Scholarships For Graduate Students In Special Education

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Catching The Dream Mebsec Program

2021 WKU Crusade Scholarships for Special Education Teachers

MEBSEC Program, administered by Catching The Dream Native American Scholarship Fund, is a scholarship program that awards Native American students scholarships between $500 and $5,000 in six priority fields of study math, engineering, science, business, education, and computers . To be eligible for the program, students need to be at least ¼ Native American and enrolled in a US Tribe, and must either attend or plan to attend a college or university in the United States. The application deadlines are March 15 for summer school, April 15 for the fall semester, and September 15 for the spring semester.

Illinois Pta Lillian E Glover Scholarship Program

The Lillian E. Glover Scholarship Program, administered by the Illinois Parent Teacher Association, is awarded annually to graduating seniors attending public high schools in Illinois. Applicants must have a grade point average of 3.0 or above and be enrolled in a college or university in an education related degree program. The scholarship amount is as high as $3,000, and is awarded to a small number of recipients. The application deadline is February 14.

Colleges And Other Sources For Special Education Scholarships

Many universities offer scholarship opportunities to qualified teaching students entering the Special Education field. These programs will vary from college to college, and you should contact your financial aid adviser to find the scholarship program that best suits your needs and goals. Also search your college’s authorized website to learn all about the scholarships, grants and loan forgiveness programs that are being offered to education students.

Some examples of the type of programs you will be looking for include:

Special Education teachers are in short supply across the country, and resources are available to help students pursue their careers in this critical field. As a Special Eduction teacher you will do more than just educate your students, you will open up the world to them and give them the tools they need to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

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Elementary Special Education Salis Grant

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs

Hofstra University School of Education has partnered with United Cerebral Palsy and The Viscardi Learning Center to create the Hofstra School Age Low Incidence Scholars to train highly qualified teachers to serve the needs of children with disabilities. The program is designed to improve learning outcomes for children with special needs by increasing the number of graduates who are fully prepared to bring about improvements in educational and developmental services. The interdisciplinary curriculum combines a rich core of graduate-level courses grounded in scientifically based research with a menu of embedded field experiences in culturally and linguistically diverse settings. Graduates are prepared for NYS certification in childhood special education, and teaching students with severe and multiple disabilities. This 37-semester-hour dual certification program can be completed in one and a half to two years. This grant program leads to a Master of Science in Education in Special Education Grades 1-6. Visit grant page for more information.

Top 17 Special Education Scholarships In December 2022

Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarships for Deserved Students Galaxy World

There is high demand for special educators, and thankfully plenty of money available for people who want to become them. In this article we will explore the world of special education scholarships. Well first look at private scholarships, then explore a few of the best programs for special education, each of which offer their own financial aid. Well also take a look at some resources for aspiring special education teachers. We hope this will help you in actualizing your goal to become a special educator!

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Hofstra Early Childhood Intervention Specialist Program

Hofstra University School of Education has partnered with the Developmental Disabilities Institute and the Genesis/Eden II Agency to create the Hofstra Early Childhood Intervention Specialist grant program to train highly qualified teachers to serve the needs of pre-school age children with disabilities. Applicants must be initially or professionally certified in Early Childhood or Childhood Education and/or Special Education grades 1-6 in New York state. Qualified applicants have a strong desire to serve young children with disabilities and their families with special training in early childhood special education and ABA. The program leads to a Master of Science in Education in Special Education Early Childhood Intervention, designed to improve learning outcomes for children with special needs and their families by increasing the number of graduates fully prepared to bring about improvements in educational and developmental services. Grant recipients commit to working in the field for two years of service for every year they receive grant funding. Visit grant page for more information.

Gain Knowledge And Skills To Support Students With Special Needs

Teachers and educational professionals enrolled in the online Master of Education in Special Education program from Penn State World Campus can learn about evidence-based practices to support individuals with special needs or those who are at risk. This program focuses on current issues and topics in the field of special education and gives you the opportunity to choose an emphasis in Academic and Behavioral Supports, Applied Behavior Analysis, or Autism.

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Asl Honor Society Scholarship Program

Deadline: May 15th

Through the American Sign Language Teachers Association , the ASL Honor Society Scholarship Program is designed to distribute $1,250 awards annually to college students nationwide who are majoring or minoring in ASL, deaf studies, deaf education, special education, or interpreter preparation. Qualified candidates must attend a participating U.S. college, have membership to an active ASLHS, maintain academic excellence, and wish to build a career serving youth with hearing impairments. Applications must be accompanied by a biography, official college transcripts, an ASL video on a USB thumbnail drive, and two faculty letters of recommendation.


