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Top 10 Scholarships To Study International Relations

100% Scholarships for International Students at Harvard University | Road to Success Ep. 03

One thing the events of this past year, with regards to the pandemic, has taught us is the need for an international perspective and more global vision to enable us to have a better understanding of the challenges around us. Studying international relations can open a wide range of opportunities for the future. It introduces you to the world of politics and the socio-historical impact of global development. You will learn about different political systems, policies and how the world is interconnected.

Are you an international student or aspiring to be one and looking for scholarships in international studies for undergraduate, masters or doctoral programs? You can find some of the available fully-funded or partially-funded scholarships on this page.

  • Fox International Fellowships, Yale Macmillan Centre, USA
  • The fellowship focuses on international relations, global affairs, law, public health, social sciences, management, economics, and so on. The fellows undertake independent research in international relations and other fields.

    Benefits of the scholarship

    The award offered to all Fellows at Yale is commensurate to the level of funding offered to doctoral students in the graduate school. Participants will receive a grant of $2000 for research purposes, s well as the all-around trip, accommodation, cost, living cost and health insurance.

    Eligibility criteria

  • Winnipegs Presidents Scholarships for World Leaders
  • Benefits of the scholarship

    Eligibility criteria

    Scholarships For International Relations Students:

    We at have compiled a list of the most accessible international relations scholarships in order to assist you pursue a degree in this critical topic. You may be eligible for financial help from organizations that share your principles, whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate student.

    Friedrich Naumann Foundation Scholarships In Germany

    The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, is a German foundation for liberal politics, related to the Free Democratic Party offering scholarships to prospective Masters degree students. The scholarships value is up to 861 per month. In addition, there is a contribution to health insurance. The FNS offers further non-material support in the form of a variety of projects, events and initiatives. Both German and foreign students who study full-time at state or state-recognized universities and technical colleges are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship department of the FSN offers special programme lines in addition to the regular funding programme.

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    The Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarship

    Alice Belkin Memorial Scholarships are awarded annually to outstanding minority graduate students in the field of international relations who need financial assistance. Applicants must be a student of color, enrolled in a graduate degree program at UCLA in studies related to the field of Globalization or International Relations. Only U.S. Citizens or permanent residents in the U.S. are considered eligible to apply. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Graduate students pursuing a JD, MBA, PhD, LLM, MPH, or MA may apply. Successful applicants will receive up to $4,000.

    Boren Languages For Undergrads

    Australian Government Scholarships 2021

    This scholarship is also for those who wish to study a language and are interested in serving in the national security sector of the U.S. government. The Boren scholarship program provides scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students to study less commonly taught languages that are critical to U.S. interests.

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    Federal Ministry Of Education And Research Germany Scholarship

    The German Federal Ministry of Educations and Research offers scholarships for Bachelors, Masters, PhD degrees in the field of All subjects. The value of this scholarship is partial funding consisting of the value of this scholarship is partial-funding consisting of 300 per month. Applicants of all nationalities are considered eligible to apply. The award lasts for at least 2 semesters and until the end of the standard study period. Applicants are selected based on their academic excellence.

    Canadian International Relations Awards Bursaries Prizes And Scholarships

    Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Graduate Studies Department of History, Department of Political Science International Relations
    College of Arts and Science Department of History, Department of Political Studies, Department of Economics International Relations
    University of Manitoba Faculty of Arts Department of English, Film and Theatre, Department of History: International Relations, Department of Political Studies: International Relations, Department of Economics: International Relations

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    Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme

    The Aga Khan Foundation provides a limited number of scholarships each year for postgraduate studies to outstanding students from select developing countries who have no other means of financing their studies. Scholarships are awarded on a 50% grant: 50% loan basis through a competitive application process once a year in June or July. Requests for Masters level courses are given priority. Applications for PhD programmes may be considered only in the case of outstanding students, highly recommended for doctoral studies by their professors and who need a PhD for the fulfilment of their career objectives . The Foundation accepts applications from nationals of a specified list of countries. Preference is given to students under 30 years of age.

    Collegio Superiore International Award

    Top 10 fully funded phd Scholarships for international students in USA | graduate Scholarships

    The University of Bologna was the worlds first and oldest university, founded in 1088. The Collegio Superiore International Award offers bachelors degree scholarship in any of the universitys subjects. The amount of this scholarship is partial funding 2,650, and it has been granted by the University of Bologna. The University of Bologna offers scholarships which are open internationally to all students.

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    How To Apply For International Scholarships For International Relation Students

    Scholarships for international relations undergraduate and graduate students might be substantial, but they are not handed out haphazardly. As a scholarship applicant, you must see yourself and your abilities as an investment, and you must demonstrate that you are worth investing in.

