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Nursing Scholarships And Grants

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Nursing is one of the most prominent professions and the demand for nurses is increasing day by day. Though nursing is a wonderful profession, an education or program in nursing is costly. But with the help of generous scholarships from universities, colleges and organizations, women can pursue a baccalaureate or an advance degree in nursing.

Below is the list of some of the nursing scholarships and grants that are available:

The Hispanic Health Professional Student Scholarship

  • Applicants are not required to be Hispanic, but an âaffinity for the health of Hispanic communities and an interest in participating in NHHF Scholars Alumni activities is requiredâ
  • In addition, applicants must be premier members of the National Hispanic Medical Association and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • U.S. permanent residents, citizens, and DACA recipients are eligible

Usa Medical And Surgical Scholarship Program

The USA Medical and Surgical Scholarship Program is open to college and university students studying one of the following:

  • emergency medical services
  • other health related disciplines

To apply, you must write an essay on how medical supplies or medical equipment has the biggest impact on healing, improving, or extending human lives. The winner will receive $1,000 to help with their educational fees and expenses.

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The United Negro College Fund

The United Negro College Fund offers a number of scholarships, grants, and fellowships to African American students attending universities all over the country. Applicants must be of African American descent and have strong academics in order to be considered for funding.

There are different programs for different types of majors, but the fellowship and the UNCF/Merck Science Initiative both provide grants for students studying science and medicine. All applicants must submit a completed application, transcripts, test scores, and recommendations to be considered. The application materials are available on their website.

Office Of Critical Infrastructure Protection And Emergency Preparedness Fellowship In Honor Of Stuart Nesbitt White

Clinical Internship through Modern Technology School

This $19,250 scholarship is available to students of Canadian citizenship that are pursuing a doctorate in health administration or business administration. Concentrations of study should be in one of the following: social science, economics, health administration, disaster and emergency studies, systems science, urban and regional planning or risk analysis/management. This scholarship may be renewed twice.

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Lehigh County Medical Auxiliarys Scholarship And Education Fund Scholarship

The LeCoMASE Fund Scholarship, administered by the Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, is for the medical students residing in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. A $2,500 scholarship is awarded to a qualified medical student.

The applicants eligible for this scholarship must be:

  • A United States citizen.
  • A Pennsylvania resident from Lehigh County for a period of at least 12 months, before registering as a medical student.
  • The candidate must be enrolled in an accredited United States medical school full-time.
  • The applicant must submit:

    • Scholarship application form fully completed.
    • Two reference letters describing the applicants skills and potential as a future physician a letter from the applicants medical school, showing evidence of his/her full-time enrollment at their institution as a medical student.
    • A one-page essay addressing his/her expectations and goals in medicine.

    Visit to download the scholarship application and for further information, contact the Foundation at 558-7854, or email .

    The Daughters Of The American Revolution

    The Daughters of the American Revolution offers a couple of different grant and scholarship programs to female members of the organization.

    The Alice W. Rooke Scholarship program offers between $5,000-$20,000 depending on the amount of funding available that year. This program is designed to provide funding for students that have been accepted to an accredited medical school.

    All applicants must already be members of the DAR organization and they must complete an application, submit transcripts and recommendations. Their application is available on their website.

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    Are There Scholarships For Pre Med Students

    Yes, there are scholarships for premed students. Eligible applicants may need to complete the FAFSA, have qualified SAT/ACT scores, above average GPA and references. Some of these scholarships may be available to new first year students pursuing a bachelors degree in a health focused major.

    You may find pre med scholarships from accredited colleges with healthcare programs. For example, Latino and Hispanic students at the University of Texas at Austin might apply for the .

    Make sure to also check organizations that offer financial assistance to students in STEM fields. The is for high achieving graduates of Albuquerque High School. Eligible applicants must plan to major in science, tech, engineering or math. You also need a 3.6 GPA or above.

    Why Consider Applying For A Scholarship

    FAU medical students awarded scholarships

    Health care jobs are some of the fastest growing in the nation. Healthcare scholarship may help pay for your college expenses like tuition, room and board, fees and more. About 4.11 million people work in allied health and health sciences today. About 1.9 million new opportunities are on the horizon for 2028.

    To launch or advance a career in these fields, you often need a college degree. Some support roles call for an associate degree. While more technical ones, a bachelors, masters or doctorate is needed.

    Tuition for these degrees varies by level, program and school. At last check, the cost of a public college was $6,428. Its about $28,780 for an out of state private school.

    That said, many jobs in health care are lucrative. Average salaries are $74,141 and on the rise by 1.56%.

    As such, it may be a perfect moment to look for a scholarship. You do not need to pay scholarship money back if you abide by the terms. And some may yield more than money for tuition.

    The offers scholarships of this nature. Recipients also train as research employees. Then serve for one year of fulltime work for each year of their award.

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    Can You Get A Grant For Being A Woman

    Women and men alike are eligible for government grants such as the Pell Grant, as long as they are citizens or eligible noncitizens. And, although they are scholarships rather than grants, you can apply to the scholarships on this page to help fund your education. These opportunities are meant exclusively for women.

