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About The Charles Butt Scholarship For Aspiring Teachers

RSC Teacher Training Scholarships 2022

Teaching is one of our most critical professions it creates all other professions. We know teachers give rise to the future. Yet, the majority of parents say they would not encourage their children to become teachers, and the number of college-going students reporting an interest in teaching is at an all-time low. The 2022 Charles Butt Foundation Public Perception Poll shows only 57 percent of Texas parents say theyd like to have a child teach in public schools. Additionally, the number of college-going students reporting an interest in teaching is at an all-time low.

The Charles Butt Scholarship for Aspiring Teachers was designed to encourage and support the states most promising students to pursue a career in teaching through one of the states best university-based teacher preparation programs. Scholarship recipients are selected by the Charles Butt Foundation in partnership with those universities through a rigorous application process.

The Charles Butt Scholarship selects talented and diverse aspiring teachers who demonstrate leadership potential, and ensure they are supported financially and professionally throughout their journey to becoming a teacher.

Q What Is A Teach Grant

A TEACH Grant of up to $4,000 per year is available from the federal government to those pursuing a degree in education. If awarded, TEACH Grant recipients must agree to certain conditions if they are not met, the grant turns into a federal loan that the student must pay back. To qualify, applicants must complete a FAFSA form, be enrolled at an eligible school, and meet specified academic standards.

The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship

Overview: POISE Foundation provides scholarship administration for the National NAACP Scholarship Program, including more than 20 scholarships in memory of the late Agnes Jones Jackson, a long-time member of the NAACP in San Francisco.

Key criteria: Students must be a U.S. citizen, a member of the NAACP, under the age of 25, currently enrolled or accepted into an accredited college or university in the U.S., and demonstrate financial need based on the federal poverty guidelines.

Award information: Up to $2,000

How to apply: Start your scholarship application online and select the Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship.

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Advice For Landing A Teaching Scholarship

To maximize their chances of earning scholarships, education and teaching students should apply for a variety of scholarships that fit their individual needs. Organizations funding the scholarships generally share all essential information on their websites, including downloadable applications, submissions deadlines and contact information. Following instructions, submitting all documents on time, and writing a great essay are all essential components in the application process. Below are tips to help education and teaching students secure a scholarship:

Principal & Secretary Scholarships


To become a school principal takes more than becoming a teacher and rising through the ranks – it takes more than being a great school administrator. It’s not a career for everyone and that’s why it takes specialist training after serving as a teacher. Take a look at the scholarships and grants below to help you become a school principal.

Learn more about becoming a school principal, becoming a vice principal, or becoming a school secretary. In many cases, school principals have a Doctorate in Education or Educational Administration.

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Graduate Scholarships For Teachers And Others

The average cost of a full masters in education is $15,714, according to our affordable online degrees ranking.

In contrast, the average price of an ESL teaching certificate online is $9,534, potentially thousands of dollars in savings.

Lienhardt saved even more on her program by applying for graduate teaching scholarships, including the semi-annual scholarships offered by Get Educated. Get Educated offers $1,000 undergraduate and graduate scholarships for teachers and other professionals for distance learning assistance in the spring and fall.

The Get Educated scholarship has allowed me to go back to school knowing that Im not putting my family in a financial bind, says Lienhardt.

The deadlines for these ongoing scholarship awards are March 15 and October 15. All those interested should apply for a Get Educated scholarship before the deadline.

The awards can be used for any level of academic study, including bachelors or masters degree programs, or undergraduate or graduate certificates, such as Lienhardts online teaching certificate.

Pipeline For Paraeducators Conditional Scholarship

The Pipeline for Paraeducators Conditional Scholarship is designed to support paraeducators and Recruiting Washington Teachers alumni who wish to become teachers by providing financial aid for the completion of an Associate of Arts degree. Participants are eligible to receive a Pipeline for Paraeducators Conditional Scholarship for up to four academic years. Scholarship award amounts may vary depending upon financial need and funds available. The Pipeline for Paraeducators award amount is up to $4,000 per academic year. Participants are expected to continue to earn their certification and fulfill a teaching service obligation in exchange for receiving the scholarship. Participants must currently be enrolled to receive an award. Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis

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Association Montessori Internationale Usa

At present, they offer the MES Fund and school sponsorships. The school sponsorship program is set up to provide training for members wishing to train as a Montessori teacher – enquire directly with the listed schools to see eligibility. The major funding program was set up in honor of Margaret Elizabeth Stephenson who dedicated her life to promoting the method. Applicant musts be a US citizen or permanent resident and planning on taking up study at an AMI training center located in the USA and have a demonstrable financial need. Priority will be given to candidates who already have a teaching degree and have taught or worked at an AMI school. For further information about the fund, visit their dedicated page here.

Deadline: mid-May every year

New York State Math & Science Teaching Incentive Program

Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program Scholars

Overview: This program helps students who are working to become math and science teachers. Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs may qualify to receive an award in exchange for five years of full-time employment as math or science teachers for grades 7-12 in NYS.

