Scholarships For Addicts In Recovery

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Scholarships For Substance Abuse

Addiction recovery program seeks scholarships for women with Color Run

Aside from Medicare and Medicaid, individuals needing financial assistance for substance abuse can apply for grants and scholarships. Scholarships are awarded at a per need basis and provides partial or full funding for substance abuse costs and care. Individuals needing rehab for drug or alcohol abuse have options to attend rehab as they have financial support. Fortunately, scholarships and grants can encourage sobriety and a commitment to getting needed quality care.

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In addition to scholarships for drug treatment, state-funded facilities may offer funding for people to attend rehab, and grants are available for individuals to use. Additionally, individuals can examine which churches offer financial help for addiction, research non-profit organizations, charity and insurance options, and consider sliding scale services. Individuals can also find a directory of rehabs and insurance providers here to aid in the search for treatment centers in your area or throughout the country. Lastly, researching which corporations offer addiction scholarships and grants in your state can help you explore more options.

The Sarah Shay And Michael Donta Memorial Scholarship For Hope And Healing

Kentucky offers two $1,500 scholarships to students who have been affected by prescription drug abuse, either because they are recovering addicts or are the children of addicts. Applicants must write personal essays about how they have been affected, and must have GPAs of at least 2.75. One male and one female recipient are chosen, and awards are granted on a one-time basis for study at any Kentucky college or trade school.

Attacking Addiction Scholarship Program

As the name of the scholarship suggests, the AtTAcKing Addiction Scholarship Program is organized every year to financially support those who are making a positive difference in battling addiction.

This scholarship program is for any student at a recovering state pursuing a full-time two or four-year degree related to Behavioral Science from any College. To apply, you must prove your state of recovery and must be currently willing to return to College. You will have to submit an essay of about 500 words explaining your fight against addiction. The application begins on May, 17th for the 2022 session.

Provided by: AtTAcKing AddictionApply Now

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How To Find Scholarships

Finding scholarships takes dedication and tenacity if you cant find one or arent approved using the first avenue you try, move onto the next option. The following are some ideas you can use to locate facilities that offer scholarships near you.

Apply for a 10,000 Beds scholarship

As mentioned earlier, 10,000 Beds is a non-profit foundation with the goal of connecting needy addicts to inpatient rehabs that have vacancies. Since they work with facilities all over the United States, anyone can apply, so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • You need treatment for a substance addiction
  • You want to get better
  • You are ready to commit to at least 30 days in a residential treatment facility
  • You dont have sufficient resources to cover treatment costs
  • You have exhausted all over types of support such as family, friends, and community resources

Check with the professional who provided your assessment

Assessments arent just the first step in the rehabilitation process, they can also be helpful in finding a scholarship. Addiction professionals that provide assessments may be aware of facilities that offer scholarships to help those in need.

Check with community resource centers

Any organization with deep ties to the community that works with those struggling with addiction may be able to direct you to a facility that offers scholarships. Some examples of community resources include churches, social workers, and charity organizations.

Liberty Ranch Addiction & Mental Health Scholarship

RecoveryNOW Virtual Addiction Treatment from Serenity Lane

The Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation Center offers Addiction & Mental Health Scholarship to financially support those students, who have struggled with mental health challenges, have been substance of abuse, or have been struggling with addiction. This scholarship is also open to students who want to work in Mental Health-related fields to destigmatize mental illness and addiction.

The Addiction & Mental Health Scholarship for the year 2021 is open to all students who have been affected by mental health issues or addiction. To apply for this scholarship, you must be a High School senior, and Undergraduate, or a Graduate, enrolled or accepted at an accredited College or University. This scholarship is restricted to U.S residents only, and if you are someone who is pursuing studies focused on destigmatizing addiction and mental illness, then you can apply for this scholarship too. Filling up the application form completely, and submitting an Essay of about 500 words explaining why you should receive this scholarship is absolutely mandatory.

Provided by: Liberty Ranch Rehabilitation CenterAmount: $1,000Apply Now

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Herren Project Recovery Housing Scholarships

Herren Project offers sober housing scholarships and recovery coaching mentors to positively support steps towards living a substance-free life. Recovery scholarship packages are available to men and women in treatment nationwide and provide financial and emotional support for those working to continue to heal their lives after treatment.

Candidates are given a chance to get back on their feet and transition into their new sober life in a safe and successful way without the immediate financial burden of paying rent right after treatment. Our goal is to support and empower individuals as they transition out of drug or alcohol addiction treatment and into recovery to help them establish a new, healthy lifestyle.

Scholarship Details

Financial assistance for rent at a sober house for 7 weeks as follows:

Willy The Plumber Scholarship

This scholarship on the list is very important because it is specially established to support the children of the addicts. Willy the Plumber Scholarship is especially for students residing in Utah, suffering from the abuses and difficulties of addicted parents.

