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The First Generation Inner

First-generation students get scholarships

The First Generation Inner-City Scholarship is offered to students from the Culinary Institute of America. The scholarship is awarded to first generation students based on their demonstration of their leadership achievement and capability and their financial need. Each year, the Culinary Institute of America chooses eight applicants — two are chosen during each enrollment season — and awards them full tuition coverage. The award is renewable each year.


  • To be eligible for the First Generation Inner-City Scholarship, students must prove their need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid .
  • You must be a resident of a major metropolis in the United States of America.
  • You must be a first generation college student. The Culinary Institute of America defines a first generation college student as one whose parents did not attend college or university or graduate from their program.
  • You must have a 3.0 or higher GPA


Students who apply to the Culinary Institute of America are automatically considered for the award if they fill out their application in full. Recipients of the award will be informed by the financial aid office at the Culinary Institute of America.

Fontana Transport Inc Scholars Program


Low-income or underrepresented student

Majoring in math, science, engineering, transportation management or other selected disciplines

The Fontana Transport Inc. Scholars Program is sponsored by a trucking company in California, but applicants dont have to be from California to apply. Any low-income or first-gen student is eligible. Youll just need a strong academic record and an interest in pursuing a specific, pre-approved degree such as transportation management. The scholarship is worth $5,000 with the option to renew.

Heef Architecture And Engineering Scholarships

Application Deadline: December 31

Amount: Between $1,500 and $5,000

HEEF scholarships are based on a combination of low-income family background, academic achievement, and involvement in extracurricular activities, community volunteer work, church service or work-employment. Graduating high school seniors who have been accepted into an accredited four- or five-year program in architecture or engineering may apply.

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When Can I Start Applying

The sooner you start applying for scholarships the better. With so many different first-generation scholarships to apply for, each with its own specific requirements, the deadlines between scholarships can vary greatly. In order to maximize the number of scholarships you can apply for and gain, it is best to start applying as early as possible. In fact, the Federal Student Aid Office in the United States Department of Education recommends that students begin searching for scholarships as early as the summer before their senior year.

Once enrolled in a university program, you can also continue to apply for college scholarships as a degree-seeking undergraduate student. So long as you meet the criteria as a first-generation student, as well as any other requirements, you will be eligible to continuously apply whether you are a high school student or a current college student.

First Generation College Student Scholarships

FAU scholarships open for first

For the average student, the road to a college degree is filled with many detours, but if you are the first in your family to take that direction, you can expect even more challenges in your academic pursuits. Rest assured that those who apply would receive sufficient financial assistance.

As a first-generation undergraduate, approaching the college experience without the learning curve that comes with getting a college graduate family member to rely on can be difficult. Networking can be daunting for parents who do not have any first-hand experience or insight into how to optimize the financial aid program or the value of internship opportunities. Although balancing a full course load, a part-time career, and social life is a skill youll learn along the way, most colleges and organizations have scholarships exclusively for first-generation students to help them succeed in higher education.

Since access to higher education is a valuable indicator of success, First in Family Scholarships are offered to families who are sending their first participants to college. If you are the first in your family to attend college, this grant will give you a leg up on the competition.

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The First Generation Matching Grant Program

The First Generation Matching Grant Program was started by the State of Florida to provide financial help to first generation college students. The grant is need based and ear marked for undergraduate students.

Unlike a traditional grant, the FGMG does not provide primary funds. Instead, it matches money gathered from private sources. For example, any money donated by your parents or grandparents, small scholarships from private institutions or money earned from a part time job will be matched, dollar for dollar, by FGMG. Public sources of funds like financial aid from your college or university or Federal student loans will not be matched


To Apply:

All Applications for FGMG must be made through the financial aid office of the Florida school you are currently enrolled in. The agents at the financial aid office will help you to determine your eligibility for the program, complete your FAFSA within the deadline and submit your application. If awarded the grant, the amount of the award will be decided by your educational institution based on your need and the amount of other grants, loans and scholarships.

We Manning Memorial Scholarship

Amount: $2,000

Provider: University of Arkansas Global Campus

Requirements: Must complete the scholarship application and essay, preference will be given to first-generation higher education seekers and Arkansas residents.

The W.E. Manning Memorial Scholarship is awarded to up to 20 recipients in undergraduate and graduate online degree programs. Students must apply through the U of A Academic Scholarship Office.

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How To Apply For First Generation Scholarship Opportunities

Applying for first-generation college student scholarship awards isnt unlike applying for any other scholarship. Your student will need to make sure they are eligible and then follow the instructions provided by the awarding organization.

If your student is starting the process, its wise that they create a system that allows them to organize scholarship materials to save time. This ensures that critical documents are kept in a safe place and remain accessible, streamlining their applications.

