Scholarship For First Generation Students

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Buddy Pierce And Maggie P Speight Scholarship Fund For The Arts

First-generation students get scholarships


Demonstrated financial need

Pursuing a career in music or the arts

Funded by two music lovers in Nashville, the Buddy Pierce and Maggie P. Speight Scholarship Fund for the Arts is for low-income students who are interested in music or the arts. Scholarship amounts vary, but theyre renewable for students in good academic standing. Theyre administered by the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. You dont have to be first-generation to apply.

3.0 GPA

Current high school senior

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation offers several scholarships, including one for incoming college freshmen. Its called the Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship, and it awards $5,000 over four years of school for a total value of $20,000. Its given to 150 students annually. Some universities also receive funding from the foundation to offer a Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship, but these arent available nationwide, and they have their own, independent criteria for eligibility. Youll need to look for them specifically if youre interested.

Catawba Colleges First Family Scholarships

DEADLINE: February 10

Touted as the most prestigious scholarship available at North Carolinas Catawba College, application is by invitation only. Prior acceptance by Catawba is a mandatory prerequisite to be invited. Invitees must then provide an educator recommendation along with other required materials by the deadline. Such exclusivity is fully justified by renewable full-tuition awards.

Applicants must have/be:

Minimum aggregate SAT math and reading sub-score of 1100 or ACT composite score of 25 A minimum 3.5 minimum GPA An entering freshman

Catawba Colleges First Family ScholarshipsCatawba College Financial Aid Office2300 W Innes StPhone: 637-4416 or 1-800-CATAWBAEmail:

First In Family Scholarship

Amount: Varies

Provider: George Rogers Foundation

Requirements: Must be a South Carolina or North Carolina resident, must be a First in Family student defined as a student who will be the first person in their family to attend a 2 or 4 year college, graduating high school senior. Sound like a good fit? Then check out the First in Family Scholarship today.

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Great Scholarships For First Generation College Students

Dreamers whove become the first in their immediate family to attend higher education can benefit greatly from scholarships for first generation college students.

According to the NCES, around one-third of incoming freshmen in America qualify as first generation. Receiving a college acceptance letter is a milestone to celebrate, but heading into uncharted academic territory is challenging. First generation students cant rely on parents or siblings whove attended college for guidance through the admission, financial aid, and registration processes. Thats partially why their dropout rate is four times higher than second generation students. Nearly 90 percent of low-income, first generation students leave college without a diploma.

Reverse these harrowing statistics and make your degree quest successful with help from these 20 great first generation student scholarships.

The Buick Achievers Scholarship

UF TRIO participants recognized in statewide scholarship recognition ...

The Buick Achievers Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship award given by Buick each year. The scholarship is reserved for first generation college students who have an interest in the automotive industry or in a related field like business, finance, accounting, math, technology, science or engineering. Although the scholarship is open to all first generation students, priority is given to those pursuing careers in the above fields, especially those who are studying engineering.

In addition to field of interest, the Buick Acheivers Scholarship board also looks for students who can demonstrate their financial need for a scholarship. Competitive applicants will be able to demonstrate leadership roles in volunteer work and community service.

In total, the Buick Achievers Scholarship Is awarded to 1100 students eacy year. One hundred of the most qualified students will receive $25,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable for up to four years of full-time school. For students pursuing an engineering degree on a 5-year track will receive a 5th year of funding. The other thousand accepted applicants will receive $2,000 per year.



To apply, fill out the Buick Achievers Scholarship form online.

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Am I First Generation If My Siblings Went To College

Some organizations may define first generation as students whose parents and siblings do not have four year degrees. Others may say that you are only first generation if your parents have not received any degree at all .

However, the most common definition is students whose parents have not completed four year college degrees. If you are interested in learning more about why being a first generation college student matters, check out this post!

Top 16 First Generation Scholarships For Students In September 2022

Will you be the first person in your immediate family to attend college? If so, you are a first-generation college student! There are numerous colleges and private organizations that offer first generation scholarships for students who will be the first in their family to attend college!

Generally, first generation scholarships are open to students whose parents have not earned a four year undergraduate degree. However, specific organizations and colleges may define first generation differently, so always double-check.

Keep on reading to learn more about eligibility, award amount, and tips for how to find and win first generation scholarships!

Jump ahead to.

