Scholarships For Black Doctoral Students

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Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust

New CU School Of Medicine Scholarship Honors Black History & Dr. Charles Blackwood

Amount: Varies

Provider: Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust


  • Plan to attend a university, college, or vocational school
  • Earned a high school diploma
  • 17 to 25 years old

African American students from Arkansas are eligible to apply for the Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust. This college scholarship is specifically targeted toward Black students who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and have big dreams for their future. The ideal candidate will be an undergraduate student who demonstrates financial need as well as academic achievement.

Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship

The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship is one of many funding opportunities available to Black students through NAACP’s Inspire Initiatives. The Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship honors the late Agnes Jones Jackson who was a long-time NAACP member from the San Francisco branch. This is a non-renewable scholarship opportunity.

Find more information, including guidelines, on the Agnes Jones Jackson Scholarship.

Start Early Get Organized

While it may be your style to do things last minute, haphazard applications are a surefire way to get passed over for scholarships, no matter how impressive your qualifications. Pursuing financial aid is a crucial aspect of the college application process, and the time you spend organizing your materials should reflect how important the scholarship is to you and your education. The committee reviewing your application will likely award scholarships to students who can follow directions precisely, in addition to meeting eligibility requirements.

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American Indian Graduate Center

Each year, the AIGC fellowship program provides $1,200,000 in fellowships to over 350 Native American and Alaska Native graduate students. Graduate fellowships are monetary awards made to American Indian and Alaska Native graduate or professional degree-seeking students, who meet all eligible criteria. The United States Bureau of Indian Education federally funds the fellowship program. The fellowship amount is typically between $1,000 and $5,000 per academic year , and varies from year to year, depending on the availability of funds and unmet financial need.

Are There Any Scholarships For Black Students Going Unclaimed

Largest African American Student Scholarship and Mentorship Programs

While there are myriad scholarships available, many of them actually go unclaimed in 2022, there were more than 14. Several factors contribute to this. Sometimes, not enough applications are received and the awarding body decides not to award any. Or, they decided that none of the applicants successfully met their requirements. Often, there are no applications because no one knows about the scholarship. There are so many scholarships available but theyre going unclaimed so apply for as many as possible. Because most scholarships wont cover the costs for all years of your degree. We suggest that you apply for a number of small ones those small amounts will add up and could end up covering a large proton of your tuition.

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Joshua David Gardner Memorial Scholarship

This program provides scholarships to undergraduates at historically black colleges and universities. It is available to United States citizens ages 17 to 25 with a minimum grade point average of 2.8. Applicants need to submit their official academic transcripts from high school or an accredited four-year college or university and an acceptance letter from the higher learning institution they are planning to attend.

Minimum scores on standardized tests are an ACT score of 19 or an SAT score of 900. Applicants must also submit three letters of reference. One of these should be from an academic reference who can attest to the applicants academic ability, character and leadership ability. The application should come with a 500-word essay on the topic of The importance of personal integrity for leaders. Scholarship funds are not renewable. At least two one-time $2,000 scholarships are awarded annually.

Applications are accepted from October 30 to April 30. Selected awardees are notified in writing by May.

Are There Scholarship Opportunities For Black Women

Scholarships for Black women help aspiring students pay for college.

Black women may be eligible for awards related to STEM, nursing, business, and more.

Many scholarship funds exist to help Black female college students achieve their dreams of pursuing a college degree.

These awards may come from four-year colleges and HBCUs.

Companies and nonprofits also offer them.

There is a range of national black organizations that offer financial assistance too.

Many providers also have awards based on financial need, community service and a good GPA.

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The Gates Millennium Scholars Program

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program is an external scholarship program that provides scholarships and fellowships for outstanding low-income African-American, Native American, Hispanic American, and Asian-Pacific American students to attend undergraduate and graduate institutions of their choice. This fellowship opportunity is open to continuing Gates Scholars who will be pursuing a graduate degree program in Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Library Science, Mathematics, Public Health or Science. See for more information.

Knowbe4 Scholarship For Black Americans In Cybersecurity

Group works to get scholarships for black students

Application deadline: April 18, 2022

Undergraduate and graduate students planning on majoring in cybersecurity or information assurance may qualify for the KnowBe4 Scholarship for Black Americans in Cybersecurity. Award recipients will receive up to $10,000 for their college expenses and up to $3,000 for campus housing.

To apply, you must be Black or African American, have at least a 3.2 GPA and agree to a Zoom interview. You will also have to submit your official transcripts, letters of recommendation, an essay and your resume.

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National Society Of Black Engineers

This association was established in 1975, and is dedicated to educating black women specifically in the field of engineering and science. It provides many scholarships each year to qualified students majoring in these areas. A complete list of the scholarships and application and deadline information can be found at their Scholarship Vault.

Financial Aid Scholarship And Advocacy Resources Directory

Locating and applying for scholarships and other forms of financial aid can be a challenging, confusing process. The following list includes guides, student networks, advocacy centers, and other helpful resources for minority grad students seeking scholarship support. The entries are listed alphabetically.