    • Academic Degrees
    • Your grades and academic accomplishments will be evaluated heavily. Almost all scholarships demand a good GPA and SAT score to apply. In many circumstances, youll need to bring extra. Many award committees ask for:
    • Extracurricular activities
    • You may also need to demonstrate a devotion to the field. For the Women in Defense Horizons Scholarship, you must show an interest in a profession in national security or defense.
    • Another popular criterion category is gender or race, which might be crucial for scholarships aimed at historically underrepresented groups.
    • In certain circumstances, your school might influence the scholarships you qualify for. For students interested in studying abroad, IES Abroad provides need-based scholarships of up to $5,000 each semester but only to students from IES Abroad Consortium institutions. The school must also provide at least 75% of its institutional grant for study abroad criterion aimed to foster global leadership via experiential learning globally.

    Applicants Must Have A Demonstrated Interest In Grass

    The purpose of this scholarship is to honor the memory of Doug Beers, an outstanding Wheaton graduate whose life was cut short by a tragic accident. Doug was a political science major and played key role in student government. Following graduation, he became deeply involved in local politics and soon thereafter ran for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, nearly succeeding. Subsequently, he worked in the election campaigns of other state and local candidates. Since this award seeks to honor the memory of this outstanding young man, applicants must have a demonstrated interest in grass-roots politics.

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    Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarships

    The Laurentian University was founded in 1960 and is a mid-sized bilingual university in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarships are available for bachelors degrees in any of the universitys eligible courses. The Laurentian University Academic Excellence Scholarships provide prospective candidates up to $60,000. The Laurentian University offers scholarships which are open internationally to all students.

    Concordia University Wisconsin International Undergraduate Student Scholarships

    Top 10 Canadian Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students ...

    Concordia Institution Wisconsin, located in Mequon, Wisconsin, is a private Lutheran university. The institution is part of the Lutheran ChurchMissouri Synods Concordia University System, that has eight members. Concordia University Wisconsin International Undergraduate Student Scholarships are available for bachelors degrees in the universitys courses. Students that apply without taking the ACT or SAT might receive up to $12,000 every academic year. Students that have taken the ACT or SAT might get up to $22,000 each academic year if they pass. The Concordia University Wisconsin offers scholarships which are open internationally to all students.

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    Charleston Women In International Trade Scholarship

    Multiple recipients, Varies

    The Details: This scholarship is for both four-year college students and two-year technical college students who are majoring in supply chain, logistics, or international trade. Students must be enrolled or planning to be enrolled at an accredited college or university and be South Carolina residents. The scholarship is open to both females and males.

    The Deadline: March

    Website for more information and to apply for this scholarship: link

    Apply For New Zealand Aid Programme 2023 Scholarships For International Students

    • University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Lincoln University New Zealand, Massey University, University of Otago, University of Waikato +1 More, Victoria University of Wellington
    • Undergraduate, PhD, Bachelor, Masters, Postgraduate
    • wide range of subjects, varies on the basis of nationality of student
    • International Students, Commonwealth Countries various regions

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    University Of Birmingham Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Scholarships In Uk

    The University of Birmingham is a public research university located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. As a successor of Queens College, Birmingham, it was granted a royal charter in 1900. The 10 University of Birmingham Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Scholarships in UK are available for undergraduate degrees in any of the universitys subjects. Successful applicants for University of Birmingham Hong Kong Outstanding Achievement Scholarships in the United Kingdom will receive £2500 towards tuition costs only for the first year of studies. The University of Birmingham offers scholarships which are open only to citizens or residents of Hong Kong.

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    Why You Should Study International Relations

    100% Scholarships for International Students at Stanford University | Road to Success Ep. 02

    Studying international relations offers a great opportunity to impact the world positively. It also helps one to gain a deeper knowledge of global issues. The course places great emphasis on economics, culture, education and political science, as well as their impact on society. The way and methods the governments of various countries respond to such issues are also very vital in studying international relations.

    The following are reasons to study international relations:

    Still wondering whether the career is right for you or not? Click here

    International relations is a relatively new course and can vary from university to university. Having the scholarship to study the course abroad will offer you a variety of opportunities that would usher you into a new realm of knowledge.

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    For Wisconsin Political Science Majors In Their Efforts To Make A Difference Through The Political Process

    The purpose of the Senator Timothy Weeden Scholarship is to encourage Wisconsin political science majors in their efforts to make a difference through the political process. Timothy Weeden, a 1973 graduate of the Political Science Department of Wheaton College, served in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1984-1986 and was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in 1987, serving as a Senator until 1998.

    The Graduate Institute Geneva

    The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, often referred as the Graduate Institute was founded in 1927 and is a government-accredited postgraduate higher education institution in Geneva, Switzerland. Among its graduates and professors are one UN Secretary-General , seven Nobel Prize winners, one Pulitzer Prize winner, and plenty of other ambassadors, foreign ministers, and heads of state. The Graduate Institute, which was founded by two senior League of Nations officials, has close ties to the United Nations, which is its successor. The Graduate Institute Geneva offers scholarships for masters degrees in all the universitys subjects. The Graduate Institute Geneva will provide privileges to all successful candidates. Domestic students receive CHF 5000, while international students receive CHF 8000 as a tuition fee grant. Scholarships are usually partial or full . In addition, students can get CHF 18000 for costs of living. The Graduate Institute Geneva offers scholarships which are open internationally to all students.

