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Ontario Student Assistance Program

Medical Associates Certified Medical Assistant Scholarship Overview

The Government of Ontario offers financial aid for students through the Ontario Student Assistance Program . The objective of this program is to assist students with demonstrated financial need in obtaining the necessary funds to meet the ever-rising cost of postsecondary education. Ontario has committed to a Student Access Guarantee which states that lack of financial support programs shall not prevent any qualified Ontario student from attending publicly-assisted colleges and universities.

The financial aid is not meant to replace your existing financial resources, but rather to supplement them so that the cost is less of a burden. You are still expected to contribute towards your education according to your means, so only under extreme circumstances will the entire cost of education be covered. If the student loan program doesnt provide sufficient funding then you can pursue various grants, bursaries and scholarships offered by the government, postsecondary institutions and other agencies.

Medical Assisting Scholarship Award

One of the most accessible Scholarships you can apply for is the Medical Assisting Scholarship Award that is solely based on the essays that students submit and does not require any other criterias to meet. To apply, you must submit a report of about 500 words based on the topic mentioned on the scholarship website, and in return, you can stand a chance to win $2,000 as a reward. If you are not that comfortable writing, you may also submit a 2-3 minute video explaining why you want to become a medical assistant.

If you are currently enrolled in college or in your senior year of High School, are about 18 years of age or older, and can prove yourselves as a citizen of the United States, then this scholarship is just for you.

Provided by: Medical Assistant Courses OnlineAmount:$2,000Apply Now

Association Of Schools Of Allied Health Professions Scholarship Of Excellence

The Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions, along with the partnership of CastleBranch, offers a scholarship program for allied health students who are enrolled in its Member schools. This scholarship amounts to $1,000 can be obtained by any aspiring student who wants to establish themselves as allied Healthcare Professionals. Demonstrating your academic excellence and financial needs are mandatory for achieving this scholarship. To know about the recent Application dates for the year 2022, visit the scholarship website and contact the organization.

Provided by: The Association of Schools Advancing Health ProfessionsAmount:$1,000Apply Now

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Types Of Financial Aid For Postsecondary Students

Medical assistant students are not alone when it comes to financing their degree, certificate or other forms of post-secondary training. In fact, students in vocational programssuch as medical assistingqualify for a range of financial aid, including scholarships, grants, loans and federal work-study. Below is an overview of each type of financial aid.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are a type of student financial aid that do not need to be repaid. They are awarded based on different criteria, including merit, academic performance, or financial need.

  • Both multiyear and single academic year scholarships are available.

  • Some scholarships are limited to individuals from a specific demographic .

  • They are available from a wide range of organizations, including state and local government, community organizations, nonprofits, employers, universities, and religious entities.

  • Some scholarships may cover the entire cost of tuition, while others may only provide a couple of hundreds of dollars.

  • Grants

    Grants are a form of financial aid that do not need to be repaid. They are typically awarded based on the financial need of the student.

  • They are available from federal, state, private organizations, nonprofit agencies, and postsecondary institutions.

  • The Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant are the two main federal grants programs available to medical assisting students.

  • The Pell Grant provides a maximum of $5,775 in academic assistance each year.

  • What Are The Career Outlook And Salary For Medical Assistants

    Choosing the Right Physician Assistant School

    Medical assistants are vital members of the healthcare team. They perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly. Medical assistants generally work in outpatient facilities, such as medical offices and clinics. Some may also work in hospitals, HMOs, and other healthcare facilities.

    Most medical assistants have postsecondary education such as a certificate or an associates degree from an accredited program. Many states have certification programs for medical assistants. Certification is not required for all medical assistant positions, but it may give candidates a competitive edge. Employers often prefer or require candidates who are certified.

    The career outlook for medical assistants is very good. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of medical assistants will grow much faster than the average for all occupations between 2018 and 202829 percent as compared to 5 percent. This growth is attributable to several factors: an aging population will need more health care services as they live longer and more active lives advances in medical technology will require the use of more highly trained workers to operate new equipment and physicians will continue to hire more medical assistants to perform routine tasks so that they can see more patients within the restrictions of their time.

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    What Are The Duties Of A Medical Assistant

    Medical assistants are highly skilled professionals who support the work of physicians and other health care providers. They perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians and other health care providers running smoothly.

    Medical assistants typically do the following:-Handle administrative duties, such as scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records billing, and coding for insurance purposes-Take and record patients vital signs, such as blood pressure and temperature-Help patients understand their medications-Prepare patients for examinations or procedures-Collect and prepare laboratory specimens or perform basic laboratory tests onsite-Instruct patients about wound care or applying casts-Remove sutures -Change dressings on wounds or ulcerations-Give injections or start intravenous fluids

    Generous Scholarships From Government And Colleges

    Physician Assistants are playing larger roles within the health care hierarchy. While PAs are not doctors, they are certified to perform many medical procedures that were once left to MDs. Depending on the nature of a particular practice, the staff physicians assistants may work with unlimited autonomy treating patients just like the doctors do, or the PAs might act as the medical doctors go-to helpers.