ASL Honor Society Scholarship Program2801 Fait Avenue

Special Ed Student Scholarship Programs

Special Delivery: Education!Amazon provides two PWCS students with scholarships

Special Education teachers are currently in high demand. The shortage of qualified Special Ed teachers across the country has resulted in Special Education being designated a critical need discipline. In an effort to expand the pool of Special Education teachers, particularly in rural and urban school settings, many Federal, State and independent grant and scholarships programs have become available.

As a Special Education teacher you will be working with students of all ages and levels of educations. You will be providing much needed educational opportunities to students with both physical and learning disabilities. It is a very challenging career path, and equally as rewarding.

For the right student, there are a number of lucrative financial aid opportunities available in the critical fields of Special Eduction.

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Apply To A Special Education Scholarship

Special education scholarships are abundant nationwide to encourage talented aspiring teachers to meet the unique learning needs of students with a wide range of mental, emotional, intellectual, and physical disabilities.

Earning a degree in special education will help you learn the pedagogical skills and skill-building strategies needed to fulfill one of America’s most in-demand classroom roles. As more than 2.8 million school-aged children are diagnosed with a disability across the United States, there’s a need for licensed special education teachers who can utilize a variety of different teaching methods to help exceptional students learn. In fact, the demand for special educators is expected to grow at about 35 percent over the next decade.

If you’re ready to devote your time and energy to helping disabled children thrive, below are 20 of the best scholarships special education majors.

Ab Irvine Scholarship Program

The annual scholarship is offered by Santa Fe Civitan for those who wish to pursue a career in special education. To qualify for this scholarship, you must be a legal resident of New Mexico, Colorado, or Texas and study at a college or university in any of these three states.

Two $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually to two qualified candidates. Among the requirements to qualify for this scholarship, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Scholarship applications open up in the spring of each year.

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Online Master’s In Education Degree Programs

Whether you are a current or aspiring educator, an online masters in education can open doors for your career, introduce new opportunities and foster relationships while increasing your earning potential. GCU offers accredited online teaching degree programs to help you qualify for endorsements, promotions and pay increases within your school or district. If you have a bachelors degree in a different field outside of education, a masters in education online can lead to teaching licensure as you transition into the education field.

Grand Canyon University’s

Why You Should Consider Applying For A Scholarship

CHED Scholarship Program (CSP) Application for SY 2021

As the price tag of a special education degree is on the rise, a scholarship can be a vital form of aid. Scholarships will also help pay for a college education without taking out student loans.

It costs $6,860 for a special education degree at a public college. The total cost at a private college is four times higher at $29,743.

Once you graduate, you wont have to worry about how much college debt you have. Dont wait to apply for scholarships now!

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Janice Paige Hughes Special Education Scholarship

Deadline: March 1st

As part of the Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, the Janice Paige Hughes Special Education Scholarship is granted for $1,500 each year to full-time college students who are majoring in education with a specialization in the teaching of special education or handicapped students. Eligible candidates must reside in Delaware County, be enrolled at an accredited Indiana university, have attained at least junior-level standing, and have teaching aspirations specifically in special education. Completed applications must include a college transcript, evidence of high school class rank, a recent photograph, and a personal essay.


Mathhew David Hillyard Endowment Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for serious special education majors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applicants must be permanent residents in the immediate intermountain region of Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

The Matthew David Hillyard Scholarship Fund was established by USU alums Senator Lyle Hillyard and Mrs. Alice Hillyard in honor of their son, Matthew David Hillyard. Matt was born March 1, 1975 in Logan, where he lived throughout his life, but his influence reached far beyond Cache Valley. Everyone Matt met was considered his friend, and his giant heart easily attracted countless people to him. In memory of Matts loving spirit, this scholarship supports students pursuing special education degrees at USU.

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Gates Millennium Scholars Program

  • The Gates Millennium Scholarship Program is available to African American, American Indian, Asian Pacific Islander, or Hispanic American undergraduate students who are planning to major in education.
  • Contenders must be studying any area of education such as public health, engineering, education, or science. Applicants must also be a person of color such as American Indian, African American, or Hispanic American.

The Edward G And Helen A Borgen Elementary And Secondary Teacher Education Scholarships

Top 10 fully funded phd Scholarships for international students in USA | graduate Scholarships
  • This scholarship is available to students who are planning to teach at the elementary level by providing financial assistance to applicants that are a minimum of 25 years old and at least a sophomore in college.
  • Applicants must maintain a minimum of a 3.5 GPA, attend or planning on attending an accredited college, and be at least 25 years old.
  • This award is available to a student that is pursuing a degree in special education.
  • Candidates must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, be a U.S. citizen, and be majoring in special education.

