Scholarships For C Average Students

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Types Of Average Student Scholarships

How to study for free in Canada: Applying for Scholarships made easy

Any scholarship that does not have academic excellence as it’s top priority can be designated an Average Student Scholarship. While grades are a consideration, and no scholarship is ever awarded to a failing student, they are not the main focus of the scholarship program. Some of the more common Average Student Scholarships include:

Afsa Second Chance Scholarship

Amount: $1,000

Provider: AFSA Scholarships

If you didnt have the luck of winning the AFSA High School Senior Contest, try your luck again after graduation with the AFSA Second Chance Scholarship. This $1,000 award is awarded to five high school graduates during the summer months. Deadlines change on a yearly basis, so check out the scholarship website for the most up-to-date information.

Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship


Be a high school or college student with a GPA of 2.5 at the minimum.

In honor of the late Pedro Zamora, the Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship is a great option for many students who might consider themselves average. Submit an essay on the impact of AIDS/HIV, hold a 2.5 GPA or better, and youve got a chance at funding. Selected winners of this scholarship receive thousands of dollars in tuition funding, and in the previous year, 2019, 10 winners were selected with a total payout of $50,000.

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Beware Of Scholarship Scams

Millions of dollars of scholarship money go unclaimed each yearor so they say. Dont let scam companies use this dubious stat to entice you to use their services.

When researching scholarships, you will likely come across shady businesses that offer their expert” services to help you find scholarships. Some may even guarantee that they can get you scholarships in return for a fee.

Never pay money for a scholarship search or to apply for a scholarship. Every legitimate scholarship is accessible through free means, such as the sponsoring organization’s website. And, whatever you do, never give your credit card number or other personal information to one of these outfits.

Meredith Macrae Memorial Award

College Scholarships

Regularly ranked as one of the top regional college in the West, Chapman University is a private, Disciples of Christ-affiliated institution in Orange, CA. Dating back to 1861, when it was founded as one of the first colleges open to men and women of all races, Chapman has become one of the nations top schools for business, entertainment, and film, thanks to its location in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. The Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is widely considered one of the best schools of its kind worldwide, and their Women in Focus Conference is a leading event for women in the film industry and academia.

Women who are currently enrolled as film students at the Dodge College are eligible to apply for the Meredith MacRae Memorial Award. The MacRae award, named for the late actress and producer, is intended for students who have shown excellence in acting, directing, and producing. The award provides funding for the students thesis project and is awarded at the Women in Focus Conference the awardee is also given membership to the Women in Film organization.

  • DeadlineVaries


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Create Real Impact Contest

Provider: Impact Teen Drivers

Amount: $500- $1,500

Submit: A video, music, creative writing, or graphic design

Students between 14-22 years old may apply. The Create Real Impact Contest seeks original work about a solution and strategy regarding reckless and distracted driving. Choose either video, music, creative writing, or artwork. There are many submission options and contest categories, so make sure to visit the scholarship page for details!

The Customized Girl Annual Scholarship

Provider: Customized Girl

Amount: $500

Submit: An Instagram post

Customized Girl prints bold statements on customized shirts. Naturally, they know an eye-catching quote when they see one. To apply to The Customized Girl Annual Scholarship, post your statement as a caption on Instagram to be chosen as one of two winners, and your statement may be featured on a customized shirt! Check out past winners on the scholarship page for inspiration.

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Scholarship Fund For C Average Students

The Anna V. Waters Scholarship fund is specifically for African-American students, graduating with a C average but are good students who wish to pursue higher education.

Special to the AFRO

Lets face it, finding money for college can be a real challenge, even if youre an A or B student. The Anna V. Waters Scholarship Fund is specifically for community-oriented African-American students completing high school with a C average, or 2.0-2.9 grade point average, and demonstrating the potential to be successful in post-secondary study.

This scholarship fund, created in 2010, is named for Anna V. Waters to honor her memory and legacy. Waters lived, worked and raised her family in Baltimore. She was a woman of strong work ethic and values, who believed in doing for self, and committed to making education accessible to everyone.

The scholarships board believes all students deserve the opportunity to learn, be acknowledged for their accomplishments, and pursue their goals and dreams. Since the scholarships inception in 2010, they have awarded students more than $46,000.

Students who receive an Anna V. Waters scholarship are also expected to stay in touch with the board, and provide updates about their progress. Jaelyn Chase sent a letter on her progress at North Carolina A & T University in which she wrote, you are a part of my village. She also made the Deans list and attached a copy of her grade report to document the fact.

Afsa High School Scholarships

How to get postgrad scholarships with average undergrad result (second class lower/pass)

Fire sprinklers are an easy thing to take for granted, until you have a fire that needs putting out. But the American Fire Sprinkler Association is there to make sure the fire sprinkler manufacturers, contractors, designers, and everyone else in the industry get their due. Founded in 1981, the AFSA is a nonprofit organization that provides technical training, business consultation, and representation for the fire sprinkler industry, partnering with many other fire safety organization to increase the visibility of the humble sprinkler.

