Scholarships For Elementary Education Majors

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Ron Brown Scholar Program

Reading scholarships available for Florida elementary-aged kids

This scholarship for gifted and community-minded African Americans is for undergraduate students and is paid out $10,000 per year over the course of four years. The teaching scholarships are intended to aid the most promising and economically disadvantaged high school students interested in public service, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. 300 Ron Brown scholarships have been awarded over the past 24 years, meaning an average of 12.5 college students per year receive this scholarship. Early application deadline is November 1st.

The Horatio Alger Association national scholarships are massive financial aid awards. They are awarded to 106 college students. Students must display both integrity and perseverance even as they overcome hardships in their life. The minimum GPA for applicants for these scholarships is 2.0. Students must be high school graduates planning to earn their bachelors degree at public schools, private schools, or a not-for-profit college or university within the United States. Undergraduate students majoring in education may start at a two-year college. These community college students must intend to transfer to a four-year institution to complete their degree, though.

  • Award: $10,000-$20,000 Over 4 years
  • Application Deadline: April 1st
  • Award: $1,000-$20,000
  • Award: $5,000-$20,000
  • Application Deadline: October 1st For Following Year

Karen Marie Murdock Blair Scholarship

Deadline: February 2nd

At Utah State University, the Emma Eccles College of Education and Human Services has created the Karen Marie Murdock Blair Scholarship to grant $1,500 to junior or senior-level undergraduate students who have declared a major in elementary education. Qualified applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.3, have an interest in using theatrical arts or oral interpretation to enhance the classroom, be actively involved in community service, exhibit personal integrity, and demonstrate financial need. Recipients must attend the School of Teacher Education & Leadership Awards in April to acknowledge receipt of the scholarship.


Karen Marie Murdock Blair Scholarship2800 Old Main Hill

Edward G And Helen A Borgens Elementary And Secondary Teacher Education Scholarships

Overview: Through the Daughters of the American Revolution, two one-time scholarships are available for students 25 years of age or older. The awards are merit-based. One is given to students who are studying to teach elementary school, and the other award is for students who plan to teach at the secondary level.

Key criteria: To be eligible, students must be at least a college sophomore and attend or plan on attending an accredited college or university.

Award information: $1,500

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Federal Funding For Special Education Majors

The Federal Government supports a number of grants for undergraduate students just beginning their college careers. Some, like the popular Pell Grant provide valuable financial aid to college students regardless of major. Every college bound student should make applying for Federal grants a primary part of their search for college funding.

While not strictly a scholarship, the Federal TEACH Grant provides financial aid to students pursuing a career in teaching. The TEACH Grant is an award-for-service program which offers up to $4000 per year to student who are continuing, or completing, the course work needed to become a certified teacher. Special emphasis is given to those student applicants who are specializing in high need fields such as special education. In return for funding, students must agree to a predetermined term of service teaching in a critical need facility or high need education field.

The Teach Grant Program

Elementary Teaching major and scholarship listing

Overview: The TEACH Grant provides scholarships for education majors who commit to teach in high-need fields in low-income areas for at least four academic years.

Key criteria: Students must meet eligibility criteria for federal student aid, complete the FAFSA, be enrolled at a TEACH Grant-eligible program at a participating school, meet specific academic requirements, receive TEACH grant counseling, and sign an agreement to serve.

Award information: Up to $4,000 per year

How to apply: Contact the financial aid office at your school and ask if any programs are eligible for the TEACH Grant. Then request information on how to apply.

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Scholarships For Elementary Education Majors

Elementary school teachers help lay the educational foundation for students from kindergarten to eighth grade. But before they can do that important job, they need to spend several years on their own educations. And there are many scholarships for elementary education majors to help. Many of these scholarships are offered by local community organizations across the U.S., such as the Blackford County Community Foundation in Indiana. Others are provided by national organizations, like the American Association of University Women. To be eligible, applicants often must attain a specified minimum GPA. Letters of recommendation and a personal essay outlining ones reasons for pursuing a career in elementary education also may be required. If you’re looking for the right elementary education scholarship, the list below is a great place to start.




Scholarships For Education Majors

Many children have great memories of their first teachers a fun science experiment, an exciting class trip or a school play can all make quite an impact on a student.

If you find yourself wanting to play the role of teacher, mentor and friend to a young person, you may consider a major in elementary education.

Elementary education can be a very rewarding career path, and finding scholarships and grants to help pay for college can relieve some of the stress of college loans once you start teaching.

