Scholarships For Left Handed Athletes

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Partial Scholarships [Types of Athletic Scholarships]

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Best 25 Left Handed Scholarships 2022

Left-handed students have different brain wiring than their right-handed colleagues, which makes them excellent in some areas. Its also stated that left-handed men and women are more adept when performing tasks.

If youre a left-handed student and you need a scholarship, then know that you are in the right place.

To shock you, the former President of the United States is actually left-handed, that is Barack Obama. Now people even ask which former U.S. president is not left-handed?

An active right hemisphere often makes lefties more creative and musical than analytical or mathematical. Scholarships in Art, Entertainment, Politics, Technology, and Athletics may be right for you.

Basically, being left-handed is more difficult than most people think. Throughout their school years, they have to adapt to desktop computers, scissors, pencil sharpeners, computer mice, and three-ring binders designed for right-handed people.

The next obstacle to overcome will be enrollment and the increases in costs makes it essential to seek unique scholarships to get free financial aid. Remember that scholarships for left-handed students are rare, so apply freely to all the scholarships.

The lack of division between right-handed and left-handed scholarships means that there are potentially millions of dollars available.

Frank J Richter Scholarship Award

Truthfully, the American Association of Railroad Superintendents grants some special scholarships. In particular, it is including the $1,000 Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award. Specifically, left-handers must be enrolled full-time at an accredited college in the U.S. or Canada to apply for the award. Besides, they need to have at least sophomore status and achieve a minimum of 2.75 GPA. Plus, they have to submit two recommendations and write a narrative statement as the application procedure. Additionally, students who are enrolled in majors related to the transportation sector are given priority.

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Comcast Leaders And Achievers Scholarship

Ideally, lefties should apply for the $1,000 Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship, especially those who have a deep commitment to community service. Additionally, applicants must be full-time high school seniors to apply, live in a neighborhood served by Comcast, demonstrate leadership skills, aspire to attend an accredited, non-profit college, be nominated by a principal or guidance counselor, and maintain a GPA of at least 2.8. The one-time $5,000 Gustave G. Amsterdam Leadership Award for students in the Philadelphia area is also here.

Things You Can Do To Increase The Scholarship Odds

87 Fall Semester Scholarships Worth $1,253,974+ (With images)

There are two significant things you can do to increase your scholarship odds. Read the information on scholarship applications well in advance of the deadline, just like with left-handed scholarships. This way, if you learn that a $5,000 academic scholarship favors bassoonists with a lot of volunteer experience, it wont be too late for your student to increase their volunteer work .

The other is to take a broad view and determine your expected family contribution by completing the FAFSA as soon as you can, then determine what kinds of awards will make it possible for you to attend college for the following year. Then, confirm that you are aware of their scholarship deferment and re-application policies if next year is uncertain, put your primary attention on larger awards and those that can be deferred.

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Who Are The Left

The brain functions differently for left-handed students than the right-handed ones. Left-handed learners are more creative in arts and music, rather than favouring logical or mathematical and analytical thinking like right-handed students.

Left-handed students are recognized as ‘southpaws’ in the United States as they have exceptional capabilities in the field of arts, sports, and more.

Some of the most famous left-handed personalities are Bill Gates, David Letterman, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, President Obama, and Michelangelo.

Frank J Richter Left Handed Scholarship Award

Deadline: July 7, 2008

The American Association of Railroad Superintendants offers unique scholarships. One of these is the Frank J. Richter Scholarship Award worth $1,000. Left-handed applicants must be enrolled full time at an accredited college in the United States and Canada. They must also have at least sophomore standing. Students who study transportation-related majors will be given preference.

Get in touch

Frank J. Richter Scholarship AwardP.O. P.O. Box 200

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Top 13 Scholarships For Left Handed People

Scholarships for left handed people The awarding of scholarships for left-handed students is rare. Only 10 percent of those tend to prefer using their left hand instead of their right hand.

But, college students who are left-handed could have the potential to be awarded a number of other scholarships. Students who are left-handed could have different brain wiring to people who have right-handed.

In a different study left-handed individuals tend to be more prone to difficulties with learning

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Due to federal privacy regulations, your student-athlete has to be 13 years old to create an NCSA profile.

According to information you submitted, your student-athlete is under the age of 13. If there has been a mistake, call us at 886-495-5172. Well fix it right away.

While youre here, we invite you to educate yourself on the recruiting process. Here are two of our most popular articles:

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Student Aid And Scholarships

After a constituent called me seeking college scholarship resources, I decided to create a page highlighting many of the great resources available. Whether youre about to enter college or already a college student, the resources below can help you find the scholarships that best match your personal and educational background.