Additionally, it is wise for your student to learn about writing scholarship essays. Nearly every legitimate scholarship will require at least one essay. Sometimes it helps to look at samples of essays that won money, as these can give your student direction. Additionally, doing some research about scholarship scams can help ensure your student focuses on genuine opportunities.

Its also important to remember that, once your student wins a scholarship, their work isnt done. There are additional steps they need to take after theyve won a scholarship, including some that ensure the money ends up in the right place and that your student properly shows their appreciation for the award.

If you and your student want to learn more about where to find first-generation scholarship opportunities or other scholarships, sign up for our free college scholarship webinar! Head over to to reserve your spot today.

Florida First Generation Matching Grant Program

Scholarship For First Generation Students

Provided by the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Student Financial Assistance, applicants to the FGMG program must demonstrate need and be enrolled in an undergraduate program at an approved Florida public university or community college.

They must also enroll in at least six credits per semester and meet any other eligibility mandates set forth by their institution. If students continue to meet the terms, they can renew this award for up to four years.

Deadline: Varies

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All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship Iowa College Student Aid Commission

The Iowa College Student Aid Commission was founded by the Iowa General Assembly in 1963 to provide opportunities for Iowans who wished to attend college, and it has been doing so for more than five decades. Every year, the ICSAC supports more than 25,000 students with scholarships, grants, and loan repayment, assisting in the removal of financial obstacles that would otherwise prevent Iowas young people and working adults from making the most of their schooling, jobs, and lives. College Changes Everything, as the ICSAC puts it. To apply or for further information about the scholarship, please click the link below.

Provided By: ICSAC

First Generation University Student Scholarships

Saint Marys University of Minnesota creates opportunities for families sending their first members to college. The First Generation Initiative Scholarship helps students who maintain high grade point averages in high-school and demonstrate high levels of financial need on their FAFSA. Extracurricular leadership roles in church, school or community are considered when determining scholarship winners.

Florida Department of Education uses a partnership with private donors to provide first in family scholarships to students whose parents do not possess bachelors degrees. A one-to-one dollar match between public and private dollars funds the First Generation Matching Grant Program. First generation resident students apply by submitting FAFSA results and materials requested by the granting institution.

A 500-word essay describing the impact of being your familys first college student must be submitted with your application for ther Highpoint University First Generation Scholarships. You must also live within Highpoint city limits to apply. The North Carolina school issues two full-ride packages annually, to Guilford County Students.

Michigan Grand Valley State Universitys Frederik Meijer Honors College supports the educational pursuits of exceptional college freshman who are the first members of their immediate families to go to college. The full-tuition First Generation Scholarships are renewable for up to eight semesters for honors students who remain in good standing.

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What Are First Generation College Student Scholarships

First generation scholarships are for students who are among the first in their family to attend a four-year college or university. Some first generation scholarships are funded by private sources while others are publicly funded. All are designed to help provide access to higher education for a family that has not experienced it before.

There are several different definitions of first generation college student scholarships. You’ll need to look carefully at the qualifications for the scholarship you’re applying for to see if you meet them.

Here are the typical definitions of a first generation college student. Remember, these definitions vary depending on the school and scholarship:

#1: Neither parent has obtained a Bachelor’s or more advanced degree.#2: Neither parent has obtained an Associate’s or more advanced degree.#3: Neither parent nor a sibling has ever enrolled in or attended college.

First In Family Scholarship

1st Generation Minority College Students Inspire: MKE Rotary ...

Amount: Varies

Provider: George Rogers Foundation

Requirements: Must be a South Carolina or North Carolina resident, must be a First in Family student defined as a student who will be the first person in their family to attend a 2 or 4 year college, graduating high school senior. Sound like a good fit? Then check out the First in Family Scholarship today.

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Resources For First Generation College Students

First generation college students often face unique barriers in their college application process. Because their parents have not gone through the same trials and tribulations, they may not be able to help as thoroughly as parents who have. First-generation college students should check if they qualify for CollegePoint, a free online resource that matches you with a current college student to counsel you through the entire application process.

Many schools also have specific programs and resource hubs for first-generation college students. For example, the FirstGen program at University of California schools is a great initiative to improve college accessibility aimed towards first generation students. These resources can help with admissions as well as adjusting to campus life when youre enrolled. Similar programs exist across the country, so make sure to inquire about them at any school youre considering.

How To Find Sources Of Funding

One of the great difficulties confronting First Generation college students is the lack of information coming from within the family. Since no one in the family has attended college, the student has no history from which to obtain the necessary information concerning possible grant and scholarship opportunities. Quite often, students who come from lower income families or who are members of a social minority have had it drilled into them that most types of financial aid are meant for students other than themselves.