Schools are always looking for eager, qualified teachers to bring in to the classroom. In addition to some of the more traditional scholarship programs that pay tuition, and maybe even room and board, there are also fellowships and loan repayment opportunities for students and graduates who enter the teaching workforce in under-served areas, like rural and urban communities, and agree to teach for a number of years.

Private organizations and foundations are also making scholarships available to teachers. These scholarships are often in conjunction with the education departments of specific colleges and universities, with many given as endowments or memorials of alumni.

If youre ready to be the teacher that hundreds of students remember, read on to find a scholarship that will set you on the road towards a major in elementary education.

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National Scholarships For Aspiring Teachers

Ideally, students pursuing a teaching degree can get their college education without going deep into debt. Since education is considered an important field, many national scholarships are available specifically to students pursuing a teaching degree. The following graphic shows scholarships that may help teaching majors across the nation afford their college degrees. Browse scholarships by amount, enrollment level and eligibility requirements below.

Rotary District 5440 Scholarship In Literacy Education

2021 WKU Crusade Scholarships for Special Education Teachers

The Scholarship in Literacy Education at the University of Wyoming College of Education has been established by Rotary District 5440. This district includes clubs in Wyoming, Northern Colorado, Nebraska and Idaho. The purpose of this scholarship is to support current educators in District 5440 who work directly with students in literacy education who wish to increase their teaching competency though additional educational opportunities. Funds can also be used to attend UW Literacy Education symposiums and conferences. Contact the Dean’s Office for more information.

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Reich College Of Education

Each year, App State awards more than $4 million to students based on need and academic achievement to help make education even more affordable for all students. Scholarships are available to incoming first-year and transfer students and continuing undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about scholarships at App State.

Q What Are The Requirements To Qualify For Loan Forgiveness Under This Program

In addition to teaching for five consecutive years in certain low-income schools, the loan must have been made before the end of the five years. Benefits received through teaching with AmeriCorps do not count toward the five-year requirement. The loan must not be in default, unless payment arrangements have been made, and there cannot be any late balance on it.

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Lincoln Center Or Rose Hill

Most undergraduate majors are offered at both Fordham campuses, but there are a few that are exclusive to one location. For instance, dance and theatre are at Lincoln Center while biological sciences and chemistry are at Rose Hill. Make sure to note when you see which means only at Lincoln Center and which means only at Rose Hill.

**For Visual Arts, campus location may vary by area of study. The full major is offered at Lincoln Center. Please consult the Visual Arts Department prior to applying.

Scholarships And Tuition Support

12 WKU Students Recognized by Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad

Florida Fund for Minority Teachers ScholarshipThe purpose of the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers Scholarship is to respond to the critical shortage of culturally diverse teachers. Designed to recruit and retain culturally diverse students as they prepare for a career in teaching, the program provides future educators with mentors, financial assistance, academic support and professional development.

Project Tuition SupportSeveral grant-funded projects through Project Tuition Support provide varying levels of financial aid to students pursuing a degree in exceptional student education.

ScholarshipsThrough the generosity of many donors, the college offers various scholarships to support undergraduate and graduate students.

TEACH GrantCongress created the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant Program, which provides grants of up to $4,000 per year to students who commit to teach in designated high-need fields in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves students from low-income families. Learn more about TEACH Grant opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

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Special Teachers For Special Students

Special education teachers continue to be in high demand across the country. Highly skilled, well trained teachers with a devotion to helping children and adults with special needs fill a vital role in our educational system. Without them, many students would be denied the chance to achieve their full potential. Becoming a special education teacher is a noble calling which brings many challenges. Chief among those challenges, is finding the funding to pay for college.

Like all students pursuing careers in teaching, those majoring in special education face tuition costs that are always on the rise. Luckily, there are a wide range of scholarship opportunities dedicated to helping motivated college students meet the costs of their post-secondary education. Just as most special education majors will specialize in a particular field, many of the available scholarships will be directly linked to specific special needs. Some scholarships may be dedicated to students who are planning to work with the physically challenged, while others may target those special ed majors who intend to work with the cognitively disabled. There are even scholarships devoted to special education majors who will be working with adult students who face special educational challenges.

Available Scholarships For Teachers

Grants, loans and especially scholarships are administered based on a wide range of variables. Qualifications attached to financial aid are sometimes broad, but can also be very specific. For example, general need-based aid requires only that an applicant exhibit financial need during college, which opens eligibility to almost everyone with a tuition bill.

On the other hand, some financial aid funds are reserved for specific functions, like helping certain groups succeed, or encouraging academic excellence in specific areas. Minority scholarships and grants, for instance, target select groups to receive tuition assistance for college.

