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The Aarp Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program

50 Scholarships for Women

Discontinue in 2013

If you are a low-income woman who is 50 or over, you could qualify for the AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship. Life is just starting when you take advantage of funding for education and skill training that can lead to improved employment. Eligible applicants are pursuing an associates or bachelor’s degree and are enrolled at a U.S. Department of Education accredited school or a technical course within six months of the award. Priority is given to certain candidates including women veterans, those raising children from another family member, women who are unemployed for over a year and women in low-paying jobs with no room for advancement. The scholarship includes funds to be used for tuition, books and fees as well as a mentoring program. The deadline to apply is March 30 with results announced in June. Get more details at

Afwm Ford Empowering America Scholarship

The Empowering America Scholarship is awarded to female students by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation in partnership with Ford Motor Company. Formed in 1951 as the American Women in Radio and Television, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation worked to support women working in media as well as attract young women to career in media. Since then, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation has worked to provide recognition events and professional development opportunities for women in media in order to continue to grow their talent and dedication to the media industry. The Alliance for Women in Media has since worked to ensure that women continue to be a vital part of the media industry and that their voice continues to grow in this field.

One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Empowering America Scholarship is a nationwide scholarship awarded to outstanding female students. Female students are selected for this scholarship based upon an interview that they submit to the Alliance for Women in Media. Applicants are asked to interview a prominent women leader in their community. Through that interview, the applicants are meant to showcase the way that this leader has impacted her community as well as inspired the applicant. If selected for the Empowering America Scholarship, one student will receive $3,000 in scholarship funding to the college or university of their choice.

Leslie Andree Hanna Medical Scholarship

The Leslie Andrew Hanna Medical Scholarship is offered to students by the Daughters of the American Revolution. A non-profit, the Daughters of the American Revolution was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1890. From its founding, the Daughters of the American Revolution worked as an organization dedicated to the promotion of patriotism and the preservation of American history. Since its creation, the Daughters of the American Revolution have instituted a variety of different programs designed to support American military members while working with American youth to educate them about the rich history of the United States of America. The Daughters of the American Revolution has also raised large sums of money to be given to students and schools in order to support education.

One such way that the Daughters of the American Revolution has helped to support education has been through the creation of the Leslie Andree Hanna Medical Scholarship. This scholarship was created in order reward female students who have chosen to pursue a medical degree. One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Leslie Andrew Hanna Medical Scholarship is awarded based upon academic merit. If selected for the Leslie Andrew Hanna Medical Scholarship, that student will receive $5,000 in scholarship funding that can go towards a medical degree at any university or college of their choosing.

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Foundations Of Scholarships For Women Over 50

However, the cost of education in United States is especially high. Statistics have shown that most people have to spend around $20,000 for a four year college education. There are several ways to cover the tuition cost, which include paying the tuition fee yourself, getting some grants and also scholarship.

Grants and scholarships are the most ideal option for most students. They are basically free money that can be used to cover a part of your education fees. Below are some of the foundations in United States offering either grants or scholarships for women over 50:

This scholarship program is issued by the Talbots Charitable Foundation. There are several scholarships available for women who earned their high school diploma at least 10 years ago. Currently there are 60 scholarships available from this foundation. From that number, there are 50 $1,000 scholarships and 10 $10,000 scholarships. The deadline is rather fast, so you may want to submit your application as soon as possible.

Government Programs

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National Endowment For The Arts Grants

10 Places to Look for Scholarships for Women Over 50

The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and strengthens the creative capacity of our communities by providing all Americans with diverse opportunities for arts participation. They offer grants for writers and translators.

You are eligible to apply in Prose if, between January 1, 2008, and March 11, 2015, you have had published:

  • At least five different short stories, works of short fiction, excerpts from novels or memoirs, or creative essays in two or more literary journals, anthologies, or publications that regularly include fiction and/or creative nonfiction as a portion of their format or
  • A volume of short fiction or a collection of short stories or
  • A novel or novella or
  • A volume of creative nonfiction.

To qualify, work must have been first published with an eligible publisher between these dates, not only reprinted or reissued in another format during this period.

Fellowships in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction enable recipients to set aside time for writing, research, travel, and general career advancement. Non-matching grants are for $25,000.

These guidelines are for creative writing fellowships in prose.

