Scholarships And Grants For Social Work Students

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Federally Insured Loan Program

The University of Memphis Social Work Student Assistance Scholarship

Through this arrangement, a student can obtain a loan through a bank or credit union and the Federal Government will provide the guarantee of the loan. The government will pay interest to the lender while the student is enrolled and for nine months following termination of studies. Loan repayment will begin nine months after a student terminates school. Applications take a minimum of six weeks to process after approval by the lending institution. For additional information, contact the FSU Office of Financial Aid. Visit their website at /.

Student Grants Bursaries And Scholarships

£1,000s of student funding is missed out on each year by students who dont even know that theyre eligible for it. Find out whether you could be due any extra financial support

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If your only plan for paying for uni involves a Student Loan and an impending sense of doom, you’re missing out!

There’s a treasure trove of free money lodged in student grants, scholarships and university bursaries. But many students either don’t know about them, don’t think they’re eligible, or just don’t bother applying.

Don’t let that be you! Here’s your starter for finding the funds you get to keep.

Do You Have What It Takes

Competence, trustworthiness, empathy, humor, creativity, passionthese are just a few of the traits that make up a great social worker. It starts with a passion and a desire to work and serve others, or to be an advocate for someone who cannot fight for themselves. This is a career that offers great fulfillment. A social worker will give much of themselves, for people they know and strangers they do not. However, it is in this act of service to others, they receive so much gratification.

Note: The deadlines for some of these scholarships have passed, however, we have included only those programs that appear to be long-standing and likely to continue. If youve missed this school years deadline, look again in a few months.

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Latino Social Work Coalition And Scholarship Fund

The Latino Social Work Coalition provides scholarships to Latino/Hispanic students with significant economic need who are pursuing a masters degree in social work. Each student selected for a Latino Social Work Council Scholarship Fund receives from $500 to $1500 depending on availability.

  • All applicants must be residents of New York State for purposes of applying for these scholarships.
  • Students must be in good academic standing.
  • Applicants must demonstrate commitment to working with the Latino community upon completion of graduate studies and sign a letter of acknowledgment.
  • Prior work and/or volunteer experience or internships/field placement in human services and working with underserved communities is desirable but not required.
  • Bilingual students are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • All scholarship decisions are final.

Application requirements and online portal are available on the Latino Social Work Coalition website.

Social Work Social Media And Online Communities

Social work major earns national scholarship for transfer students ...

Council on Social Work Education Discussion Forums Well-known for its work in accrediting social work programs, the CSWE also has many resources for professionals and students, including online discussion forums offered in electronic mailing list format.

The Grad Cafe This online community hosts message boards for various professionals, including those in journalism, law, public health, and social work. Individuals can post questions and receive prompt and insightful answers in any number of topics relating to social work.

r/socialwork This subreddit allows Reddit users to share advice and ask questions, whether theyre thinking about a career in social work or have worked in the field for decades.

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Cenie Jomo Williams Scholarship

The Cenie Jomo Williams Scholarship is awarded to a full-time student enrolled in a social work program. Candidates must demonstrate creativity in promoting the ideals of Cenie Williams and the National Association of Black Social Workers in the candidates community. In addition, the candidate should be a member of a local Association of Black Social Workers Chapter. The student must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and demonstrate service and research interest in the black community.

Financial Aid For Social Work Students

If you are a social work student, the scholarships search is just one way to pay for your degree! Current and prospective social work students can also access need-based financial aid, which includes grants like the FSEOG Grant and Pell Grant, federal student loans, and work study.

To access any of these types of need-based financial aid, students will need to actually apply for need-based aid. There are two major applications that you should know about:

Every colleges financial aid process will vary and we always recommend that students consult with the college in question for details and deadlines.

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Sdsu Womens Association Scholarship

Five or more scholarships are awarded annually in the Spring up to the amount of $1000. Preference given to re-entry women. Recipients can receive the award for more than one year. Several social work students have received scholarships in the past. To apply for this scholarship, visit the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

The John A Hartford Foundation

Meet the Recipients of the Fall 2021 Social Work Student Scholarship

The John A. Hartford Foundation offers social work scholarships and fellowships, administered by The Gerontological Society of America . This program addresses the lack of adequately trained social work practitioners to meet the social and health care needs of today and tomorrow’s rapidly increasing aging population.

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Title Ive California Child Welfare Training Program Eligibility: Undergraduate And Graduate Students

The IVE program provides stipends to students who plan a career in public child welfare. BSW students receive 1 year of support, and MSW students receive two years of support, at $18,500 per year. County Social Service and Child Welfare workers currently employed at county agencies are eligible for a special part time program that pays for registration, books and travel expenses. Preference is given to current employees of public child welfare agencies and minority students. Upon graduation students must complete a work commitment in public child welfare in San Diego County. Students must be enrolled in the Children, Youth and Families concentration. For more information call: 594-6888 or 594-8709. See the School of Social Work Title IV-E page.