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Doctoral Fellowships For Minorities In Education

If youre looking for opportunities to fund your doctoral dissertation research and you identify as a person of a historically underrepresented ethnicity, then you might be eligible for several exciting fellowships that aim to increase racial diversity in academia. Check out the following doctoral fellowships for minorities in education and be sure to bookmark these opportunities to your ProFellow account.

Glamours Top 10 College Women Competition


Glamour Magazine awards $3,000 each to ten junior college women each year who have proven themselves academically and as leaders. Each recipient is also recognized in the magazine, is given an expense-paid trip to New York City where the awards are presented and the opportunity to network with women working at Glamour.

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Top 10 Scholarships For Black Students

Scholarships for Black students can come from a variety of sources, including schools, nonprofit organizations and private companies. Scholarships represent free money that doesnât have to be repaid and can range in value from a few hundred dollars to full tuition. Some of the top scholarship opportunities available are:

United Negro College Fund Scholarships

The United Negro College Fund helps more than 60,000 students attend college each year through 400 scholarships and internship programs. The goal of the programs is to help close the education gap between African-Americans and the majority population. The deadlines vary for the different programs. Amounts between $500 and $10,000 are awarded each year to help with tuition, room and board and textbooks.

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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Program

New Connections Increasing Diversity of RWJF Programming New Connections is a career development program for early-career researches and consultants from underrepresented groups. We provide support to our funded scholars and non-funded members of our network of eligible scholars. Through grant making, networking opportunities, and career development, we enhance the research capacity of our funded scholars and network members.

To learn more about this funding opportunity and to apply visit:

Aaa Minority Dissertation Fellowship

ISAC College Minute 3/22/22 What is the Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship?

Deadline: March 14th

Valued at $10,000, the American Anthropological Association offers a Minority Dissertation Fellowship annually for racialized minorities, including African Americans, who are completing a PhD program in anthropology. Eligible applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal residents, attend an accredited university, be admitted to degree candidacy, have AAA membership, and possess a record of outstanding academic achievement. Online applications must include a 1,000-word anthropological research proposal and an endorsement letter.


2300 Clarendon Blvd. Suite 1301Arlington, VA 22201

Going the extra mile to earn a doctorate is certainly expensive, but the academic journey can pay off. Georgetowns Center on Education and the Workforce reports that graduates with a doctoral degree have average lifetime earnings of $3.3 million. Investing in a PhD can provide a 61 percent salary increase from the bachelors level! African American students may sidetrack their doctoral dreams due to rising tuition costs. However, scholarships, grants, and fellowships can provide enough money to cover your schooling and dissertation expenses. Apply to some of these doctoral scholarships for African American females and doctoral scholarships for African American males to afford your degree.

GCD Staff

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The Reward For Investing In Education

Attending college as a dramatic impact on a person’s lifetime earning potential and chances of finding employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates people with a high school diploma have the highest unemployment rates, nearing 8% in 2017. For workers with a high school diploma, the unemployment rate sits at 5.3%. Those who attended college but did not graduate have an unemployment rate of slightly lower, at 3.8%. College graduates, however, boast the lowest unemployment rate of 2.5%. These statistics prove that a college degree makes it easier for workers to get and keep job opportunities. For African-American students, a college degree allows them to climb the corporate ladder and advance economically.

According to the Brookings Institution, college students earn up to $570,000 more than high school graduates over their lifetime. The income gap increases as students earn advanced degrees and gain more experience in their field. In fact, the same research by the Brookings Institution indicates college degrees yield higher returns than stocks, bonds, and gold. It’s clear that investing in one’s education results in greater economic stability. For students of color, scholarships and grants developed specifically for their communities help them complete higher education without accruing crippling amounts of debt.

University Transformation & Investment

In total since 2009, the university had invested over 1 billion dollarsand today continues to invest in full-time faculty, improved technology infrastructure, new facilities and programmatic expansion in high-growth, high-demand areas such as engineering, computer science and IT. The university has been able to self-fund these investments with only nominal increases in tuition for students.

1 As of March 31, 2021

2 Alumni from 1957 to April 2021. Includes students who have graduated and completed their program.

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What Hbcu Colleges Offer Scholarships To African American Students

There are about 101 HBCUs located in 19 states, and many offer HBCU scholarships. HBCU is short for historically black colleges and universities. Some HBCU scholarships for incoming college freshmen are from Howard University and Spelman College.

Howard University is a private HBCU located in Washington, DC. It serves 6,166 undergrads and costs $39,792 per year.

First year students may be eligible for five merit awards. Toqualify, you must meet standards for GPA, SAT / ACT scores and submit a FAFSA. Whenyoure admitted into the university, the school will notify you if you qualifyfor their merit scholarships.

Spelman College is a private, women only HBCU. Located in Atlanta, GA it serves 2,166 undergrads and costs $40,840 per year. Scholarships at Spelman are competitive and limited to first year students. To qualify, you must have a GPA of at least 3.8 .

