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Edmund F Maxwell Foundation Scholarship

Arkansas Tech drops test score requirement for scholarships

Who Is Eligible: Edmund F. Maxwell Foundation scholarships are available to Western Washington high school seniors pursuing a college education at a private university. Students must have an SAT score of at least 1200 or an ACT score of 26 or higher.

Application Deadline: Application opens January 2023

Scholarship Amount: Varies, up to $5,000

Washington University In St Louis

  • Danforth Scholars Program: Offers full-tuition scholarships and a $2,500 stipend to students with a passion for helping others and have demonstrated community and service leadership. The application is due January 2, 2020.

  • Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program: Same requirements and deadlines as the Danforth Scholars Program.

  • Scholarships By Act Score

    The ACT is one of the two big standardized tests that students take before applying to college. Unlike its fellow standardized test, the SAT, the ACT has a much smaller scoring range with the highest score being a 36. The ACT is made of four discrete sections Math, Reading, English and Science Reasoning as well as an optional Writing section that is not factored into your overall score.

    A good ACT score is often crucial in applying to college, but it can also help you qualify for scholarships. High ACT scores are common criteria for merit scholarships that are looking to award a scholarship to the best and brightest. Many colleges offer merit scholarships based on standardized test scores as well. Studying hard for the ACT can not only help get you into school, but also help you pay tuition.

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    The Best Possible Act Score For Scholarships Ranges

    However, for the widest range of opportunities, then the 25-30 score range is better.

    At Kent State University, a 3.3 GPA and 25 ACT score will garner you over $4000 in scholarship money. Similar to Kent State, the University of Maine can provide you $4000-$6000 in scholarship money for ACT scores from 26-28.

    Unsurprisingly, the highest potential comes with ACT scores 30+. With ACT scores in the 30-36 range, its possible to win $10,000 or more in scholarship prizes. For example, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville grants scholarships up to $32,000 for students with ACT scores in the 34-36 range.

    If you dont hit that range, its still possible to receive over $20,000 from them if you score between 30-33. The biggest takeaway here is that you dont need to score a perfect 36 for substantial scholarship money.

    Think about score ranges you want to hit, and base your scholarship hunting on those targets instead. Itll make it easier to find more potential scholarship opportunities fast, and take the pressure off of thinking that you need one perfect score.

    For more test strategy, college admissions, and scholarship application tips sign up for our FREE classes happening right now!

    Why Consider Using Act Scores For A Merit Scholarship

    ACT Scores From 21 To 25 Scholarships

    More than 1.9 million people took the ACT test in 2018. One study reports that a decade ago, one of every 2,600 students got a perfect score. In 2018, one of every 500 students nailed a perfect score.

    But you dont have to get a perfect ACT score to get a merit scholarship. Otherwise, all 4 year colleges and universities in the United States accept ACT test scores.

    Here are a few other reasons to use your ACT scores for merit scholarships:

    • Taking the ACT may help boost your chances of winning a scholarship from colleges and scholarship organizations.
    • Some colleges award scholarships based on your ACT scores. For example, offer scholarships ranging from $40,000 to $84,000 based on a combination of test scores, class rank, and GPA.
    • Higher test scores may also lead to more scholarship dollars. For instance, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville offers $5,000 awards per year for ACT scores between 34 to 36.
    • Being rewarded for good grades is one way to make college more affordable. At last check, the average amount of scholarship and grant aid received by undergrads is $11,810.
    • Unlike a loan, you do not have to pay back ACT scholarship funds. Though you do have to abide by their terms. You should also strive to maintain a specific GPA.
    • Certain ACT/SAT scores may place you in the running for a full ride scholarship.
    • Recipients and finalists of the National Merit Scholarship may also be eligible for other awards and aid. The National Merit Scholarship looks at PSAT scores.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About How To Find Act Scholarships

    Ques: What ACT score is needed for most scholarships?

    Ans: You should be able to apply for scholarships of a lesser level if you have a score of at least 25 on the ACT. Scholarships, on the other hand, grow increasingly difficult to get as the amount of money available, and the score ranges expand. To reiterate, the score range of 20-25 should serve as the very minimum goal to strive for.

    Ques: What ACT score gives you a full ride?

    Ans: ACT Composite of 3236: Many colleges and institutions provide full ride scholarships to students who have an ACT score in this range on the ACT and a grade point average of 3.5 or better on their high school transcript.

    Ques: Is a 36 on the ACT a good score?

    Ans:Yes, a composite score of 36 is perfect. This number is the average of your four section scores for English, Math, Reading, and Science. Even though you don’t need a perfect score to get into elite institutions, a 36 on the ACT can help you stand out.

    Ques: Do we get scholarships in ACT?

    Ans:Yes, there are certain colleges that will automatically award scholarships based on your ACT score. There are several universities that reward students with automatic scholarships if they have high ACT scores together with other academic accomplishments such as a solid grade point average and an outstanding academic record.

    Ques: What is the highest paying scholarship?

