Scholarship For Undocumented Students In New York

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Que Llueva Caf Scholarship

50 Scholarships For DACA & Undocumented Students

The Que Llueva Café Scholarship was implemented by a non-profit organization called CORE. Applicants are evaluated based on their personal stories, extra-curricular activities, and academic promise. CORE has awarded almost $100,000 to undocumented students throughout the United States over the past 12 years. The purpose of this scholarship is to help immigrants earn a higher education in the United States despite the roadblocks put in their way. The Que Llueva Café Scholarship is only open to high school or GED graduates planning to enroll in a college or university in the United States for the very first time.

Chin: Shui Kuen And Allen Chin Scholarship

Annually, the Asian Pacific Fund provides unique scholarship opportunities to students. The Chin: Shui Kuen and Allen Chin Scholarship is an excellent scholarship for immigrant students who wish to attend college. This scholarship award is for incoming and current undergraduate students with a 3.0 GPA. Applicants or their parents must formerly or currently work in an Asian-owned or Asian cuisine restaurant. Another valuable quality is to have experience advocating for Asian Americans, immigrants, LGBTQ, and related progressive causes. Two winners are chosen per year and will receive $1,000 each.

Maldef Law School Scholarship Program

Students who pursue law are supported by MALDEF to advance their mission of making progress about the civil rights of the Latino community in the United States. In the past years, MALDEF has taken the initiative to provide about 5-15 scholarships to law students who are commendable in their performance from the whole of the nation. The applicants have to be enrolled for a full-time law course at an accredited United States law school. The academic excellence and extracurricular accomplishments, together with their backdrop and financial requirement, are scrutinized before providing them with the scholarship.

Provided by: Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational FundAmount: $2000Apply Now

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Federal State And Institutional Financial Aid Policies

Undocumented students cannot legally receive any federally funded student financial aid, including loans, grants, scholarships, or work-study money.

In most states, they are not eligible for state financial aid. Some states do grant eligibility for state financial aid to undocumented students who qualify for in-state tuition. This has proven a contentious issue, so the situation is subject to change.

Most private scholarship funds and foundations require applicants to be U.S. citizens or legal residents, but there are some that do not. Private institutions set their own financial aid policies. Some are willing to give scholarships and other aid to undocumented students.

Los Hermanos De Stanford Scholarship

Undocumented Students Scholarships and Fellowships  Tatia Kutaladze

Description: Los Hermanos de Stanford is guided by the principles of community service, academic excellence, and cultural awareness. Applicants strong in those areas with financial need are strongly encouraged to apply. Also, interested students are NOT required to attend Stanford University.

Scholarship Amount: $500 to $1,000

Who Can Apply: Latinx students graduating from high school planning to enroll into any two-year or four-year institution of higher learning

For more information on this scholarship, please visit the scholarship website.

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Single Parent Scholarship Fund Of Northwest Arkansas Scholarships

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Northwest Arkansas features a Traditional Scholarship, a Healthcare Career and Vocational Education Scholarship, and a Professional Certification Scholarship. The Traditional Scholarship is for individuals pursuing an associate, bachelors, masters in teaching, or a cosmetology or massage therapy license. The Healthcare Career and Vocational Education Scholarship is for individuals earning a certification in dental assisting, medical assisting, medical billing and coding, or insurance specialist. The Professional Certification Scholarship is for individuals enrolled in a certification program at NWTI, Petra Allied Health, UAMS/Schmieding Center, North Arkansas College, PRN, or NWACC. Individuals are eligible for these scholarships if they are a single parent, United States citizen or DACA status, high school or GED graduate, living near poverty level, do not possess a bachelors degree, and residents of Madison, Carroll, or Washington County in Arkansas.

The Cooke Foundation College Scholarship Program

Description: Focused on assisting promising students with financial need, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has awarded over $200 million in scholarships to students since 2000. Scholarship eligibility is based on the applicants year in high school, GPA, SAT or ACT scores, and financial need.

Scholarship Amount: Up to $40,000/year

Who Can Apply: High school seniors

For more information on this scholarship, please visit the scholarship website.

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Financial Aid For Undocumented Students

Move Forward With Your Dreams!

The José Peralta New York State DREAM Act allows undocumented and other students access to New York Stateadministered grants and scholarships that support their higher education costs.

If you attended or graduated from an NYS high school, attended an approved NYS high school equivalency program, or received an NYS equivalency diploma, you may be eligible for state financial aid.

The DREAM Act opens the doors of higher education and provides access to the Excelsior Scholarship, the Tuition Assistance Program and other stateadministered scholarships.

To review your eligibility and to learn more, please visit

Esperanza Education Fund Scholarship

Understanding and Applying for the New York State Excelsior Scholarship Program

Description: The Esperanza Education fund is more than a scholarship. Scholarship recipients also receive mentors to aid them in navigating college, obtaining internships, and building careers. This scholarship is designed to help low-income undocumented students in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia pay for college.

