Scholarships For Black Medical Students

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National Hispanic Health Foundation Scholarship

Black Nurses Association wants to bridge the gap by providing scholarships

The National Health Foundation Scholarship awards scholarships to students pursuing a career in various medical fields. To qualify for the scholarship, you must demonstrate strong leadership skills, academic excellence, and a commitment to providing medical care to the Hispanic community.

11 students will receive a $5,000 scholarship for two years, and 13 students will receive a $2,000 scholarship for one year. Being Hispanic is not a requirement, but you must show an affinity for serving the Hispanic community.

Usa Medical And Surgical Scholarship Program

The USA Medical and Surgical Scholarship Program is open to college and university students studying one of the following:

  • emergency medical services
  • other health related disciplines

To apply, you must write an essay on how medical supplies or medical equipment has the biggest impact on healing, improving, or extending human lives. The winner will receive $1,000 to help with their educational fees and expenses.

Us Army F Edward Hebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program For Medicine Optometry Dentistry And Veterinary Medicine

The program permits selected students to be commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army Reserve while they are completing professional schooling. The program pays for tuition, books, lab fees and other expenses necessary to complete school. Also, students will receive a monthly stipend of over a $2,000 during the school year.

During the breaks, the student will receive officers pay while they train as part of the health care team and will be afforded the opportunity to work at one of the Army’s major medical centers. Upon completion of school, students will be advanced to the rank of Captain.

Medical students continue their training by completion of a residency program. The scholarship is offered for 1 – 4 years based on specialty.

For further information, please visit their website or contact by the following: SSG Marlon Johnson U.S. Army Healthcare Recruiter 400 Corporate Pointe, Suite 570 Culver City, CA 90230 Office: 216-4433 Fax: 216-2922

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Scholarships For Jewish Medical Students

The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago Vocational Service Scholarship is available to Jewish college and graduate students in Chicago. The awards amount to up to $8,000 and are renewable. Visit their website to view eligibility requirements.

The Jewish Federation of Northeast New York offers several grants and scholarships to Jewish students. To view award opportunities, check their academic scholarships page.

The Jewish Family Association of Cleveland offers multiple awards to Jewish students in the greater Cleveland area, including the Alumni and Friends of JFSA College Financial Aid Program Scholarship. For a list of awards and opportunities, check their scholarships page.

Navajo Nation Graduate Assistance Fellowship

National Black Grads scholarships go to two Riverside

Students enrolled full-time in an accredited medical program who are members of the Navajo Nation may apply for a fellowship. Awards range from $5,000 to $10,000 annually. A minimum GPA of 2.0 must be maintained to retain the grant. The application may be downloaded on website. Application deadline: June.

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Resources For Black Students

If you have a good idea of the type of work you want to get into, its a good idea to seek out some Black professional organizations in your field. These organizations often offer their own scholarships, and they also host events that unite professionals in the field. From these events, you may gain additional guidance on your career trajectory, or even land a job or internship.

Professional organizations can vary widely in scope and focus. Some may be regional organizations, whereas others will be national. For example, the National Association of Black Accountants boasts of over 200,000 members nationwide, and could be a great resource for Black students interested in accounting.

And they are far from the only ones whether you plan to be a physicist, cardiologist, a psychologist, or a host of other professions, there is an organization out there for you! Even students who are not set on a career path may benefit from joining or investigating these organizations. The firsthand experience with professionals in the field can help you decide whether it is a good fit for you or not.

What Are Black Scholarships

African American students have historically been, and continue to be, the most underrepresented minority in all forms of higher education. The cost of attendance remains a significant barrier to this day.

Because college can take up such a large percentage of income and Black students pursuing academic achievements typically take out more loans, scholarships and financial programs specifically geared toward African American students are necessary to make college more accessible.

These programs are intended to improve African American representation in specific fields and higher education by ensuring that students in need of aid receive it. Scholarships, in particular, can mitigate or eliminate the need to take out student loans, leaving you free to focus on your education instead of worrying about how to pay for it.

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Best Scholarships For Black Medical Students

Medical field is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious, and important disciplines to study and work in. Have you ever imagined what our lives would have been without medicines, Doctors, and other Healthcare Professionals and Services? It is truly hard to imagine this picture in this modern world when we are amidst a global pandemic. The field of Medical Science and Healthcare keeps on contributing to the service of humanity, by providing 24*7 services, and a plethora of people are able to recover from illness because of this field.

Because this field is so prestigious, important, and also is home to uncountable career opportunities, millions of students across the world, and also in the United States opt for Medicine and Healthcare as their area of specialization. For that, U.S is also home to numerous opportunities for Financial Aids, that help students achieve their goals without having to worry about educational expenses.