Key criteria: The program is open to applicants who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens attending a college in NYS and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Applicants must also sign a service contract and be in compliance with any service condition associated with the NYS award.

Award information: Annual payment equal to yearly tuition for an NYS resident student enrolled in an undergraduate program at the State University of New York, or actual tuition

How to apply: Complete a program application online.

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Online Teaching Certificate Vs Full

With a 19-month-old son to tend to, and no immediate family nearby, Lienhardt wasnt sure a full-time masters program was the right move.

Currently my husband and I live in rural Indiana, so any school options would be quite a drive, she says.

In addition to working, and being a mother, and a pastors wife, that is just not an option. I want to be able to take care of, and play with, my son, she says.

With a bachelors degree under her belt, she wanted to move on, but had some major limitations. Besides being a busy mom, she also works part-time as a substitute teacher, and is an active community member.

I wanted a graduate-level program because I wanted to pursue my education without doing a full masters, so I looked into the graduate-level certificate program, she says.

An online teaching certificate may even pay off better than a masters degree. In a shaky economy, the earning potential of a masters in education can be short-circuited, since many municipalities must hire on the cheap.

By pursuing a teaching certificate online, she would also have room to grow: All credits earned could later be applied to a full degree at her chosen online college Ball State University.

The only viable option was an online education, she says. It was the only way I could go back, and I was ready to go back.

Congratulations To New York State’s 2021 Nbcts

NYSED and NYSUT Recognition Event April 5, 2022

To be eligible for the Albert Shanker Grant, candidates MUST:

  • be employed as a full-time teacher in a NYS public school
  • hold a valid New York State teaching certificate
  • hold tenure in his/her current position
  • commit to and actually complete the entirety of the initial NBPTS candidacy effort
  • continue to be employed as a full-time teacher in a New York public school for at least one full school year following completion of the initial grant period
  • apply for NBPTS certification and pay for the first component selected and
  • apply for the Albert Shanker Grant.
  • The 2022-2023 application period is open.

    Applications will continue to be accepted through February 28, 2023 or until all funds are exhausted, whichever is first.

  • Candidates may apply for the Albert Shanker Grant by submitting the Albert Shanker Grant Application.

  • After submitting an application online, candidates are REQUIRED to:

  • Send via email to verification that they have registered and paid for the first component with NBPTS in order to complete the process.
  • Verification must include a copy of the Registration Receipt with NBPTS and a copy of the Payment Receipt for the First component. This may be found on the Financial Statement from National Board or individual copies of receipts may be submitted.
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    Suzuki Association Of The Americas

    The SAA is an association dedicated to teaching music to children using the Shinichi Suzuki Method. It encourages and helps children to learn through the right learning environment. To that end, the SAA offers several scholarships to its members who intend to use the money to apply the method in their teaching, and be pursuing a career in music education. Your membership of the SAA must be older than three months prior to the application, a statement of financial need and letters from professionals and a recommendation from a trainer. For more details on how to apply, and for values of their many programs, visit their site here.

    James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation

    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Certificate Series on ...

    Overview: Junior Fellowships are offered to high-achieving college seniors and college graduates who plan to earn a masters degree to become secondary school teachers of American history, American government, or civics.

    Key criteria: To be eligible, students must be a U.S. citizen, plan to become a teacher and teach topics on the Constitution in grades 7-12. They must also obtain a bachelors degree by August 31 of the year in which they are applying.

    Award information: Up to $24,000 total

    How to apply: Register online, complete the application, upload your transcripts, and submit recommendations online. The application deadline is March 1.

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    Charles Butt Scholarship For Aspiring Teachers

    Overview: Facilitated by the Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation, this scholarship program provides yearly funding and ongoing training and mentorship. About 100 scholarships will be offered the first year.

    Key criteria: Students must be enrolled full-time in EC-6 ESL/Generalist Certification, Bilingual Certification, Special Education Certification, UTeach Urban Teachers Social Studies, or UTeach Urban Teachers English. They must also have shown leadership skills and strong academic achievement and be committed to serving high-needs Texas public schools upon graduation.

    Award information: $8,000 in annual funding for up to four years

    How to apply: Incoming freshman are automatically considered for the scholarship based on information from the ApplyTexas application. Current students should apply online.

    Larry Graham Aspiring Principal Scholarship

    Offered by the Alaska Association of Secondary Principals it is named after a former School Principal who did much during his life to promote the importance of having qualified, dedicated people in the role. Applicants must already be enrolled on the Alaska Type B Administrative Certificate to be eligible to apply for this $1,500 scholarship. Applicants must also supply a personal statement on why they wish to become a school principal. For more details, go here.

