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The Buckfire Law Scholarship

My Lupus Diagnosis | Living With Lupus as a Teen

This is a scholarship aimed at people living with a disability, disorder, chronic illness, and all kind of autoimmune health conditions. The Buckfire Law Scholarship is one of the scholarships for autoimmune diseases as it helps provide financial assistance to people afflicted with health issues and who want to further their education in a higher institution.

The scholarship is a $1,000 award and to win it you have to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States and enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in the U.S.
  • Have a diagnosed disability or ailment from a qualified physician.
  • Have completed at least one semester at your host institution.

Outstanding Community Leadership Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships for autoimmune diseases provided by the ALL foundation, it is a $2,000 award designed to provide financial support for students suffering from an autoimmune disease but still want to further their education.

To receive this award, you have to be enrolled in an accredited university pursuing a bachelors degree program, be active in your community, have high academic standing, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Additionally, you will write an essay about your future goals, the services you have done at your church or community, and how receiving the scholarship will help you. And finally, submit your most recent transcript.

The application deadline is April 30, 2021

Expert Interview: Jason White

Jason White, author of The Medical Loophole: The Ultimate Guide to Medical-based Financial Aid, got first-hand experience with winning scholarships based on medical conditions after receiving funding for his undergraduate and law degrees because of his allergies and asthma. Since that time, he has helped dozens of students go to college for free, or at a reduced cost, based on a variety of medical conditions. He shares his experiences with us below.

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Buckfire & Buckfire Pc Disability Scholarship Program

The last scholarship on this list, Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. Disability Scholarship Program, is for any student suffering from disabilities or injuries, medical conditions, mental or psychiatric conditions, speech and language, learning disabilities, behavioral conditions, and all other conditions. This scholarship is open to students who have completed at least one semester of classes at an accredited College or University and are permanent residents of the U.S. You have to provide proof of medical history, an essay describing how you overcame adversity, and the most recent College Transcript. Visit the scholarship website from the link below for further details.

Provided by: Buckfire Law

Top Scholarships For Autoimmune Diseases

Sanguine Partners with Lupus Chick for Annual Scholarship

There are scholarships for autoimmune diseases, that is, people who are suffering from one autoimmune illness or another but still want to pursue higher education are provided scholarships to encourage them and help them offset their tuition fees.

A lot of people are living with illnesses, disabilities, disorders, and so on and these ailments have made their life different from normal people. Due to these ailments, they are limited to doing a lot of things that others could do, life, in general, isnt easy for them.

In a bid to make things much easier for individuals living with an ailment or disability, charity foundations, organizations, and so on have been set up to help and encourage them whichever way they can.

This includes financial aids which may come in form of scholarships to help them achieve their educational goals and moral support to keep them going in life.

Yes, many people suffering from one disease, disorder, or disability have career goals that can be achieved by attending a higher institution like a university, college, trading, or vocational schools. These people are special therefore have scholarships specifically designed to see them through their educational pursuit.

This article, however, provides details on scholarships for autoimmune diseases, that is, only people living with any autoimmune health condition can apply for the scholarships listed here.

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Anderson And Stowell Scholarshipby Bella Soul

The Anderson and Stowell Scholarship is for any student currently suffering from a physical ailment, physical disease, and physical disability and finding it hard to cope-up with education because of the expenses. Students who wish to apply must be enrolled as full or part-time students in Colleges or Universities of their choice, there are no GPA requirements, but your grades will be considered for this scholarship, so maintaining a good academic stand will be appreciated. Your proof of enrollment, reports of medical history are required at the time of application. For further details, visit the scholarship website from the link below.

Provided by: Bella Soul

Anthonys Legacy Of Love Foundation

The ALL foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in 2018 to help people suffering from an autoimmune disease. Since its inception in 2018, the organization has provided $18,200 in scholarship funds to college students who are suffering from an autoimmune disease.

The ALL foundation offers scholarships annually and once provides two scholarships for autoimmune diseases for this year. The scholarships are:

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Resources & Tools For Living With Epilepsy Diabetes & Other Chronic Conditions On Campus

Approximately half of all adults are affected by chronic conditions. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention reports 117 million Americans experience symptoms from at least one of these long-term illnesses, and a significant number of these are high school and college students. Thankfully, most can be managed with medication and healthy lifestyles, meaning even the perpetually busy student can enjoy their school experience while managing an illness. The following guide looks at the most common chronic conditions and provides tips on balancing health and happiness from both an expert and a student with insider knowledge on what it takes to succeed.

Chronic conditions explored in this guide include:

Other examples include :

Epilepsy at School

Neurology reports epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder, affecting seven out of every 1,000 people. Students with epilepsy face numerous challenges during college, but they don’t have to go it alone. Today’s campuses provide services and support systems for students with health conditions including shuttles, on-site pharmacies, special housing and accommodations. Students can also put measures in place to help themselves. The Epilepsy Foundation advises students to prioritize sleep, keep stress levels low, maintain a healthy diet, and ensure friends and family know about their condition and how to help in the event of a seizure.

