Scholarships For Nontraditional Female Students

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Jeannette Rankin Foundation Womens Fund

Grants for Women and Nontraditional Student Center

The Jeannette Rankin Womens Scholarship Fund is a source of financial support for low-income women 35 and older who want a shot at a college education. This grant provides funds based on your demonstrated need and is renewable for up to five years.

If youre hoping to be selected, you should know that the foundations decision will be based on your goals, your plans to reach those goals, and how youre going to use your education to benefit the community.

Are There Scholarships For Returning College Students

Yes. There are plenty of scholarships reserved for individuals who want to go back to school.

Federal aid programs such as the Pell Grant, the TEACH grant, and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant are highly coveted for undergraduate students even if it isnt exactly your first time in college.

You can also count on state governments setting aside a sizable budget to help returning students attending public institutions finish their education.

Altrusia International Of Grand Rapids

Grant Name: Altrusia International of Grand Rapids Scholarship

Award Value: Varies based on financial need.

Eligibility: Applicant must meet residence requirements in Kent, Allegan, Ionia, Ottawa, Montcalm or Muskegon Counties in the state of Michigan. While there is no specific age requirement, he or she must have waited at least 24 months after high school graduation or GED acquisition before entering college in order to be considered a “non-traditional returning student.”

Special Factors: None.

Applying: Applicants complete a questionnaire online at the Grand Rapids Community Foundation website. A full application packet will require some supplemental documents. These include demonstration of financial need and two letters of recommendation. Letters can come from former teachers, professors or work supervisors. Deadlines are in March specific dates vary by year.

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Bernie Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund

DEADLINE: March 15

This memorial scholarship serves as a living legacy of honoree/nominee by providing financial assistance to worthy non-traditional students at University of Washington .

Applicants must have/be:

Full-time registration in 12 or more UW credits per semester of award A minimum 2.25 GPA

Earned at least 12 credits at UW or 9 at another postsecondary institution A minimum 2.25 GPA

Bernie Jones Memorial Scholarship FundUW-Fond du Lac Foundation & Alumni Association OfficePatty Brandl, Executive DirectorFond du Lac, WI 54935Phone: 929-1335

Kosciusko County Community Foundation Scholarships

55 Best Scholarships &  Grants for Non


Resident of Kosciusko County, Indiana

Attending or accepted to a not-for-profit institution

Display financial need

The Kosciusko County Foundation fund offers over 100 scholarships worth more than $500,000 each year. There are many scholarships available through the foundation, but the majority require that applicants be residents of Kosciusko County. Most are only offered to those students who display financial need. The applicant must be currently attending or accepted to an accredited, not-for-profit higher education institution. Scholarships can only be used for tuition and are not available for room and board.

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Why Consider Non Traditional Student Scholarships

A scholarship may help a non traditional student reenter college and help pay for school. Studies show lifetime earnings are higher with a college degree.

One study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that people with less than a high school diploma may earn a weekly average of $520. Many workers could earn $836 per week with an associates degree. A bachelors degree has a weekly pay that averages at $1,173.

University Of Wisconsin At Madison

Grant Name: Several grants at UW Madison target adult and nontraditional students.

Award Value: Varies by specific program.

Eligibility: There is a selection of more than ten scholarships available based upon college major. These include institutional grants for adult students pursuing business, education, engineering, environmental studies and nursing. Grants are awarded based on a combination of need and demonstrated academic potential.

Special Factors: None.

Applying: Students apply directly to the relevant school department and must maintain their eligibility on an annual basis. The specific details for applying change based upon the student’s major and the grant they select. Details for all of the nontraditional student grants and scholarships can be found at the link listed below.

Grant Name: Tennessee HOPE Scholarship for Nontraditional Students

Award Value: Varies based on eligibility factors.

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled in a qualifying institution in the state of Tennessee and must be aged 25 or older. Grant is partially income-based and students must not have an income exceeding $36,000. If the student is married, spousal income will also be considered when handling this requirement. Students receiving the HOPE Scholarship must also maintain a GPA of no less than 2.75 during regular checks.

Special Factors: None.