Application Deadline: March 11, 2015Notification: December 2015

Translation Projects enable recipients to translate work from other languages into English. Non-matching grants are for $12,500 or $25,000, depending upon the artistic excellence and merit of the project.

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Pacific Gas & Electric Company Women’s Network Erg Scholarship

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company Womens Network ERG Scholarship is awarded to students by the Pacific Gas & Electric Company. Founded in 1905, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company now supplies electricity and natural gas for over two-thirds of Californians. Now one of the largest utility provides in the United States, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company has become a massive publicly traded entity. Through its success, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company has accumulated massive amounts of wealth that it uses to fund various philanthropical ventures. Through these philanthropic ventures, the Pacific Gas & Electric company provides money back to the communities that they are part of. One way that the Pacific Gas & Electric Company has accomplished this is through the creation of a variety of different scholarships.

The Pacific Gas & Electric Company Womens Network ERG Scholarship is made available to female students throughout the United States. One of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company Womens Network ERG Scholarship is created in order to help female students pay for their college education. Last scholarship cycle, the Pacific Gas & Electric Company Womens Network ERG Scholarship was awarded to over two-hundred different students. Students are selected for this program based on their academic performance. If selected, female students can receive up to $5,000 in scholarship money for their college education.

The International Federation Of University Women

The International Federation of University Women offers grants to female members from a wide range of countries. They must belong to one of its national federations and associations but are free to pursue postgraduate work in any field.

Funds are awarded in Swiss Francs of $3,000-$6,000, or roughly $3,300-$6,670 USD. Interested women can download an application from the IFUW website and complete it for submission.

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Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Funds

The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund provides income to offset the cost of parents pursuing higher education within the state. Parents must demonstrate economic need, provide custodial care of a dependent under 18 and must not have received a degree from a four-year college prior to the award.

Additional guidelines and limitations vary by county. Visit the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Funds website for specific information regarding eligibility, application procedures and required supplemental materials.

Courage To Grow Scholarship

Scholarships for Women Over 50 | Grants for Women over 50

Any college student with at least a 2.5 GPA may apply for this $500 scholarship that recognizes one winner each month. Applicants must explain why they deserve the scholarship in 250 words or less. The award is sent directly to the winners school.

Some previous winners listed on the site mentioned they applied several times before being selected.

If youre a senior adult, you can take college courses for free or cheap, and many institutions offer the chance to earn credits toward a degree. Heres how to find them in every state.

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Check Your Local Colleges

Across the country, over 60s can take advantage of free college courses for older residents at various public and private institutions. Some programs allow adults as young as 55 to participate.

There are some caveats, however. Many free-for-retirees programs only allow you to audit classes, meaning you wont get college credit. This may be exactly what you are looking for however if you just want to learn the subject without needing credits.

If you are fortunate to live in a state that allows you to take credits, paying students generally get first priority for class enrollment, meaning you may not be able to get a place in popular classes. You may also have to go through the normal admissions process and be accepted at the college or university before you can enroll in individual classes. Books and other course materials will still need to be paid for. To find what is available in your state take a look here.

You are never too old to learn something new. Dont forget that there are lots of free online education options like Coursera that offer certificates of completion. But if you want to earn a formal degree and money is tight, there is financial support to pursue.

We know attending college at any age is difficult but going back to school to get a further education will forever change your life and the lives of your adult children and grandchildren. They will be inspired by your tenacity and willpower, and you will be proud of yourself.

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Scholarships For Women Over 30 Faqs

Can a 30-year-old get a scholarship?

Scholarships for women over 30 is proof that youll be able to find scholarships that youll qualify for based on your age. Whatever age you are, its never too late to get a scholarship and pursue your career.

Can adults get full-ride scholarships?

There are scholarship grants for nontraditional college attendees or returning students which help in funding educational costs that they want to pursue.

What do you think about these Scholarships for women over 30? Please leave a comment below.

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Canadian Women In Municipal Government Scholarship

This scholarship supports women entering all programs who are leaders within their communities! They offer five awards each year, supporting one student per major region in Canada. Youll want to start this application well in advance. It includes three short essays, a three-minute video, and two references. However, if your application is successful, youll have $1000 towards your education!

For support on getting winning reference letters, check out our other blog posts!