Epilepsy Facts

Gary S Gilkeson Career Development Award

Local woman organizes walk to help people with lupus & fibromyalgia

Applications are currently closed

The Lupus Foundation of Americas Gary S. Gilkeson Career Development Award facilitates the professional development of current fellows , clinicians up to two years post-fellowship and/or within four years of Postdoctoral research in nephrology, rheumatology, or dermatology, in the U.S. or Canada. Their work should focus on the investigation of basic, clinical, translational, behavioral, or epidemiological lupus research.

  • Four grant awards of up to $70,000 each year for up to two years
  • Funding may be renewed for a second year depending on progress from year one
  • Applications must be submitted through the Fluxx online grants management system
  • Applicants must first complete an eligibility quiz and registration form at
  • Hard copies of applications will not be accepted.
  • Earliest award date is June 3rd

For full eligibility and application requirements, read the full RFA package.

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The Hannah Bernard Memorial Scholarship By The Coalition Against Paediatric Pain

The Hannah Bernard Memorial Scholarship is named after Hannah, who was a Lupus warrior, and fought her battle along with other diseases for 10 long years, and finally succumbed to it. In her memory, this scholarship is awarded to anyone fighting complex pain conditions, and at the same time, is pursuing their education. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship must be current High School or College students, and the winning participants will receive an amount of $600.

If you want to know more about Hannah, how she fought her battle until the last breath, and want to get inspired from her story, then you will find a small living history of hers on the scholarship page. The application dates for the year 2022 will be updated soon on the official website of CAPP.

Provided by: The Coalition Against Paediatric PainAmount: $600

I Had To Learn To Know My Limits I Had To Learn To Have Open Communication With My Professors And Let Them Know When I Would Have Good Or Bad Days

Whether online or in-person, college presents a high workload, new people, and new opportunities. Maintaining healthy eating habits can be hard.

When things get tough, remember to go easy on yourself. Give yourself room to try new things and to fail. Forgive yourself if a flare causes you to slip, and always take care of yourself, first. Plus, many schools offer accommodations to help people with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

If you are having trouble with financial aid, you can check out LIFE scholarship or College for lupus-specific scholarships. You can also learn more about financial aid and lupushere. What else can you do to make your college experience the best that it can be?

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Social Considerations For Students With Celiac

Students who must be vigilant about everything they put in their body can sometimes feel an added emotional pressure to blend in with their peers. Rather than worrying about others, here are some ways students can make sure they eat healthily without feeling like they are drawing attention to themselves:

  • If eating out, look at the restaurant’s menu online or call to learn about celiac-friendly options.
  • If attending a dinner party, offer to bring a gluten-free dish.
  • If going to a bar, read up on celiac-friendly alcoholic beverages. The majority of beers contain gluten, but even some mixers may be off limits.
  • If traveling, stock up on gluten-free snacks and research the destination to scope out grocery stores and restaurants with options for celiacs.
  • If attending a school-sponsored event, discuss the menu ahead of time with catering staff or the school’s dietician to identify safe foods.

The Elaine Chapin Fund

Living with lupus and in college? Apply for our $5000 #lupus #college # ...

The Elaine Chapin Fund was established to provide funds to support the higher education of students affected by multiple sclerosis, either directly or as a family member. Only residents of Saint Louis and the Missouri region in the United States are open to apply for this scholarship.

Applicants must have enrolled or plan to enroll into a higher institution in the United States, recipients are picked based on financial need, academic performance, and how multiple sclerosis has affected their lives.

Since multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune health condition, The Elaine Chapin Fund sure passes for one of the scholarships for autoimmune diseases.

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Kevin Collins Abilities Scholarship

This scholarship annually awards one student with $3000 towards their studies. The award was created in honour of Kevin Collins, whose determination to not let anything stand in his way exemplifies what it means to focus on ones ABILITY, not disability. If this also describes you, send in a 1-2 page letter or a 1-2 minute video on why you should receive this scholarship.

Accommodations And Disability Services

Accommodations are scientifically proven to offer support.

It can be hard, and even frustrating, to ask for help. You arent looking for an easy road or using your disease as an excuse. Instead, think of accommodations as being a difficulty adjustment for your college experience. Lupus causes you to enter on hard mode, and you owe it to yourself to make your school life easier so that you can stay healthy and get through school.

Talking to your college professors, school healthcare professionals, and counselors can open many doors for you. Or, at the very least, buy you time if you cant complete an assignment at deadline. Be respectful and polite, but dont be shy away from asking for what you need. Your health is on the line, after all, and people are usually sympathetic.

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The Elaine Chapin Memorial Scholarship

  • Sponsoring Organization: Students with Heart Foundation
  • Category: Heart Disease

Undergraduate and graduate students who suffer from a heart disease or deformity can receive this scholarship through the Students with Heart Foundation. In order to qualify, applicants must have at least a 3.0 grade point average. In addition, students must submit an essay of up to 2,000 words discussing the challenges they face because of their condition.

