Scholarships For Nursing Students In Michigan

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Foundation For Neonatal Research And Education Scholarship

Meet a nursing student from U-M Ann Arbor

Applicants to this scholarship must be registered nurses and be accepted into an accredited BSN program, a master’s degree nursing program, a post-master’s degree program in business nursing or nursing administration, or a doctoral program. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA average and be actively involved in neonatal nursing at the professional level. The award amount varies and the scholarship deadline is May 1st.

Make Your Application Personal And Detailed

When asked to submit an essay or other application materials, such as a picture or video, make sure your application is unique, detailed, and gives a sense of your unique personality. Doing so will ensure that you stand out to the donor and give yourself the best odds of winning. Additionally, make sure that your profile is also detailed and personal, especially if you’re applying for no-essay scholarships that don’t require any application materials.

Nursing Scholarship Requirements In Michigan

The Michigan Nurses Foundation offers $500 scholarships for students pursuing nursing at any level from LPN on up. There is a July 15 postmark date. The Foundation also sponsors the CURN Award, a $5,000 research grant for registered nurses studying or practicing at at least the masters level.

The Michigan League for Nursing Scholarship is a $1,000 competition, open to LPN, ADN, and BSN students. There is a March 1 deadline. The competition includes an essay on a choice of topics. The 2011 topics are either a memorable experience or client from your own experience or three aspects of nursing that you feel should be promoted.

Hispanic nursing students who are entering the field at the LPN, ADN, or BSN levels may apply for the National Association of Hispanic Nurses-Michigan Chapter Scholarship. The application requires a two-page personal statement, a faculty reference, and official transcripts. It is necessary to get application materials in by November 1. Minority nursing students of multiple ethnicities are also eligible to apply for the Mary Free Bed Minority Scholarship. Applicants should be in a degree program, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and have demonstrated leadership. This award has an April 15 application date.

The Foundation also awards smaller scholarships to high school seniors. These do not necessarily entail a service commitment.

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American Nurses Association Ethnic/racial Minority Doctoral Fellowships

The American Nurses Association established the Ethnic/Racial Minority Doctoral Fellowships for minority registered nurses. Entrants must be pursuing a doctoral degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing or a closely related field. In most cases, applicants should hold a master’s degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing or a closely related field. The Minority Fellowship Program provides three- to five-year Fellowships to master’s-degree-prepared minority nurses who are pursuing doctoral study on minority mental illness or substance abuse disorders. The amount varies each year.

Learn more about the Minority Fellowship program.

How Are Nursing Scholarships Important To Public Health

Scholarships &  Awards

Nurses are essential in maintaining public health, but a significant shortage of nurses is mounting in the United States. As the abundant baby boomer generation retires, the number of Americans who are over 65 years old is reaching all-time highs, with 71 million in 2019 compared to only 41 million in 2011. Nursing shortages will continue to grow as time passes, especially since one-third of registered nurses are over the age of 50 and will be retiring in the coming years.

To help reduce the deficit, many scholarships are available for nursing students to encourage them to complete their degrees and advance in the medical world to provide for the public. Scholarships for nursing students are essential to propel budding nurses into their field without burdening them with student loan debt that plagues most of the student population. Additionally, the importance of nurses and other medical professionals has more recently been made abundantly clear over the course of the pandemic.

The scholarships below are great opportunities for nursing students to reduce college costs while meeting the needs of the public health sector.

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What To Consider When Applying For Nursing Scholarships

When applying for scholarships, keep in mind what donors are looking for in winning applications. Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward so you can increase your chances of winning. However, also remember that scholarships often receive many applicants, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t win. Keep reading for our tips on winning nursing scholarships.

American Council Of The Blind Scholarship Award

The American Council of the Blind awards about 20 scholarships each year ranging from $$2,000 to $7,500 in an amount to vocational, entering freshmen, undergraduate, and graduate college students who are legally blind. Students should also maintain a 3.0 GPA and should be involved in their school/local community.

Learn more about ACB’s scholarship guidelines and complete the online application here.

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Graduate & Doctoral Nursing Scholarships

Nursing students pursuing graduate and doctoral degrees may have drained their financial resources to earn their bachelors degrees. For others, the prospect of borrowing tuition money may mean adding to existing undergraduate student loans. These scholarships support nurses in taking the next step in their education so they can work in advanced roles in clinical practice or administration.

Nurses Educational Funds, Inc. Scholarships

Open to: Full- or part-time masters or doctoral students who are pursuing a degree in nursing.

Application Requirements: The NEF Board of Directors reviews application for more than 20 scholarships for advanced degrees in nursing. Some scholarships concentrate on areas of specialization. Applicants must be U.S. citizens, maintain a minimum GPA of 3.6, and have a current RN license from any U.S. state. National professional nursing association membership is also required.

Deadline: Deadlines vary each year visit the NEF website for details.

Award Amount and Terms: Award amounts vary and range up to full tuition depending on the scholarship received.

How to Apply: Complete the application on the website. A $20 application fee via PayPal is required. Applicants must also submit 3 reference forms and a personal essay of 750850 words in length.

