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Nancy Larson Foundation College Scholarship

2021 WKU Crusade Scholarships for Special Education Teachers

Overview: To support prospective educators, author and publisher Nancy Larson awards scholarships to college students striving to become elementary school teachers.

Key criteria: This teaching scholarship is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students who have chosen to major in elementary education.

Award information: $1,000

How to apply: Submit a personal narrative about why you want to teach and what will make you an excellent teacher. Explain your community service activities and experience working with children.

Be Pursuing An Education Degree

As you may have guessed, the first step to qualifying for education scholarships is to be pursuing a teacher education program at an accredited college. Most scholarships are open to undergraduate and graduate students studying education.

Depending on the scholarship, high school students who are planning on being education majors may also be eligible, or graduates who have a teaching degree and student loans may also be eligible. Most teaching scholarships aren’t specific to an area of study , which provides more options.

Aasa Education Administration Scholarship

The American Association of School Administrators is the leading educational administration organization in the USA. It honors and aids graduate students to achieve an administration role in a school or college – including for those wishing to train to be school principals and secretaries. It is one of the country’s oldest scholarship awards having been founded in 1949. The value of the award is $2,500 per successful applicant who will be given up to $500 as a travel bursary to go to the award ceremony to collect the scholarship. They also have other scholarships and awards. For further details and to apply, go here.

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Iraq And Afghanistan Service Grant

In addition to the Pell and FSEOG Grant programs, the US Department of Education also awards specialty grants to the families of military service people and high-performing freshmen and sophomore college students. The Department also awards field-specific grants to students who plan to teach in high-need fields such as science, technology engineering, reading, foreign language and mathematics.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is open to any student who has a deceased parent or guardian who died after September 11, 2001 while serving in the Iraq or Afghanistan wars. In order to be eligible for this award, the student must be under the age of 24, meet the same requirements as a Pell Grant recipient and have been enrolled in school prior to their parent or guardians death. The funds from this program can be used for students in education as well as any other major.

Available Scholarships For Teachers

Scholarships for Teachers

Grants, loans and especially scholarships are administered based on a wide range of variables. Qualifications attached to financial aid are sometimes broad, but can also be very specific. For example, general need-based aid requires only that an applicant exhibit financial need during college, which opens eligibility to almost everyone with a tuition bill.

On the other hand, some financial aid funds are reserved for specific functions, like helping certain groups succeed, or encouraging academic excellence in specific areas. Minority scholarships and grants, for instance, target select groups to receive tuition assistance for college.

When the supply of well-trained professionals isnt meeting the demand, financial aid is used to encourage students to go into certain fields. Targeted aid of this type is attractive to students who have not chosen a major, and to those who are already working toward degrees in high-demand fields.

Currently, college students pursuing teaching degrees are rewarded with privileged access to unique financial aid opportunities.

Elementary and secondary schools that enroll primarily low income children are suffering from shortages of competent teachers. As a result, pro-education efforts including college tuition assistance – are originated at federal, state and local levels. Now, more than ever, undergraduates and graduate students are awarded career-specific college financial aid to pursue teaching credentials.

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Q What Should I Research Before Deciding To Take Out A Loan

Students should first research other ways to pay for school prior to taking out loans. Students should research loan options, interest rates, payment plans, loan forgiveness programs and starting salaries for their chosen field to get an idea of what repayment might look like after graduation. Students planning to enter teaching careers can also research the eligibility requirements for various loan forgiveness programs.

Betty Sommer Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship to support needy and deserving undergraduate students who are physical education majors enrolled in the teacher education program. Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or above and are required to submit a one-page essay on college and community service commitment to promoting greater understanding and future goals.

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When To Start Applying For Scholarships For Teachers

If you know that you want to be an educator, it’s never too early to start applying. Many scholarships are open even to high school students who are planning on pursuing a career in education. High school seniors in particular will find many scholarships aiming to encourage the pursuit of teaching. Community college students, undergraduate students, and even post-graduate students should apply.

Don’t worry if you’re further along in your education journey and just beginning your scholarship search. There are plenty of education scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students at an accredited college, and there are even some scholarship opportunities for graduates who have student loans.

Prezell Robinson Scholarship Program

How to Find Grants and Scholarships to Study and Teach Abroad – Watson, Fulbright, Rotary

While this scholarship is available only to students in the state of North Carolina, it is so incredibly helpful that many students choose to study in the state for the sole purpose of receiving it. It is offered to college students who come from low-income high schools or families that are interested in pursuing a long term career in education at any level.

The only requirements are that the prospective student must exhibit a relatively high grade point average and score well on the Scholastic Aptitute Test . The program also helps the students to find loans with the lowest interest rates and best payback policies for recent graduates.