Finding Support In School: Resources For Students With Health Conditions

Lupus Detroit’s 2020 Scholarship Winner and Volunteer of the Year

How to Spot & Screen for Child Vision Problems: This guide discusses different kinds of vision problems and how parents and educators can identify these issues. In addition, there is information on resources available to teachers and parents.

Support for Students with Allergies & Asthma: Living with asthma and allergies can affect students in several ways that may impact their academic performance, and this guide offers strategies for addressing these problems. Also, readers learn how to create a plan to keep students safe and choose products that help them manage their illness.

Managing Chronic Health Conditions in School: This guide provides information on how students with chronic illnessessuch as celiac disease, epilepsy, and diabetescan manage their health and succeed in school.

Academic Support for Students with Serious Illnesses: Those who have serious illnesses, like cancer, AIDS, muscular dystrophy, or acute kidney disease, often need extra support to be successful in their education. This guide discusses the challenges these students may face, the learning options that are available to them, and the accommodations they are entitled to receive.

Higher Education for Students with Disabilities: College students who are entitled to protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 can get information about the resources available to them from this guide.

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Anderson & Stowell Scholarship

The Anderson & Stowell Scholarship is provided by Bella Soul, a public charity organization established to empower students plagued with autoimmune diseases, physical disabilities, disorders, etc. through scholarships and emotional support

This scholarship is a general one for sick people and well passes for one of the scholarships for autoimmune diseases. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time or part-time program at an accredited college and not be on academic probation.

Additionally, applicants should also write a two-page double-spaced story about the ups and downs of living with an autoimmune disease.

In your essay, include answers to the following questions: What advice would you tell someone who is struggling with the same illness or disorder? What are some techniques that help you to move forward and lead a healthy life mentally and physically?

To apply, email proof of enrollment to Bella Soul, transcript is not required neither is GPA but it will be taken into account. Fill out your name, year, GPA, university, and disease/disorder and email to .

The scholarship amount is $400 with a deadline of August 30, 2021.

The Lupus Chick/ivy Shapiro College Stipend Award By Lupus Foundation Of America

Offered by the Lupus Foundation of America, the Ivy Shapiro College Stipend Award of $500 is awarded every year to students diagnosed with Lupus and are currently enrolled in any technical program or enrolled in Community College, University, or Certification program.

In order to obtain this award, you must submit an essay explaining your journey with Lupus, what you are studying, and how you help increase awareness in the Lupus community and beyond. Producing a medical record is mandatory.

Provided by: Lupus Foundation of AmericaAmount: $500

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This Is Me Scholarship

  • Sponsoring Organization: This Is Me Foundation
  • Category: Alopecia

This scholarship is available for people who currently have alopecia, or was treated for it in the past. Applicants should submit a personal statement describing their experience with alopecia, as well as letters of recommendation and a resume.

Lifestyle & Social Issues

Support Butterfly Walk for Lupus &  Fibro

Students with epilepsy may have to think about social activities and lifestyle choices differently than their peers, but being mindful of triggers and symptoms can go a long way in preventing a seizure. The Epilepsy Foundation notes that sleep deprivation has been strongly linked to epileptic incidents, so getting the recommended amount of sleep each and every night should always be a priority.

According to Epilepsy Foundation, the most common triggers associated with epileptic episodes include:

  • Flashing lights or visual patterns
  • Certain styles of music

This publication provides an article titled, Changes of attitudes toward epilepsy in college-preparatory high school students population: An indicator of global campaign successfulness?

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Lupus Canada Catalyst Grant

Applications are currently closed

Lupus Foundation of America has partnered with Lupus Canada for the Catalyst Grant. The Catalyst Grant is intended to help kick start a new project or research idea focused on discoid or systematic lupus erythematosus . This grant provides support to Canadian investigators to initiate new research ideas and projects and is intended to complement rather than compete with traditional sources of funding such as the Canadian Institutes for Health Research .

Lupus Mechanisms And Targets Award

TheLupus Mechanisms and Targets Award supports research focused on the identification and/or investigation of molecular pathways or targets that will lead to new or improved therapies for patients with lupus.

The 2022 application deadline for this program has passed. The new Request for Applications will be released later this year.

Inquiries can be directed to:

Scientific: Jana Barlic-Dicen, PhD Administrative: Diomaris Gonzalez

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Lupus Foundation Of Southern Arizona Limited Scholarship Program

The Lupus Foundation of Southern Arizona Limited Scholarship Program is a scholarship dedicated to students living with Lupus who want to pursue their higher studies or continue it. This annual scholarship acts as financial support to those students who meet all the required criterias mentioned in the Guidelines. Before applying for this scholarship, you must clearly read the guidelines, submit all the documents required, including your photograph, and fill up the complete application form carefully. For more details, you have to contact the organization of LFSU.

Provided by: The Lupus Foundation of Southern ArizonaAmount: Varies

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