Scholarships For Twins In Texas

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Cbc Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship

DeSoto twins headed to Michigan on football scholarships

The CBC Spouses Scholarship for Performing and Visual Arts was established in the year 2000, in the honor of late Curtis Mayfield to ensure that African American or Black Students particularly women pursuing their higher studies receive financial support. This scholarship is especially for students of Black origin, who are pursuing their degrees in Performing or Visual arts with subjects including Theatre, Drama, Comedy, Opera, Dance, Music and so on.

In order to grant this scholarship, students must be currently enrolled in full-time accredited Performing or Visual Arts programs and have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. The application process is very easy, and there are not many criteria, for more information visit the official website of CBC from the link below. The application opens on January 2022.

Provided by: Congress Black Caucus FoundationAmount:$3,000Apply Now

Forth Worth Scottish Rite Foundation

The Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation is a Texas association that awards 50 academic scholarships, worth $1,500 each, to graduating seniors of high schools yearly.

For five of these scholarships, the Foundation has a preference for students who will be attending a community college.

Applicants have to submit a high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores, two personal letters of reference, and two academic letters of reference.


South Texas College Of Law Grants

South Texas College of Law offers more than $3.5 million worth of campus-specific assistance annually. Scholarships, grants and loans support education at the school, which stands as a significant value among law schools, at around $13,000 per semester for tuition. Qualified students are evaluated based on undergraduate performance, scholastic achievements and LSAT scores. Application deadlines are May 1st for the fall semester and October 1st for spring semesters. Contact South Texas College of Law Admissions Office for more information and current application requirements.

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Garland Isd 2021 Senior Twins Earn Combined $600k In Scholarship Offers

GARLAND, Texas – Twin sisters graduating from Garland ISD have earned a combined $600,000 in scholarship offers.

Mayra and Melissa Alvarez are graduating from South Garland High School in the top 5% of their class and both will attend the University of Texas at Dallas this fall.

Mayra plans on majoring in Arts and Humanities and received $373,850 in total scholarship offers. Melissa plans on majoring in Business and received $268,916 in total scholarship offers.

The two sisters were both accepted into the University of North Texas, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Womans University, Texas A& M University, Texas A& M University-Commerce and Richland College. Mayra was also accepted into the University of Texas at Austin, University of Houston, Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas at Arlington.

When situations like getting lost while searching for a class occurred, having each other to rely on made high school easier for both of the Alvarezs.

“I didnt have to make friends, I was just fine with her,” Mayra said.

“We would walk together from class to class if we didnt have somebody else that we knew,” Melissa said.

The sisters participated in some extracurricular activities together, such as being captains for their schools World Dance Company team and joining the basketball and cross country teams, but they made sure to get involved with other activities on their own to figure out what they want to do in the future.

Wilson College Twins And Triplets Scholarship

Parents of Twins? Information on College Scholarships Twin Laws ...

Wilson College awards one set of twins and one set of triplets a stipend each year. The scholarship covers 45 percent of each students tuition both students must attend full-time each semester. The scholarship covers 45 percent of tuition for triplets all three students must be enrolled full-time each semester. With the exception of the Encompass and Disert prizes, these scholarships cannot be paired with other merit or connection grants offered by the college. All awardees must remain full-time students at Wilson College. This scholarship is renewable for up to four years as long as students demonstrate good academic progress as determined by the college catalog. Priority will be given to students who plan to live on campus and the pair of twins or triplets who finish the admission procedure first.

Provided By: Wilson CollegeAmount: 45% of Tuition FeeEducation: UndergraduateApply Now

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The Children Of Disabled Or Deceased Firemen Peace Officers Game Wardens And Employees Of Correctional Institutions Scholarship

This scholarship is for students whose parent sustained an injury, resulting in disability or death, in their job as an eligible public servant.

The scholarship can be used at any public Texas college or university and covers all tuition and fees for the students first 120 credit hours or all tuition and fees until the student turns 26.


Mary E Bivins Foundation Scholarship

The aim of the Mary E. Bivins Religious Scholarship Program is to educate ministers to preach the Christian religion. Applicants must be a citizen of the United States of America and must be a permanent resident of the northernmost twenty-six counties of the Texas Panhandle.

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Benefits Of Scholarships & How To Apply

The reason that scholarships are considered one of the best ways to pay for school is that they never need to be paid back. The money is yours to keep. Plus, thousands of different kinds of scholarships exist. Whether youre short on time, looking for scholarships in your state, or applying to grad school, theres a scholarship out there for you.

The best place to start is Going Merry! We match you with the scholarships you qualify for to save you time and effort. If you dont want to sign up for an account now, you also just enter your email here to get 20 scholarship opportunities delivered to your inbox each week:

The next step is to speak with your high school guidance office or college financial aid office. Theyll have plenty of info on local scholarships and awards that you qualify for.

Now that weve covered the basics, here are just some of the many scholarships in Texas that can save you tuition money.

Still Need Help With Financial Aid And College Scholarships

Texas will require high school students to file FAFSA, TAFSA

We understand. Financing college tuition can be quite the process. How do you know what to do first?