Class Of 1966 Emergency Fund

Empowering OCC Nursing Students to Strive for Absolute Best

In 2016, as members of the U-M School of Nursings Class of 1966 were planning their 50th reunion, they were also building an endowed fund that could support Michigan nursing students for decades to come. Four years later, the Class of 1966 Student Emergency Fund has become an important source of financial support for students struggling to navigate the myriad challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Complete Listing Of Mid Michigan College’s Funds & Scholarships:

Admissions Award

Ambassador Awards

Recipients will receive roughly $1,000 each year . These two-year awards are distributed to students who will proudly represent the College through active service as college representatives. Recipients will complete service hours that vary depending on their skills but may include giving tours, presenting to potential students, assisting with office tasks, assisting in college events, etc.

Bicknell Family Nursing Scholarship

This $1,000 per year scholarship is awarded to a full-time student pursuing a Nursing degree. Additionally, the student must demonstrate financial need, have a minimum GPA of 3.3, and live in either Clare, Gladwin, or Midland Counties.

Bob and Rosemary Carter Academic Scholarship

This $500 per semester scholarship is for a full-time student from Clare County with academic achievement , demonstrated need for financial help, and a goal of using higher-level learning to make an effective and positive difference in the fields of medical work such as nursing, business work such as accounting, or trade such as welding. If the student exceeds and maintains a 3.0 GPA in the first year, they will be given a new laptop computer in their second year in addition to the scholarship funds.

Christina Swan Memorial Nursing Scholarship

This $1,500 scholarship is awarded to a full or part-time student in the nursing program with a GPA of 3.0 or higher who demonstrates financial need.

Christopher Smith & Estelle Bergy Smith Award

A Nurse I Am Film & Scholarship

A Nurse I Am offers a $2,000 scholarship to student nurses at any level in an effort to help with the cost of their nursing education. Cherokee Uniforms A Nurse I Am Scholarship has been around for well over a decade helping nurses succeed. Since it began, Cherokee has provided over 100 scholarships to student nurses, totaling $200,000. This scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

To learn more about this scholarship, visit their website: A Nurse I Am

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Mclelland Memorial Fund Scholarship

The McLelland Memorial Fund was established in 2007 by Mike and Nancy McLelland to provide need-based scholarships for students interested in attending the University of Michigan School of Nursing. The purpose of the scholarship is to honor Mike’s mother, Betty McLelland, and Nancy’s sister, Kathleen Green , for their love and dedication to the nursing profession and to provide the opportunity for others to follow in their footsteps.

Karen O’neil Memorial Scholarship

Michigan Nursing Scholarship program falls victim to state budget cuts ...

This $3,000 scholarship is offered by the Emergency Nurses Association. Applicants must have been members of the ENA for at least twelve months prior to submitting an application. They also must be nurses who are pursuing an advanced nursing degree. The application deadline is June 1st.

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Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship

The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship is offered by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation to college students enrolled in a flight science degree program that is provided by an accredited institution of higher education. The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship is one of only a few scholarships in Michigan strictly focused on students studying for programs in Aviation Safety, General Aviation, or Aviation Management. Applicants must have a valid pilots license, which is not the same as a Student Certificate. The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship has an application deadline of April 1st and an annual value of $1,000.

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation offers a large variety of Michigan scholarships through the submission of just one general application. The Grand Rapids Community Foundation services Kent County Michigan by offering scholarships and charitable contributions to the countys youth and nonprofit organizations. The Grand Rapids Community Foundation operates with the generosity of charitable donors and the remarkable effort and expertise of those entrusted with the administration of the grants.

Scholarships That Dont Require Us Citizenship

Many scholarships are open to international students as well as U.S. residents who arent citizens. These awards help to expand the pool of nursing professionals to include a diverse population.

R& D Systems Scholarship

Open to: Students pursuing a baccalaureate, graduate, associate degree, or diploma in nursing or any science-related field are eligible.

Application Requirements: Applicants must have a major declared in nursing or a science-related field at the time of application. The scholarship is open to applicants worldwide.

Deadline: There are 2 deadlines each year visit the R& D website for details.

Award Amount and Terms: A $1,500 scholarship is awarded to 1 student in the fall semester and 1 student in the spring semester.

How to Apply: Complete the application on the website. Applicants must also write a personal statement of 500 words or less and answer a writing prompt.

Gallagher Student Health Careers Scholarship Program

Open to: All full-time undergraduate students pursuing their first degrees from an accredited 4-year institution and have at least 2 full semesters leading up to graduation.

Application Requirements: The scholarship is open to non-U.S. residents and international students who are studying at a U.S.-based institution of higher education.

Deadline: Deadlines vary each year visit the Gallagher website for details.

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How Can I Pay For Nursing School With No Money

Start by trying for scholarships and grants, as these funds will not need to be paid back. In addition to scholarships, several government assistance programs exist to help nursing students achieve their goals. You might also try fellowships, loan forgiveness programs, work-study or working through school, employer assistance, or even military or travel nursing.