    PAs perform their duties under the direction of physicians, but those who enter the field should expect to be trained in diagnostic medicine, pharmacology and anatomy. Physicians Assistants continue to fill vital roles at hospitals and clinics, and the participation of specialized PAs will only increase as the country continues to struggle with medical care issues. Rural areas and critical-shortage medical facilities are well-served by PAs when doctors are in short supply. PAs work in hospitals, private and public health clinics, nursing homes, urgent care facilities, imaging centers and nearly anywhere patient care is provided. Earning your stripes requires devotion to the demanding PA curriculum. For the greatest job mobility, make sure to enroll in an accredited program.

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    Certified Medical Assistant Training Scholarship

    Medical Assistants are integral team members of health care teams, and this course work prepares students to be part of physician offices that provide essential medical care to patients. Students will be eligible to take the NHA certification exam to become Certified Medical Assistants.

    Topics include:

    • Practical Skills for Vital Sign Collection
    • Physician Office Basic Lab Testing

    Applicants must complete the following:

    • Complete the scholarship application
    • Applicants MUST complete the WorkKeys Assessment prior to registering

    Details about the scholarship process:

    • Documentation can be securely uploaded through the application link
    • Scholarships take approximately two weeks for approval
    • Scholarships may cover all or part of the program cost
    Are you ready to start the scholarship application process?

    Scholarships are made available through the following grant program:

    Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund

    The Maryland Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund initiative is to expand workforce development courses and continue professional education that leads to industry certification or licensure, particularly focused on individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through loss of employment.

    What Are You Interested In

    UTMB Physician Assistant Studies FY21 Scholarship

    Connect with our scholarship participating member institutions to discuss the programs that they offer. You may find there is more than one school that you are interested in. Imagine America schools all kinds of medical assistant programs anything from medical administrative assistant, medical assistant, medical billing & coding or even medical technician! Tell us what you are interested in and we will find the culinary school and scholarship for you!

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    Ways To Fund Your Medical Assistant Training

    Students seeking help in paying for their medical assistant education have several resources that may be available to them that dont include a cash infusion from their parents. Here are the four most common:

    Federal Student Aid

    By far the most common type of financial aid for college students, including those seeking a medical assisting education. Federal student aid, which is overseen by the U.S. Department of Education, is available in three forms: Loans , grants and work-study jobs . The process for obtaining any of these types of aid begins by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. Remember, most but not all medical assistant training programs, both online and on-campus, are eligible for federal student aid. Be sure to confirm aid eligibility with any program you are considering before enrolling.

    School-Based Financial Aid

    Additional funding resources for medical assistant students may be offered through the college or medical assistant training program itself. Forms of school-based financial aid are usually the same as for federal student aid (scholarships, grants and of school-based financial aid options a priority when considering any medical assistant training program.

    Payment Plans


    Types Of Financial Aids Available For Aspiring Medical Assistants

    To support your education while pursuing your MA degree, you can reap the benefits of scholarships, grants, loans, or federal-funded work-study. All these options are available to students of exceptional diligence and can be procured for a single year or the programs entire length. Here is a detailed insight on all financial scholarship opportunities available for aspiring medical assistants:

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships are usually financial aid awards, which are bestowed upon excellent students displaying competence, proficiency, and aptitude in their field. The usual criteria for granting financial aid scholarships are academic achievement as well as financial need.

    Best Medical Assistant Scholarships for 2021

  • For Under Grads:
  • The Outstanding Student Award, provided by AMT, offers students an amount up to $250. They are required to submit a personal statement, and the last date to apply is March 1.
  • The Maxine Williams Scholarship is another renowned undergrad scholarship that offers $1,000 to students studying in a CAAHEP accredited MA school, having a GPA of 3 and higher. The last date to apply is February 15.
  • The Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund, provided by BECA Foundation, is for healthcare students who have attended high school or college in San Diego County. An amount up to $2,000 is provided, and the last date to apply is March 30.
  • State-Based Scholarships:
  • For Specialty Programs:
  • For Minorities:
  • Federal-Funded Work Study

    Best Federal-Funded Work Study 2021:

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    Why Pursue A Career In Medical Assisting

    There are many reasons to pursue a career in medical assisting. Medical assistants provide vital support to doctors and other healthcare professionals, and they play a key role in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. They also enjoy good job security and opportunities for advancement, and they can earn competitive salaries.

    If you are considering a career in medical assisting, you may be wondering how to pay for your education. Luckily, there are many scholarships available for medical assistant programs. Here are just a few of the scholarships you may be eligible for:

    -The American Association of Medical Assistants Foundation Scholarship Program offers scholarships of up to $5,000 for students enrolled in medical assistant programs.-The National Healthcare Association Scholarship Program provides scholarships of up to $2,500 for minority students enrolled in medical assisting programs.-The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program offers full-tuition scholarships for students who agree to serve in underserved communities after graduation.