Important Links:

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Alma Baron Second Chance For Women Scholarship

The Alma Baron Second Chance for Women Scholarship was established by Alma Baron in 2001 to support a female returning adult student who, like herself, went back to school to resume her education later in life. Alma Baron returned to college at age 51 to earn a doctorate in adult education. Following Almas death in 2006, friends and family continue to fund the scholarship in her memory.

Women With Promise Scholarship Program

HOW TO FIND SCHOLARSHIPS FOR COLLEGE Non Traditional Students // Scholarships To Apply For 2021

This program allows the women of North Texas to start afresh or restart their educational journey. As per the criteria, women should be sponsored by a non-profit organization.

This program prioritizes women and targets funds to those going through a financial crisis and could use them to complete their education. With this financial aid, they can enroll themselves in college and enhance skills for better career opportunities in the future.

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Society For Women Engineers Re

The Re-entry/Non-Traditional Scholarships sponsored by the Society for Women Engineers assist women in obtaining higher education, through which they can make re-entry into the job market as engineers. SWE offers the BK Krenzer Memorial Re-entry Scholarship, Wanda Munn Scholarship and Olive Lynn Salembier Memorial Reentry Scholarship for nontraditional female students.

Kazimour Scholarships For Non

Non-traditional students with excellent academic achievement may be eligible for a Kazimour Scholarship. To be awarded the scholarship, youll need to show your valued contribution to the local community. With a Kazimour Scholarship, you must enroll in full-time education in a four-year undergraduate program.

Eligibility: Student member of ANTSHE who has strong academic achievement.

Scholarship: $500 and more.

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Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

Applicants must be one of the following:

  • The dependent child of a U.S. soldier, sailor, airman, guardsman or marine who has become permanently disabled as a result of an operational mission or training accident
  • The dependent child of a U.S. soldier, sailor, airman, guardsman or marine who has been killed in action
  • The dependent child of a U.S. soldier, sailor, Airman, guardsman or marine who has been classified as a prisoner of war or missing in action

Great Scholarships For Non


Non-traditional students may bemoan the fact that they dont have access to the same scholarships as more traditional college students. While it is true there are more scholarship options for recent high school graduates, some of the best scholarships for non-traditional students are easy to find. There are grants and scholarships that help these students cover a portion of tuition or related expenses. Some cover the entirety of education. The following are only a few of the best scholarships for non-traditional students.

Identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally

Reside in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington

Demonstrate financial need

Must be pursuing post-secondary education

The Pride Foundation offers more than 60 scholarships to students who show themselves to be potential leaders in any chosen field of study. Students who face financial need and other obstacles are eligible for one of the many scholarships offered through the Pride Foundation. The scholarship program has awarded more than $5 million in post-secondary funding since its inception in 1993. Students can use the awarded scholarship money for tuition, books, room and board, study abroad programs or any other college-related expenses. Pride Foundation scholarships are awarded directly to the school and can only be used at accredited institutions.

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Who Are Adult Or Non

Non-traditional or adult students are scholars who are 24 or older and are looking to enroll in college.

They are diverse post-secondary learners who either havent enrolled at any university or dropped out at some point. While finances are often the biggest obstacle, life can also get in the way and compel aspiring freshmen to put their education on hold.

Non-traditional students fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Graduates returning to college after a long hiatus: High-school graduates who delayed higher education due to lack of finances or any life-related reasons.
  • GED students: They have only a GED .
  • Financially independent students: Receive no financial assistance from parents or other family members.
  • Students working full-time: Those juggling a full-time job and education, as they work more than 35 hours per week.
  • Students with children or other dependents: These adult students raise children while in college and/or take care of their elderly family members.
  • Single-parent students: Rather self-explanatory.
  • Part-time students: Attending college on a part-time basis because of a full-time job, children, or other dependents.

Efwas Women In Transition And Women In Need Scholarships

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting encourages and inspires women to advance their career in the accounting profession. The foundation provides scholarships at graduate, undergraduate and postgraduate levels for women who are interested in pursuing their Accounting degree. The foundation sponsors Women in Transition and Women in Need Scholarships to those women who are the primary source of their family income and who want to pursue their Bachelors degree in the field of Accounting.