The Scholarship website is run by a plumber himself, who understands what it is like to get locked up with parents at home, who are addicts, and create an unhealthy environment at home. Willy the Plumber Scholarship encourages these victimized children to showcase their academic skills and obtain this scholarship in return to do better than their parents could have done. The scholarship amount will help ease the financial burden of your college fees.

Provided by: Willy the Plumber ScholarshipAmount: $500 to $1,000Apply Now

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Why Sober Living And Recovery Coaching Are Important To Recovery

Transitional sober living and recovery coaching offer many benefits to people recovering from addiction and are key to successful long-term recovery. Sober living facilities provide a safe, structured, healthy living environment for men and women to continue to work on what they have learned in treatment and build upon their sobriety while offering much needed peer support. Certified recovery coaches help individuals affected by substance use disorder by providing guidance and direction on the journey to recovery. They develop and implement a recovery plan, ensure a strong support system is in place as well as making sure each person is using all the recovery tools available to best reach their goals.

At Herren Project, we view both as critical tools for those new to recovery in supporting their journey providing for better recovery outcomes and sustainable addiction recovery.

Scholarships For Recovering Addicts Where To Apply

Greenville funeral home helps set up scholarship fund for addiction recovery

Addiction can drain all your savings. While you are trying to chase your addiction, you might sink even more money into your recovery that exhaust all your financial resources.

However, if you are prepared to build a healthy, sober life and want to move forward with your education, scholarships for recovering addicts can help. These grants pay for part or all of your education.

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Why Grants And Scholarships For Rehab Are Helpful

Scholarships can be combined with private insurance or insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid for additional funding support. Scholarships for rehab provided by the facility are awarded by a case-by-case scenario. The patient has to remain committed to seeking them, as some are difficult to discover. Scholarships partially or fully cover both outpatient and inpatient rehab for those who qualify. Varying facilities offer different types of coverage for rehab costs and treatments. For additional information on coverage and financial assistance options, speak with a treatment provider here.

Scholarships partially or fully cover both outpatient and inpatient coverage for those who qualify.

Patient costs can vary based on inpatient or outpatient costs, as well as the quality of the facility one attends . In the case of drug or alcohol treatment, some patients pay between $200 to $800 for a month of detox. In other cases, some patients are expected to pay between $1,400 to $10,000 for outpatient detox. Other outpatient services can range from $3,000 to $10,000 for 30 days. Such factors can help the patients decide which treatment method they prefer, whether it is staying local, completing inpatient or outpatient detox, or if they prefer a state-funded facility with less luxury amenities. Having financial support can greatly reduce costs and encourage personal responsibility and incentives for recovery.

The Best Financial Aid Resources For Recovering Addicts

There is a wealth of financial aid resources for financial assistance. The US federal government provides several forms of help. You can also obtain financial aid from a treatment facilitynot all offer it, but many do. Below are some other resources for help with addiction rehab costs, the cost of education, and other financial challenges.

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Types Of Scholarships And Grants For Substance Abuse

Those seeking funding for rehab have the option of gaining financial resources from rehabs through their programs. Patients have the option of government grants, block grants, full, and partial scholarships. These vary in the following ways:

  • Block grants: SAMHSA offers a block grant called the Substance Abuse Prevention And Treatment Block Grant program. The grant includes funding for all states in the United States. Those needing recovery, mothers or expecting mothers, IV drug users and those most at risk for substance abuse are considered the block grant.

  • Partial scholarships: Offers funding that covers a portion of rehab costs.

  • Full scholarships: Offers funding that covers the entire portion of rehab costs

Does Fafsa Help Recovering Addicts


Yes, FAFSA helps recovering addicts by giving them access to financial aid. Although FAFSA does not cover addiction treatment services, scholarships obtained through FASFA can help you offset the financial costs of education and put you on track to be better able to meet financial challenges in the future.

Financial need is an eligibility requirement for Federal Student Aid, in addition to being a US citizen or eligible noncitizen, and enrolled at an accredited degree-granting institution. You can check the FAFSA website for information about other requirements.

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Scholarships For Recovering Addicts

Scholarships for recovering addicts help students maintain an addiction-free life while encouraging them to pursue continuing education opportunities.

Alcohol and drug abuse is a widely identified problem on college campuses. Several carefully conducted community initiatives aimed at addictions among college-age persons effectively reduce negative consequences.

However, many initiatives target active substance abuse problems on campus, particularly binge drinking, scholarships specifically aid students in recovering from alcohol or drug addiction. Fortunately, students recovering from various addictions have grants to help them succeed in college.

Scholarships for Recovering Addicts Returning to College in Recovery

Who Should Consider Rehab Scholarships

While there are a lot of people who may benefit from a rehab scholarship, not everyone will qualify. Below we describe those who should consider applying.