These days, you can apply for so many unique scholarships based on a wide variety of characteristics from being left-handed to being a video game savant that it can be hard to know where to begin! I recommend looking through our General Scholarship Resources section below to see the different types of scholarships available. To help narrow it down, Ive also provided some great resources for a few different categories of scholarships.

I often receive calls regarding financial aid for students. Fortunately, there are many options available to Pennsylanians pursuing higher education. Please see below for information on both federal and state assistance programs available to students.

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

PHEAA helps students access loans, grants, and scholarships. While PHEAA is currently not lending from its own funds, it maintains its commitment to assisting students find loans. Visit their website to learn more,

Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid Department at Your College

Private Scholarships

Repaying Loans

  • Loan Forgiveness for Public Service Employees
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Left Handed Scholarships For People With Disabilities

There are a number of scholarships for left handed people. Some scholarships are specifically for left handed students, while others are available to anyone with a disability.

Some of the most common scholarships for left handed people are those that offer financial assistance to students who wish to study a particular field of study. These scholarships can be found in many different categories, such as mathematics, science, and engineering. Many of these scholarships require applicants to submit proof of their ability to operate using their left hand.

There are also many scholarships that provide funding for students who wish to pursue a career in the arts or in another field that is specific to the left hand. These scholarships may be available in areas such as music, dance, and drama. Many times these scholarships will require applicants to submit examples of their work in these fields.

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Heineken Usa Performing Arts Scholarship

This scholarship is administered by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation and funded by Heineken USA.

The Heineken USA Performing Arts Scholarship is available to creative left-hand students pursuing a bachelors degree in drama, opera, music, theater arts, and other performing arts courses.

  • Requirements: Creative left-handed undergraduates must be US citizens or legal residents. Candidates must be enrolled fully in an accredited college and maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA. A display of leadership qualities, and submit a 2 minutes video recording sample.
  • Course: Performing arts and other related courses.
  • Deadline: April 29th

Wendy Jackson Hall Memorial Scholarship / Left

Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists Awards SCC " Comeback Player of the ...

Wendy is remembered by her friends, colleagues, and students for her abundant energy, generous spirit, creativity, and her amazing ability to inspire others, young and old, to take joy in the creative process and to discover their own potential.

The Wendy Jackson Hall Scholarship Fund has been established in Wendy’s memory to support others whose creativity and love of the arts leads them to pursue an education in the visual arts and to share this love with the larger community.

  • be a graduating high school senior from a Washington state public high school
  • demonstrate artistic talent in the visual arts
  • have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher
  • show a love of the arts and a desire to encourage artistic endeavors within the general community
  • be accepted into a visual art program of an accredited, nonprofit, four-year U.S. college or university
  • intend to enroll as a full-time student in the academic year following high school graduation
  • provide evidence of financial need
  • be a participant in the Federal Student Aid program
    • Amount: Two-year, $15,000.

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    Frederick And Mary F Beckley Left Handed Scholarship

    Deadline: Varies

    The Frederick and Mary F. Beckley scholarship, which was established in 1979 at Juniata College in Pennsylvania, is one of few scholarships available for left-handed people. This scholarship, which is worth $1,000 to $1500 per year, is for lefties who have attained at least their freshman year at Juniata and achieved the highest academic achievement, above the 3.3 GPA, and demonstrated leadership skills. Two personal references must be provided, as well as proof of financial need and certification of grades.

    Get in touch

    Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship1700 Moore Street

    Ken C Hicks Scholarship Program

    The Ken C. Hicks Scholarship Program provides 20 scholarships to student-athletes graduating from high school and seeking a four-year bachelors degree from an accredited U.S. university for $20,000. Actually, Foot Locker sponsors, funds, and administers the scholarship. Thus, if you are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, you should consider applying for it. Moreover, you should be actively involved in varsity sports or intramurals. Also, you have to hold an unweighted GPA of 3.0 and be highly motivated. Besides, you need to be enthusiastic about community service and not recruited by Foot Locker, yet.

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    Esa Foundation Scholarship Program

    Right-handed and left-handed students participating full-time in an approved bachelors program that leads to a profession in computer or video game arts are eligible for the Entertainment Software Association Foundation Scholarship.

    Annually, up to 30 $3,000 scholarships are given out.

    Candidates must be women or minorities, be citizens of the United States, have innovative technical talents, and have a minimal college GPA of 2.75.

    Win 16 Left Handed Scholarships: Ultimate Guide

    Which colleges give athletic scholarships?

