Scholarships For Singers Not Majoring In Music

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Greater Than Gatsby Scholarship

How to Find Music Scholarships in 2021

How to Apply: Submit 3 photos demonstrating your best photography and write an essay of at least 500 words describing your interest in photography and the relation of photography to your chosen career or passion.Eligibility: Open to college-bound high school students and college students attending a U.S. college or university majoring in art, communications, English, film, fine arts, journalism, multimedia, photography, or visual arts.Amount: Two awards of $1,000Deadline: May 1, 2022Website:

What Are Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are financial awards that are given to students who are studying music. These can go to students who are non-performers like music education majors or music business majors, or they can be awarded to performance majors who are instrumentalists or vocalists.

They can also go to college students who attend college for performing arts, music composition, choral music, an arts training program, or any other varying degrees relating to arts and music.

Linfield University Music Participation Awards

Linfield University is gladly welcoming bright and self-motivated candidates who are interested in music for its Music Participation Awards. These awards are targeted toward allowing the department of music to recognize non-music majors/minors participating in departmental ensembles, including Concert Band, Choirs and Chamber Music. These awards are for those students who are not intending to major and minor in the field of music but have musical talent. These awards are renewable annually for up to eight semesters based on enrollment in a qualifying ensemble. First-year and transfer nonmajor/minor in music students will be considered for these awards.

Provided By: Linfield University

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Tips To Help You On Your Scholarship Journey

After deciding to focus on a fine arts degree during your college education, finding scholarships, and making sure you meet all the qualifications to win the scholarship award, you may be worried about the best way to apply.

Here are ten tips to help you win an art scholarship or even attend art schools as a college student.

  • Commit a specific period during your day to finding art scholarship opportunities or a scholarship program.
  • Ask your university or scholarship program for help making sure you meet all requirements needed
  • Check the local newspaper or creative writing magazines
  • Speak to the administration department at your top college choices and see if they have any opportunities for scholarships
  • Get a second opinion before you submit the essays for the scholarships having someone look over your report can be helpful
  • Look on the internet and search for scholarship opportunities
  • Apply for different scholarship opportunities, not just an art scholarship. A college student may be in a club or organization that offers various options, or specific art schools may have extracurricular activities for students to join that can lead to scholarship awards.
  • Reach out to your church and local community centers. They often have scholarships available
  • Arrange your portfolio based on the application requirements. If the application asks for you to submit baroque painting pieces, put those first in your portfolio
  • University Scholarships And Financial Aid

    Vocal Music Scholarships

    If you apply for financial aid through the University, you will learn about University scholarships and grants. Music scholarships, awarded by the School of Music and independent of University financial aid, are also available to talented freshmen and transfer students, based primarily on performance ability. Past musical achievement and academic success are also considered in this process.

    Note specific deadlines:

    March 1: MU priority deadline for receipt of FAFSA

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    Can You Use Pell Grants To Pay For Art School

    As long as your art school is an accredited undergraduate institution, you can use Pell Grants to pay for it! These provide up to $6,495 per year, as of the 2021-2022 school year. Thats a huge help when it comes time to pay tuition. Make sure to fill out the FAFSA on time to qualify for Pell Grants and other federal aid.

    Whats The Best Way To Apply For Art Scholarships

    Nowadays, its reasonably simple to apply for a scholarship award. Twenty years ago, students had to fill out long scholarships and paper applications, and the submissions were usually made through your school or the mail. Now it is pretty easy to log online, search for the scholarship of your dreams, and apply to the scholarship of your choice.

    Finding a scholarship is relatively easy, and you can find some that dont require much from you as far as qualifications are concerned. Whether you are looking for performing arts scholarships, a visual art scholarship, scholarships specifically for a graduate student, undergraduate student, or current college student, there are opportunities for everyone.

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    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship

    If youre a Black college student majoring in the performing arts, you might qualify for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Performing Arts Scholarship. Your interests can be general performing arts or music. Award winners receive a maximum of $3,000.

    To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

    • U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    • Full-time college student
    • Grade point average must be at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
    • Submit a resume, two letters of recommendation and a two-minute visual recording sample

    Applications are due in April of each year. For more information and to apply, visit the Congressional Black Caucus Foundations scholarship site.

    Check out our scholarship resources for other majors
    Nursing school

    Graduate Assistantships & Financial Aid

    How to Find & Win Full Ride Music Scholarships

    Assistantships are available to qualified, full-time graduate students in the School of Music. Applicants must be admitted to the program, have an outstanding academic record and present favorable recommendations.

    Masters and doctoral applicants will be considered for graduate assistantships as part of their application process. Assistantships provide tuition grants plus stipend and require approximately ten hours of work weekly.

    Musicology students are also eligible for the Michael M. Winesanker Scholarship, named for the late distinguished scholar who served the TCU School of Music for more than 40 years.

