Scholarship Program For Elementary Students

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All Families Must Meet The Scholarship Income Guidelines To Be Eligible To Receive An Aosf Scholarship

New scholarship program unveiled for Eatonville students

Awards are distributed on a first completed, first served basis and in compliance with the Alabama Accountability Act . Read below to see which situation you best fit in:

  • A student zoned for a failing school, whether or not they are currently enrolled in a public or private school. Only 25% of all scholarships can be awarded to students continuously enrolled in a private school during the previous school year.Click HERE to view the Department of Educations list of failing schools.
  • A public school student not zoned for a failing school. By law, scholarships may not be awarded to students zoned to a non-failing school until July 31st of each school year.
  • Parents apply directly with AOSF, which assures full compliance with the law. Awards are distributed on a first completed, first served basis with priority given to renewal students and new students zoned for and attending a failing public school. Parents can choose from any of the schools on theParticipating Schools list. Parents may apply to any school, however the child must meet any requirement the school has.

    Types Of Scholarships For Middle School Students

    Middle school students can earn access to a lot of different types of scholarships before the majority of students start worrying about college. While high school scholarships are competitive and elementary scholarships are limited, earning a scholarship during middle school can be just right for you.

    You can earn a scholarship for writing an essay, such as the I Have a Dream Scholarship. You can earn a scholarship for science and technology work or even one for a specific skill such as drawing. Middle school students tend to be more developed and have skills that allow a lot more variety in scholarship options than younger children.

    Bureau Of Education Exchange Program

    Not a scholarship or grant, but a government organized exchange program , invites highly experience individuals in the areas of TEFL and TESOL to apply for a 10-month program. Here, they will learn a wide range of extra skills including: Classroom Teaching, Curriculum Development, Program Evaluation, Needs Assessment and much more. Applicants must be a US Citizen with a master’s degree in TESOL and with practical ESL/EFL classroom experience. See more details at the website.

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    Larry Graham Aspiring Principal Scholarship

    Offered by the Alaska Association of Secondary Principals it is named after a former School Principal who did much during his life to promote the importance of having qualified, dedicated people in the role. Applicants must already be enrolled on the Alaska Type B Administrative Certificate to be eligible to apply for this $1,500 scholarship. Applicants must also supply a personal statement on why they wish to become a school principal. For more details, go here.

    Deadline: early October

    How To Win Scholarships

    Read to Succeed Scholarship Ceremonies

    While grants are typically awarded by schools and governments and are based mostly on need, scholarships often involve some other special qualification. A high grade point average , membership in a particular group, or a demonstrated talent are all common reasons to win scholarships.

    Theres no way to guarantee youll receive a scholarship, but here are 10 tried-and-true tips that can work in your favor:

  • Be thorough and accurate. Scholarship sponsors may receive thousands of applications. If your application doesnt have all the information and documentation in order, it will be tossed aside before theyve even read it.
  • Double check spelling and punctuation. Even slight errors could be a reason to eliminate you.
  • Apply for as many as you can. The more scholarships you apply for, the better the odds that youll win one.
  • Dont discount small awards. If you submit a lot of applications, those small awards could add up. They may also have fewer applicants competing against you.
  • Think local. National organizations are likely going to have more competing applicants than, say, your hometowns community foundation.
  • Distinguish yourself with an essay. Many students get lazy and avoid scholarship applications requiring essays. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your passion, your interests, and the distinctive qualities that can help you to shine.
  • While were on the subject of essays, follow these basic guidelines:
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    Unt College Of Music Scholarships

    The University of North Texas has an impressive music scholarship program that are designed with a career in teaching in mind that lead to certification in music teaching. Whether you wish to teach vocal music or instruments, you can apply for one of their seven scholarship programs. You must already be a student at the university. For further details and to apply, visit the official scholarships page here.

    Association Montessori Internationale Usa

    At present, they offer the MES Fund and school sponsorships. The school sponsorship program is set up to provide training for members wishing to train as a Montessori teacher – enquire directly with the listed schools to see eligibility. The major funding program was set up in honor of Margaret Elizabeth Stephenson who dedicated her life to promoting the method. Applicant musts be a US citizen or permanent resident and planning on taking up study at an AMI training center located in the USA and have a demonstrable financial need. Priority will be given to candidates who already have a teaching degree and have taught or worked at an AMI school. For further information about the fund, visit their dedicated page here.

    Deadline: mid-May every year

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    Super Elementary Education Scholarships

    Organizations offer numerous elementary education scholarships to ensure high-quality teachers can afford their collegiate training.

    Elementary education majors focus on studying the classroom practices needed to shape learning in kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. Certified educators in the United States 73,223 public and 30,590 private elementary schools teach youngsters basic skills across all subjects from reading to math and science. Elementary school teachers typically have bachelors or masters degrees from CAEP-accredited colleges to certify their pedagogical knowledge.