    HomeBLOG Win 16 Left Handed Scholarships: Ultimate Guide

    In a world where right-handed people make up about 90% of the entire population, being left-handed makes you unique. You probably struggled to get letters right as a kid enrolled in preschool your teacher made the mistake of assuming you are right-handed. Whatever your story is, you have a chance to win a scholarship that is available to only these unique sets of people through the Left Handed Scholarships.

    There are as many as hundreds of Left Handed Scholarships available to you as a resident of the United States. In this article, however, we have curated the best sixteen. Considering the timelines are not due, you can apply for each Left Handed Scholarships to increase your odds of winning one.

    We have also provided tips to help in this cause. In the latter section, you will find abridged answers to questions that you may have. Why not read through, and recommend it to people you hold dear.

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    The Mrca Foundation Left

    If youre a southpaw interested in pursuing a trade-related major, or have an interest in architecture, engineering, construction, metallurgy, industrial design, or materials sciences, you might be eligible for the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Left-Handed Scholarship.

    The Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Left-Handed Scholarship is for students who are left-handed and looking to study any type of trade-related course. The scholarship amount is anywhere from $500 to $3000 per student.

    To be eligible, applicants must be U.S. citizens, attend an accredited college or technical trade school, have a minimum 3.0 GPA, maintain full-time studies, and have some type of employment experience in construction or related trades.

    How Much Is A Left Handed Scholarship

    The average grant and scholarship amount awarded to first-time, full-time students is $11,300. But the amounts for left handed scholarships can differ.

    A scholarship from Juniata College in Pennsylvania, for example, is one option. A free educational grant is available to left-handed students at Juniata College. Left-handed students enrolled at Juniata receive $1,000 to $1,500 in financial assistance through the Frederick and Mary F Buckley Scholarship program.

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    Signet Classic Student Scholarship Essay Contest

    • You must be a college student.
    • You must be left-handed.
    • You must be a United States citizen or have permanent resident status in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, or the Virgin Islands .
    • You must have graduated from high school within one year of applying for this left handed scholarship and have earned at least an A average during your most recent academic year in high school.

    We’re Awarding $20000 To 20 Student Athletes

    Pin on Athletes and Sports

    Foot Locker wants to celebrate YOUânot just because you scored the game-winning pointâbut because sports have helped you grow into a strong leader at school and in your community.

    This year weâre considering applicants who plan to attend a four-year school for an undergraduate degree or two-year or four-year community college. Check out our FAQfor more information.

    * Heads up: We use a third party platform to collect applications. If this is your first time using the site, you will be asked to create an account to start an application.

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    Can You Get A Grant For Being Left Handed

    Being left-handed can be difficult. It is as if nothing was created specifically for left-handed people, and lefties are often given the wrong treatment. In the case of grants, however, they have the same opportunities as the right-handed! Check out the following article to find out what opportunities lefties have and what a fantastic scholarship opportunity for lefties!

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    Stamps Scholarships To Left

    You may have noticed that youre a lefty or are at least curious about the term. It means that you write with the hand opposite to what is considered standard for most people, which means your dominant hand is your left instead of your right.

    Whether or not you consider yourself a real lefty depends on who you ask. Some people refuse to acknowledge those who dont fit into the traditional societal norms as part of their community .

    The point is that there are scholarships out there specifically for left-handed students.

    This ones funded by Stamps Scholarships, an organization created by Norman E. Borlaug .

    This left handed scholarship provides $8,000 per year for up to four years at any school in America however, only students who demonstrate outstanding promise and leadership skills can receive this award.

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    Tom Sullivan American Warrior National Merit Left Handed Scholarship For Outstanding Left

    This left handed scholarship is awarded to left-handed high school seniors who have demonstrated an increased sense of responsibility and achievement in their schoolwork.

    This includes academic, extracurricular, and community activities. All applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in their senior year at an accredited high school within the United States.

    There are many scholarships for lefties.

    The news is out: there are a lot of left handed scholarships. While it may seem like these a left handed scholarship is only for minority groups and disadvantaged students, this is not the case.

    There are many different types of left-handed scholarships that you can apply for across many fields and disciplines. These leftie funds have been around since the early 1900s.

    Numerous national organizations are also dedicated to helping those who identify as left-handers find ways to bring their full potential into the world through education and leadership opportunities.

    If youre interested in pursuing any of these programs or learning more about how they can help your career goals, check out our article on Scholarships For Lefties.

    I hope this list has helped you find your subsequent scholarship. If not, there are plenty more out there! Remember that it will pay off if you keep looking and applying. Good luck.

    Other resources:

    You can check out my post on the National Merit Scholarship.

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