Scholarships For First Generation Law Students

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First-generation students get scholarships

The attorneys at the Godoy Law Office Immigration Lawyers are passionate about assisting immigrant and refugee families to achieve the American Dream. We understand immigration policies and procedures are complex, and the process can be discouraging to those who are unfamiliar with the United States laws.

First-generation immigrants and their children face some of the toughest immigration standards in recent history. Immigrants struggle to get on their feet and provide for their families, which is why we want to give back to first-generation immigrants or the child of a first-generation immigrant through The 2022 First Generation Scholarship. We hope to empower first-generation U.S. college students and celebrate their individuality by awarding them $1,000 to continue their education.

In a 700-1000 word essay, describe your experience as a first-generation citizen. Describe your own personal immigration success story as a first-generation immigrant or the child of a first-generation immigrant. Explain the struggles involved and what lessons the experience of being a first-generation immigrant has taught you.

The Han C Choi Scholarship

Amount: $5,000


Students with a commitment to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander community are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. It is available to students attending an AALS-accredited law school during year one or year two. To meet the eligibility criteria, you must also be a United States permanent resident or citizen

Who Qualifies For First Generation Scholarships

The answer to the question of who qualifies for first generation scholarships varies among scholarship providers and higher education institutions. Some providers may indicate that a student is only considered first-generation if their parents did not even partially complete a four-year degree. Other entities are more lenient, and say that as long as neither parent completed the four-year degree, the student is considered first-generation.

One common agreement among the majority of entities providing scholarships is that, even if you have older siblings who have completed or are currently pursuing four-year college degrees, you are still considered first-generation if your parents have not completed degrees of their own.

Ultimately, when it comes to applying for scholarships for first generation students, you want to make sure you definitely qualify before putting in the work.

So, if you arent sure if you fall into the category of being a first-generation student based on the above points alone, my advice to you is to reach out to your school counselor , your college or university , or to the specific scholarship provider in question to get some clarity before moving forward with the application.

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Law Student Assistance Fund


Beginning the third year of law school

Permanent resident of and high school graduate from Selby County or an adjacent county in Ohio

The Law Student Assistance Fund was created to help future lawyers from the Selby County area in Ohio. It awards one student $3,500 to help cover the costs of the third year of law school. The committee considers the financial need, academic record, and leadership of each applicant. Preference is given to candidates who are parents, spouses, or who are planning to use their law degree in a rural area. Apply by May 30th.

Attending or planning to attend college

Good academic standing

Receive $1,000 for law school with the Artemis Andriotis Scholarship. Its given by George Andriotis in memory of his sister the goal is to help students manage the financial aspect of higher education. To apply for the scholarship, students must create and submit a video essay that explains why they want to become a lawyer. Applications are judged on originality, creativity, feasibility, and potential for success. Submit videos by May 1st.

Who Offers Scholarships For First Generation Students

Meet Charles Graham Jr., Kryder Law Group First

There are thousands upon thousands of scholarship providers out there. Some of the ones that specifically offer scholarships for first generation students are Adobe, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and

Keep reading for our list of 17 great scholarships for first generation students .

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Be Aware Of What The Scholarship Requires

For scholarships that require an essay, make sure that your essay answers all parts of the prompt. Look for ramblings or extra information that doesnt pertain to the subject of the prompt.

Also, make sure that your writing is clear and engaging. Having an essay that is boring and hard to read is an easy way to lose the sponsors attention when they try to read your response.

The Patrick Malone & Associates Scholarship

Amount: $5,000


This award is for students who want to impact the lives of people who need it most. If you are pursuing a degree in family, employment, personal injury, elder, or public interest law, Patrick Malone & Associates encourages first-year law students to apply with a personal essay and other qualifying documents for consideration.

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The Snell & Wilmer Fellowship Foradvancement And Resources

Amount: Cost of LSAT Prep, law school prep, and$300 for books each semester

Deadline: June 1


The concept of the Snell & Wilmer FAR prepares students for law school and helps them foster professional relationships. This program is for diverse students who need educational mentorship. Students who are US residents or citizens may apply. The firm will also provide the necessary tools and equipment to succeed in law school.

Who Is An Alberta Resident

McGeorge School of Law gets transformational $25M donation to fund scholarships

Awards are only open to residents of Alberta. Where residency is questionable, the awards panel may consider time lived in Alberta, demonstration of connection to Alberta, and stated intent to remain in or return to Alberta. Notwithstanding the above, the awards committee may in exceptional circumstances, in their discretion, grant an award to a non-resident of Alberta.

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Bennett Jones Launches $10000 Scholarship Program For Indigenous Black And First

TORONTO, May 3, 2022 /CNW/ – Bennett Jones is launching the Future Leaders in Law Scholarship Program to help remove barriers and provide support for aspiring Indigenous, Black and first-generation lawyers in Canada.

Beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year, three individual $10,000 scholarships will be awarded to incoming first-year law students who identify as a member of the Indigenous or Black communities and/or are among the first generation of their immediate family to undertake post-secondary education.