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Math For America Fellowship

MfA is one the country’s largest math teaching organizations. Their mission is to help make teaching a viable, rewarding, and respected career choice for the best minds in science and mathematics. Currently, there are three fellowship opportunities offered through MfA. The fellowships are for new and experienced math and science teachers and leaders. For more details, visit MfA.

Ontario Student Assistance Program

The Government of Ontario offers financial aid for students through the Ontario Student Assistance Program . The objective of this program is to assist students with demonstrated financial need in obtaining the necessary funds to meet the ever-rising cost of postsecondary education. Ontario has committed to a Student Access Guarantee which states that lack of financial support programs shall not prevent any qualified Ontario student from attending publicly-assisted colleges and universities.

The financial aid is not meant to replace your existing financial resources, but rather to supplement them so that the cost is less of a burden. You are still expected to contribute towards your education according to your means, so only under extreme circumstances will the entire cost of education be covered. If the student loan program doesnt provide sufficient funding then you can pursue various grants, bursaries and scholarships offered by the government, postsecondary institutions and other agencies.

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Applegate/jackson/parks Future Teacher Scholarship

The Applegate/Jackson/Parks Future Teacher Scholarship, offered by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research, is another great financial aid resource for student teachers. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to graduate or undergraduate students majoring in education.

Students can apply for the scholarship via the online application that can be accessed on the organizations website, Applications for this award can be submitted between October 1 and December 31 of each year.

Do You Want To Be A Teacher

Information about the TEACH Grant (Teacher Education Assistance for ...

Do you enjoy showing others how to do things? Are you confident speaking in front of a group? Are you constantly seeking higher knowledge with the desire to share it with others? If you said yes to these questions, it is highly likely you want to be a teacher. As an educational professional, you can make a real difference in the lives of your students. Education scholarships pay all or part of the costs while you are a student learning how to be a teacher.

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National Board Scholarship Program

The NBPTS is a nonprofit, independent, nongovernmental organization that formed in 1987 to advance the quality of teaching and learning. They set out on a mission to increase the standards set by teachers and integrate certified teachers into educational reform. Through the National Board Scholarship Program, you may be eligible for several different scholarships and grants.

This is a slightly more difficult route for students as you have to pay an initial $500 fee to become a member of the board. This is in addition to the appropriate grades and character.

However, once you have applied and been accepted into the NBPTS, you have access to many scholarships and grants that are not available to those outside of this group. It is almost guaranteed that you will get that $500 back in the form of free money for school, and then some. The membership also includes many other resources that students and teachers will find helpful on a daily basis as opposed to only when tuition is due. If you have $500 to pay upfront, applying for the NBPTS is extremely beneficial to your education and overall career.

Q What Are The Service Requirements To Get A Teach Grant

The main service requirements of the TEACH Grant Agreement to Serve are that the recipient must teach full time for at least four years within eight years of completing their program. Teachers must also be considered a highly qualified teacher in a high-need field at a low-income school or educational service agency.

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Dr Marc Hull Special Education Leadership Scholarship

Available to residents of Vermont, this $1,750 scholarship is available to students pursuing a career as an administrator of special needs education services. The institution of attendance must be Federally approved Title IV funding . Applicants must be seeking application of certification or license of special education administration and provide a letter of recommendation and references. For more details, see their website.

GPA: 3.0Deadline: early March

How Do I Find Scholarships For Teachers

The Federal TEACH Grant

To find scholarships for teachers, go to and start browsing. You can use the filter features to search for scholarships that are right for your education level and you can also go to the “education” category to find most of the available teaching scholarships. You can also check out the list above and can click on any of the scholarships to start applying.

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Teacher Education Assistance For College And Higher Education Grants

The TEACH Grant, unlike the other federal grant programs, requires recipients to fulfill certain teaching obligations. It is available for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate students who are or will be taking coursework necessary to become elementary or secondary teachers.

  • Must agree to serve, for a minimum of four years , as a full-time teacher in a high-need field* in a school or educational service agency that serves low-income students.
  • Must attend a participating college and meet certain academic achievement requirements.
  • Failure to complete the teaching service commitment will result in the grant being converted to a Direct Unsubsidized Loan that must be repaid.

*High-need fields are:

  • bilingual education and English language acquisition,
  • foreign language,
  • special education, as well as
  • any other field that has been identified as high-need by the federal government, a state government, or a local education agency.

National Scholarships For Aspiring Teachers

Ideally, students pursuing a teaching degree can get their college education without going deep into debt. Since education is considered an important field, many national scholarships are available specifically to students pursuing a teaching degree. The following graphic shows scholarships that may help teaching majors across the nation afford their college degrees. Browse scholarships by amount, enrollment level and eligibility requirements below.