    The American Association Of University Women Selected Professions Fellowship

    The American Association of University Women has a Selected Professions Fellowship for women to pursue education in fields where women have been traditionally underrepresented. All applicants must be US citizens or residents and they must attend an accredited US institution.

    The Selected Professions Fellowship includes a number of fields such as architecture, engineering, computer sciences, and mathematics, but it actually extends to business, law, and medicine for female students of color. This means that females that are African American, Hispanic, or Native American are eligible to use the fellowship to cover the costs of medical school.

    The program typically provides grants of $5,000-$18,000 depending on the needs of the student and the amount of funding available. The program only provides funding for 3rd- and 4th-year medical school students, so it cannot cover the cost of their studies completely.

    The AAUW has their application available online, but students must register on their website and complete an eligibility quiz before they can gain full access to the application. The application also requires recommendations and transcripts.

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    How Can I Pay For Nursing School With No Money

    Start by trying for scholarships and grants, as these funds will not need to be paid back. In addition to scholarships, several government assistance programs exist to help nursing students achieve their goals. You might also try fellowships, loan forgiveness programs, work-study or working through school, employer assistance, or even military or travel nursing.

    Private Scholarship Sources For Health Sciences

    Four Faculty of Medicine &  Dentistry students are awarded Vanier Canada ...

    Depending on the desired field of study, students will find a wide array of scholarship opportunities available through the private sector. Professional associations and organizations provide a large number of scholarship, grant and loan repayment programs designed to help integrate young health sciences students into the professional community.

    Consider the following examples:

    • The American Medical Association sponsors a large number of scholarship and grants for students at all levels of their medical training. TheAMA Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, the Arthur N. Wilson, MD, Scholarship and the AMA Minority Scholars Award are only a few of the financial aid programs made available by the American Medical Association.
    • The National Student Nurses Association sponsors a number of financial aid programs for student members including the Promise of Nursing Scholarship and the .
    • The American Dental Association offers both a scholarship and a loan repayment program for students pursuing degrees in dentistry. The ADA Foundation Scholarship and the Dental Student Loan Repayment Program are available to students pursuing a career as a dentist, dental hygienist or Dental Lab Technician.

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    Albuquerque Community Foundation Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program


    -Must have strong skills in math and/or science

    -Must plan to become a full-time student at a college or university

    -Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

    -Must have an ACT composite of 30 or an SAT of 680

    -Must have career goals related to math or science

    -Must have a letter of reference from a math or science professor

    The Woodcock Family Education Scholarship Program is open to students who prove exceptional skills and interest in math or science-related fields. High school students who are graduating from an Albuquerque metro area school are eligible to apply. Metro area schools include:

    • Torrance Counties

    Up to three scholarship awards of $10,000 will be dispersed and will be payable over four years. The deadline to apply is April 2nd, 2020.

    Us Army Health Professions Scholarship Program


    -Must be enrolled in an accredited American university

    -Must be pursuing a health-related program

    -Must be a citizen of the U.S.

    -Must be a full-time student

    The Health Professions Scholarship provides full-tuition for four years and covers the cost of books, equipment, and other miscellaneous fees. Students will receive a $2,300+ stipend as well as a $20,000 bonus. Salary increases as ranks are accommodated. Studies related to dental, medical, psychiatric nursing and psychology are just a few of the eligible programs.

    -Must be a licensed RN nurse

    -Must be pursuing a masters or doctoral degree

    -Must show proof of previous experience

    The WOCN Foundation Scholarship presents prospective recipients with awards twice a year. Students should submit three letters of recommendation and be active members of the WOCN society to be considered. The deadlines for applications are May 1st and November 1st.

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    Scholarships For Medical Students 2023

    Students pursuing education in the medical field such as MBBS, nursing, Dental and pharma courses can apply online under the Scholarships For Medical Students for getting financial assistance in the form of scholarships. Students will be able to continue their education in the medical field after getting the scholarship amount.

    Various subsidiary scholarship initiatives have been launched under the Scholarships For Medical Students covering 20 main kinds of beneficiaries so that they will be able to avail the scholarship benefits after applying to this scholarship scheme. Students will be offered various degrees for getting admission such as MBBS, Dental and Pharma Courses, etc.

    About Medical School Scholarships

    Tuition Free: Full-tuition MD Scholarships at NYU School of Medicine

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and physicians have become even more crucial. With the need for more healthcare professionals in every hospital across America and around the world, it is crucial that medical students are not deterred from completing their degree or entering the field.

    Because of the rise in prices and the competitiveness involved with medical school, it can be easy for students to get discouraged. Because of the rise in applicants, medical school has become even more competitive in the past few years.

    In 2010, 43.6% of medical school applicants matriculated. Ten years later in 2020, 40.9% of applicants matriculated. After the pandemic in 2020, more than two dozen schools reported a 25 percent increase in applicants. This makes it incredibly difficult for medical schools to effectively choose who they should include in their programs.