This is certainly not the truth. Over the past several decades, emphasis on financial aid for students who are the first in their family to attend college has grown steadily. High schools with a diverse ethnic makeup now have a huge resource base of information available for those students who seek to continue their education but are concerned about their ability to pay for it.

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California Hispanic Education Endowment Fund

The Hispanic Educational Endowment Fund of Orange County only represents US citizens, permanent residents, and Dream Act/AB 540 students who reside in Orange County, California. HEEF provides affordable tuition grants to OC high school and community college transfers who are eligible for need-based financial assistance who plan to enroll in a four-year college or university. For further information about the scholarship or in order to apply for this scholarship, please click the link below.

Provided By: HEEFEducation level: High School SeniorSubject: AllApply Now

Catawba Colleges First Family Scholarships

Scholarships for First Generation College Students

DEADLINE: February 10

Touted as the most prestigious scholarship available at North Carolinas Catawba College, application is by invitation only. Prior acceptance by Catawba is a mandatory prerequisite to be invited. Invitees must then provide an educator recommendation along with other required materials by the deadline. Such exclusivity is fully justified by renewable full-tuition awards.

Applicants must have/be:

Minimum aggregate SAT math and reading sub-score of 1100 or ACT composite score of 25 A minimum 3.5 minimum GPA An entering freshman

Catawba Colleges First Family ScholarshipsCatawba College Financial Aid Office2300 W Innes StPhone: 637-4416 or 1-800-CATAWBAEmail:

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Examples Of First Generation Scholarships

This sections offers students and their families a quick look at some of the more well known programs available that offer grants and scholarships based on financial need, minority classification, or field of study. Many of the programs that provide grants and scholarships are concerned with the degree program being pursued as well as the students academic excellence in high school. Others are primarily focused on the lack of ability to pay for college.

As mentioned earlier, some grants and scholarships are funded mostly by private citizens and alumni. Others receive their money through the charitable contributions made by civic groups and corporations. Many of these grant programs award scholarships to a very limited number of applicants each year, therefore it is imperative for students and their families to explore as many opportunities as possible, and apply for all those for which the student appears to be eligible.

How To Find First Generation Scholarships

Okay, so you qualifynow how do you go about actually finding this free money? Heres the lowdown:

  • Talk to your schools financial aid department

  • Use online resources to find additional opportunities

  • First things first, youll need to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . Youll need to do this first because its often a requirement to start applying for scholarships and other financial support.

    The FAFSA can be a confusing beast for first-timers, but dont worryMos can help. Mos helps students file the FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and manage their money, all in one place!

    Once youve filed the FAFSA, your next stop should be your schools financial aid department. They can help you find scholarship opportunities, including first gen scholarships.

    Plus, many schools directly offer first gen scholarshipsmeaning that the school itself is offering the money for these scholarships.

    Ask your school for a list of any scholarships that you may qualify for, and make it clear that youre a first generation student.

    Also, dont box yourself in by only looking for first gen scholarships. You may qualify for a broad range of scholarship opportunities, regardless of your first gen status.

    For instance, you may qualify for a merit scholarship based on your academic excellence or athletic performance. And you may qualify for federal grants based on your income.

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    Atkins Educational Foundation Pathway To Success Scholarship


    Applying to a Florida university

    First-generation college student

    Eligible for FAFSA and FFAA

    Has applied for at least two other scholarships

    Female high school students in Florida are encouraged to apply for the Pathway to Success Scholarship sponsored by the Atkins Educational Foundation. It can be applied to any major, and applicants can attend any university in Florida as long as theyre an in-state student. However, the Pathway to Success Scholarship is a supplementary scholarship as opposed to a full ride, and one of its eligibility requirements is that applicants have applied for other scholarships as well.

    Scholarship Resources And Search Engines


    The scholarship search and application process can feel daunting. Fortunately, first-generation students can find many resources to help them navigate through this journey. The following sites provide a combination of search engines, tools for completing applications, and advice that support students in their efforts to find the money to pay for college.

    Scholar Snapp helps simplify and speed up the process of applying for scholarships. The website stores student information , so students have it readily available every time they apply for a new scholarship.

    Going Merry asks students a series of questions, then uses their answers to find suitable scholarships for them. This matching approach can save students the hassle of pouring through lists of scholarships theyre ineligible for. The site also saves student information, so they can reuse it and autofill parts of scholarship applications.

    The Federal Student Aids website offers a wealth of information about ways students can fund their education. The site includes videos and articles about scholarships, federal grants, loans, and work-study jobs. Site visitors can also learn about financial support for international study and scholarships for military families, and find information about the FAFSA.

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