Elie Wassail Prize In Ethics Essay Contest Eligibility: Full Time Undergraduate Juniors And Seniors

The Elie Wassail Foundation for Humanity has offered- in past years- five prizes ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 for an essay focusing upon contemporary ethical questions, issues or dilemmas involving complex human and social problems. Essays should be 3,000-4,000 words, can be in the form of a case study, a personal experience, or an analysis that is literary, philosophical, historical, biographical, sociological, theological or psychological. For more information about availability of funds this year and application procedures see .

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Can I Use Psychology Scholarships To Study Social Work

Some psychology scholarships, such as the NAJA scholarship, also allow students pursuing social work. Although the two are separate fields, they share some key similarities and oftentimes, you will find that organizations geared towards psychology will also be concerned with social work. But as always, you should read the terms and conditions of each scholarship carefully before applying.

National Association Of Social Work Foundation

MBA Social Enterprise Scholarship for International Students at ...

The National Association of Social Work offers several scholarship and grant programs to masters-level and doctoral-level students through the National Association of Social Work Foundation. Applications to these grant programs are accepted on a yearly basis. In December, information for the following years scholarship programs is released, and the recipients of the scholarship are notified in July and August.

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Social Work Degree Scholarships Grants And Loans

Social Work degree scholarships, grants, and loans are all ways you can pay for an undergraduate and graduate degree in Social Work. A Social Work degree is a worthy investment for altruistic students wishing to give back to their communities in this helping profession. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that social work jobs are growing faster than average by 12 percent through 2030.

The only problem is that college tuition is also escalating. Becoming a social worker requires investing in at least four years of post-secondary education. So get prepared to foot a hefty bill for a Master of Social Work for clinical practice. The average cost for a masters degree is $20,335 each year. Thats disconcerting for many, considering the mean annual wage for social workers is only $45,900. Luckily, the following types of financial aid are available to cover your tuition burden.

Mayors Graduate Scholarship Program

An opportunity for full-time New York City local government employees with undergraduate degrees to study at accredited colleges/universities in the metropolitan area. The Silver School funds a maximum of five new MSW and DSW students at up to 50% tuition only reduction scholarship. Please review the Mayors Graduate Scholarship Program website for more information.

Applicants to the Mayor’s Graduate Scholarship Program will receive a decision on their scholarship application by early May.

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Social Work Student Grants

The field of social work is quickly becoming a high-demand area in which to study and gain employment. In todays tough economy, social work has become an important area of study.

Typically, in order to practice social work, an individual needs to earn at minimum a masters degree. In order to assist the social work student in earning a degree, there are many federal, state, and local grant and scholarship programs available.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. Please know that scholarship and grant programs are created and discontinued frequently and so it is important to continue your research into grant programs so that no opportunities are missed.

At the national level, there are several programs available to assist social work students across the United States with funding an education. National grants often focus on a particular qualification, such as the students race or cultural background, or the specific area of social work the applicant wishes to pursue.

It is important to carefully consider the grant programs requirements in order to apply for only those grants one is actually eligible to receive. National level scholarship programs can be offered by organizations that focus on the social work field as a whole or the organization may focus on one particular need.

In addition, some organizations that are not related to social work may also offer social work grants in order to better meet the needs of the organizations clients.

Where Does Financial Aid Come From

Rutgers Study Abroad Scholarship Video: Social Work in Mexico

There are multiple avenues to pursue when you are looking for funding for your education.

  • Federal: Students can apply for federal financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. This centralized application allows you to apply for all available federal financial assistance by completing only one form.
  • State: Most states have at least one grant or scholarship and several student aid programs available to residents.
  • School: Many schools offer financial aid options, including scholarships to students who can show that they require assistance. In many of these cases, students need to maintain a minimum GPA.
  • Independently owned scholarships: Numerous private companies and organizations offer scholarships, fellowships or financial aid packages to students from specific backgrounds or who have demonstrated outstanding academic or extracurricular achievements.

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Nontraditional Student Grants & Scholarships

Nontraditional students include these types of students:

  • Single mothers
  • Single fathers
  • Adult learners
  • Students who did not go straight on to college after high school graduation or after receiving their GED, and are beginning their college or university education later in life
  • Students who experienced an interruption in their college education for a few years, or more, and are returning to complete their degrees

Philanthropic and corporate foundations that provide scholarships for single parents:

  • Arkansas Single Parent Fund
  • Dennys Single Parent Student Scholarship, Hispanic College Fund
  • Philanthropic Educational Organization Program for Continuing Education
  • Soroptimist Womens Opportunity Awards
  • Association on American Indian Affairs Displaced Homemaker Scholarships
  • Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships
  • Hispanic College Fund Scholarships
  • The R.O.S.E. Fund Scholarships for Women Survivors of Abuse
  • Womens Independence Scholarship Program for Women Survivors of Abuse
  • Osher Reentry Scholarship Program: This money is for students aged 25-50, and for 86 specific institutions in 47 states the institution that the student will attend must apply for tuition funds for perspective applicants.
  • AAUW, or American Association of University Women, funds are for women in any field. See more here:
  • State and school financial aid for single parents:

  • Florida George Snow Scholarship Fund Scholarship for Single Parents
  • Other Forms Of Student Support

    Child Welfare Education Partnership MSW

    Award: $6,000 $10,000Who Can Apply: MastersDeadline: January 15, 2019

    The Child Welfare Education Program is a collaborative effort between the School of Social Work at PSU and the Oregon Department of Human Services/Child Welfare . The program provides educational and tuition support to students who are pursuing their MSW degree. Students admitted into the program sign an agreement to work for DHS/CW for at least one calendar year for each academic year they receive financial support. MSW DHS/CW employees receive up to $10,000 per year and non-employees of DHS/CW can be awarded up to $6,000. Partnership students who are also in the Culturally Responsive Leaders Program will be awarded up to $10,000 per academic year .