When the supply of well-trained professionals isnt meeting the demand, financial aid is used to encourage students to go into certain fields. Targeted aid of this type is attractive to students who have not chosen a major, and to those who are already working toward degrees in high-demand fields.

Currently, college students pursuing teaching degrees are rewarded with privileged access to unique financial aid opportunities.

Elementary and secondary schools that enroll primarily low income children are suffering from shortages of competent teachers. As a result, pro-education efforts including college tuition assistance – are originated at federal, state and local levels. Now, more than ever, undergraduates and graduate students are awarded career-specific college financial aid to pursue teaching credentials.

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Oklahoma State University Department Of Agricultural Education Communications And Leadership

There are several scholarships available through the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, in addition to the Department scholarships specifically tailored for students pursuing a degree in agricultural education at OSU.

  • William E. Brown Memorial Scholarship is a $500 award that goes to a freshman student majoring in agricultural education and is based on financial need.
  • Leonard Hunter Memorial Scholarship awards $2,500 awarded annually to an agricultural education student in financial need with a strong academic record.
  • Don and Wilma Dean Ramsey Scholarship is a $500 award for an undergraduate agricultural education student with plans to teach.
  • OAETA Student Teacher Scholarship awards $100 to five seniors who are preparing for their student teaching experience in both fall and spring.
  • Agricultural Education Scholarship provides $1,000 to $1,500 in funding per semester for incoming freshmen, transfer and continuing students. Scholarship recipients are chosen on the basis of academic ability, leadership ability, and financial need. Approximately $25,000 is awarded annually.
  • There are scholarship opportunities in partnership with the Oklahoma CareerTech Foundation.

Teach Early Childhood Scholarship Program

How to Apply For TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship

As the name of the scholarship suggests, if you are someone who would love to get involved in a childs early childhood education, i.e., become an elementary teacher in the future. The Wisconsin Early Childhood Associations TEACH scholarship is just for you.

To apply, you must work at least hours per week in a full-time group child care program that is licensed and/or participating in YoungStar OR in a licensed or certified family child care program, have earned a GED, or have pursued a diploma from an approved high school, living or working in Wisconsin and so on. The upcoming deadline for submitting your application is July 1st, 2022. For further details, contact the authorities at or visit the link below for more detailed information.

Provided by: Wisconsin Early Childhood AssociationAmount: VariesEducation Level: Undergraduate and GraduateDeadline: VariesApply Now

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Are You Ready To Find Your Fit

Elementary education scholarships can go a long way towards helping aspiring teachers overcome college tuition costs to reach their career goal of teaching in K-6 classrooms.

All students enrolled in elementary education programs build the content knowledge and teaching skills needed to enlighten young minds in reading, writing, science, social studies, math, and more.

Though there’s a surplus of elementary teachers in many areas of America, employment is expected to grow slightly faster than average by 12% before 2022 as older teachers reach retirement age. In particular, elementary education majors who plan to specialize in bilingual or special education and teach in urban or rural schools will have more favorable prospects.

Read on to learn about 20 of the best scholarships available for teachers carving out a niche in elementary education to give children a solid foundation for further schooling.

Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation also gives fellowship support in exchange for an agreement to teach after finishing a one-year masters program. You may choose from one of four universities: Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and University of Washington.

You will teach for three years in a secondary school designated as high-need, during which time the Foundation supplies you with a mentor and helps you use your tenure to further your career development, for example by helping you obtain your teaching certification.

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Is An Education Degree Worth It

Whether or not an education degree is “worth it” is a personal decision depending on a variety of factors. If your dream is to teach at the elementary or high school level, and you have found a program you can feasibly finance, an education degree will likely be “worth it” for you. However, if you’re unsure about becoming a teacher or will have to undergo a lot of financial stress to earn your degree, an education degree may not be worth it for you.

Scholarships And Financial Aid

9+ Scholarship Essay Examples

The College of Human Sciences offers over 100 college-level scholarships that can be awarded to undergraduates. The application process for these scholarships opens in September and will be due in December.

The College of Human Sciences uses one application to apply for any of the School of Education or CHS undergraduate scholarships you are eligible for. On the application, answer the Iowa State, CHS, and additional questions to complete the appropriate essays for the School of Education scholarships. When you are finished, continue to the last page to submit the application.

The School of Education offers a variety of scholarships and awards to undergraduates majoring in elementary education, early childhood education and secondary education who are a part of the Educator Preparation Program. Some of the scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. If you are interested in applying for these scholarships, you must authorize a copy of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid as described in the CHS scholarship application.

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