The AFSA also offers the AFSA High School Scholarships, a $2000 scholarship contest that is easy to enter and well worth the time. All graduating high school seniors are eligible no GPA requirements, demographic requirements, or geographic requirements. Students simply apply, answer a simple 10-question quiz , and are entered to win. Ten random winners will receive $2000 each to be paid directly to their college or university, and they can then tell everyone fire sprinklers dont just save buildings they help kids go to college.

  • Deadline


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College Scholarships For Average Students

May 5, 2011

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated a tiny bit if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. The Savor Summer College Scholarship winners thank you!

College Scholarships for Average Students

How are scholarships for average students found and won?

Keep reading, because there are wonderful resources out there for C students.

college scholarshipsthere is hope for average students

Average students may have mediocre grade point averages, but they shine in other areas of their lives, and learning how to highlight their strengths is KEY to winning money for college.

Students that have average grades also need to focus on their leadership experiences and skills.

This book by Felecia Hatcher is a valuable resource in helping average students pinpoint and promote their leadership skills and I highly recommend it!

Those looking for scholarships for average students need to also find awards with no G.P.A. requirement.

They can take an inventory of their skills and do a Google search based on their talents, such as:

  • Scholarships for photography students 2021 2022
  • Dance scholarships 2021 2022
  • Scholarships for future engineers 2021 2022

Adding the current and upcoming years helps cut down on the old and outdated scholarship information that may be found.

Read another quick and easy scholarship search tip in this post.

Pick up your copy ofThe C Students Guide to Scholarshipsright here.

Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program

Private colleges and universities are rarely cheap, but sometimes theyre the best choice for a students educational needs. For that reason, the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia started the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program in 1972, providing students enrolled in qualified private colleges and universities meet their financial needs. Only qualified nonprofit institutions are eligible for the grant otherwise, all of Virginias best-known and most reputable private colleges and universities are approved.

Funds for the VTAGP are provided by the Virginia General Assembly, and there are no requirements beyond being a Virginia resident and being enrolled in a recognized institution. There are specific amounts set aside for students at all education levels: $3300 annually for undergraduate students, and $1650 annually for graduate and professional school students. However, students studying religion or theology are not eligible , and the only graduate programs eligible must be health related .

  • Deadline
  • Award Amount$3300 $1650


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Academic Excellence Scholarship Program

The Academic Excellence Scholarship Program for currently enrolled UK students is open to all currently enrolled, full-time UK undergraduate students on the main campus with a 3.50 or greater cumulative grade point average by the end of the spring 2022 semester and who have completed at least 12 semester hours at UK.All applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the Academic Excellence Scholarship Program will be considered for a limited number of non-renewable awards of $1,500 for the 2022-2023 academic year.Undergraduate students who will be receiving other academic scholarships from the Office of Academic Scholarships for 2022-2023 are not eligible to be considered for these awards. Additionally, students currently applying to or enrolled in a professional or graduate program at the University of Kentucky are not eligible for these scholarships and should contact their respective departments for scholarship information.Deadline to Apply for Fall 2022:

  • Enter your UK linkblue email and password.
  • Click Start Application to begin applying for the scholarship. You will need to complete the 7 sections, including the 500-word essay on the topic, Discuss an important lesson you have learned from a piece of literature, music, or work of art and explain how the work conveyed the lesson. How have you applied the lesson to your life?
  • $1000 Gen And Kelly Tanabe Scholarship


    The only thing required to win this $1,000 scholarship named after Gen and Kelly Tanabe, the award-winning authors of 14 books on admission and scholarships is a 250-word or less personal essay based on questions provided on the website.

    Your GPA will not be considered. You must be in high school, or a student in college or graduate school and a legal U.S. resident.

    According to the website, the goal is to create a level field where students have complete control over their applications and are not given an advantage or disadvantage based on financial or academic circumstances.

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    State Of Idaho Scholarships

    The Idaho State Board of Education offers several scholarships to Idaho high school students and students considering attending college in Idaho. Criteria and award amounts vary by scholarship with different programs starting every year. The College highly encourages all students to explore and apply for these scholarships. Learn more from the Idaho Scholarships homepage.

    Please note that since The College of Idaho offers more institutional scholarships than the state colleges and universities, most students enrolling at the College may not be eligible for the Idaho Opportunity Scholarship. Guidelines mandated by the Idaho Department of Education restrict the College to award the Opportunity Scholarship only if the enrolling student is receiving less scholarship funding than the average cost to attend the 4-year state institutions. If there are any questions, we encourage you to contact the Idaho Department of Education directly.

    We also encourage out-of-state students to check with their respective state board of education for additional scholarship opportunities. Many states work to recognize their students regardless of where they attend college.