Each recipient will receive $10,000 for their first-year tuition at a recognized J.D. or LL.B. program at any Canadian law school. Recipients are also eligible to receive an additional $10,000 in each of their second and third years of law school, provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

In addition to financial assistance, the Future Leaders in Law Scholarship Program will provide mentorship as well as additional networking and learning opportunities to scholarship recipients throughout their time in law school.

“What makes this program different is the combination of financial support with mentoring and opportunities to network with our lawyers and students through seminars and events at the firm,” says Bennett Jones’ Chief Talent Officer, Darcy Legros. “The program provides under-represented groups within law greater access to the profession and we are extremely excited about its launch. We encourage qualified students from across Canada to apply.”

How To Find First Generation Scholarships To Apply For

Looking for scholarships can be a complicated and lengthy process, especially if you dont know where to start. But, there are a lot of resources available to help students find scholarships that they qualify for.

The internet is the best place to start if you need help looking for scholarships. There are many websites dedicated to collecting and showcasing scholarships to students in need. These websites are helpful because you can filter out scholarships you know you wont qualify for.

Your advisor, counselor, professors, or other students within your major or undergraduate degree program are also great resources for finding scholarships.

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Do You Have Any Application Tips For First Generation Colleges Students Applying For Scholarships

Yes, we do! Our Ultimate Guide to Finding and Winning Scholarships is just what youre looking for. This guide will help you also discover and apply for other great scholarships.

First generation college students can also apply for need-based financial aid through the FAFSA and for some colleges, the CSS Profile. This can allow students to access grants like the Pell Grant, federal student loans, state financial aid, and work-study.

Fannie & Sam Constantino First Generation Scholarship Program

Houston Young Lawyers Association

DEADLINE: January 15

Sponsored by Rochester, New York-based St. John Fisher College, or Fisher, this fund makes 24 renewable annual awards to first-generation freshmen. Amounts are based on financial need and range from $5,000 to half-tuition and half of on-campus room and board.

Applicants must have/be:

A first-generation student whose parents are not college graduates A high school senior planning to enroll at Fisher the next fall File a Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, by February 15 Meet standing Fisher admission criteria of minimum high school GPA of 3.0 and combined SAT math and reading score of 1000 or higher.


Fannie & Sam Constantino First Generation Scholarship ProgramFreshman Admissions

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Institute For Study Abroad At Butler University First Generation College Student Program Or Isfa

DEADLINE: October 1 for spring term, March 1 for fall term

Since its 1988 founding, IFSA-Butler has strived to reverse the low study abroad rate among first-generation students by awarding up to $2,500 for airfare, VISA and passport, and housing costs for up to a year of studies in a foreign country.

Applicants must have/be:

A minimum 2.7 GPA A first-generation college student

Strong preference is given to candidates who apply for one of four IFSA-Butler Spotlight Programs distinguished for academic quality, pre-professional support, and affordability.


IFSA-Butler First Generation College Student ProgramBecki Niccum

Wisconsin Talent Incentive Program Grants Or Tip


TIP grants help neediest Wisconsans at greatest educational disadvantage get higher learning with lower debt loads.

Applicants must have/be:

A first-time college freshman or Continuing TIP sophomore applicant Enrolled at least half-time Attend an accredited Wisconsin postsecondary school Meet at least one Financial Need criterion of public assistance recipient, low income, or unemployment Meet at least one Nontraditional/Disadvantaged criterion of first-generation student status, former incarceration, special academic support needs, ADA-defined disability, or detrimental academic and environmental background


Wisconsin Talent Incentive Program TIP GrantsMohini Moholkar

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Usc First Generation Scholarship Program

USC Career Center would like to announce USC First Generation Scholarship Program. Applicant must be a currently enrolled first generation college student, in an undergraduate degree program at USC with a minimum 2.8 GPA.The program awards a $2,000 scholarship to selected students.

Provided by: USC CareerEligibility: A currently enrolled first generation college studentApplication Deadline: 12:00 pm PST on April 7, 2017.Apply Now:

Atkins Educational Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship For First Generation Students

On our final list of scholarships for first gen students is the Atkins Educational Foundation Scholarship which provides financial assistance to first generation female college students who are just entering college. Applicants must also be a resident of Florida applying to a four-year public in-state university.

These are the top 10 scholarships for first generation college student category and if you meet the eligibility criteria, go ahead and begin your application. Good Luck!

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Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

Southern Nazarene University is offering Buick Achievers Scholarship Program. First generation college students majoring in engineering, technology, business, design, or another automotive-related field are welcomed to apply. Award amount may vary from $2,000-$25,000.

Provided by: Southern Nazarene UniversityCourse: Degree coursesEligibility Subject: Students majoring in engineering, technology, business, designApplication Deadline: VariesApply Now:

What Are First Generation Scholarships

First-generation scholarships are financial awards that are only open to applicants who are first-generation students, meaning the first in their family to attend college or university. These first-generation college students may pursue an undergraduate degree in a major of their choice. A first-generation scholarship can help with the costs that financial aid may not cover, including textbooks, meal plans, tuition, and more.