    For more information, please contact at 725-8018, OR at 725-8284.

    Child Welfare Education Partnership BSW

    Award: $6,000Who Can Apply: BSWDeadline: January 15, 2019

    For more information, please contact at 725-8018, OR at 725-8284.

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    University Student Support Centers And Services

    When students need help, they should first look to their own school or program. Not only will your school have the best understanding of your situation, but it also has a strong interest in seeing you succeed. To give an idea of what to look for, weve highlighted two notable schools that do an exceptional job helping their social work students.

    Columbia University

    The Columbia School of Social Work makes getting help easy for its social work students. If theres a helpful resource, chances are Columbia University offers it. For starters, graduate students have an advisor for their entire academic career. In addition, the Office of Career Services and Leadership Management provides top-notch career advice. To help with academics, students can utilize the Field Education Department, which helps set up social work field placements, along with the Writing Center and the Social Work Library.

    Humboldt State University

    Kathleen Kopels Celebration Scholarship: Graduate Students

    PhD Scholarship in Adult Social Care for UK and EU Students

    The Kathleen Kopels Celebration Scholarship is to provide scholarship support to masters students within the College of Health and Human Services and who have an emphasis in Mental Health. This fund provides two $500 awards annually. To apply for this scholarship, visit the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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    Jamie Brenner Geller Memorial Scholarship: Graduate Students

    The Jamie Brenner Geller Memorial Scholarship is an endowment whose distributions will be used to support 2nd year Social Work graduate students who are interested in enhancing the welfare and well-being of children. This fund provides an award of up to $1,000 annually. To apply for this scholarship, visit the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

    Emergency Grants Eligibility: Undergraduate Or Graduate Students

    The San Diego Nice Guys, a local charitable organization, has in the past provided our students with funds to handle dire emergencies. These are one time only grants usually awarded to disabled students or single parents who need funds to handle a specific emergency-perhaps providing one months rent, purchase of a wheel chair, or assistance to crime victims.

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    Social Work Grants Supported By Professional Associations

    Students pursuing degrees in social work will also want to look for grants, scholarships and fellowships supported by the professional associations that represent, and advocate for, social workers. These organizations routinely offer financial assistance to students who are pursuing degrees in social work. In some cases, it may be a requirement that students become members of the association or organization in order to be eligible for any benefits. In addition to providing much needed financial assistance, many of these professional associations also offer career advice and counseling for new graduates who are moving into the workforce.

    The following are a two examples of the financial aid programs sponsored or administered by professional associations related to social work and social services.

    • The National Association of Black Social Workers supports a wide range of scholarships, grants and fellowships for African-American students pursuing a career in social services. The many financial aid programs supported by the NABSW include the Dr. Joyce Beckett Grad Student Tuition Scholarship , the Stella Brown Book Award , the Emma & Meloid Algood Undergrad Tuition Scholarship and the Salena Danette Brown Book Scholarship.
    • The National Association of Social Workers sponsors a number of fellowships for graduate level students, including the and the Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship. Award amounts are $2000 per academic year, and applicants must be student members of the NASW.

    Nasw Foundation Scholarship And Fellowship Awards

    Social media scholarships give students new ways to secure funding for college

    The NASW Foundation is accepting applications for scholarships and doctoral fellowships to help provide financial resources to social work students pursuing a variety of social work specialties. Apply online. Applications are accepted through March. See

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    College Of Social Work Graduate Assistantships & Tuition Waiver

    Graduate Assistantship opportunities and Tuition Waivers are awarded to select full-time students of the MSW program at the Tallahassee Main Campus.

    Prospective Students

    For prospective students to apply and be considered for a graduate assistantship and matriculation waiver for the Fall 2023, they will need to submit a completed MSW program application by January 15, 2023. For prospective MSW students who submitted a program application by January 15th and subsequently are offered regular graduate admission for full-time enrollment at the Tallahassee Campus in the Fall 2023, they will be asked to complete a brief application for consideration of a Graduate Assistantship role. Graduate Assistantship opportunities provide graduate students to work in a role related to their degree, and could include opportunities within the College of Social Work and greater University. Typically, graduate assistants work 10-20 hours weekly and receive a minimum of $20.83/hour . These opportunities are limited. If awarded, students are responsible for remaining tuition costs and fees the tuition waiver will cover the matriculation cost for the number of credit hours noted in the offer letter.

    Currently Enrolled Students

    If you have questions about graduate assistantships/tuition waivers, please e-mail Jennifer Farinella at or call 850-645-6932.

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