    Investing in teacher preparation can pay off because the BLS predicts 10-year job growth of 6 percent in elementary education. Over 87,800 new positions are expected nationwide, especially in inner-city and rural districts.

    If your passion is inspiring little kids to achieve their big dreams, these 20 elementary education scholarships are perfect for you.

    Privacy Rules Can Block Scholarship Matching For Children Under Age 13

    The Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia Could Help Your Child’s Education

    You wont find these scholarships in any of the free scholarship matching databases because of the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act , which bans the online collection of personal information from children under age 13. Instead, elementary and middle school students must rely on scholarship web pages that list the scholarships without matching them against student profiles, like this one.

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    The Ace Scholarship Can Follow Your Child

    If your child is awarded a scholarship, those funds are portable during the school year and may be used at any partner private school. So if the private school you select ends up not being the right fit, you can transfer your child to another partner private school, and the scholarship goes with them.

    Scholarships For Young Students offers students the ability to quickly and efficiently search for scholarships based on their individual characteristics talents they may have, desired major, sports, etc. However, these tend to be limited to students with some high school experience – those who have a substantial history academically and otherwise for easier selection and matching. What about those ambitious middle school students and elementary school children who have already begun to seriously think about their post-secondary education and beyond? Don’t worry, we’ve got some free information and links for those students, too!

    Action for Nature Eco-Hero AwardsAction For Nature , a non-profit organization, has created the International Young Eco-Hero Awards to recognize and reward the successful individual environmental initiatives of young people ages 8 to 16. AFN encourages young people around the world to carry out individual environmental action projects. We believe that young people can have a positive impact on the environment and are vital in changing the way we live on our planet.For full application guidelines, please .

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    Florida Tax Credit Scholarships

    To expand educational opportunities for children of families that have limited financial resources and to enable children in this state to achieve a greater level of excellence in their education, the Florida Legislature created the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program in 2001. The law provides for state tax credits for contributions to nonprofit scholarship funding organizations, . The SFOs then award scholarships to eligible children of low-income families.

    The tax credit cap amount for the 2021-2022 fiscal year is $873,565,674.

    Isabel M Herson Scholarship

    BOOST Scholarship  Al

    The Isabel M. Herson Scholarship is offered to financially support both Undergraduate and Graduate students who are currently enrolled in either program of Elementary or Secondary education. The main purposes of providing this scholarship are to financially support students who wish to establish themselves as teachers or educators, to educate the younger generation for a bright future through the power of knowledge.

    The best part about this scholarship is there is no long list of criterias to fulfill. More details regarding this scholarship will be available by contacting the organization of Zeta Phi Beta.

    Provided by: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.Amount: VariesEducation Level: Undergraduate and GraduateDeadline: November 30, 2021Apply Now

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    Sally Gearhart Strottman Memorial Scholarship

    Deadline: January 15th

    At the University of Northern Iowa, the College of Education has recently created the Sally Gearhart Strottman Memorial Scholarship to provide $10,000 for up to four years to new students declaring a major in elementary education. Applicants must complete 30 credits each academic year, have a minimum ACT score of 27, supply two professional references, and show potential as elementary teachers. Preference is given to any incoming freshmen from Allamakee, Black Hawk, Bremer, Buchanan, Buttler, Cerro Gordo, Chicksaw, Clayton, Delaware, Dubuque, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Grundy, Hardin, Howard, Mitchell, Winneshiek, and Worth counties of northeastern Iowa.


    Sally Gearhart Strottman Memorial Scholarship189 Schindler Education Center

    William A Crawford Minority Teacher Scholarship

    A scholarship designed specially to support minority teachers, The Indiana Legislation offers the William A. Crawford Scholarship to support those students who identify as Black and Hispanic living in the United States and pursuing a teaching degree.

    For obtaining this scholarship, you must be seeking teaching certification, be an Indiana resident or a citizen of the US, or even an eligible non-citizen. Full-time students who intend to pursue a course of study that would enable the student, upon graduation, to teach in an accredited school in Indiana are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship amount ranges between $1,000 to $4,000.

    Provided by: Indiana State UniversityAmount: $1,000 to $4,000Education Level: Undergraduates and GraduatesDeadline: VariesApply Now

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    National Merit Scholarship Program

    Offering a number of scholarships, but particularly in STEM subjects, this organization rewards academic excellence in high school students looking to go to college and university to train as math teachers and as an applied science. In order to be eligible, a student must take the preliminary SAT, the result of which will form part of the application process. They must also be planning to enroll at college the same fall season of the year of application and be either a US Citizen or qualifying Permanent Resident. The standard Merit Scholarship is worth $2,500 but they have other programs with varying amounts. Deadlines vary so check the website for individual program details.

    Aasa Education Administration Scholarship

    ISAC College Minute 3/22/22 What is the Minority Teachers of Illinois Scholarship?