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Future Attorneys Of America Scholarship


Enrolled at an accredited law school

3.5 GPA or higher

The Future Attorneys of America Scholarship was created by Answering Legal, a company that provides an answering service for law firms. The scholarship, which totals $5,000, is designed to help law students ease the burden of a legal education. The funds are earmarked specifically for students who have demonstrated academic excellence to that end, applicants can expect to submit an unofficial transcript. In addition, the process requires a personal essay about their future in law. Apply by November 5th.

The Fleming Law Scholarship

Quyên Trương on LinkedIn: Excited to share this scholarship opportunity ...


Second- or third-year law school students are eligible to apply for the NW Corporate Law Scholarship. You must be currently enrolled in an ABA-accredited program. Funds are paid directly to the student for any law school-related expenses. An essay, application, and school transcripts are required with the submission.

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The Sharon And Ivan Fong Scholarship


Second-year law student

Attending an accredited law school

Each Sharon and Ivan Fong Scholarship provides a law student with a minimum of $5,000 the funds are split over the second and third years of law school. The NAPABA Law Foundation evaluates applicants based on academic performance in higher education, leadership, service, and social and cultural awareness. Applications are due by June 30th.

Turco Muoz Domestic Violence Survivor Scholarship


Experience serving domestic violence survivors in a victim advocacy capacity

Enrolled in law school or a relevant undergraduate or graduate program

Planning to pursue a career serving domestic violence survivors

The Turco Muñoz Domestic Violence Survivor Scholarship provides $1,000 per year to a law student who is planning to dedicate at least part of their career to serving and supporting the survivors of domestic abuse. The goal of the fund is to help create new lawyers who can reduce the crises related to this type of abuse. When applying, plan to submit a resume and a letter of recommendation. Applications are accepted between June 15th and August 15th.

First-year or second-year law student

Considering a career as a trial lawyer

The Trial Lawyer Scholarship, which totals $1,000, is given by Echard Marquette Attorneys at Law as a way to support the next generation of trial lawyers. The funds are given to one law student preference is given to students who are planning to practice personal injury law in the western Pennsylvania region. Theres no application form instead, you only need to provide basic information and a 1,000-word personal statement. Applications are due by July 31st.

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Attorney Ken Nugent Legal Scholarship

Amount: $5,000


Awarded by Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., applicants must be US residents, who are currently enrolled in an ABA-accredited law school. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0 or higher. Students must present an essay explaining why they are choosing to enter the legal profession, as well.

Regents Scholarship Texas A& m

Scholarships for First Generation College Students


Annual awards of $5,000 are made to 600 ambitious Texas A& M University students that may be renewed up to four years without regard for other financial assistance.

Applicants must have/be:

A first-generation college student, by virtue of neither parent having a bachelors degree FAFSA-verified adjusted gross income below $40,000 Maintain satisfactory academic progress Complete 30 credits per academic award year


Regents Scholarship Texas A& MThe Pavilion 200, Spence Street1252 TAMU

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Colorado Mesa University First Generation Scholarship

Colorado Mesa University is offering a $1,000 scholarship to first-gen students whose parents never earned a college degree. Students must be freshmen or first-year students who have up to 24 accepted credit hours from another institution not including credits earned during high school.

The scholarship does not require an additional application for first-time students and they can also earn other scholarships on top of this. To be eligible, complete the FAFSA and a minimum CGPA of 3.0, it can also be renewed if you meet the renewal criteria.

Naacp Legal Defense And Educational Funds Earl Warren Scholarship

The LDF scholarships began in 1964, originating in the organizations dedication to end segregation in education. It has supported nearly 2,000 students with more than $5.5 million in that time. The Earl Warren Scholarship honors the 14th chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • Qualifications: Applicants must be U.S. citizens, dedicated to racial justice and civil rights, and entering their first or second year at an ABA-approved law school.
  • Total Amount: $15,000 per year for three years

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George H Nofer Scholarship For Law And Public Policy

The Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing sponsors this scholarship for law school students with hearing loss who are attending a full-time accredited mainstream law school or are studying public policy or public administration.

  • Qualifications: Applicants must have pre-lingual bilateral hearing loss in the moderately-severe to profound range, communicate primarily by listening and using spoken language, and be accepted to or enrolled in an accredited law school or masters/doctoral program in policy or public administration.
  • Awards: Up to three
  • Total Amount: $5,000

Ehline Law Firm Paralegal Student Scholarship

Nursing school is expensive, but scores of scholarships are available ...

This paralegal student scholarship is for those who are attending an accredited or state-recognized paralegal program or who currently work in a law office. The application essay should be 400700 words and communicate how the applicant hopes to positively influence the publics perception of legal professionals.

  • Qualifications: If enrolled in a paralegal program, applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, show proof of enrollment and be a U.S. citizen.
  • Total Amount: $750

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Whats The Best Way To Apply For First Generation Scholarships

Applying online is likely one of the easiest ways to apply for scholarships. You can find and filter the scholarships you apply for as well as keep track of these scholarships after you apply. Other students who are applying at the same time can also share links to scholarships they think you would have a good chance of winning.

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