Well, start by submitting your FAFSA form as soon as possible on or around October 1 since this will help determine what financial aid you might qualify for.

Next, remember there are Texas scholarships affiliated with specific universities, like:

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Lake Erie College Twin Scholarship

Lake Erie Colleges Twin Scholarship minimizes the cost of sending twins to school by effectively allowing both twins to attend Lake Erie College for the price of one. Last year, the college granted more than $14 million in scholarships, including the Twin Scholarship. Although the Twin Scholarship replaces a merit award, if a twin is eligible for a greater merit award, they will get it. Your high school transcript, including cumulative GPA and test scores, will be utilized to determine your merit scholarship after the entrance to Lake Erie College.

If you apply test-optionally, LEC will assess your merit scholarship based on the supplementary materials you submit as well as information from your high school transcript. This scholarship will be extended as long as you maintain full-time enrollment and achieve the Satisfactory Academic Progress criterion.

Provided By: Lake Erie CollegeAmount: Varies

Apply Now

Fifth Year Accounting Student Scholarship Program

The Fifth-Year Accounting Scholarship, worth $5,000, is awarded to any Texas resident who is enrolled at least half-time in a college or university, has completed 120 hours of coursework, has financial need, and plans to take the CPA exam to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Applicants are required to have submitted an Application of Intent to take the CPA exam in order to be awarded the scholarship.


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Bottom Line On Facing College With Twins And Other Multiples

Post-secondary education at a college or university is a major expense, though one which significantly improves your children’s earning power down the road.

Some colleges offer scholarships when more than one twin attends the college, but this should not be the biggest factor in choosing a college.

Some twins love sharing the college experience whereas others prefer the opportunity to venture off alone for their post-secondary education.

While scholarships for multiples offer one way of reducing costs, the plethora of scholarships available means there are probably several other niche scholarships which could fit your children’s interests equally as well.

Our best advice is to make the scholarship application fun. View it as fishing, or an adventure. If your child applies for enough scholarships, the unexpected “wins” will almost always outweigh the “misses.”

Clubs Associations And Groups Fund Twins Education

Twins get accepted into 40 colleges, receive $900K in scholarships ...

Twinsburg, Ohio holds an annual Twins Day Festival for families of these special multiples. This festival awards a $1,000 scholarship to a pair of twins each year, to help with college expenses. The winning pair of twins must be seniors in high school and have attended and registered at least three of the last five festivals.

The Illinois Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs awards four scholarships each year, not to actual twins but to the mothers or fathers of twin siblings who want to continue their own education. At the time of application, parents must be currently enrolled in accredited two or four year colleges and provide proof of passing grades. In addition, candidates must provide Illinois residency confirmation, as well as proof of twin birth certificates. Community service or memberships in a twins club are additional requirements. Scholarships are typically valued at $300 and $100 .

Northwest Association Mother of Twins Clubs awards several scholarships each year, to candidates who qualify based on multiple births. Once known as the Twin Scholarship Fund, one initiative is now called the Shan Pynes Scholarship. These awards are disbursed to twins that are members of the NWAMOTC. Funding varies from year to year. The Gwen Larson MOMS Scholarship helps qualified mothers of multiples return to higher education. The Association also offers unique Camperships, which disburse funding designed to help twins attend summer camp.

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Tuition Equalization Grant Program

The Tuition Equalization Grant Program is designed to provide financial assistance to those students wishing to attend private non profit colleges within the State of Texas. Program eligibility mirrors TPEG, but the types of institutions that participate include private schools. Qualified applicants meet these standards to participate:

  • State residents
  • Financial need meeting college expenses
  • Attend eligible institutions
  • Prepared to pay more for college than public school students do
  • Registered with Selective Service

Maximum awards are worth three to five thousand dollars each – based on available funding.

Can I Get A Scholarship For Being A Twin

Sterling College is an example of a school that offers half price tuition for twins one of the best scholarships for being a twin out there! Scholarships for being a twin at other schools can be competitive or they may be automatically awarded to twins who attend the school.

If you are looking for a scholarship for being a twin, you are best off looking at schools that offer these scholarships rather than applying for private grants.

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A Better Student Loan Experience

Amount: The value of one double room

Deadline: Apply and enroll by July.

Room & board is part of the cost of attendance, but twins or triplets at NEO A& M can get it waived. The students must attend NEO together, though they dont actually have to room with one another. Each year, about five sets of twins or triplets take advantage of this waiver.

To be eligible, twins/triplets must attend the school together, have a 2.0 minimum GPA, and have no disciplinary record. Only one application is needed per family. Additionally, if both/all three siblings stay enrolled full time, they can potentially renew the waiver the following year.

Amount: Full tuition

Deadline: Varies

College is expensive for just one student, but when you have two it can get overwhelming. Luckily Lake Erie College comes to the rescue with this generous scholarship. It pays an annual full-tuition, one between the two students. So essentially its a two for the price of one award.

