Scholarships For Black Students In Texas

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Knowbe4 Scholarship For Black Americans In Cybersecurity

African American students encouraged to apply for Nichols School scholarships

Application deadline: April 18, 2022

Undergraduate and graduate students planning on majoring in cybersecurity or information assurance may qualify for the KnowBe4 Scholarship for Black Americans in Cybersecurity. Award recipients will receive up to $10,000 for their college expenses and up to $3,000 for campus housing.

To apply, you must be Black or African American, have at least a 3.2 GPA and agree to a Zoom interview. You will also have to submit your official transcripts, letters of recommendation, an essay and your resume.

Are There Scholarships On Boldorg For African

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are schools established prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and were created to give the Black population access to higher education. HBCUs are still critical to the Black community and though they make up only 3% of United States colleges, 10% of African American scholars attend an HBCU. Nearly 20% of Black graduates come from HBCUs and 25% of African-Americans with STEM degrees graduate from an HBCU.

Even though HBCUs have 28% lower costs than non-HBCUs, it can still be difficult for students to pay tuition, housing, and other fees. has scholarships specifically for students attending HBCUs, such as the Homer L. Graham Memorial Scholarship listed above.

Knowbe4 For Black Americans In Cybersecurity Scholarship

Amount: $10,000

Provider: Center for Cyber Safety and Education


  • Pursuing a degree with a focus on cybersecurity or information assurance
  • Undergraduate freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student

KnowBe4 Careers is passionate about diversifying the field of cybersecurity. If youre a Black student studying cybersecurity or a related field, check out the KnowBe4 for Black Americans in Cybersecurity Scholarship. This specific scholarship can be used to supplement your college fund for tuition, books, and even housing. Beyond financial assistance, KnowBe4 also provides a comprehensive education package to help prepare African American undergraduates for a career in their chosen field.

Loving these scholarships, but need help applying for your government financial aid? We can help you fill out your FAFSA and state aid.

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Empowering A Better Tomorrow Scholarship Powered By Walmart

The Empowering a Better Tomorrow Scholarship, powered by Walmart, is intended to assist in the creation of a pathway for those who desire to further their education as they enter back into society. This scholarship will be available to the formerly incarcerated or those who have recently been convicted and who have completed their sentence. This scholarship will be awarded to individuals that can exhibit qualities of leadership, commitment to change, and desire to give back to their community. This is a non-renewable scholarship opportunity.

Find more information, including guidelines, on the Empowering A Better Tomorrow Scholarship Powered By Walmart.

Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust

4 named National Hispanic Scholars  1 named National African American ...

Amount: Varies

Provider: Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust


  • Plan to attend a university, college, or vocational school
  • Earned a high school diploma
  • 17 to 25 years old

African American students from Arkansas are eligible to apply for the Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust. This college scholarship is specifically targeted toward Black students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and have big dreams for their future. The ideal candidate will be an undergraduate student who demonstrates financial need as well as academic achievement.

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Scholarship Enables Marifer To Complete Her Degree And Inspires Her To Give Back

When Marifer heard about The University of Texas at Austin and its motto what starts here changes the world, she knew it was the place for her. When she was accepted into the marketing program at the McCombs School of Business, her dream of being a Longhorn became a reality with the support of her family and a few small scholarships.

She quickly became an active member of the UT community, serving in student organizations, working as a resident assistant, and interning at a local Austin business. But when her fathers business failed, she was unable to afford tuition and living expenses to complete her degreeuntil she came across a unique scholarship opportunity for international students. Thanks to the scholarship, she completed her degree with an impressive academic record and remains determined to give back and make the same opportunity available to other students in the future.

Make an impact by supporting international students like Marifer.

As international students, we sometimes face a lot of hardships, but just having this financial support helps us to study more, to develop as people, and to be able to give back to society. All of your help has changed my life. Marifer Saldaña Gonzalez, B.B.A. 19 in Marketing from Mexico

What Hbcu Colleges Offer Scholarships To African American Students

There are about 101 HBCUs located in 19 states, and many offer HBCU scholarships. HBCU is short for historically black colleges and universities. Some HBCU scholarships for incoming college freshmen are from Howard University and Spelman College.

Howard University is a private HBCU located in Washington, DC. It serves 6,166 undergrads and costs $39,792 per year.

First year students may be eligible for five merit awards. Toqualify, you must meet standards for GPA, SAT / ACT scores and submit a FAFSA. Whenyoure admitted into the university, the school will notify you if you qualifyfor their merit scholarships.

Spelman College is a private, women only HBCU. Located in Atlanta, GA it serves 2,166 undergrads and costs $40,840 per year. Scholarships at Spelman are competitive and limited to first year students. To qualify, you must have a GPA of at least 3.8 .

Eligible applicants also need scores of 1330 SAT or 31 ACT. A record of leadership and community servicewill help you qualify for one of their scholarships.