Scholarship Amount: $5,000 to $20,000

Who Can Apply: Graduating high school seniors and recent GED grads residing in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

To be considered, applicants must be born outside the U.S. or have two parents born outside the U.S.

For more information on this scholarship, please visit the scholarship website.

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Mexican Studies Scholarship // Cuny

Amount: Up to $7,500

Deadline: February 28, 2022

This scholarship is available to current and prospective CUNY undergraduate and graduate students. Scholarship winners are selected based on academic achievement, financial need, and commitment to service in the Mexican and/or immigrant community.

Amount: Varies Up to $10,000

Deadline: February 18, 2022

Theses scholarships are available to college-bound high school seniors, college undergraduates and graduate students pursuing careers in English or Spanish-language print, broadcast, digital, or photojournalism who have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Samuel Huntington Public Service Award

Once a year, The Samuel Huntington Fund offers the Samuel Huntington Public Service Award for college seniors interested in pursuing public service anywhere around the globe. This award provides a stipend of $15,000 to each awardee in which they will use to engage in some type of public service activity for at least one year prior to attending graduate school or starting a career. Each recipient of this award will receive $7,500 to begin their public service project, and the other $7,500 will be provided after six months. To apply for this award, applicants must create a proposal for their public service project, submit a resume, and provide three letters of recommendation.

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Ascend Educational Fund Scholarship // Ascend Fund Ny

Amount: $2,500-$20,000

Deadline: February 11, 2022

Ascend Fund offers scholarships to immigrant students and children of immigrants who are graduating from a New York City high school to attend public or private colleges and universities, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: February 3, 2022

These scholarships are open to college students pursuing careers in radio, television, or digital journalism. Winners must be officially enrolled, full time college sophomores, juniors, or seniors in good standing.

Amount: Varies

Deadline: January 26, 2022

This scholarship is offered to seniors in high school enrolling in a U.S. 4-year college. Must identify as LGBTQ+. Community college students, trade students or online programs do not qualify.

Amount: $6,000

Deadline: January 31, 2022

These scholarships are available to students who are residents of Northern or Central California who have demonstrated service in the LGBTQ+ community.

La Luz Scholarship // Pea & Co Consulting

Youth Know Your Rights

Amount: $2,500

Deadline: September 15, 2022

This scholarship was designed to “light the path to success for first-gens across the nation.” This scholarship is available to all incoming and current undergraduate students in the U.S. Applicants must write a maximum 500-word essay answering the prompt: How has being a first-generation college student impacted your academic journey? How will this scholarship support you financially? Winners will be announced on National First-Generation College Student Day .

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Tips For Undocumented Students

Overcoming Obstacles: Many students believe that their undocumented status will prevent them from attending college. These students may live in fear of being exposed and deported should they apply. This should not be a concern for potential college students as it is against the law for colleges to report a students immigration status without their permission.

Additionally, students may perceive college as cost-prohibitive because their status makes them ineligible for federal financial aid. While federal financial aid is not an option, there are many financial aid options including scholarships, grants, and private loans to make college more affordable. Undocumented students who are committed to attending college and who fully comprehend the challenges to come can make their educational dreams a reality.

The Struggles Facing Undocumented Youth In New York City Have Only Been Heightened By The Covid

Protesters rally on Foley Square demanding citizenship now for all undocumented immigrants.

EDITORS NOTE:& nbspThis article was produced as part of The Puffin Nation Fund Fall Fellows Program.

It took Farah Said almost seven years to complete her undergraduate studies as an undocumented student in New York City. After enrolling in CUNY City Colleges Childhood Education Program and completing 113 credits, Said was told she could not graduate. Even though she had applied and was accepted to the program as an undocumented student, administration later informed her that she would not be able to complete the last, required part of the curriculumstudent teaching. Student teaching requires finger printing and finger printing requires a social security number, which I did not have, says Said.

This story was produced for Student Nation, a program of the Nation Fund for Independent Journalism, which is dedicated to highlighting the best of student journalism. For more Student Nation, check out our archive or learn more about the program here. StudentNation is made possible through generous funding from The Puffin Foundation. If youre a student and you have an article idea, please send pitches and questions to .

She immigrated to the United States from Cairo, Egypt, at the age of 15 in 2008 however, DACA recipients must have been present in the country by June 15, 2007. She was one year too late. I held out hope that something would changethat the policy might change.