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    The Discovery Scholars Program

    Honors students who excel in the classroom while demonstrating the ability to create exceptional new scholarship or artistic works in fields ranging from biochemistry to art history, from mechanical engineering to theatre, and from political science to cinematic arts. Students have the opportunity to earn the Discovery Scholar designation in every major concentration offered at the University. All USC undergraduates are encouraged to pursue this honor

    The Critical Language Scholarship Program

    FREE 32+ Sample Letters of Recommendation for Scholarship in MS Word ...

    Multiple recipients, $5,000

    The Details: This program is a summer study abroad program for American college and university students to learn languages. It is open to students of diverse disciplines and majors. They allow for 15 different languages which are: Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu. The program is from the U.S. Department of State. Students must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. degree-granting program at the undergraduate or graduate level, be at least 18 years old by May 15, 2022, and if an undergrad, will need to have completed at least one full year of study.

    The Deadline: November

    Website for more information and to apply for this scholarship: link

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    Find info on top online degree programs for military using their Post-9/11 GI Bill, as well as ways to pay for school such as scholarships for military and veterans. We can also assist you through your transition with certificate, training, and career options after you leave the military.


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    European Union Undergraduate Scholarship

    The Edinburgh Napier University is a Scottish public university located in Edinburgh. It has about 19,500 students on campus in Scotland, along with those enrolled in transnational programs abroad and online. The European Union Undergraduate Scholarship is available for bachelors degrees in all of the universitys courses. Successful European Union Undergraduate Scholarship candidates will be given a £3,000 scholarship for the first year of their studies. The Edinburgh Napier University offers scholarships to citizens and residents of certain eligible EU member countries.

    Research Training Program International Scholarships

    Research Training Program international Scholarships are funded by the Australian Government and awarded to international students of All nationalities based on academic merit and research potential. An RTPi scholarship covers tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover and provides a stipend but does not provide support for travel expenses. The stipend is available for up to 3 years for a Doctoral program or a maximum of 2 years for a Masters by Research Program. RTPi scholarships are offered by multiple universities located in Australia.

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    A Loan Designed With You In Mind

    Amount: $3,000

    Deadline: February 28, 2020

    The CWIT manages the Charleston Women in International Trade Scholarship. The not-for-profit organization promotes women in international trade and associated fields. They strive to provide relevant and meaningful professional development, training opportunities and business networking- including providing mentorship and scholarships to worthy candidates and ease their path in this field. However, the $3,000 scholarship is not restricted to women alone and men can apply as well.

    To be eligible for the CWIT Scholarship, you must be enrolled in a South Carolina-based accredited school or university and proof of current enrolment or acceptance needs to be provided. This scholarship is available only for U.S. citizens with a passionate interest in pursuing degrees related to international trade or allied fields of study. The selection is based on overall qualifications and an essay, written on a predetermined topic related to international trade.

    Amount: Full tuition

    Deadline: February 28, 2020

    The Charles L. Hebner Memorial Scholarship is awarded in honor of the former Speaker of the State House of Representatives. The scholarship can be used against the entire tuition fee, board, room, books, and other fees of the selected candidate for one year.

    The British Council Ielts Award

    100% Scholarships for International Students at Oxford University | Road to Success Ep. 08

    British Council IELTS Award is offered for Bachelors, Masters degree programmes in the field of Any subject offered by the universities. The award enables successful applicants to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level at an institution of higher education anywhere in the world, in an English taught program that accepts IELTS as part of its admission requirements. The value of this scholarship is worth between £3,000 up to £10,000 depending on the tuition fees of the institution chosen by the scholarship holder. All nationals are considered eligible to apply.

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    International Relations As A Discipline

    Diplomacy is everything: both in politics, business, and life. International relations as a discipline is meant to educate students on this critical skill. The discipline prepares future specialists who would construct better relationships between nations, with the flexibility of mind and communication.

    There are more than 190 internationally recognized countries in the world, each protecting their areas, resources, and rights. Meanwhile, the current globalization trends create the necessity of collaboration and resource sharing to succeed in areas broader than purely national benefits. So, both big and small countries are in the net of mid-national relationships, where each strives to reach the golden point of getting the most out of global resources while compromising possibly few national interests.

    International relations specialists appear as the coordinators of those processes. They care about how their presented country performs in international areas and how they manage to implement national and international strategies.

    International studies are mainly concerned about the relationship between countries in politics, economics, and security, as those are the sphere where conflicts usually occur. In the broader scope, IR is connected to geography, history, economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, etc.

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