    Because of this, many students apply multiple times. In the last 4 years, from 2017 to 2020, between 36% and 38% of applicants were repeat applicants.

    In addition to being competitive, medical school is also costly. Since 2013, the cost of medical school education has risen by almost $1,500 every year. Currently, the average yearly cost of medical school is $54,698, although this price can change depending on whether you go to a public or private college. Per year, the average cost of a public medical school is $49,842 while private medical schools average about $59,555.

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    Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship Program

    The Gallagher Koster Health Careers Scholarship Program has been providing financial assistance to outstanding students who want to pursue their health-related careers. Five scholarships of $5,000 will be awarded to the selected candidates.


  • The program is open to full-time undergraduate students entering their junior and senior year of study.
  • If students are not in a four-year program, they are eligible for the scholarship when they enter either their second-to-last year or final year of their undergraduate study in the upcoming fall.
  • The scholarship is not open to graduate students, high school students or first-year undergraduates.
  • The student should be enrolled in a program related to a career in health care in an accredited institution. Some of the qualifying degree programs include public/community health, dentistry, pre-medicine, psychology, nursing, social work, physical therapy, chemistry, optometry, occupational therapy, biology and pharmacy.
  • The applicant must demonstrate financial need.
  • The student must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • International students are also eligible for the scholarship program if they are attending a U.S. university or college.
  • A student is eligible to receive the award for no more than two academic years.
  • The applicant must mail the following documents to Gallagher KosterAttn: Scholarship, 500 Victory Road, Quincy MA 02171:

    Lone Star Caucus Medical Student Scholarship

    Scholarship applications accepted January through April.

    • Available annually to third- and fourth-year medical students attending any Texas medical school.
    • Exhibit outstanding academic achievements and strong leadership skills.
    • Demonstrate interest in serving medically underserved populations in Texas.

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    Herbert W Nickens Student Scholarships

    The Herbert W. Nickens Student Scholarships is a scholarship program awarded by the AAMC. The $5,000 scholarship is given out to five third-year medical students who are committed to serving minorities.

    The scholarship is named after Herbert W. Nickens, who was the director of the AAMCs division of community and minority programs. Nickens goal was to make medical school more accessible for minority students.

    You have to be nominated for this award before you can apply. In addition, youll need to submit a letter of recommendation and your personal statement with your application.

    Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship Program

    2 Wayne School Of Engineering Seniors Earn Prestigious Scholarships ...


    -Must be a citizen of the United States

    -Must be a resident of the state of Kentucky

    -Must practice in a qualifying field for at least one year in Kentucky

    -Must repay the interest of the scholarship if the program is not completed

    The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Osteopathic Medicine Scholarship is open to students who are pursuing a degree from the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine and the University of Pikeville. The award amount is derived from the difference in the tuition charge for in-state Kentucky medical schools and the amount charged at the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine. For an application, contact the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicines financial aid office.

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    Occupational/physical Therapy Scholarshipthe Award: $2000

    Provided by the Daughters of the American Revolution, this Occupational/Physical Therapy Scholarship is awarded to two students who have been accepted to an accredited school of occupational therapy. DAR chapter sponsorship isn’t required, and you can find all the application details right through that link.

    The Mae & Mary Legacy Foundation Inc


    -Must identify as African American

    -Must be a high school senior preparing to graduate

    -Must be a U.S. citizen

    -Must be planning to attend a two or four-year university or technical institution

    The Mae & Mary Legacy Foundation scholarship is rewarded to students who are in excellent academic standing. Students who are planning to pursue a career in health care are eligible to apply. Those who have inspiring, creative ideas and are also ambitious should acknowledge those traits in their personal essay. Applications open on January 1st and close on April 30th.

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    List Of Covered Scholarships

    The list of covered scholarships are as follows:-

    Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test Bharati Scheme for Education Vijayalakshmi R.L. Jalappa Scholarship Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa Janakalyana Trusts Scholarship Program
    Vahani Scholarship Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation Scholarship HDFC Educational Crisis Scholarship Combined Counselling Board Scholarship
    Padala Charitable Trust Scholarship International Medical Scholarship Eligibility Test All India Pre-medical Scholarship Test All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination
    SHDF Scholarships Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship
    LOréal India Scholarship Sahu Jain Trust Loan Scholarship Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship

    The details of this subsidiary scholarships are as follows:-

    Combined Counselling Board Scholarship Combined Counselling Board , Delhi
    Padala Charitable Trust Scholarship
    International Medical Scholarship Eligibility Test American University of Barbados , School of Medicine
    All India Pre-medical Scholarship Test Brainztorm Technical Excellence Pvt. Ltd.
    All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination All India Youth Scholarship Entrance Examination
    Government of West Bengal
    Swami Dayanand Education Foundation
    Nishkam Sikh Welfare Council, New Delhi, Sikh Human Development Foundation, U.S.A.
    Bigyani Kanya Medha Britti Scholarship Jagadis Bose National Science Talent Search , Kolkata
    LOréal India Scholarship

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