    The deadline for doctoral applications is December 1, and the deadline for masters applications is February 1.

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    Best Scholarships For Music Students To Apply For In 2022

    Pursuing a degree in college can be pretty costly. For college students pursuing music education, there may be additional charges like instrument repair and maintenance costs for instrumentalists or special tea for vocalists.

    One of the best ways graduating high school seniors can save money to achieve a college education is by looking into college scholarships, cash scholarships, or what scholarships are awarded to students offered by a college or university.

    Read on for our list of scholarships for music education students to help you get a head-start on that music education.

    Scholarship Resources For Music Students

    The following scholarship and grant opportunities are available to high school and college students involved in music education and music performance. They are provided here for the convenience of Tri-M Honor Society and NAfME Collegiate members. For more information on these scholarships, please visit the websites referenced. Know of a scholarship or opportunity that should be added to this list? E-mail . Join NAfME today.

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    When You Apply For Music Scholarships

    1. Check scholarship deadlines carefully. Make sure your application arrives before the deadline.

    2. Be sure to include all of the information requested. You will be considered based on the thoroughness of your application.

    3. Note that while some of these are small scholarships, several small scholarships can add up to a significant chunk of tuition costs.

    Jazz Education Network Scholarships

    ArtistWorks Classical Music Campus Announces Four $1,000 Cash ...

    Each year, the Jazz Education Network offers several music scholarships for high school and university students with an interest in and talent for jazz. You must be a JEN member to apply to any of the scholarships available. If you are not a member and are interested in joining, you can apply via the JEN website.

    Awards available include the highest-awarding David Baker Scholarship that pays out $3,000 to a university student who demonstrates talent, spirit and commitment to the field of jazz studies, according to the website. Other awards available include several $1,000 scholarships for university and high school students.

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    University Of South Carolina

    The School of Music at the University of South Carolina provides scholarships for about two-thirds of its majors. It is quite simple to apply: just audition to receive automatic consideration. If you are an out-of-state student and you receive a scholarship from the School of Music, that entitles you to a large reduction in your out-of-state tuition and fees, if your grades are satisfactory.

    When Will I Find Out If I Received A Scholarship

    The Music Department will notify scholarship recipients of the decision in March 2023. Depending on when the FAFSA is received, newly-accepted students will receive notice of UND’s comprehensive financial aid packages beginning in March.

    If you have any questions regarding your selected repertoire, you are encouraged to email the

    Music Department

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    Nordan Young Artist Award Scholarship

    The Nordan Young Artist Award is an exclusive scholarship, open to entering first-year vocalists, instrumentalists, and composers of superior talent, who have chosen to major in music. Nordan winners receive a four-year, full tuition award.

    A completed online Audition Request Application must be submitted to the School of Music by December 1. For the Nordan Scholarship Award, you are required to upload a preliminary pre-screening video performance when completing the online application. Specific repertoire requirements are linked on Step 4 for each division area found on the Undergraduate Student Admission page with specific instructions for the Nordan audition.

    Following screening, successful applicants will be notified December 20, 2022 by email and postal mail of their eligibility to perform during the on-campus auditions.

    Nordan auditions will be held at TCU on January 14, 2023. In-person auditions are preferred and highly recommended though exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.

    Nordan awardees in music will be considered for full tuition awards provided they submit the Free Application of Financial Student Aid and the CSS Profile by March 1, 2023. Visit the TCU Office of Financial Aid for more information.


    Isaac Chiang Percussion BME-Instrumental Concentration

    John Dubois Voice BM-Vocal Performance

    Andrew Vargas Piano BM-Piano Performance

    Best Music Scholarships To Apply To

    My Berklee Audition Story & How I Got My Scholarship

    There are various scholarships, such as full-tuition scholarships, an art scholarship, and a scholarship program for deserving students who need financial aid when it comes to being able to attend college or university. Read on for scholarships and scholarship resources to help you achieve that music education.

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    Are Art Scholarships Legit

    Yes! While finding scholarships online may lead to different sites, some of which may be illegitimate, scholarships to showcase talented artists, those pursuing an art major either through a college or university or trade school, to those seeking a career in graphic arts or art history, there are scholarships for everyone.

    University Of San Diego Usd Music Scholarship

    The University of San Diego is now inviting candidates to send their applications for its USD Music Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to help students bring out their music talent and achieve their full potential. All incoming and continuing music majors and non-majors who excel in performance, composition, education, or research in music history or culture. Applicants should exhibit the promise of making a strong contribution to the music department to get the best consideration. The award amount ranges $540 to $15,000. Each year, the university offers one to six USD music scholarships to students.

    Provided By: University of San DiegoAward: VariesApply Now

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    Top 74 Art Scholarships In October 2022

    Think that all the good scholarships are for academics, sports, or volunteering? Think again, creative artists! The following list is a drop in the old paint bucket, as there are as many scholarships as there are mediums of art. A few of the art scholarships require essays, some involve Duck Tape, and some ask for an artists portfolio, but all are worth a look.