  • Those whove exhausted all of their other options for payment assistance. You must typically demonstrate that youve tried options like Medicaid and asked for help from family and friends, but are still coming up short.
  • Those who are underinsured. Sometimes theres a gap between what the insurance company will pay and the cost of the rehab that you cant cover on your own. In this case, scholarships might help to cover the difference.
  • Those who need special treatment that insurance wont cover. One example is a patient who needs dual-diagnosis treatment in an inpatient setting, but insurance only covers outpatient treatment.
  • Those who are dedicated to recovery. Many rehabs require those who attend using a scholarship to complete the entire program, or they wont apply the scholarship, and the patient will be required to pay for the treatment received.

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Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration Grant

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a federal grant for recovering addicts. Block grants are given to state addiction treatment providers to benefit people in need. SAMHSA usually has income requirements and other requirements for participating in a specific treatment program by the courts. More information about grants and treatment programs can be found on the SAMHSA website.

Financial Aid For Recovering Addicts Faq


What percentage of recovering addicts treatments was paid by healthcare coverage?

According to Statista, 61 percent of recovering addicts insured by Medicare had their mental health or alcohol and drug use treatments covered by their healthcare coverage in California in 2017.

How long does addiction recovery take on average?

On average, effective addiction recovery takes at least 90 days of residential or outpatient treatment, according to the National Institute for Drug Abuse. However, some addictions take a minimum of 12 months, while others can take years.

What is a low-income category in the US?

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation explains low-income classifications in HHS Poverty Guidelines for 2022. Low-income households are categorized based on the number of persons within the household.

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What are faith-based rehab programs?

Faith-based rehab programs are addiction treatment programs offered by religious organizations. Faith-based rehab programs may not be cheaper than others, though sponsorships can help pay for drug rehab. Check with local churches and other religious organizations for help locating faith-based rehab programs.

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Sobriety Optimization League Scholarship Foundation

Sobriety Optimization League Scholarship FoundationThe donor-funded treatment methods covered by the scholarships SOL grants include:

  • Individual, family and group counseling services
  • Fostering a life of sobriety by sober living and extended case management

They are as follows:

  • Fill out the online application
  • Undergo a screeningthis confirms that the application is complete, and verifies that you have met all application requirements
  • Funding availability then determines if the application will be sent to a committee for review, or put on a waitlist until funds become available.
  • If the application is sent to the Clinical Committee for review, the committee reviews the application and contacts the individuals primary counselor from its current residential treatment center.
  • At this point, the person seeking treatment may participate in a personal interview.
  • Once a scholarship is awarded, the counselor will aid the individual in finding treatment.
  • Grants For Recovering Addicts For School

    Many people pay for continuing education opportunities with a grant, which is essentially money given by a person or business that doesnt need to be repaid. Grants often dont have to be used for a specific school, and they are not always based on academic achievement.

    Most grants have a set of rules governing who can apply for them. There are a number of grants available to recovering addicts who want to go back to school, including:

    • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
    • Private grants set up in honor of people who have dedicated their lives to fighting addiction or someone taken too soon by addiction
    • Associations that work with people in recovery

    Individual schools may also offer grants to those who have gone through alcohol or drug rehab. Texas Tech University, for instance, offers more than 30 grants each year to people in recovery, whether they are recovering from eating disorders or addiction.

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    Top 7 Grants For Recovering Addicts

    There are scholarships and grants for recovering addicts to help and support them maintain a clean life and continue their education. As college campuses are well aware of the problem of drug abuse and alcohol abuse. College students make such mistakes in their life and make their life worse with this addiction. These grants and scholarships for recovering addicts play a crucial role to help and support the youth. Here, we discuss further in brief scholarships for recovered addicts.

    Many initiatives on campus target those students with active alcohol and drug abuse. These scholarships for recovering addicts help such students with alcohol and drug addictions. There are also scholarships for recovering students from addictions. They get help from grants for recovering addicts to get them into college. In this article, we discuss in brief scholarships for addicts in recovery. Read along.

    Choose The Right School

    Pin on #EnergizeRecovery

    Individuals need to choose the best school to support their collegiate recovery. The school they choose must offer all the right resources for students in recovery. College counseling provides the resources students need to focus on their education and their sobriety.

    Learners and their parents should meet counseling services and student support team staff members. Prospective students and parents can review campus substance use policies. College-goers should consider whether distance from home will affect their recovery efforts.

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    The Right Step Scholarship Program For College Students

    The Right Step operates in Texas and Tennessee and provides a full-service rehab center. The Right Step offers the Right Step Scholarship Program for College Students, a one-time reward of $1,000 in financial assistance to pay for college. You can find information about the application process on the organizations website.

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