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Relying Too Heavily On Someone Else

You may have friends or family members who are skilled writers or detail-oriented people. They can be great resources during the application process, but you shouldnt let them do all the work for you.

Scholarship committees want to know details about you, and youre the best one to provide that information. No one else can talk about your goals, your experiences and your opinions quite as you can.

Scholarships For Nontraditional Students:

OASES – What scholarships are available for adult or non-traditional students?

The Cox Access Scholarship provides for hard-working, nontraditional, Indiana residents who are academically strong, have demonstrated financial need, have a commitment to employment, and have a cumulative gap of three years or more in their college education.

Award amount:

A scholarship and stipend package thatin conjunction with any other institutional funding a student receiveswill total the official cost of attendance at Indiana University Bloomington.

Eligibility requirements:

To be eligible for a Cox Access Scholarship, a student must:

  • Be pursuing your first baccalaureate degree.
  • Be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credit hours upon arrival and throughout your academic career at IU Bloomington.
  • Be earning a 3.0 cumulative grade point average or higher at time of admission.
  • Demonstrate financial need by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by April 15 for the upcoming academic year.
  • Be willing to complete an 10 to 12 hours of a work commitment each week during your entire enrollment at Indiana University.
Residency requirements:

IU Office of National Scholarships & Awards

Award amount:

Varies per year.

Eligibility requirements:

Students interested in any IU administered award should contact the campus representative for that award for more information about how to apply.

Residency requirements:

In-state and Out-of-state and International

Local Scholarship Opportunities

  • Log into One.IU using your IU computing account.
  • Award amount:

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    American Legion Auxiliary Non

    DEADLINE: March 1

    8ALA sponsors this scholarship as a way to help late-blooming Legion Family members get a head start in todays tough job market. An annual award of $2,000 is made to a recipient who is looking to pick up where they left off earlier in life by returning to higher learning realms.

    Applicants must be/have:

    Pursuing a two or four-year degree or training in a certified technical, trade, or professional program Member of the American Legion, Auxiliary, or Sons of the American legion Paid dues for the two years immediately preceding calendar year of application


    8945 N. Meridian St. Suite 200Indianapolis, IN 46260

    Possible Woman Foundation International Scholarships

    Linda Wind, CEO of Wind Enterprises, established the Possible Woman Foundation International , a non-profit organization, with a purpose to support the older women in need returning to school for a better life. The foundation provides scholarships for women who are interested in returning to workforce by pursuing higher education.

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    South Carolina Credit Union Scholarship Competition


    Must attend a university or trade school in South Carolina

    Complete a 500-word essay

    Provide a letter of recommendation and high school or college transcripts

    The South Carolina Credit Union offers numerous scholarships as part of its essay competition each year. The range in value from $1,500 to $12,000. The amounts are determined by whether the student is attending a four-year university or a trade school and they are ranked first through third place with an additional award being given to those three applicants who earn honorable mentions. This scholarship competition is open to traditional and non-traditional students. Applicants may receive scholarships in multiple years but must complete a new essay each year.

    Do I Need To Be Enrolled Full Time

    10 scholarships for non

    With the territory of non-traditional students, comes non-traditional schedules. Thats why some scholarships permit part-time enrollment .

    • Saavy with social media? The GotChosen Scholarship is available each month and is awarded to the applicant who gets the most up votes on a qualifying post.
    • The Return2College Scholarship is open to applicants enrolling in college for undergraduate or graduate studies within the next 12 months. There are a total of three awards available, and part-time students may also apply.

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    Association On American Indian Affairs

    Grant Name: AAIA Scholarship

    Award Value: Varies by year.

    Eligibility: Prospective grant winners should check the Association website in February for specific deadline information, since this can vary from year to year. Applicants must be enrolled within their Native American tribe and must be of at least 1/4 Native ancestry in a tribe within the continental United States. Hawaii, Pacific Island, and Alaska natives are not eligible at the time of this writing. Applicants must be enrolled in an associate’s degree program or higher — technical and vocational programs are not accepted.