Eligible Spelman students may win the Deans Scholarship. It covers tuition only for up to four years. Also, the Flanigan Scholarship is awarded based on need.

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How Important Are African

Scholarships are a critical way for African-American students to pursue higher education with minimal student loans. , diluting the racial wealth gap and paving the way for more diversity in the US workforce.

The 15 African-American scholarships listed below are intended to help Black students achieve their goals in higher education and to provide these students with more career opportunities. Scholarships for African-American students have a variety of requirements and award amounts, but they are all great opportunities that you can apply to for free on

Black Students In Stem Scholarship Fund

100% Scholarships for International Students at NYU | Road to Success Ep. 16

The Black Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics scholarship is only open for graduating high school seniors studying STEM with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher. Black women or men who fit these criteria are eligible to win.

  • Application Deadline:
  • Winner Announced:

This scholarship for Black students is only open to undergraduate students at Ohio State University with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and majoring in education or business. Every year, one winner is selected to win $2,000.

  • Application Deadline:
  • Winner Announced:

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How To Write A Great Essay

Once you have an idea of what you want to say in your essays, its time to make sure you say it in the most compelling way possible. Try to be succinct, charismatic, and insightful in your responses. Oftentimes, getting someone to proofread your essays can help you gain some perspective.

We have a host of resources to help you fine-tune your applications, including guides on writing 250 word or 500 word essays, writing about yourself, and answering some of the most common scholarship essay prompts. You can also check out our guides for starting and ending your essays, as well as a guide on how to write a winning scholarship essay.

The Naacp X Society Awards Scholarship

The NAACP x Society Awards Scholarship is awarded to students interested in pursuing a career in the visual/performing arts field including film, theatre, fashion, photography, graphic design, dance, music, journalism, and mass communications. We will award three scholarships totaled to $8,000 to recipients with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Find more information, including guidelines, on the NAACP x Society Awards Scholarship.

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The Jean Evelyn Freshman Scholarship

DEADLINE: Contact sponsoring organizataion

This scholarship fund disburses awards in the amount of $500 per semester to offset costs of books and other required study materials for full-time female African American students at Prairie View University in Prairie View, Texas. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is another threshold eligibility requirement.

Introduction To Texas Scholarships

TMA awards scholarships to 15 minority medical students

Out of all fifty states in the US, Texas ranks #2 in both population AND size. Other than being quite an impressive feat in general, whats also impressive is that the state of Texas has no shortage of great scholarship opportunities and financial aid for its students to take advantage of. Keep reading for our roundup of the best Texas scholarships offered by both private organizations and universities, as well as some great state-based financial aid resources to guide you in your paying for college journey.

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How To Find Black Scholarships To Apply For

If you have already applied to the provided Black scholarships above or are looking for more Black or minority scholarships, there are plenty of ways to find more Black scholarships. You can conduct a quick Google search on Black scholarships or check out reputable websites such as Scholarship Institute,, Sallie Mae, and Its essential to put in the extra work by conducting additional research to ensure any website or scholarship you discover is legit and accepted by the school or university you want to attend or are currently attending. You could also contact your schools financial aid office to see if there are any internal scholarships you are eligible to apply for.

Are Black Scholarships Legit

Yes, Black scholarships are legit. Many companies and schools offer tons of scholarships for minorities, including women, Hispanics, and African Americans, no matter what study you study. However, the catch is looking out for scholarship scams when applying to external Black scholarships found via an online search. Therefore, its essential to keep an eye out for any scholarship that looks suspicious, and its worth conducting additional research to ensure the scholarship you apply for is genuine and not a scam to obtain personal information.

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Scholarships For Texas Residents

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but unfortunately that often includes college tuition, too. While that can be intimidating or frustrating to current and aspiring students, the good news is there are tons of opportunities to earn scholarships just by living and studying in Texas. Potential degree candidates looking for help paying for school in Texas will find many scholarship options. There is funding available from both public and private sources. State and local government administers scholarship funds based on ethnicity, gender, financial need and academic achievement. Private funds, from universities and corporations, are also available in specific fields, for students from a particular area or for students that demonstrate a unique aptitude. Scroll down to review some of the many scholarships available for college students in Texas.



  • School :Attend a |Public|Private|Attend a |Public|Private|
  • School :|Two-year|Four-year|Accredited College|Accredited University||Two-year|Four-year|Accredited College|Accredited University|
  • Residence:Live in |United States|Willacy, TX|Live in |United States|Willacy, TX|
  • School :|San Patricio, TX|Refugio, TX|Aransas, TX|Bee, TX|Jim Wells, TX|Kleberg, TX|Nueces, TX|Bishop High School, Bishop, TX||San Patricio, TX|Refugio, TX|Aransas, TX|Bee, TX|Jim Wells, TX|Kleberg, TX|Nueces, TX|Bishop High School, Bishop, TX|
  • School :|Accredited College|Accredited University||Accredited College|Accredited University|

The Hyatt Hotels Fund For Minority Lodging Management Students

Canadian University Scholarships for International Students


Hyatt established this educational assistance program in 1988 as a source of financial support for minority scholars majoring in Hotel Management. During the intervening quarter-century, nearly 300 recipients have obtained more than half a million dollars via this program. Other basic eligibility criteria include current or acceptance for future full-time enrollment and U.S. citizenship or permanent legal residency.