    College Of Wooster College Scholar Award

    Among the 6,000 applicants Wooster receives each year, the College Scholar Award acknowledges extraordinary academic and non-academic accomplishments. The Scholarship Committee honors the most intellectually qualified applicants, often those who rank in the top 5% of the candidate pool. Students qualifying for this prize should be in the top 15% of their high school class and have an ACT Aggregate score of 29 or an SAT R score of 1340. . Candidates must be citizens of the United States and participate in an assessment with an admissions or alumni official.

    Provided By: College of WoosterAmount: 37,000 USD

    Apply Now

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    Center For Mathematics And Science Education

    Robert Noyce Teachers for a New Tomorrow Forgivable Loan Program

    • Award Amount: Up to $20,000
    • UM Double Major in STEM and STEM Education UM junior/senior undergraduate double majoring in a STEM field and Secondary Math Education or Secondary Science Education.
    • UM STEM Major UM junior/senior undergraduate majoring in a STEM field with the desire to obtain a masters degree that will lead to teacher certification .
    • Recruited STEM Graduates STEM graduates recruited from other four-year institutions who wish to obtain teacher certification in science or mathematics may enroll in the MACI program at UM.
    • STEM Professionals Professional holding a degree in a STEM field who are currently or have been employed in a STEM field and now seek to become a secondary education teacher. They can apply for the Noyce and enroll in the MACI program.
  • Loan Cancellation Provisions: To cancel each years Noyce funding award, students must complete two years of service as a full-time science or mathematics teacher in a high need local educational agency as defined in section 201 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 that serves an elementary or secondary school located in an area in which there is a high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line a high percentage of secondary school teachers not teaching in the content area in which the teachers were trained to teach or a high teacher turnover rate.
  • Army ROTC Scholarship

    Dian And Harlan Stai Honors Access Scholarship

    SAT Score for Scholarships: Does It Matter?

    Amount: $5,000 per year, renewable for four years for a total of $20,000.Eligibility: Awarded to outstanding high school seniors from South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa each year based on ACT/SAT scores or GPA and extracurricular activities. Students are chosen for Stai Honors through a competitive interview selection process. At a minimum, students selected to interview must have a 26 or higher ACT composite or superscore or have a GPA of 3.9 or higher and have extensive leadership and extracurricular involvement. Applicants must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and qualify as Pell Grant Eligible. Stai Honors Access recipients will be required to participate in the Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Honors College. The on-campus interviews take place in January.To apply: For consideration, complete the Academic Scholarship Application.

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    How To Find Scholarships For High Act Scores

    Scholarship research may be tedious, but it has to be done. You can search for programs based on your score, but dont stop there. Look beyond the ACT. and surface additional aid you are eligible for.

    Diversify your search by doing the following:

    • Ask your guidance counselor about financial aid for high ACT scores
    • Do an internet search for programs for your specific score
    • Visit different organizations you resonate with and inquire about their programs
    • Check with the department of education in your state about academic scholarships

    Want to simplify this procedure? DoNoyPay is an AI-powered app that can single out every program you can get. Let us know your score and qualifications, and well pull out a tailored list of scholarships and grants. You can even apply for the ones that dont demand an essay or letters of recommendation without leaving the app.

    Act Scores And Scholarships

    While the SAT is famously associated with the National Merit Scholar competition, the ACT can sometimes be overlooked as a source of college money. However, do some quick research and youll see: those points can be pretty valuable in the long-term, even after youve gotten your acceptance letters.

    Can I Really Get Money for College Based on My ACT Score?

    Yes! Keep in mind, though, that scholarships wont be automatically awarded, because theyre not given by or administered through the ACT organization. Instead, youll have to look to individual organizations, foundations, and universities and apply through them. Does this make it a little more complicated to get scholarship money? Sure. Is it worth it, for thousands of dollars off your college tuition? Definitely.

    How Much Money Can I Get?

    It really depends. Mostly, it depends on how high your score is. Scores of 30+ are in a good range for scholarships, because they place you well in the top ten percentile of test-takers.

    Scholarship dollars are just one of many reasons why its important to start prepping for the ACT early. Taking thePreACT, for example, gives you great test-day experience without any of the pressure of the official exam . If your school doesnt offer the opportunity to take the PreACT, or you missed testing for another reason, take anACT practice test to get a sense of where youd score if you took the test today.

    How Can I Get My Score Higher?

    SoHow Do I Get This Money?

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    List Of Scholarships For Act Scores Of 2125

    Awards for high school students who score between 21 and 25 may not be as high, but they can be a great addition to other scholarships. You can team up merit-based aid with other programssuch as scholarships for women, veterans, cheerleaders, Christians, or minoritiesand accumulate enough funds for all schooling expenses.

    Check out these opportunities for students with a score of 2125:

    Scholarship Name
    Full cost of tuition

    List Of Merit Scholarships

    Scholarship Opportunities  Financial Aid

    Eminence Fellows Program and Scholarship

    One of Ohio State’s premier merit awards.

