAC.

The provides a pathway for these qualified students to apply for a Monetary Award Program grant, the state’s largest need-based grant program for low-income college students.

Evaluating Access For Undocumented Students

Foundation gives full scholarship to undocumented students

State policies in four key areas in state tuition, state financial aid, professional and occupational licensure, and driver licenses play an important role in expanding access to higher education and workforce development for undocumented students.

  • In-State Tuition & State Financial Aid Access and Affordability

    Comprehensive Access: Policies provide statewide access to in-state tuition and some state financial aid or scholarships for the state’s resident DACA recipients and undocumented students.

  • Professional & Occupational Licensure Workforce Entry & Eligibility

    Comprehensive Access: Policies allow individuals to obtain occupational licensure in all professions regardless of their immigration status, provided that they meet all other requirements.

  • Driver Licenses & Identification Mobility

    Accessible: Policies provide the states undocumented residents with access to driver licenses and/or state identification regardless of their immigration status, but these are not REAL ID compliant.

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Dennis De La Rosa Scholarship

The Dennis De La Rosa Scholarship was created in the loving memory of Dennis De La Rosa. Dennis always had a passion for education.

He graduated from Jones College Prep in the spring of 2008 and continued his education at Moraine Valley Community College.

After two years at Moraine Valley, Dennis completed his bachelors degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated on May 5, 2012.

Being an undocumented student, Dennis did not qualify for financial assistance, which forced him to find a job to pay for his education.

Dennis was able to juggle school full-time and work, still managing to graduate with over a 3.4 GPA.


California Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation Scholarship Program // Cllcf

Amount: $5,000

Deadline: June 1, 2022

CLLCF invites all California residents who show financial need to apply. Several winners will be awarded $5,000 that will go towards educational purposes.

Amount: $2,000

Deadline: May 15, 2022

To qualify, students must be of Hispanic/Latino descent, live in one of the First Coast five counties, have a 3.0 GPA, complete an application which includes two short essays, and send official transcripts for their selection committee to review.

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Great Scholarships For Daca Students

The road to college is full of financial roadblocks. For students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals status, these barriers are even higher.

Fortunately, scholarships can bridge the gap.

Scholarships for DACA recipients are largely funded by donors dedicated to uplifting undocumented immigrant communities. So if youre a DACA recipient with dreams of college but no funding, dont lose hope. These 10 DACA-friendly scholarships are a great place to start. Then, use the resources below to continue your scholarship search.

La Luz Scholarship // Pea & Co Consulting

Prosser scores high on Illinois’ state report card

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: September 15, 2022

This scholarship was designed to “light the path to success for first-gens across the nation.” This scholarship is available to all incoming and current undergraduate students in the U.S. Applicants must write a maximum 500-word essay answering the prompt: How has being a first-generation college student impacted your academic journey? How will this scholarship support you financially? Winners will be announced on National First-Generation College Student Day .

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Ascend Educational Fund Scholarship // Ascend Fund Ny

Amount: $2,500-$20,000

Deadline: February 11, 2022

Ascend Fund offers scholarships to immigrant students and children of immigrants who are graduating from a New York City high school to attend public or private colleges and universities, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: February 3, 2022

These scholarships are open to college students pursuing careers in radio, television, or digital journalism. Winners must be officially enrolled, full time college sophomores, juniors, or seniors in good standing.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: January 26, 2022

This scholarship is offered to seniors in high school enrolling in a U.S. 4-year college. Must identify as LGBTQ+. Community college students, trade students or online programs do not qualify.

Amount: $6,000

Deadline: January 31, 2022

These scholarships are available to students who are residents of Northern or Central California who have demonstrated service in the LGBTQ+ community.

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