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What Happens When I Win A Scholarship

The scholarships listed above will go directly towards your tuition and will be sent to your financial aid office. If youâre a high school student, your award will be saved and sent to the college you choose for your education. Check out the terms for our scholarship opportunities here for more information.

Scholar Dollars Essay Scholarship For Black Students

Scholar Dollars Essay Scholarship for Black Students

Offered by Scholarships360

In offering the Scholar Dollars Essay Scholarship for Black Students, we want to help offset the cost of attending college for Black students. This scholarship aims to lighten your financial worry and allow you to take fewer loans. Remember, scholarships are essentially free money that need not be paid back. This scholarship, specifically, aims to help out a Black postsecondary student who is passionate about their higher education journey and actively looking for ways to fund it. Thus, this scholarship will be awarded to students based on both the quality of their essays and quantity of scholarships applied for on the Scholarships360 platform. With that in mind, why not spend a little time applying for a $500 scholarship now for more financial freedom from loans later? We look forward to reading your application, and wish you much success on your academic journey!

Open to the following grade levels:

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Black Philanthropy Bannister Scholarship

Amount: Varies

  • Pursuing or advancing a career in healthcare at a post-secondary institution
  • High school graduate or adult student

This specific scholarship is provided by the Rhode Island Foundation and is perfect for Black students with an interest in medicine and community service. The Black Philanthropy Bannister Scholarship supports students from Rhode Island pursuing a career in healthcare. The scholarship is given in honor of the Bannister House, a nursing home for retired African American domestic workers, and seeks to support the Black community in Rhode Island. This scholarship may be renewable for up to four years and is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

How Many Scholarships Are Available For Moms And Single Moms In Texas

Apply Today! HBCU@SXSW18 Is Accepting Applications Now

Moms in Texas are eligible for all the same scholarships as TX residents. Therefore, the 651 scholarships worth $2,573,197.00 mentioned above is also available to moms and single moms. In addition, however, you can check out additional scholarships for moms, which have been provided exclusively for moms and single moms, and you can find from the main scholarship search engine page.

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The Florida Fund For Minority Teacher Education Scholarship

Award: $4,000

Provider: Florida Fund for Minority Teachers


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American, Asian American, and/or Pacific Islander
  • Admitted into a teaching program at an FFMT participating university
  • Completed 60 credits or AA degree but no more than 18 hours of upper-division education courses

The Florida Fund for Minority Teachers Education Scholarship grants college funds to minority students who hope to become teachers. Sponsored by the State of Florida, this award provides not only financial support but also helps develop professional skills and prepare future educators for life in the classroom. If you identify as a member of a minority group and are enrolled in a teaching program, dont forget to apply!

How To Qualify For African American Scholarships

To start applying for minority scholarships, simply create your free profile by clicking on any of the scholarships above. Then, you can filter the scholarships by category to find scholarships that you’re eligible for. Choosing the “Diversity and Inclusion” category will provide you with a list of scholarships for African American students and other historically underrepresented groups.

Some scholarships will have additional requirements, such as requiring that applicants demonstrate financial need, are undergraduate students, are African American women, are graduating high school seniors, etc. The eligibility requirements of each scholarship will be listed in the description.

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Top Texas Scholarships In 2022

It seems like everything is bigger and better in the great state of Texas, even scholarships! In the following post, we highlight some outstanding Texas scholarship opportunities and resources, as well as merit scholarships offered by top Texas colleges.

These scholarships in Texas include opportunities for high school, college, and even graduates school students.

Jump ahead to:

Whether you are Lone Star State born and bred or an out-of-stater exploring higher education in Texas, the following list has something for you. Grab your lasso and corral some bucks!

Scholarships For Black Students In Texas

100% Scholarships for International Students at MIT | Road to Success Ep. 01

Scholarships for African Americans are offered at colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad. A university degree isnt limited to the contents of a textbook or the amount of extra credit you can get for finishing personal projects or conducting research for a teacher. Unlike high school, which may be much more rigid and inflexible and timetable, higher education helps students to step beyond their comfort zone and build new relationships while pursuing courses and other hobbies of their own. Someone from a different culture and background can teach you a lot. This experience could be just as beneficial as the academic information, professional training, and training you were hoping to get when you joined. This is one of the grounds why schools offer grants and scholarships aimed at attracting students from all cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and personal experiences to their campuses. African American kids, like other minorities, can profit from this desire for diversity. There are numerous scholarships available for black students, including some specifically for those pursuing a postsecondary degree. We have put together a list of the top 10 best scholarships available for black students in Texas. Go through our list and find the one that best suits you.

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