    Deadline: early October

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    Catherine W Pierce Scholarship

    One of the many United Negro College Fund scholarships, this $5,000 value scholarship is for black students of history, American Studies, art and other social sciences such as anthropology. Students must be enrolled at an accredited university and studying a four-year course. Application should be supported by an academic transcript. For further details, visit the website here.

    GPA: 2.5Deadline: Usually late June

    Edwyna Wheadon Training Scholarship Fund

    IOP Teacher Training Scholarships 2015

    It can be difficult to get funding for a postgraduate course, and teaching English is no exception. For those who wish to advance in their career to study a master’s or other post-grad course, the EWTSF offers $500-1,000 annually to one applicant. Set up in honor of a woman who did much in her career to encourage advanced training for English teachers in her native Houston. The money goes directly to the institution. You must already be an English teacher at a publicly funded education establishment in order to apply, and be a member of the NCTE . For further information, please visit the Edwyna Wheadon Scholarship Fund page here.

    Deadline: 31st January

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    Math For America Fellowship

    MfA is one the country’s largest math teaching organizations. Their mission is to help make teaching a viable, rewarding, and respected career choice for the best minds in science and mathematics. Currently, there are three fellowship opportunities offered through MfA. The fellowships are for new and experienced math and science teachers and leaders. For more details, visit MfA.

    Gi Bill Benefits For Test Fees

    The Texas Workforce Commission has approved the State Board for Educator Certification to allow veterans and other eligible persons to receive reimbursement for the cost of certification tests. This approval has been made effective, retroactively, as of March 1, 2001.

    The veteran or other eligible person must submit two forms to the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Regional Office, in Muskogee, OK.

    • Application for Licensing and Certification Testing Fee Reimbursement
    • VA Form 22-1990- Application for VA Education Benefits or VA Form 22-5490- Application for Survivor’s and Dependents Educational Assistance

    To obtain these forms and further information contact the Texas Workforce Commission Veterans Education office at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 463-3168.

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    Nctm Equity In Mathematics Grant

    If you’re already a middle school teacher, then you may wish to apply for this $8,000 grant to help improve math standards. The class must have been recorded as underachieving in grades 6-8 and can be for an individual teacher or a group of teachers wishing to improve standards in their school. Applicants must be a full member of the NCTM and will be required to write a 2,000 word proposal in order to be considered. All activities to improve math standards in the class or school should aim to be completed within one year. For further details, visit their website

    Middle School Teacher Scholarships


    The importance of middle school should not be underestimated. This is where children will begin to understand their academic strengths and weaknesses. A middle school teacher’s job is to encourage and aid them to make the best of their strengths and weaknesses. Here they will develop social skills as well as begin the basics of subjects they will go on to study in greater depth at high school. Becoming a middle school teacher is an honorable choice.

    Learn more about becoming a middle school teacher. Many middle school teacher fist seek to earn a Secondary Education Degree, Bachelor’s in Education, or even go on to earn their Master’s in Education Degree.

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    Study Skills Valued In A Corporate Setting

    Corporate and military trainers can directly apply the experience and skills developed through these programs to the dynamic performance improvement needs in their organizations. We teach you how to create engaging learning experiences by thinking beyond the simple delivery of training content. Our course work goes beyond ADDIE to prepare our graduates to enrich learning environments with educational technology.

    Learn core skills including design of learning management systems, implementation of mobile technologies for learning, design of informal learning experiences, intentional engagement of social learning experiences, and the implementation of technology-enhanced learning. We prepare our graduates for critical analysis of their educational and training programs, especially using cost-benefit and ROI analyses, audience analysis, and task analysis to guide the customization of their design work for specific content, audiences, and contexts.

    High School Teacher Scholarships

    High school teaching is one of the most essential careers that anybody coming out of the college system can consider. Most roles require only an undergraduate degree, but if you wish to further your career with a higher pay scale and more responsibility, you should consider further study. The following list highlights some of the best scholarships and grants to anybody looking to enter into a career in high school education.

    Learn more about becoming a high school teacher. Most high school teachers earn a degree in Secondary Education, Education, or even go on to earn a Master’s Degree in Education.

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    Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans

    Organization: Paul & Daisy Soros Charitable TrustAvailability: Supports the graduate educations of 30 new Americans permanent residents or naturalized citizens if born abroad otherwise children of naturalized citizen parents each year. Must be college seniors or early in the graduate programs for which they request support. Each fellow receives tuition and living expenses that can total as much as $90,000 over two academic years.

    Samuel Eliot Morison Naval History Scholarship

    Noyce Scholarship Program at Vanderbilt Peabody College

    This $5,000 scholarship is available only to full commissioned naval officers who wish to retrain to teaching naval history in an American school. This niche area is important to understanding America’s maritime history, particularly of its military. The Officer must already have a degree and be actively studying or pursuing further education such as a Master’s Degree. A copy of the university transcript is required, as is a 500 word supporting statement. To see the full terms and to apply, visit the Naval History and Heritage page here.

    Deadline: end of April every year

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