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Hofstra Early Childhood Interdisciplinary Professionals Program

In partnership with Developmental Disabilities Institute and Mill Neck Manor Early Childhood Center, Hofstra Universitys Early Childhood Interdisciplinary Professionals program prepares aspiring teachers to serve young children with special needs in multiple settings, including early intervention for infants and toddlers as well as services for pre-school ad school age children from kindergarten through grade 2 in integrated classrooms. The interdisciplinary curriculum is intended for students with no formal course work or teaching experience in early childhood, or early childhood special education. It combines a rich core of graduate level courses grounded in scientifically based research with a menu of embedded field experiences in culturally and linguistically diverse settings, leading to a Master of Science in Education in Inclusive Early Childhood Special Education. Graduates are prepared for NYS certification in early childhood education and early childhood special education . This 48-semester-hour dual certification program can be completed in two years. Visit grant page for more information.

Get More Information On Tuition & Scholarships

Tuition rates depend on your program of study. Select the program you are interested in to learn more about the costs.

GCU strives to keep tuition costs competitive so that a private, Christian education is within reach for all students.

I can honestly say Grand Canyon University is the best place to earn your graduate degree. GCU is different than any other university. The online education is excellent. The professors and the professional staff always do their best to encourage the students to be successful.

Abeer AyeshGCU Graduate Student

GCU strives to keep tuition costs competitive so that a private, Christian education is within reach for all students.

Tuition rates depend on your program of study. Select the program you are interested in to learn more about the costs.

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Bhd Endowed Scholarships For Teachers

Deadline: April 1st

The BHD Endowed Scholarship for Teachers is offered by the Central Scholarship Program. The scholarship is available to graduate students with bachelor degrees in non-teaching fields. They must be pursuing a masters in education. The scholarship award can be up to $2,500. Eligible candidates must be Maryland residents within 200 miles of Baltimore City. Their family income must be under $90,000 per year. They must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Finally, they must attend an accredited United States college.


BHD Endowed Scholarships for Teachers6 Park Center Court Suite #211Owings Mills, MD 21117

Resources For Cost Estimation

PISAY Scholarship Program for AY 2022

Feeling overwhelmed or just not sure where to start?

Speak with a university counselor for guidance on enrollment and tuition fees as well as the cost of attendance that is used when awarding federal aid. Scholarships and grants may lower overall costs. GCU also provides a cost estimator tool to help gauge potential expenses. Fill out the form at the top of the page to get started!

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Order Of Alhambra Scholarship

  • The Order of Alhambra Scholarship is available to teachers and junior or seniors that are in the process of being able to teach both developmentally and intellectually disabled students.
  • Applicants must have accumulated 50% of required credits and be either a masters degree student or upper-level undergraduate students.

How To Pay For Your Special Education Graduate Degree Without Scholarships: Alternative Financial Aid Options

In addition to a scholarship, other types of financial assistance can help students finance their graduate teaching degree in special education. Keep reading to learn about some available options if you cant find a scholarship suitable to your needs.

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Calvin & Avon Bingham Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship must demonstrate 1) unmet financial need, 2) making satisfactory academic progress, and 3) meet one of the following criteria: a) Diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum b) Have a major that specializes in working with children diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum or special education.

Calvin and Avon Binghams combined time as educators spanned four decades and totaled more than sixty years. They have a grandson who is diagnosed with autism and they have witnessed firsthand the impact a quality educational experience can have on individuals like their grandson. In honor of their service and examples, this scholarship is being offered to help students with financial need and a desire to dedicate their life to the noble calling as an educator.

Carl J Megel Special Education Scholarship

Scholarships EVERYONE must apply to! | scholarships for international, college, HS, grad students

Deadline: March 2nd

Through the Illinois Federation of Teachers , the Carl J. Megel Special Education Scholarship is presented annually for $1,000 to two deserving graduating high school seniors who are pursuing a special education degree for teaching students with disabilities. Applicants must be enrolling full-time in an accredited Illinois teacher program for students with autism, cognitive disabilities, deafness, emotional disturbances, hearing impairment, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, specific learning disabilities, speech or language impairment, traumatic brain injury, or visual impairment. Applications must be submitted with official transcripts, proof of enrollment, college entrance scores, an essay statement, and one recommendation.


Carl J. Megel Special Education Scholarship500 Oakmont Lane

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Spencer Dissertation Fellowship Program

Deadline: October 6th

As a competitive program that receives up to 600 applications each year, the Spencer Dissertation Fellowship is granted through the National Academy of Education to provide $25,000 to currently enrolled doctoral students who are undertaking research relevant to the improvement of education for their dissertation. Qualified recipients must be attending an accredited U.S. graduate school, have a demonstrate record of research experience in education, and be pursuing a career related to educational research. For consideration, all applicants must submit verification that they’ve completed all pre-dissertation requirements and a detailed dissertation project proposal with an online application.


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