Students must attend LEC together and must be enrolled full-time in their chosen undergrad program. This scholarship is awarded in place of any merit award. If a twin qualifies for a higher merit award, they will get that instead.

Amount: $500

Deadline: April 1

In addition, applicants for this scholarship are required to submit a resume highlighting academic history, employment experience, volunteer activities and special recognition for exceptional accomplishments. Applicants should have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Deadline: N/A

Texas Engineering Foundation Scholarship

Texas college launches 100 percent tuition-free program

Offered by the George R. Brown School of Engineering, of one of the most popular universities in Texas, the Rice University, the Texas Engineering Foundation Scholarship is a golden opportunity for those students aspiring to become future engineers.

This scholarship is open to the students who are pursuing a graduate degree in Engineering at an ABET-accredited Texas University, who are in need of financial assistance. Visit the website for more information regarding the scholarship.

Provided by: RICE University, George R. Brown School of EngineeringAmount: $2,000Apply Now

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Grant Options In Texas

Texas offers a variety of educational grants for college and technical school including the TEXAS Grant . Grants like TEXAS provide assurance that every qualified Texas student has a shot at higher education. These, and other state initiatives are included in the Texas Online eGrants database, which also includes private funding opportunities and other merit-based aid for Texas university candidates.

College For All Texans

State and Federal Grants and Scholarships provide financial aid that does not have to be repaid. Some grants and scholarships require the student to maintain a certain grade point average or take certain courses. Most grants are awarded on the basis of financial need.

This section of the site lists the State and Federal Grants and Scholarship programs available to students at Texas colleges and universities.

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College Scholarships For Twins And Multiples

Education is expensive. And having twins is expensive! While parents of singletons can space their education expenses out over several years, parents of twins and multiples have to pay those costs simultaneously. There are a few opportunities for assistance in the form of scholarships specifically for multiple birth children.

Texans In The Military And Texas Veterans

Parents of Twins? Information on College Scholarships Twin Laws ...

Special educational benefits serve those who enroll in branches of our nations military. The G. I. Bill and other federally-backed initiatives ensure that veterans have access to training and education that allow them to succeed in the civilian sector. States are also enlisted to support education for veterans, who enjoy tuition offsets and other state-specific assistance for college.

The Texas Veterans Commission contributes resources for honorably discharged vets. The Tuition for Texans program allows participants whose Home of Record is in Texas to attend traditional university classes for in-state rates, regardless of where they are stationed. Family members also benefit from similar programs.

Want To Find More Scholarships For Twins

In that case, start by looking through the internet and scholarship databases. Or, talk to your high school counselor or colleges financial aid office.

And, when scholarships arent enough, youll need to find the right student loan for you. Use College Raptors free Student Loan Finder to compare lenders and interest rates side by side!

Society Of Professional Women In Petroleum Scholarship

Regardless of major, the Society of Professional Women in Petroleum Scholarship is awarded to women attending Texas high schools and intending to attend a Texas university. Applicants should demonstrate financial need.

Amount: Varies

Provider: Society of Professional Women in Petroleum

Who Can Apply: High School Seniors

Requirements: Demonstrated financial need, Graduating from a Houston area high school, Plans to attend a Texas university

Note: At the time of writing, the 2019-2020 scholarship round had not been opened yet.

Texas Public Educational Grant

Public Education Grants are in place to help needy students attend public colleges within the state of Texas. Residents and non-residents are eligible to apply, but funding is reserved only for public Texas colleges and universities. All applicants are required to register with the Selective Service, but other individual qualifications are established by the institutions that administer funds. For example, some campus-specific efforts include aid for part-time students, while others require full-time enrollment. Similarly, graduate school applicants are encouraged at some schools, while others maintain undergraduate-only programs.

Like other Texas student assistance programs, the first step toward securing TPEG college funding is to file the standardized federal request for financial aid called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Not only does the application open doors to U.S.Department of Education assistance, but is also provides the basis by which individual Texas campuses evaluate your financial aid needs for college.

College Grant Money In The Lone Star State

Six family members killed in murder-suicide, Allen police say

Going to college makes economic sense. In fact, earning a college degree increases an individuals net lifetime earning potential. Those with college degrees earn, on average, $4.4 million over the course of their lives compared to the $1.2 million earned by individuals that graduate from high school, but dont earn university degrees. This, from the U.S. Census Bureau, is incentive enough to encourage motivated Texans to pursue higher education.

The problem though, is that the path to higher earning-power starts with spending rather than cashing paychecks. College tuition, room and board, books and fees create extraordinary financial obligations for university students. Texas college students rely on many forms of financial assistance to manage the cost of higher education. Scholarships, grants and loans provide financial support for students pursuing bachelors, associates and masters degrees – as well as technical and vocational credentials.

Prudent financial aid strategies investigate all educational funding options, paying particular attention to scholarships and grant programs that issue money without repayment requirements. Merit awards recognize outstanding achievement in academics, athletics and leadership activities. Earning competitive scholarship dollars reduces your need for student loans, so use your grades and extracurricular successes to land gift-aid that does not get repaid.

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