Ena Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

Nursing student Tasha Smith: “It really means a lot”

This scholarship is for nurses pursing baccalaureate degrees in nursing. Applications must also havebeen Emergency Nurses Association members for at least a year before applying. Students must submit an application, references, transcripts, and a statement of goals. The monetary award is $3,000 and the scholarship deadline is June 1st.

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Sara And Robert Rothschild Global Health Scholars

Sara Rothschild credits nursing as motivation for her global work. It allowed me to develop as a person and taught me how to communicate with other people about their needs and ideas, she said. Global work also inspired Sara and her husband, Robert, to establish the Sara and Robert Rothschild Global Health Scholars Fund for scholarships for international student travel, opening doors to life-changing global experiences for U-M School of Nursing students.

Eight And Forty Lung And Respiratory Nursing Scholarship Fund

This $3,000 scholarship is offered by the American Legion. Applicants must be employed full-time in either a hospital, clinic, or health department. Specifically, applicants must be employed in a department related to lung and respiratory control to be eligible. The scholarship application deadline is May 15th.

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The Robert C Byrd Honors Scholarship

This merit-based program is federally funded and gives $1,500 to the most academically talented students. Seniors are chosen by a panel of select educational professionals to receive the award. The student must have already been accepted by a U.S. college or university and can renew the award for three years as long as they maintain a highly competitive GPA.

How To Apply For Nursing Scholarships

5 Tips to Find Your First Nurse Educator Role

There are a few things that students should keep in mind when they are seeking financial support for an undergraduate degree, graduate nursing program, doctoral degree, or any other degree focused on nursing school. Some students enrolled in nursing programs may also be able to find financial support to pay for their nursing education. Students should do the following things when looking for financial assistance as aspiring nursing students.

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About Scholarships For Nursing Students

Nursing is a critical profession, a fact only accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the essential work that nurses perform each day, their contributions often go unacknowledged, and students may not feel encouraged to pursue a career in nursing.

Demand for nurses is expected to increase by 15% in 2024. Meanwhile, a growing nursing shortage threatens the public health of the United States.

As many nurses from the Baby Boomer generation retire, not enough new nurses are entering the field to replace them. There are currently around 3.9 million nurses, and by 2030, almost 1 million of them are expected to have retired. Encouraging undergraduate nursing students and students in graduate nursing programs to continue on their career paths is imperative to providing adequate healthcare to all Americans.

For context, in Intensive Care Units with a below-target amount of nurses, mortality rates rose by 2% to 7%, and mortality increased by 12% for non-ICU patients. A shortage of nurses also creates overcrowding in emergency rooms, a problem that 92% of emergency departments are already experiencing, which leads to longer waiting times that can prove to be fatal for patients in need.

To slow this growing shortage and to incentivize prospective nursing students to continue on their path, there are numerous nursing scholarships available to support high school, undergraduate, and graduate nursing students looking to supplement their nursing education.

Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is available only to students who are enrolled in or have been accepted into an accredited nursing program. It is offered by the Daughters of the American Revolution , and preference is given to students from the greater Lowell, Massachusetts area. The deadline to submit both an application and financial aid form is February 15th.

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Tylenol Future Care Scholarship

The Tylenol Future Care Scholarship offers a variety of different scholarships to students in the United States who are working towards furthering their education in any facet of health care. The scholarships offered through this program vary in size from $1,000-$10,000. Tylenol has been offering this scholarship for over 23 years and is proud to continue supporting those dedicated to the field of health care.

Read more on the Tylenol Future Care Scholarship here.

Scholarships For Students With Disabilities

Davenport’s Nursing Program Scholarships

Open to: Full-time students with a documented disability who have applied or have been admitted to a college or university program.

Application Requirements: Undergraduate students receive preference. Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to the nursing studies and career excellence. Several scholarships are awarded. Visit the website to determine individual scholarship criteria.

Deadline: June 1

Award Amount and Terms: A one-time award in an amount ranging between $250 and $500.

How to Apply: Applicants must complete a 12-page essay on how they plan to contribute to the nursing profession and how their disability influences their practice as nurses. Medical verification of a disability is required as part of the application. Completed applications must be submitted by mail.

DisABLEDperson Inc. Scholarship

Open to: Full-time students enrolled in a 2- or 4-year accredited college or university in the United States. Part-time students who cant attend school full-time because of their disability can also apply.

Application Requirements: Applicants must register on and become a community member prior to accessing an application. Award recipients must provide proof of disability.

Deadline: Deadlines vary each year visit the DisABLEDperson website for details.

Award Amount and Terms: A $2,000 scholarship is awarded during each competition period.

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Past Presidents’ Parley Nursing Scholarship

Offered by the American Legion Auxillary in the Department of California, this scholarship is only open to current residents of California. Students must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a nursing program in order to receive this $2,000 scholarship. Applicants must also be the husband, wife, widow, widower, or child of a veteran, or be a veteran themselves. The application deadline for this scholarship is April 5th.

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