There is a Scholarship for every kind of student across the United States, and if you are a student of African American descent, and are currently enrolled or planning to get enrolled in Healthcare Programs, but it is the expenses that is worrying you, then you have come to the right place. This article will be featuring the best scholarship opportunities for Medical Students who are of African American descent and want financial assistance to continue their higher studies. Here are some of the best programs you should have a look at.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute

FAU medical students awarded scholarships

The HHMI offers a special program designed for African Americans, minorities, and other disenfranchised groups. The Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study provides funding for medical school and lists several other grants for other medical practice areas.

The fellowship covers up to $46,500, covering only a Ph.D. programs costs for up to 5 years.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a college.
  • Prospective medical students pursuing a degree can apply.
  • Applicants should be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
  • Applicants must have been participants in the HHMI Exceptional Research Opportunities Program.
  • Funds can be merged with other grants.
  • Students must submit a complete application, transcript, recommendations, and test scores to apply.
  • For more information, visit,

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    Which School Gives The Most Black Student Scholarships

    It can be difficult to find scholarships for black students, but there are a few schools that give out a large number of scholarships specifically for black students.

    The top three schools for black student scholarships are Howard University, Morehouse College, and Spelman College.

    Howard University is a private historically black university in Washington, D.C. that was founded in 1867. Howard offers a variety of scholarships for black students, including the Legacy Scholarship, the Frederick Douglass Scholarship, and the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship.

    Morehouse College is a private all-male historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia. Morehouse offers several scholarships for black students, including the Gates Millennium Scholars Program, the Posse Foundation Scholars Program, and the United Negro College Fund Merck Fellowship.

    Spelman College is a private historically black womens college in Atlanta, Georgia. Spelman offers several scholarships for black students, including the Coca-Cola Scholars Program, the UNCF/Merck Fellowships program, and the Gates Millennium Scholars Program.

    Black Students In Stem Scholarship Fund

    The Black Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics scholarship is only open for graduating high school seniors studying STEM with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher. Black women or men who fit these criteria are eligible to win.

    • Application Deadline:
    • Winner Announced:

    This scholarship for Black students is only open to undergraduate students at Ohio State University with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and majoring in education or business. Every year, one winner is selected to win $2,000.

    • Application Deadline:
    • Winner Announced:

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    National Institutes Of Health Medical Research Scholars Program

    A year-long research enrichment program designed to attract creative, research-oriented medical, dental, and veterinary students to the NIH intramural campus in Bethesda, MD. The MRSP is designed for rising fourth-year students but does not exclude other students with strong research interests from applying. Students engage in a mentored basic, clinical, or translational research project that matches their professional interests and research and career goals. The MRSP also provides an academic curriculum with content highlighting the process of scientific discovery, training in clinical protocol development and human subjects research, clinical teaching rounds utilizing the robust pool of patients enrolled in research protocols at the NIH Clinical Center, and academic leadership training. Applications for the MRSP class are usually accepted from October mid-January. Eligible students may apply at: .

    Herbert W Nickens Student Scholarships

    College of Human Medicine student receives Diversity in Medicine ...

    The Herbert W. Nickens Student Scholarships is a scholarship program awarded by the AAMC. The $5,000 scholarship is given out to five third-year medical students who are committed to serving minorities.

    The scholarship is named after Herbert W. Nickens, who was the director of the AAMCs division of community and minority programs. Nickens goal was to make medical school more accessible for minority students.

    You have to be nominated for this award before you can apply. In addition, youll need to submit a letter of recommendation and your personal statement with your application.

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    Scholarships For Lgbtq+ Medical Students

    The Women in Medicine organization presents two $5,000 scholarships to two LGBTQ+ women every year. Students who meet the eligibility criteria and attend school in the U.S. or Canada can apply.

    The Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of AIDS activist Pedro Zamora. The scholarship aims to support the academic careers of young activists. The scholarship awards up to $5,000 to applicants who meet the criteria. You can apply through ScholarsApp here.

    The Pride Foundation offers many awards annually to improve the educational experience of LGBTQ+ students and activists. Eligible candidates can apply for 60+ scholarships with one application.

    The Glenn/afar Scholarships For Research In The Biology Of Aging

    The Glenn/AFAR Scholarships for Research in the Biology of Aging have been established to continue to attract new generations of talented investigators to the field of aging research. The program is designed to give students enrolled in M.D., D.O., Ph.D., or combined-degree programs the opportunity to conduct a three-to-six-month research project focused on biomedical research in aging.

    • Applicants must be M.D., D.O., Ph.D., or combined degree students in good standing at a not-for- profit institution in the United States.
    • If accepted, applicants will be asked to submit a proof of enrollment form confirming their enrollment at a U.S. institution.
    • Applicants may not hold another award or participate in another scholarship program concurrently with the Glenn/AFAR Scholarship

    The deadline for receipt of all applications and supporting materials is April at 5 p.m. EST Applicants will be notified on funding decisions or around June 30. If funded, the project start date must be before December 31.