    These scholarships for artists are also a great way to prove that your artistic skills stand out from the crowd!

    Jump ahead to:

    The famous French artist Henri Matisse once said that Creativity takes courage. Obviously, you already have the courage to create, so now take it a step further and apply for a few scholarships.

    Tips For Music Scholarships


    Weve been bombarded by requests for information about music scholarships from prospective music majors, parents, and current music undergrads.

    We understand how important and necessary financial assistance is to so many music students. Thats why we continue to work to find scholarship opportunities and other vital information that will support your search. But it will take work on your part, too.

    Heres what we suggest:

    1. Visit MajoringInMusic.coms Scholarships page. Its on the top navigation bar of every page of the website.

    • Read each entry and click on anything that could be even remotely relevant. Dont rule out anything until youve really looked at it closely.

    2. Look for all the music scholarships offered by the college you currently attend or are interested in attending.

    • Some of these are offered directly by the schools and youre considered for them when you apply and audition . These are typically merit-based.
    • Others are offered by foundations these you WILL need to apply for separately.

    3. Check out scholarships offered to students in your hometown and state.

    4. U.S. citizens: visit FAFSA for government-related financial aid.

    5. Click on all the links to articles and resources listed on the Scholarships page.

    7. Be METICULOUS about meeting deadlines. Dont wait until the last minute so that you can check to see if your applications for scholarships and other financial aid have been received.

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    Preparing Your Video Audition

    Although the current circumstances may not lend themselves to optimally showcase your talent, please dont worry. At the end of the day, we just want to hear you and get an idea of your abilities.

    Once your video is completed, upload it to your Application Status Portal, and well take it from there. If you have any questions at all, I am here to guide you through this process. Contact me anytime.

    Scholarships Available By Audition

    What music scholarships are available at Luther?

    The Weston Noble Music Scholarship, the Adolph Herseth Scholarship, the All-State Music Scholarship, and the Lutheran Summer Music Scholarship are all available to you as an incoming Luther College musician, regardless of your major. Click the links above to find more information about each of these scholarships.

    In addition, there are a variety of endowed scholarships awarded to upper class music majors who meet the eligibility conditions specified for each scholarship. Recipients of these scholarships are selected by the music faculty and the student financial aid office.

    Do you have to be a music major to get a music scholarship?

    No! Music scholarships are available to you if you are interested in participating in music at Luther College, regardless of your major. While at Luther on a music scholarship, you must be enrolled in applied lessons and a large music ensemble on your awarded instrument in order to receive the scholarship funds. Pianists and organists who do not participate in an ensemble have other options for fulfilling their ensemble requirement through collaborative piano opportunities.

    Can you receive music scholarships for multiple instruments?

    You can audition for the Weston Noble Music Scholarship on up to two instruments, but you may only accept a scholarship award on one instrument.

    How do I choose my audition repertoire?

    Will I be auditioning on stage in front of a committee?

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    Can I Get A Scholarship For Music Production

    Music production and audio engineering students have less scholarships available than some other fields, but they are certainly out there! The Audio Engineering Society has a great list of scholarship opportunities for audio engineering students in undergrad or graduate programs. Some are even offered by the society itself.

    Audio engineering students can also reach out to the institution they hope to attend, or even look into local scholarships as a way to fund their education.

    Can I Get Music Scholarships For All Types Of Music

    Music Scholarships (And How to Find Them)

    Yes! Whether youre making jazz, classical, rock, rap, or anything else, there are scholarships out there for you. Keep in mind, some scholarships are tailored towards students of a particular genre. So, it may be a good idea to seek out an opportunity that is meant for students of the specific type of music you make. That being said, there are opportunities for every type of music out there.

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    The 20 Best Scholarships For Artists To Apply For In 2022

    Many scholarships are available for eligible students, including college students and graduating high school seniors.

    Scholarships are essential because they offer students financial support. There are scholarships available for any students, including those who may be right- or left-handed, the first to attend college in their family, an athlete, chess player, or even pursuing a fine arts major in college, such as performing arts, creative writing, art school or even following a college degree at an accredited college or community college.

    For those pursuing an art education, there are art scholarships that high school seniors or college students can apply for. Applicants must be pursuing an art education, such as focusing on visual arts, fine arts, their artistic talent, performing arts, and much more that fall under the fine arts category.

    Whether you are about to finish high school or begin college, there are art scholarships for new or old college students every step of the way. Many art scholarships exist for high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students pursuing a fine arts degree.

    Below are the 20 best art scholarships to help art students and college students achieve higher education.

    This scholarship seeks to support first-generation Black, Indigenous, People of Color students who intend to pursue a career in the visual arts, like music or theater.

    • Award Amount: $2,525

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