    Special Factors: In addition to being enrolled in their tribe, applicants should have a copy of their official Certificate of Indian Blood. This form is required as a final verification step for applicants who have been provisionally selected to receive funds. Applicants who are not enrolled in their tribe and who do not have a “CIB” form may be unable to collect their funds even if they are provisionally selected.

    Applying: Detailed application must include a variety of documentation pertaining to Native American heritage status as well as essay responses and other basic information. See the links below for further information.

    Also Consider: American Indian Services Scholarship

    Important Links:

    Benefits Of Going Back To School

    Going back to school can help you access higher salaries and more job opportunities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that professionals with a bachelor’s degree make about $26,000 more than those who only hold a high school diploma.

    For a list of school options, check out these rankings of the best colleges for nontraditional students and working adults.

    Returning to school can be difficult for adult students due to the distinct challenges they face. In addition to high college costs, nontraditional students often have mortgages to pay and families to support. Finding scholarships and grants can help cover the costs.

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    Emerge Scholarships For Adult Women

    Non-traditional female students can get scholarships in varying amounts depending on their needs. The scholarships give financial aid for education if youre changing your career, are a stay-at-home mom, or seek further education. You can find out more information here.

    Eligibility: Female and age 25 or older.

    Scholarship: $2,000 $5,000.

    William E Boards Jr Minority Scholarship

    Best Scholarships For Non-Traditional Students

    DEADLINE: February 28

    Sponsor Battle Creek Community Foundation makes non-renewable annual awards of $500 to aid Michigans minority scholars who fled parental nests long ago find success by safe landing at higher learning zones.

    Applicants must have/be:

    From the Battle Creek, MI area Currently or planning to attend a postsecondary school Lived independently from parents or out of school for at least five years A racial or ethnic minority group member

    Candidates who demonstrate a positive change in life direction are preferred.

    ContactWilliam E. Boards, Jr. Minority Scholarship Battle Creek Community Foundation

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    Alpha Sigma Lambda S Scholarship For Adult Students

    The Alpha Sigma Lambda Adult Education Foundation offers scholarships to encourage adult students to pursue associate and baccalaureate degrees. Throughout the U.S., ASL has over 300 chartered chapters. The scholarships are open to adult/nontraditional students matriculating in an undergraduate program at accredited colleges or universities that are active chapters of Alpha Sigma Lambda national honor society.

    Sophia Fairchild Academic Scholarship

    DEADLINE: Contact administrator

    This scholarship makes annual awards of $250 to $750 to graduate students majoring in Applied Gerontology at University of North Texas .

    Applicants must have/be:

    Enrolled full-time in UNTs Department of Applied Gerontology at end of most recent fall semester Members of a recognized and established religion or Wish to change careers after working in prior occupation, including homemaker for at least 10 years


    UNT Student Financial Aid and Scholarships1155 Union Circle #311370

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    Geneseo Migrant Center Scholarships:

    Berrien Fragos Thorn Arts Scholarships for Migrant Farmworkers

    • Eligible applicants must demonstrate an interest in pursuing further development of their talents in one of the following disciplines: visual, performing, media, literary, and crafts.

    • A budget or documentation of expenses must be submitted with the application, a portfolio or samples of work are required, minimum 16 years of age, applicant need not be enrolled in school, and a history of movement to obtain work in agriculture is required.

    • More Information

    Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship

    • Application evaluation is based on leadership, volunteer and community involvement, extracurricular activities, and scholastic achievement.

    • Must be a child of a migrant worker or a migrant worker , have teaching as a career goal, and have financial need.

    • More Information

    Gloria Mattera National Migrant Scholarship Fund

    • Gives migrant youth across the country a chance to make choices regarding their careers and futures.

    • Eligible applicants must be entering or enrolled in college or other types of post-secondary programs, high school dropouts, or potential dropouts.

    • More Information

    Migrant Farmworker Baccalaureate Scholarship

    • Purpose is to provide financial support to a deserving student with a history of migrating for employment in agriculture who has successfully completed one year of college.

    • More Information

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