Scholarships For Students With Learning Disabilities

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Getting Help With Your Scholarship And Financial Aid Forms

DeSantis seeks more funding for scholarships to students with disabilities

Filling out financial aid forms can be a long and complicated process. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help students with disabilities and their families make sure applications are understood and filled out correctly.


Sometimes financial aid forms can be easier with this tool, which allows students or parents to download their information from the IRS and insert it automatically into online forms.

In Your Area

Organizations, especially on the local level, are often happy to help students and parents who are trying to understand their financial aid forms.

These professionals are trained to help students figure out their best options for college, and they have a great deal of experience with financial aid forms.

Some charitable groups offer weekend sessions to help students figure out where to go for financial aid, how to fill out forms and more. Get in touch with a local college or university to learn where these might be available.

Learning Disabilities Association Of Arkansas

The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas encourages academic and personal success in individuals with learning disabilities. The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas provides parent and professional outreach, resources for parents and students, information and studies pertaining to learning disabilities. The Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas also heads two programs: the Healthy Children Project and Project TENDR. The Healthy Children Project is designed to raise awareness about the environmental factors that influence the development of learning disabilities. Project TENDR released a national press release, demanding the reduction of toxic exposures that are linked to neurodevelopmental disorders in children. In addition to the public awareness and advocacy, the Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas provides scholarship opportunities for individuals diagnosed with learning disabilities.

Three learning disability scholarships are offered to Arkansas residents only. Applicants must be diagnosed with a learning disability, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia. The recipient must be enrolled at a 2-year or 4-year school. Students in vocational or technical training programs are also permitted to apply. The award is paid to the awardee in two parts: $1250 for the fall semester and $1250 for the spring semester.

Scholarships For Students With Disabilities In Canada

Adam Griffiths – February 4th, 2022

If you are a student with a disability, there are many scholarships in Canada to help you succeed! Ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, these scholarships will help you accomplish your post-secondary goals. Heres our list of the top 10 scholarships for students with disabilities in Canada!

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Abc Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Scholarship

Amount: $1,000Deadline: July 31, 2022Eligibility limitations: Future or current undergraduate/graduate student 3.0 minimum GPA has cerebral palsy not a ABC Law Centers client

About: Applicants prepare a project expressing their relationship with cerebral palsy. They may submit an essay, multimedia presentation, video, or performance piece.

Federal Student Aid Programs

22 Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education provides billions of dollars of federal aid each year. This goes to students pursuing higher education. Grants and scholarships are free. But you have to repay loans. These are examples of federal aid programs:

  • Federal Pell Grants are for undergraduates.
  • Federal Stafford Loans are based on financial need and have variable interest rates. The government pays the interest on the loan while your child is in school.
  • Federal PLUS Loans are made to the parents. These have variable interest rates.
  • Campus-based programs are managed by participating schools. They include federal supplemental educational opportunity grants, federal work-study, and Perkins loans.

Before your teen applies to any of these programs, check to see if the college participates. You can get more information by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243.

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The Importance Of Financial Aid For Students With Disabilities

Almost all students need help in paying for college. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that about 85 percent of students attending college sought federal financial aid to help cover costs during 2012-2013. As the cost of tuition continues to rise, that number is likely to go up. Here are a few reasons financial aid is particularly important for students with disabilities.

National Federation Of The Blind Scholarships

Amount: $3,000-$12,000Deadline: March 31, 2023Eligibility limitations: Current or future student at postsecondary institution legally blind in both eyes at least 18

About: The NFB awards thirty scholarships of varying amounts. All finalists must attend the NFB conference to receive mentorship and support. They receive financial aid to cover attendance costs.

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What Kinds Of Scholarships Can You Get With A Disability

Students with disabilities have access to a variety of awards. Some awards provide relatively open access for specialized disability groups, while others require academic achievements, memberships with certain groups or organizations, or entry into a specific school. Scholarship amounts also vary widely.

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Top Easy Scholarships Of September 2022

GVSU scholarship supports students with disabilities

Easy scholarship open to any student who creates a Scholarships360 account!

$2,000 Nitro College Scholarship No Essay

Open to high school, college, community and graduate students

Niche $50,000 No Essay Scholarship

Open to high school and college students

$25,000 Be Bold No-Essay Scholarship

Open to all high school, college, and graduate students

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Guide To Learning Disabilities Scholarships

  • Guide to Learning Disabilities Scholarships

College can be difficult to get through at the best of times, with difficult coursework expected to be done at breakneck speed. The challenge is multiplied if the student is already coping with a learning disability.

An increasing number of students have to deal with learning disabilities. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 11% of undergraduate students have a learning disability. So, if more than 20 million students enter college in a given semester, more than 200,000 are coping with learning disabilities.