Eligible applicants also need scores of 1330 SAT or 31 ACT. A record of leadership and community servicewill help you qualify for one of their scholarships.

Eligible Spelman students may win the Deans Scholarship. It covers tuition only for up to four years. Also, the Flanigan Scholarship is awarded based on need.

Goldman Sachs Mba Fellowship

Black Academic Futures Scholarships

Amount: $35,000, plus Summer Associate salary

Provider: Goldman Sachs

  • Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American female
  • First-year MBA student

For graduate students in their first year of business school, the Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship is a lucrative scholarship with the potential to help kickstart a career in the financial services industry. Industry leader, Goldman Sachs, seeks to provide a launchpad to the industry leaders of tomorrow. In addition to the award amount to help cover the cost of tuition, awardees will receive a $40,000 salary for their work as a summer associate at the bank.

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Opportunity Scholarships Of The Women Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church In America

This organization funds several scholarships for Lutheran Laywomen to provide assistance in study for a career in fields other than the ordained ministry.

Specific scholarships include:

  • Amelia Kemp Scholarship for ELCA women of color in vocational, undergraduate, graduate or professional courses of study.
  • Kahler, Belmer and Flora Prince, Wettstein and Vickers/Raup Scholarships for Evangelical Lutheran Church of America women studying for ELCA service outside of the United States.

Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship

Amount: Up to $1,850

Provider: Kansas Board of Regents


  • Enrolled full-time at a Kansas community college or four-year university
  • Minimum ACT score of 21 or SAT score of 990
  • High school rank in the upper 33% of ones class
  • Completed Kansas Scholars Curriculum Selection by National Merit Corporation in any category
  • Selected by College Board as a Hispanic Scholar

For high-school standouts from underrepresented groups in Kansas, the Kansas Ethnic Minority Scholarship can help form a pathway to an undergraduate degree. This award is sponsored by the Kansas Board of Regents, which oversees all of the higher education institutions in the state, and aims to increase ethnic diversity across its member organizations. This award doesnt carry any subject matter requirement, and its renewable for up to five years in case your field of study takes you extra time.

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Dr Wynetta A Frazier Sister To Sister Scholarship

There are few scholarships specifically for single mothers in the United States, and the Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier Sister to Sister scholarship is probably the most sought after. It is awarded to African-American women who are at least 30 years old who do not have financial support from a husband or other family members. $500 is awarded to two women each year who have demonstrated a need for scholastic assistance.

Dr. Wynetta A. Frazier established the Sister to Sister Scholarship to help single mothers. Dr. Frazier worked with and single mothers and their children as an Assistant Director of Early Childhood Research and Intervention at the University of Illinois. Dr. Frazier also organized the National Hook-Up of Black Women.

Those who wish to apply for the Sister to Sister Scholarship must:

  • Be a returning student who left school to help with family issues
  • Demonstrate a strong desire to complete a college education
  • Provide a letter of acceptance from an accredited college or university
  • Be at least 30 years old
  • Write a 300-to-500-word essay
  • Provide transcripts that demonstrate a re-acceptance into a college program

All applications must include:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of social activities and commitments

All applications must be submitted by February of each year. The specific date in February may vary from year to year. Requests for applications can be mailed to the National Hook-Up of Black Women at:

Uncf Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships

Scholarships For Women And Minorities – How To Find Scholarships For Women

Deadline: December 11th

The United Negro College Fund Merck Science Initiative offers 12+ dissertation fellowships for $53,000. The fellowships go to African American PhD students enrolled full-time. They must be studying any life science, physical science, or engineering discipline. Eligible applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. They must attend a regionally accredited institution. They must have completed all doctoral qualifying exams, and exhibit outstanding academic ability. And they must be within one to three years of completing dissertation research.


UNCF Merck Graduate Science Research Dissertation Fellowships1805 7th Street NW

Earning a PhD will cost you plenty of stress and sleepless nights for around five years of your life. With rising tuition, that doctoral degree can also cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many minority students are held back simply by lacking the financial means. Financial aid in the form of scholarships can provide ample funding, helping avoid massive student loan debt. If you identify as African American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American, Hispanic, or Alaska Native, consider these 20 great PhD scholarships for minorities. If you want to find great values on PhD programs, check out some of our school rankings.

GCD Staff, Updated October 2022

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Ron Brown Scholar Program

The Ron Brown Scholarship is awarded to students through the Ron Brown Scholar Fund. A public charity, the Ron Brown Scholar Fund was originally started by the CAP Charitable Foundation. Named after the Secretary of Commerce Ronald H. Brown, the Ron Brown Scholar Program was established to award outstanding African American students. A prominent global figure and influential African American, Ron Brown was the first African American to serve in the cabinet as the Secretary of Commerce as well as the first African American to serves as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Tragically, Ron Browns life was cut short in a plane accident in 1996. Since then, the Ron Brown Scholar Program has been working to raise money to award to African American students that continue his legacy.

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