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Keys To Landing Your Scholarship

  • Key #1: Be personal and genuineMost scholarships seek students who can connect with others on a personal level. If you are given an essay prompt that asks you to draw on your own experience take that requirement seriously. Be honest and genuine about your aspirations.
  • Key #2: Complete all the application requirementsBe sure that you read all the instructions and follow them carefully. Committees are looking for candidates that pay attention to detail. Applications that do not follow the full instructions often wont get a second look.
  • Key #3: Do your research and tailor your materialsNothing turns off decision committees more than a cover letter or personal essay clearly written for a different scholarship. Do not copy and paste your material. Research the organization that sponsors the award and tailor your application to their goals. This shows clear initiative and thoughtfulness.
  • Key #4: Google yourself ahead of timeBe careful with your social media presence and online footprint. It is not unusual for committee members to search for your presence online. Do this on your own ahead of time and be mindful of how you are presenting yourself to others.
  • Key #5: Select good referencesMost scholarships will ask for references or recommendation letters. Be sure that you select good references who can assess your abilities. Talk to you recommenders well in advance of the deadline and stay in close communication with them throughout the process.

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Golden Door Scholar Program

To make oneself powerful, education is mandatory and financial support makes the person strong to acquire a degree and fulfill a dream job. The students who are high school seniors, recent high school graduates, or currently enrolled in college pursuing an undergraduate degree can apply. They should have DACA, TPS, or be undocumented. The GPA should be high enough, be at least 3.0, should be ready to take challenging high school classes, and should be involved in community activities. Most students who apply for the scholarship will be attending Golden Door partner schools, but the funding people also support others from accredited four-year institutions on a case-by-case basis.

Provided by: Golden Door ScholarsAmount: VariesApply Now

Undocumented College Scholarship Recipients Have Higher Workforce Participation: Survey

Undocumented college graduates who take part in two major scholarship programs have a higher workforce participation rate than graduates in the general population, according to a new survey of the programs alumni.

A report by TheDream.US and Golden Door Scholars two groups that finance and mentor undocumented students shows their graduates have a 94 percent workforce participation rate, compared to the 84 percent rate for college graduates nationally.

The report surveyed 1,400 graduates of the programs, who attended 140 colleges and universities throughout the country.

The stories and successes of TheDream.US and Golden Door Scholars show what happens when we unleash the potential of Dreamers. Each of the Scholars is helping to move our country forward and are contributing to the social and economic prosperity of the United States, said Donald Graham, co-founder of TheDream.US.

The report also found that alumni of the two programs are overwhelmingly employed in high-demand sectors: 22 percent of graduates are in the health and medical field 19 percent in business 18 percent in education 17 percent in public and social services and 13 percent in science, math and technology.

Many of those graduates, however, could soon find themselves without the legal ability to work in the United States.

According to the two organizations, 86 percent of their graduates are beneficiaries of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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Paying For Your Education

Considering your investment and ability to pay for your time at NYU is an important step towards becoming a student.

As a potential student, you can access planning tools, financial guidance and planning strategies through NYUs iGrad.

You may also contact financial aid counselors for additional guidance, but please note that NYU does not consider appeals for additional scholarship funding or offer an internal loan program.

Because Undocumented Students are ineligible for federal financial aid, it is important that you analyze your resources to determine how their financial need will be met. It is rare that an NYU Scholarship alone is enough to cover the entire cost of attendance.

While you may explore the possibility of private educational loans to fund your education, NYU also offers several payment plan options to support your ability to pay for the portion of college costs you or your family are responsible for.

Find out more about:

When To Apply For Scholarships

Register for the 3rd Annual CUNY DREAMers Conference in Queens, New ...

Each scholarship has a specific deadline. These deadlines occur throughout the year, so you can find one for any time of the year. Keep in mind, however, that some scholarship deadlines may fall months, even a year, before the start of the academic year for which youre seeking a scholarship.

So, if youre a high school student looking to get a scholarship for your freshman year of college, you should start the search process early. While you dont necessarily have to apply for scholarships in your freshman or sophomore year, you will develop a sense of scholarships that are available so you can apply when youre ready.

If youre a current college student, you should be looking for scholarships throughout the year. That way, if you find an award that appeals to you, youll be ahead of the game.

And when you apply, be sure to meet the deadline for each specific scholarship.

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Scholarship Guide For Undocumented Students

Scholarships & Resources for Undocumented Students in New York

Undocumented students qualify for instate tuition if they have attended a New York State high school for 2 or more years and graduated OR if they received a GED from an approved program. Undocumented students must apply to college within five years of obtaining their high school diploma or their GED in order to qualify for instate tuition.

Yet, with the rising costs of college, instate tuition has become increasingly difficult to afford. This document provides a list of scholarships that undocumented students can apply for.

Please be mindful that scholarship deadlines and requirements can change every year! In this document you will find links to the direct websites, when looking for scholarships be sure to check the deadlines often! Also please be sure to doublecheck the scholarship website to ensure that you have all of the necessary documents in your application.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria of a scholarship, contact the organization directly and ask! Remember: never pay to apply for a scholarship. Look out for scholarship scams. Some of the scholarships provided below are open nationally and other are specific to New York State/ CUNY universities.

New scholarships often arise, look out for updated versions of this document. If you find a scholarship that is not on this document send them our way!

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