Common learning disabilities include:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Characterized by poor concentration or hyperactivity
  • Auditory processing disorder : Characterized by the struggle to understand what is heard due to a disconnect between the ears and brain
  • Dyscalculia: Trouble making math calculations
  • Dysgraphia: Inability to write coherently because of brain disease or damage
  • Dyslexia: Makes it difficult in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols
  • Visual processing disorder : Trouble processing visual information

Unfortunately, while students often get help for learning disorders in high school, they are more reluctant to disclose their conditions in college or university. While 94% of high school students with learning disabilities get some kind of help, only 17% of learning-disabled college students do.

Dr E Bruce Hendrick Scholarship

The Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick Scholarship provides scholarships for students with disabilities, primarily those who have been diagnosed with spina bifida or hydrocephalus. The goal is to encourage students with these two conditions to pursue their education and become independent and productive adults who are responsible for their own future. The disability scholarships can be used at any technical/trade school or accredited college/university. Career institutes and schools of business are also acceptable. The number of scholarships and their overall amounts will change from year to year. Scholarships are for one year only. The deadline to submit an application is April 30.

Hydrocephalus Canada is an organization dedicated to helping individuals with hydrocephalus and spina bifida have as normal a life as possible. Increasing awareness and improving the quality of life of individuals with these two disorders is of the utmost importance. By providing these scholarships for students with disabilities, Hydrocephalus Canada hopes to provide opportunities to students who wish to pursue their education and make a better life for themselves and their families.

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Carol Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship And The Doreen Kronick Scholarship

The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada no longer offers the Carole Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship. However, the Doreen Kronick Scholarship is still available to post-secondary students with learning disabilities who are enrolled in full-time or part-time study programs. The amount of this award is $1,000.

The Doreen Kronick Scholarship may be awarded to a person who is pursuing a program of graduate study in a university that will assist learning disabled students. Applications are reviewed according to the following criteria: the students future educational program leading towards assisting persons with learning disabilities the submission of a satisfactory academic record the students contribution to his or her community and to campus life.

To apply, you must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Recipients of this scholarship will not be eligible to reapply for three years.

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 30th each year. Send your application to:

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada2-851 Industrial Ave., Ottawa, ON, K1G 4L3Tel: 238-5721

Can A Disabled Person Go To College For Free

12 Scholarships Providing Accessible Education to Students with ...

There are many opportunities available for disabled people to lessen the burden of their college expenses. Because disabled people face unique challenges in their college education, many organizations have set aside funds to help mitigate those challenges. This list contains many opportunities for people with learning disabilities to reduce the cost of their education.

You can learn more about scholarships for disabled students with our top disabled scholarship list.

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Other General Scholarships And Awards

States also offer grants and loans. You can learn more through the high school guidance counselor or the college financial aid office.

A wide range of other sources may offer aid. Some target a students specific achievements, interests, or background. Dont forget to check opportunities like these:

  • Your employer
  • Local organizations, like labor unions or the Elks Club
  • Religious groups
  • Chamber of Commerce

All students interested in financial aid need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be eligible. You can also contact the colleges financial aid office. Many schools offer grants, loans, and scholarships. Separate funding also might be available from college academic departments.

Adhd Is A Learning Disability: Find Scholarships For Ld Students

College-bound students who have been diagnosed with ADHD face many challenges. In addition to overcoming a learning disability that makes concentration, problem-solving and impulse control difficult, they face the common obstacle of paying for their post-secondary education. Students with ADHD, or other learning disabilities, can find many scholarship and grant programs dedicated to helping them achieve their goals of a college education.

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Organization For Autism Research Scholarships

Amount: $3,000 Deadline: May 2, 2022Eligibility limitations: Full-time enrollee in an undergraduate, vocational, or life skills program autism diagnosis

About: OAR offers three awards: Schwallie Family Scholarship, Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship, and Synchrony Scholarship for Autistic Students of Color. Applicants should prepare letters of recommendation and an essay response.

Dream Institute Heap Scholar Award Scholarship

The John McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

The DREAM Institute aims to boost the educational experience of individuals with disabilities. The DREAM Institutes promotes a successful higher educational in three ways. The DREAM Institute provides academic mentorship, academic assistance , and learning disability scholarships. The institute is a non-profit charitable organization founded by Kristy Long. Long founded the institute after battling with her own disabilities. The DREAM Institute also provides academic mentoring to further the academic success of individuals with disabilities. Academic mentors can include guidance counselors, professors, and even alumni from the DREAM Institute.

The DREAM Institute covers the Higher Education Assistance Program . This program offers the HEAP Scholar Award to eligible students in Oklahoma. Besides a monetary award, the scholarship also includes the academic assistance and an orientation workshop. During the workshop, students will develop skills that will further boost their success. This includes study skills, career assessments, and more.