    Sbo Scholarship Essay Contest Winners

    School Band & Orchestra Magazine is a monthly publication for music educators, band and orchestra directors, and music school administrators. SBO has provided everything from reviews of new technology, instruments, and gear, to advice about improving practice and performance, since 1998. SBOs website provides a community, directory, and resources for managers and directors, helping professionals stay in the know and in communication about developments in music education.

    SBO also provides the annual SBO Scholarship Essay Contest, an opportunity for students from grades 4-12 to win money for their education, as well as scholarship funds and musical equipment for their music program. Students apply with a short answer to a prompt, such as how they would encourage classmates to join the music program. Several winners from two age groups elementary/middle grades, and high school win $1000 each, while their music program receives equipment from sponsors like Yamaha, Sabian, and Alfred. SBO has given away more than $300,000 worth of prizes.

    • DeadlineVaries


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    Fulbright Us Student Program

    Since the Fulbright Program was established by Congress in 1946, the name Fulbright has been synonymous with achievement. Proposed by Senator William Fulbright, the program named for him was intended to encourage international cooperation through education, student exchange, and research. Today, the Fulbright Student Program is the largest student exchange program in the US, sending nearly 2000 students to more than 140 countries every year to teach English, do research, and participate in cultural exchange that helps keep America a positive figure for change in the world.

    Qualifying for a Fulbright takes in a lot of different factors, some academic, some not. Academics are important, but the committee takes all kinds of other skills into account, including language mastery, extracurricular activities, awards, and other variables that show Fulbright that youll be a good candidate for international travel. With so many potential destinations, awards vary, but students can expect the program to pay for travel, housing, food, health benefits, and other basic requirements such as books. Applicants must be new college graduates.

    • Deadline


    Searching Online For Scholarships

    How I Got $500,000 in College Scholarships (WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU) national merit/applying early/ECs

    The modern web is both a great and suspicious place to search for scholarships. There are many, many reputable organizations looking to help fund college educations. At the same time, there are many groups purporting to give scholarships with strange requirements, like application fees, or to collect your personal information for other means. The following links can help start a successful scholarship search.

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    Catholic Financial Life Orphans College Scholarship Benefit

    Founded in 1868, when Catholics all over the US faced discrimination, Catholic Financial Life was originally an insurance company and fraternal organization designed to help Catholics organize and help themselves when other companies would not. Today, its the second-largest Catholic organization in the US and a major insurance and financial services provider. CFLs many services include aid for the children of deceased members, including monthly stipends for minor children and scholarship opportunities for college students.

    The CFL Orphans College Scholarship Benefit is available to the children of any deceased member however, stepchildren and foster children are not eligible. The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time 4-year or 2-year degree student at a college, community college, or university. Awards are available for full annual tuition, up to $4000, until 24 years old. There are no further requirements such as recommendation letters or contests all young people with a parent who was a member of the CFL are qualified.

    • DeadlineVaries


    Towel Supercenter Community Service Scholarship

    Amount: Up to $500 per recipient

    Provider: Towel Supercenter

    Requirements: Essay

    Towel Supercenter is committed to giving back to the community. They believe in the importance of education and want to see students succeed. By offering the Towel Supercenter Community Service Scholarship, their hope is that they are able to help someone afford education that they never would have been able to pay for on their own.

    Wondering what you need to do to apply for college and financial aid?

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    Bmi Future Jazz Master Scholarship

    The BMI Foundation was founded in 1985 as the charitable wing of Broadcast Music, Inc. , one of the largest performance licensing and publishing organizations in the US. Establishing in 1939 to compete with the ASCAP , BMI became the primary publisher of country, classical, jazz, and rock music, which ASCAP generally ignored. As such, BMI became one of the dominant sources of royalties for performers and a massive influence on the music business. The BMI Foundation gives back with awards, commissions, and scholarships for up-and-coming artists and students.

    The BMI Future Jazz Master Scholarship isnt necessarily easy after all, jazz isnt easy. But it does not require essays, GPA, test scores or anything else: just jazz. Intended to mirror the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship, one of the most prestigious awards in jazz music, the Future Jazz Master Scholarship is open to currently-enrolled college students between 17 and 24. The qualifications for the $5000 award, obviously, include a high level of jazz musicianship and compositional skills. Past judges have including jazz legends such as pianist Ahmad Jamal and bassist Ron Carter.

    • DeadlineVaries


    Marvel Optics National Scholarship Program

    How Average Students Can Find College Scholarships

    If you wear glasses, you may be familiar with the Marvel Optics company, but what you might not know is that its founders hold a $1,500 essay contest for full-time college students.

    Applicants must submit a video or short essay on their social media or blog page tagging or linking to Marvel Optics that answers the following: Helen Keller said, The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. What does that mean to you?

    Two scholarships are offered and the money is sent right to the winners school financial aid office.

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