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The Straightforward Teacher Program

The Straightforward Teacher Program is one of the more unique scholarship programs available for student teachers. Orchestrated by the Straightforward Media Foundation, the Straightforward Teacher Program is the perfect scholarship option for students who are not eligible for merit-based scholarship awards.

While most scholarships are awarded annually or on a semester basis, the Straightforward Teacher Program provides four $500 scholarships every three months. The foundation offers a variety of scholarships for many different areas including education.

If you are interested in applying to the Straightforward Teacher Program, visit the foundations website at to obtain deadline information as the deadline dates vary every three months. Special variations of the scholarship are available for minority students, married parents, single parents and for individual students.

In addition to the regular scholarship awards, the foundation also awards the Dale E. Fridell Memorial Scholarship, a recession relief scholarship for underprivileged students and the SFM Teacher Scholarship for student teachers or education majors.

Q What’s The Difference Between Federal State And Private Student Loans

Scholarship Grant for Public School Teachers

Federal loans are funds borrowed from the federal government. These loans tend to have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment schedules than other types of student loans. State loans may provide supplemental funding for college, and their terms and eligibility requirements are similar to those for federal loans. Private loans are available to qualifying students through institutions such as banks and credit unions.

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Sol Hirsch Education Fund

Children are curious about the world around us from an early age. The Sol Hirsch Education Fund is a grant for teachers of children of all ages who wish to improve their teaching of the understanding of weather. The grant is worth $750 and you must already be in teaching position. The money may be used for professional development, learning materials, and anything else that may help towards teaching children about the importance of weather systems and their importance. For more information, go here.

Deadline: 1st June every year.

Federal Grants For Student Teachers

If you are a student who is looking to begin a career in education or if you are a student teacher, there are a host of federal grant programs that can assist you on the road to becoming an educator or workforce trainer.

Students should begin their search for grants with the US Department of Education. This governmental department provides billions of dollars in grants to students attending colleges and universities located throughout the US.

In addition to providing grants to students through their student aid program, the department also provides a number of educational grants to schools, teachers and researchers. The department also establishes policies related to education, collects data on American schools and student outcomes and enforces federal laws related to discrimination in the educational setting.

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Nabt Scholarships And Awards

National Association of Biology Teachers is dedicated to excellence in teaching biology in school. They offer several scholarships, some aimed at students and others aimed at those who are already teaching biology for a living but wish to apply for funding to further develop their methods, skills and knowledge. The BELS is such a fund for biology teaching professionals who are members of NABT and enrolled a master’s or doctorate. Maximum award value for the BELS is $5000. To check their various programs and when each deadline Is, see the page dedicated to scholarships on their website.

Deadline: Varies, but most are typically mid-April

What Are The Benefits Of Scholarships For Teachers

TRTF Announces Grant and Scholarship Recipients

Scholarships for teachers encourage the next generation of educators to pursue higher education so they can reach their goals. Scholarships act as financial aid for many college students and help many people avoid or reduce their reliance on student loans. Teachers shape the minds of the students, so helping prospective teachers afford college affects countless people.

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Business Professionals Of America Scholarship

The BPA offer scholarships to certain administration students, but only if the college or other education institution has affiliated with the BPA. There is a set list of criteria – for example you must be studying one of the defined courses which include most finance, business and public administration programs at any accredited college in those states. There are three scholarships available with the first chosen receiving $3,000, the second receiving $2,500 and the third $2,000. You must also be a member of the BPA. For more details, visit their website.

GPA: varies by institution – check if your college is eligibleDeadline: mid-March every year

How Much Will You Receive

The amount of financial aid you receive from OSAP will depend on your assessed financial need. OSAP calculates the financial need as the difference between your cost of education and the contribution that you are expected to make:

Financial Need = Allowable Educational Costs Expected Financial Contribution

Your allowable educational costs include items such as tuition, books, living costs, transportation costs, etc. The expected contribution consists of your income and assets, you parents income, and your spouses income and assets . Any difference between these amounts will result in a financial need. This value will vary greatly from student to student so its difficult to predict exactly how much you will receive. There is a student financial aid estimator located on the OSAP website that can give you a general idea of the assistance.

The maximum amount of financial aid that a single student can receive is $350 per week . Married students or sole support students can receive up to $545 per week .

If you feel that you did not receive adequate financial assistance then you can request a review of the OSAP application by contacting your financial aid office. If your request is denied then you can file an appeal with the OSAP Appeal Board. Attach any supporting documentation that will allow you to receive an appropriate reassessment.

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