The Margaret Mcnamara Memorial Fund

College Scholarships for Women Over 50

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund offers grants to international women studying in the U.S. A prerequisite of the reward includes the recipients plans to return to their homeland after studies have been completed.

Applicants must be citizens of a lower or middle-income developing country, be willing to return to their country within two years of completing their degree and serve a minimum of two years of service. In addition, they must have a demonstrative commitment and proven record of service in assisting women and children in their homeland, be at least 25 years old and able to demonstrate financial need and a satisfactory academic record.

MMMF offers grants of up to $11,000 to assist educational endeavors. To apply, visit the World Bank Family Network Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund website, select US or Canada, download and complete the application.

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Coplan Donohue Single Parent Scholarship

The Coplan Donohue Single Parent Scholarship awards $1,000 to single parents with primary custody in pursuit of higher education at Minnesota State University Mankato. Awards are available for full-time study in any area. Successful applicants will have completed no more than 30 semester credits, have demonstrable academic success and be a U.S. citizen.

More information concerning the application process, including supplemental guidelines regarding the essay, recommendations and transcripts required is available online. To apply, visit the Minnesota State University Mankatos scholarship page to download the appropriate form.

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Fast Track Educational Assistance Fund

The fund was designed to support the emotional, social, educational and financial needs of non-traditional/adult learner students of Sarasota County. The fund provides scholarships to adult learners who want to lead a career as a Certified Nursing Assistant .

Applicants must be enrolled in a Nursing Assistant Program at a Sarasota County Technical Institute or Manatee Technical Institute. Click here to download the application form.

Submitting Your Applications At The Last Minute

Winnipeg woman giving away 50 scholarships on 50th birthday

A mad rush to complete your applications may lead to mistakes. Its much better to give yourself a buffer of time so that you can carefully double-check your work before submission.

Besides, turning in your materials early may convey a sense of ambition to the decision committee. Conversely, sending your items off at the very last minute could hurt your chances of winning the award.

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Women’s Grants And Scholarships

The American Association of University Women Educational Foundations Career Development Grants are for women with bachelor’s degrees who are trying to advance their careers or change careers, and for mature women re-entering the work force. The AAUW specifies that: Special consideration is given to women of color and women pursuing their first advanced degree or credentials in nontraditional fields.

The Soroptomist Club funds the Women’s Opportunity Awards, which are monetary grants for women in disadvantaged situations, including women over 55. They help women of all ages who are re-entering the workforce obtain skills, education and training. To receive these competitive educational grants, applicants must be financially struggling or responsible for supporting their household.

The Women’s Institute Scholarship Program for Women 50 and Older is sponsored by the Business and Professional Womens Education Foundation. To receive funding, women who show financial need must first be accepted into an educational or vocational program.

The AARP Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program is designed for women over 40 who are returning to school or work after an extended absence, who are in jobs with insufficient pay or who are responsible for grandchildren.

The Alma Baron Second Chance Scholarship was created by a woman who returned to school after her children were grown. It is designed to help women older than 45 continue their education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Desiree Jeana Wapples Scholarship For Young Women

Female students in Virginia are eligible to apply for the Desiree Jeana Wapples Scholarship for Young Women, which was designed to ease the pressure when transitioning from high school to college. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and write a short statement about how they hope to benefit the world with their career and who has impacted them in a positive way.

Amount: $500Apply here:

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Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

The Womens Independence Scholarship Program is made possible by Womens Independence Scholarship, Inc. Originally started as a program of The Sunshine Lady Foundation in 1999, the Womens Independence Scholarship Program was created in order to raise funding for scholarships that would be provided to women survivors of intimate partner abuse. The idea was to provide these women with funding for their education in order to change their lives for the better. By December 2007, it was decided that the Womens Independence Scholarship Program should be spun-off from The Sunshine Lady Foundation due to its success. Since 2008, Womens Independence Scholarship Program, Inc. has operated as a sister organization to The Sunshine Lady Foundation.

Since the creation of the original Womens Independence Scholarship Program, over $36.5 million has been awarded to over 4,000 women across the United States. Making this one of the biggest scholarships available to women, the Womens Independence Scholarship Program has helped many women achieve their goal of pursuing a college education in spite of the rising costs of tuition. The Womens Independence Scholarship Program, Inc., selects women for this scholarship program based upon their economic need and their academic performance. If selected, female students will receive $2,000 in scholarship funding towards the college or university of their choosing.

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