    These are just a few of the many scholarships available for medical assistant programs. If you are interested in pursuing a career in medical assisting, be sure to research all of the scholarship opportunities available to you.

    Medical Assistant Professional Associations And Organizations

    Medical Assistants financial #aid package may consist of a combination ...

    American Association of Medical Assistants : Provides medical assistant professionals with education, certification, credential acknowledgement, networking opportunities, advocacy and more. Includes links to AAMA-affiliated state organizations.

    American Dental Assistants Association : Association that advocates for the dental assistant profession in areas such as education, credentialing, legislation, professional activities, and more.

    National Healthcareer Association : Organization devoted to the improvement of careers and businesses in the healthcare field. Sponsors the CCMA Medical Assistant Certification.

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    Can I Transfer My Credits To A Four

    This certificate is designed to lead you directly into the workforce. However, once you are certified and working in the healthcare field as a Medical Assistant, you may then continue your education by enrolling into HACCs Health Science Associate in Applied Science degree in which you can be awarded up to 30 credits towards this 61-credit program.

    For your convenience, you can complete the entire program at our Harrisburg, Lancaster and York campuses. Classes are held in both a full-time day and an evening format.

    Q What Types Of Scholarships Are Available To Students Considering An Education To Become A Medical Assistant

    These scholarships are harder to find because they are vocational or certificate programs, but there are organizations and foundations that support specialized fields with scholarships. For example, the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development offers the Allied Healthcare Scholarship. Additional financial aid and/or scholarships can come from the program offering the medical assistant courses themselves.

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    Why Use Imagine America

    Imagine America is the ONLY nationally recognized organization dedicated to providing tuition assistance to students interested in career and technical training. If you are looking to attend school, dont settle for paying a full tuition apply for a scholarship! Tell us what you want to study and leave the rest to us! Well find a school that offers the program of study you are interested in and help you apply for one of our scholarships!

    Medical Assistant Scholarships & Grants Search

    Seattle Central’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Assisting Scholars

    For the prospective student, locating potential medical assistant scholarships can be a challenging process. Below is a list of scholarships and academic awards available to students interested in becoming a medical assistant.

    American Association of Medical Assistants$1,000

    Description: The Maxine Williams Scholarship Fund is an annual scholarship for students attending a CAAHEP-accredited medical assisting program and have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

    $500 – $2,000Typically in March

    Description: The Alice Newell Joslyn Medical Fund is a scholarship program open to applicants who are entering a field of study in health care, including medical assisting. Applicants must be attending a high school or college in San Diego County to be eligible.

    American Medical Technologists$250

    Description: This scholarship requires program directors to nominate a student for the award. Students must be enrolled in a medical assisting field of study and submit a personal statement.

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    Scholarship And Loan Forgiveness Resources

    The following list provides a sampling of the potential scholarship or loan forgiveness programs that are available to assist with funding your PA education. These programs are not administered by the OHSU PA Program, so please refer to the links for additional information and contact information for each specific scholarship.

    • Scholars for a Healthy Oregon Initiative
    • Selected students receive tuition and fees covered for the full program. Upon completion of the program, the recipient must practice at a designated service site for one year longer than the number of years they received funding. A 3 year service commitment is required for PA recipients upon graduation.
  • OHSU PA Leadership & Service Scholarship
  • Application is available each fall to matriculated OHSU PA students.
  • PALSS is awarded to individuals who exemplify interest, action, and advocacy, as well as possess an established record, of service to others. The scholarships also recognize the applicants leadership potential and continuing service. Two scholarships are awarded one to an academic year student and one to a clinical year student. Although the award is primarily merit-based, financial need will also be considered.
  • Scholarships For Medical Assistants

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    Public Health And Healthcare Information/administration Scholarships

    Amount: $5,000

    Apply by: March 31

    Whos eligible: Minority students enrolled in their final year of full-time study in a healthcare management program, such as a Master of Health Administration , Master of Public Health , or Master of Business Administration in a healthcare degree program. Applicants must demonstrate financial need and be U.S. or Canadian citizens.

    Award details: $5,000 each to 15 recipients

    Application requirements: Online application that includes a resume, official transcript, three current letters of recommendation , essay detailing career goals, history in the field, volunteer experience, civic engagement, and evidence of financial need.

    Amount: $1,000$5,000

    Apply by: May 22

    Whos eligible: Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in public health, healthcare administration, and other related areas for the coming academic year. Must be a student member of the Medical Group Management Association . The scholarships are not intended for degrees in medicine, physical therapy, nursing, or other clinical professions.

    Award details: Multiple scholarships ranging from $1,000$5,000

    Application requirements: They vary by scholarship, but students must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program specific to the scholarship requirements. Some are specific to individual states. Apply online.

    Amount: $5,000

    Apply by: March 31

    Award details: $5,000 each to 15 recipients

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