    Award amount: Full cost of attendance at Ohio State for eight semesters of full-time enrollment, plus an enrichment grant valued at up to $3,000 accessible after the first year of successful study.

    Criteria:U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to apply. All applicants must apply to the University Honors Program. Finalists are selected based on the strength of their Common Application, a separate Eminence essay and a video introduction. Selections are based on outstanding academic potential, demonstrated commitment to service, and character. All majors are encouraged to apply. There is no typical Eminence Fellow.

    How to apply for Eminence

    Three required steps:

  • Apply for admission to Ohio State by the early action deadline of November 1.
  • Apply for Honors on the Common Application.
  • Complete the separate Eminence Application by November 14.
  • Morrill Scholarship Program

    One of Ohio State’s premier scholarship programs, the Morrill Scholarship Program offers scholarships and educational enrichment opportunities to academically talented students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, social justice and service.

    Award levels:Distinction , Prominence , and Excellence .

    How to apply for MSP

    Award amount:Full cost of attendance.

    How to apply for Land Grant

    National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents

    How to apply for National Buckeye

    Award amount: $1,000$3,000 .

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    Scholarships Available For Various Act Scores

    ACT Score
    The AIEF Undergraduate Scholarship Program $2,000
    King’s Daughters Health Foundation Health Career Scholarship $2,500
    The Full Impact Foundation Scholarship Award $2,000
    Catch a Break! Scholarship Program $40,000
    UM Missoula Presidential Leadership Scholarship $37,492
    University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship $19,458 University of Georgia Foundation Fellowship

    Big Caveat: Many of these scholarships have other qualifying criteria that you have to meet to receive them. These range from the common to the uncommon .

    Also, keep in mind that an ACT score isnt always just one ACT score. Some scholarships will want to see particular subsection scores above certain points. For example, engineering scholarships may want your science scores to be in the top ten percentile , but not care so much about your scores on the English test. This varies so much by field, scholarship, and school, that youll definitely want to take a look at websites to make sure youre eligible.

    Bruce Fishkin Scholarship Fund

    • Award amount: up to $200,000

    For over 10 years now, the Bruce Fishkin Scholarship Fund has been awarding deserving students in their senior year of high school up to the entire cost of their college education. Besides meeting the minimum SAT or ACT scores, the awardees are also chosen based on a few factors, such as application essays and personal interviews.

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    Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program

    Who Is Eligible: The Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program awards scholarships to Morehouse College students with financial needs who demonstrate both academic excellence and a commitment to leadership. Applicants need an SAT score of at least 1200 or an ACT score of 26 or over.

    Application Deadline: Qualified candidates can apply each spring.

    Scholarship Amount: Varies

    Who Is Eligible: Eligibility requirements include a minimum GPA of 3.75, ranking in the top 5% of their graduating class, and either a minimum ACT score of 29 or a minimum SAT score of 1340.

    Application Deadline: Students automatically apply for scholarships along with their college applications.

    Scholarship Amount: Full tuition for in-state students and $6,000 for out-of-state applicants

    Dian And Harlan Stai Honors Scholarship

    ACT score so high scored two scholarships

    Amount: $5,000 per year, renewable for four years for a total of $20,000.Eligibility: Awarded to outstanding high school seniors from South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa each year based on ACT/SAT scores or GPA and extracurricular activities. Students are chosen for Stai Honors through a competitive interview selection process. At a minimum, students selected to interview must have a 30 or higher ACT composite or superscore or have a GPA of 3.9 or higher and have extensive leadership and extracurricular involvement. Stai Honors recipients will be required to participate in the Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Honors College. The on-campus interviews take place in January.To apply: For consideration, complete the Academic Scholarship Application.

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    Convert Your Test Score Into Scholarship Money

    You may be wondering whether you really need to put much effort into preparing for the SAT or ACT, since many college advisors say that test scores are only one of the many factors that admissions committees look at when they review your application. But one great reason to care about your SAT or ACT score, regardless of its impact on your application, is the possibility of using it to get more scholarship money.

    There are many schools around the country where incoming freshmen have a good chance of winning scholarship money based on their SAT or ACT score. Of course, the scholarship committees won’t only be looking at your test scores the strength of your GPA and/or class rank will also be taken into consideration for merit-based scholarships. Still, these types of scholarships don’t require a tremendous amount more from you like a separate essay or an interview to be considered. In fact, some schools will automatically give you money if you meet the requirements of high test score and high GPA or class rank. How about that for some test prep motivation? Let’s take a look at three schools that offer such merit-based scholarships:

    What Act Score Is Needed For Scholarships

    Unlike SATwith its maximum score of 1600ACT has a smaller scoring range. If you dont make any mistakes, you can get 36 on the test. A good score that can turn you into an eligible candidate for gift aid is 30 or above.

    You dont need to aim for this number to get an ACT scholarship. You can qualify for lower-level ones with a 2025 score range as well.Keep in mind that the higher your score is, the more money you can get.

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