    For further information, please visit their website or contact by the following: Tel: 703-9977 Toll-free: 582-2327 Fax: 997-0330.

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    Bangasser Medical Student Scholarship

    This scholarship honors Ronald P. Bangasser, M.D., a physician known for his contributions to health care, medicine and his community. Qualified students will have the opportunity to apply for a $2,500 grant. The intent is to defray tuition for the scholarship recipient. Deadline for submission of application is March 30.

    Return your completed application packet to Bangasser Medical Student Scholarship, c/o San Bernardino County Medical Society, 1859 W. Redlands Blvd., Redlands, CA 92373-3119 or via email to Jenise at For additional information contact the San Bernardino County Medical Society offices at 909-273-6000.

    Health Professions Scholarship Program

    Group works to get scholarships for black students

    Go to medical school for free by serving in the US Army, the Air Force, or the Navy. You can apply for a 4-year or a 3-year scholarship. You must serve a minimum of 3 years as an active duty staff physician, or 1 year for each year of scholarship awarded.

    While in medical school, you must focus on your studies and are not required to wear uniform.

    These scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, so you must apply as soon as possible in the fall before attending med school. If you are already in med school and want to apply for a 3-year scholarship, apply in your first year.

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    Board Vitals Medical School Scholarship

    The Board Vitals awards scholarships to two medical school students who have shown strong academic standing and a desire to improve society by tackling a critical issue in healthcare. A first-place winner will receive $2,500 and a second-place winner will receive $1,000, both in the form of a VISA Prepaid Card. Five third place winners will receive 50% off a Board Vitals question bank.

    To apply, you must be a resident of the United States who is currently enrolled as a first, second, third, or fourth-year medical student in an accredited M.D./D.O. school located in the United States.

    Participants must apply online and submit a 500-word essay or 2-minute video on what you think the next major advancement in healthcare will be.

    Future Black Physicians And Physician Associates Scholarship

    GoodRx funds and distributes a $5000 scholarship to current or recently graduated Black or African American medical school students.

    It is open to students of both allopathic and osteopathic programs who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. You must have completed medical school no earlier than the spring of the current year to be considered a recent graduate. Potential applicants can sign up at the GoodRX website to be notified when applications open.

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    Dr Richard Allen Williams & Genita Evangelista Johnson/association Of Black Cardiologists Scholarship From American Medical Association Foundation

    A scholarship designed by the American Medical Association to support students of African American descent, who are interested in becoming Cardiologists, Dr. Richard Allen Williams & Genita Evangelista Johnsons scholarship offers support of up to $5,000 to students with financial needs.

    This scholarship is open to Fist year or Second-year students enrolled in a program related to Cardiology, in an accredited U.S. Medical School. Explaining your interest in Cardiology in your personal statement or one of your letters of recommendation is mandatory, special preference will be given to students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial needs.

    Provided by: American Medical Association and the Association of Black Cardiologists Amount: $5,000

    Josiah Macy Jr Foundation Scholarship

    University of Colorado creates medical scholarships for Black students ...

    The Josiah Macy Jr. Scholarship was established in 2001 by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation. This scholarship provides $5,000 to four 2nd or 3rd year underrepresented students in medicine enrolled in an accredited US medical school program and who demonstrate financial need as well as academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to service. For more information, visit website. Application deadline: September.

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    Top 77 Scholarships For Black Students In December 2022

    Historically, access to higher education has not always been equal. Many groups, including African American and Black students, have been left out of educational opportunities.

    Because of this, many colleges and scholarships aim to support African American students as they pay for college. These scholarships include specific scholarships for African American women, full ride scholarships, and scholarships generally for students from minority backgrounds.

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    Scholar Dollars Essay Scholarship For Black Students

    The Scholar Scholarships essay scholarship is open to black students who are currently enrolled in an accredited college or university. The essay should be between 700 and 1,000 words and must address the following topic:

    How has your experience as a black student influenced your academic and personal goals?

    What challenges have you faced as a black student, and how have you overcome them?

    What does it mean to you to be a successful black student in todays society?

    The deadline for submissions is March 31st, and the winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

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    Top 55 Medical School Scholarships In December 2022

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctors are among the highest paid professionals, earning over $200,000 per year on average. However, according to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the average medical school student will also accumulate roughly $250,000 in student loan debt. So, while doctors can expect to earn a high salary, many prospective medical students must rely heavily on medical school scholarships to finance their education.

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    James Rhio Oconnor Memorial Scholarship Fund

    $10,000 Scholarship for New Texas Medical Students

    The James Rhio OConnor Memorial Scholarship Fund is a scholarship offered by the University of Chicago. Its named after a man who was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer and given one year to live. He survived the disease by doing intense research and creating his own treatment.

    This $1,000 scholarship is open to undergraduate students that want to pursue unorthodox cancer treatments. To apply, youll need to write an essay on alternative medical approaches to treat cancer.

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