    The American Association of School Administrators is the leading educational administration organization in the USA. It honors and aids graduate students to achieve an administration role in a school or college – including for those wishing to train to be school principals and secretaries. It is one of the country’s oldest scholarship awards having been founded in 1949. The value of the award is $2,500 per successful applicant who will be given up to $500 as a travel bursary to go to the award ceremony to collect the scholarship. They also have other scholarships and awards. For further details and to apply, go here.

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    American Morgan Horse Institute

    The American Morgan Horse Institute provides scholarships for young people interested in learning about and working with Morgan horses. Here are three of the available awards:

    • The AMHI van Schaik Dressage Scholarship gives $1,000 to a lover of Morgan horses who wants to improve his or her proficiency in dressage, which means training yourself and your horse to move together based on your physical signals. It is an Olympic discipline, and the van Schaik award is intended to train a rider to achieve at least Fourth Level.
    • The AMHI Graywood Youth Horsemanship Grant supports young people who want to study techniques of Morgan horse care with professionals, including methods of breeding, management, and riding.
    • The AMHI Paul J. Stephan Memorial Award brings $1,000 to a young man who is planning a career in the Morgan horse business. There is no minimum age, and the Stephan is a one-time gift.

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    Paula K Frazier Scholarship Endowment

    Deadline: March 25th

    At James Madison University, the College of Education has used a generous donation to create the Paula K. Frazier Scholarship Endowment for providing $1,000 annually to students currently enrolled in the Early, Elementary, and Reading Education Department. Qualified candidates must be planning a teaching career at the elementary level, have a passion for working with children, consistently show 100% dedication, embrace appropriate risk taking, exhibit a creative mind for thinking outside the box, and always put forth good old-fashioned effort. Applications must be accompanied by an unofficial transcript, current resume, and personal statement.


    Paula K. Frazier Scholarship Endowment3100 Memorial Hall

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    Aka Educational Advancement Scholarships

    The Sorority House has a number of scholarships, some education specific, for which members may apply to aid their degree in education. They pride themselves on improving education and it represents one of their prime outreach programs. Some are needs based, some are merit based. None have an upper limit value. Applicants need to be a member of the group and already enrolled on a relevant degree course it will also help your application if you have engaged in leadership and promoting the house. For further details, visit their webpage here.

    GPA: 3.0 2.5 Deadline: mid-April every year

    Nys Math & Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship

    NASA/NC Space Grant STEM Pre

    This scholarship is in place in the state of New York in order to encourage science and math graduates to enter into teaching those subjects to grades 7-12. In order to be eligible, you must be enrolled in a college in New York State and not receiving scholarships from any other program – especially those that might commit you to conditions of receipt . Undergraduates and postgraduates are equally eligible. Maximum value of the grant is $6,195. For more information, please visit their webpage.

    Deadline: 31st January every yearGPA: 2.5 or higher

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    Where To Find Scholarships Grants And Fellowships

    Grants, scholarships, and fellowships are all, technically, gifts of money for education that dont need to be paid back by the student. But although theyre similar, there is some distinction among these three terms:

    A grant is usually awarded based on financial need and provided by federal or state governments as well as individual colleges. At the federal level, an example is the TEACH Grant, which is awarded to graduate students who are studying to pursue teaching in a high-need field or school.

    At the state and college level, for example, a student interested in Oglethorpe Universitys education degree program may qualify for a school-provided Oglethorpe Grant and a state-provided Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant, both of which are need-based. To obtain grant funding, the first step should be completing the FAFSA.

    A scholarship, on the other hand, usually has some additional requirement beyond need . Students may need to demonstrate merit through high grades, personal or professional experience, affiliation with a group, selection of a major or career path, or a combination of these. Scholarships are usually offered by private foundations or organizations , though states and colleges may offer them too. Usually, scholarships have their own applications, though they may also require a FAFSA.

    Wherever you begin your search, remember that you should never pay for scholarship information money should flow to you, not the other way around.

    James Madison Graduate Fellowship

    It’s important that High School students understand the importance of the US Constitution, its history and context, its meaning ,and why it is so important to the country’s laws. The James Madison Graduate Fellowship is a fund set up in honor of the fourth president for people who wish to teach about the Constitution in our high schools. It has a value of $24,000 and is limited to one person, per state, per year. Therefore, the only competition you will have will be other people in your state applying for the fund. More information on the foundation and their fellowship is here.

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    Ets Toefl Dissertation Award

    ETS are another international education organization dedicated to improving education standards the world over. Their TOEFL dissertation award grants $2,500 to one Doctoral student every year whose dissertation is on the subject of second or foreign language testing standards. Part of the award will be compensation for accommodation and travel fees for travelling to the ceremony to collect the award. Candidates may be studying outside the US and is applicable only against eligible doctoral programs. For full details, visit here.

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