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Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Fund

Summary: Based on educational achievement, leadership and financial need.Eligibility: For high school seniors with cystic fibrosis planning to attend an undergraduate college, university, or vocational school. Must be diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.Amount: $1,000 per year How to Apply: See web site for more information.Address:

Fred J Epstein Youth Achievement Awards

Each year, Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities recognizes students with learning challenges from across the country who have achieved great success. The Fred J. Epstein Youth Achievement Awards celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of young people with learning disabilities and ADHD who have done amazing things, making a lasting impact on their schools and communities.

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Scholarships Available For Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Delaware

Amount: $1,000

This scholarship is designed for adults with autism who have been accepted to a post-secondary program. The application calls for a cover letter, resume, high school transcript or proof of GED, an explanation of your support system, a letter of recommendation from your school as well as from a teacher or other school official.

Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

For this scholarship, they are looking for high-achieving students who either have a diagnosed form of autism, or a close family member of someone with autism. Applicants must either be enrolled or accepted at an accredited university for an undergraduate or postgraduate program.

Kelly Law Team Autism Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Two scholarships are awarded every year to autistic students seeking higher education. The application process includes writing an inspirational essay/stories describing how the scholarship will benefit their post-secondary education. These essays/stories are posted on the Kelly Law Team website and the scholarship winners are chosen based on which stories receive the most positive attention.

KFM Making a Difference

Amount: $500

This scholarship was made possible by Kerry Magro, an autistic scholar and motivational speaker who advocates for those with disabilities. Only one award is granted annually, but the competition for this scholarship is known to be average. The application process often includes writing essays.

Amount: $3,000

What Are Some Disabilities That Have Special Scholarships

25 Great Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities â Top Ten ...

Practically every named disability has a scholarship, grant, or other opportunity associated with it. Students who search for these scholarships can narrow the lists down by specific disabilities. Some examples of disabilities with special scholarships include:

Autoimmune disease scholarships exist to help applicants and students meet the challenge of attending school while dealing with their specific illness. As there are many types of autoimmune diseases, applicants should also consider looking for autoimmune disease scholarships by the name of the specific disease as well.

For example, Lupus, MS, Psoriasis, and Graves disease are all very different types of illnesses. Some scholarships or grants may only go towards people with a specific illness. For example, applicants can look for things like:

  • Crohns disease scholarships
  • Cerebral palsy scholarships
  • Chronic pain scholarships

Applicants can also go as far as looking for scholarships by drilling down to very specific ailments. For example, arthritis scholarships or chronic pain scholarships are out there, but there are various types of arthritis and chronic pain can stem from any of several illnesses.

Examples here focused on illnesses, but these tips for finding scholarships apply to every type of disability, whether theyre physical, psychological, genetic, or anything else. For example, applicants with mobility issues can look for scholarship opportunities specifically for those with that condition.

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How Much You Could Receive

Until the end of the 2022 to 2023 school year, you could receive $4,000 per year. You can get this grant for each year of your studies as long as you still qualify. The school year runs from August 1 to July 31.

The amount of the grant remains the same regardless of your assessed need. This could reduce or replace the need for a student loan.

Aahd Frederick J Krause Scholarship On Health And Disability

The American Association on Health and Disability works to establish equality between people with disabilities and the general public. As a result, there mission is to advance health promotion and wellness initiatives for children and adults with disabilities. The AAHD accomplishes these goals by curating the AAHD Health Promotion Resource Center, representing people with disabilities in national events, sharing current research with the public, and providing technical assistance to academic schools and institutions. The AAHD promotes health and wellness in all people with disabilities by identifying effective intervention strategies to lessen health disparities between the general public and people with disabilities.

The AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability offers a scholarship one time per year to deserving students. To quality, a student with a disability must be enrolled as sophomore in college. He or she must pursuing undergraduate/graduate studies in a field pertaining to health and disability. The committee is limited to awarding $1000.00, but the committee has the freedom to determine how many students are awarded a scholarship and how the $1000.00 is divided. Four students received the scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Top 37 Scholarships For Disabled Students In September 2022

If you are a student with disAbilities, as we like to say, you landed in the right place! As the list below demonstrates, there are many scholarships for disabled students, both physical and mental in nature. Our list also includes scholarships for certain inflammatory diseases and cancer. Some of these scholarships for disabled students require documentation, so give yourself ample time to complete the applications!

Gemm Learning Dyslexia/auditory Processing Disorder Scholarship

The John McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

For eight consecutive years, Gemm Learning has made an undergraduate scholarship available to students with dyslexia and/or auditory processing disorder who will be attending college or university in the U.S. or Canada.

To apply, send an educational or inspirational essay on Living With Dyslexia or Living With Auditory Processing Disorder. Winners receive $1,000 and are published on the organizations blog.

Google has partnered with Lime Connect, a nonprofit organization that supports students with disabilities as they pursue education and promising careers, including helping university students with disabilities work toward their academic goals in the field of computer science.

Selected students will receive $10,000 and be invited to attend the Google Scholars Retreat.

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