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Heef Architecture And Engineering Scholarships

Application Deadline: December 31

Amount: Between $1,500 and $5,000

HEEF scholarships are based on a combination of low-income family background, academic achievement, and involvement in extracurricular activities, community volunteer work, church service or work-employment. Graduating high school seniors who have been accepted into an accredited four- or five-year program in architecture or engineering may apply.

The Telacu Scholarship Program

FAU Scholarship Helping Low-Income, First-Generation Students Leave With A Degree

The TELACU Scholarship Program is run by the TELACU Education foundation. Each year they award many scholarships to first generation college students in California, Texas, Illinois and New York. There are two general types of scholarships available. Continuing Scholarships are earmarked for first generation college students entering their first semester of college. Continuing Scholarships may be renewed each year for up to four years. For students already enrolled in college or university, there are One-Year Scholarships. These scholarships are available each year but students must reapply each year.

Applicants relationship with TELACU does not end after they are awarded a scholarship. TELACU recipients work with the College Advisement and Leadership Program to ensure their academic success while they are in college or university and after they graduate. Students participate in skill-building seminars, individual counseling and mentoring and leadership development programs.

Once TELACU recipients graduate, they have access to a variety of internship programs. They also have access to relationships with mentors working in corporate environments in their field. These relationships and internships are designed to help TELACU recipients not just graduate but thrive in their chosen field.

Mentoring and internship programs include:



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson

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Gates Millennium Scholars Program


Racial minority

Planning to enroll as a full-time, degree-seeking college student

Founded by Bill and Melinda Gates, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program is dedicated to underrepresented students who need financial assistance for college. Half of the recipients are first-gen, but it isnt a requirement. Any racial minority living in a low-income household can qualify. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the students need and what isnt already covered by financial aid, but their value is known to be substantial. Some students receive full rides.


Current or aspiring college students

The United Negro College Fund gives and receives a lot of funding for scholarships, including first-generation scholarships. They offer more than $100 million to 10,000 students every year. Check out their searchable database for information on grants, scholarships, internships, and fellowship programs. You could qualify for everything from a merit-based stipend to a digital voucher program for textbooks.

St Generation People Of Color Patrick Copney Memorial Music/arts Scholarship

In honor of Patrick Copneys deep love for music and art, this memorial scholarship seeks to provide two students with $1000 each. Students in New York are eligible to apply if they are first-generation college students earning a music or arts degree and are African-American high school or undergraduate students from low-income backgrounds.

  • Application Deadline:
  • Winner Announced:

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How Many First Generation Scholarships Can You Get

There is no limit to how many first-generation scholarships you can get. However, scholarships sponsored by a specific school usually require you to attend that school if you accept the award. That is something to be cautious of if the scholarship comes from a college or university program you do not want to attend.

Tip #: Prepare Prepare Prepare


The challenges facing many first generation college students begin in high school. Zahira Hernandez, who studies Pre-Health Sciences at the University of Washington, shares that she lacked mentorship regarding applying for college: I had always wanted to go to UW , but their GPA requirement is 3.9. My parents didnt go to college, so during the application process, I was doing a lot by myself. I never had anyone tell me You need to do better or explain what the expectations are. Students who are first gen have a harder time navigating the application process.

Zahira sought encouragement at her local high school: When I was in high school, I attended workshops. I had an English teacher who helped me revise application essays. I think it comes down to self-motivation and having the will to get over obstacles.

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First Generation Immigrant Scholarship

First-gen scholarships are a form of financial aid that focuses on students who are either the first in their family to go to college or whose parents dont have college degrees. The exact qualifications can vary from one scholarship to the next, as some have additional eligibility requirements as well.

It will include those students who are among the first in their family to have immigrated to the United States, or have at least one parent who immigrated to the United States. Self Lawyer will provide a scholarship amount of $1000 each, to two such students for one academic year.

To qualify for a scholarship as a first generation or first scholar, neither of your parents:

  • Obtained a certificate or college degree.
  • Earned an associate degree or more advanced degree.
  • Attained a bachelors degree or a more advanced degree.
  • If neither parent nor a sibling has ever enrolled in or attended college
  • The Donald White/mandla A Ndwanya Memorial Fund


    Current or future enrollment in a U.S. university

    Majoring in education, science, medicine, social work or other selected disciplines

    The Donald White/Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund is a cross-cultural scholarship between the U.S. and South Africa. Not only does it offer $1,000 for students to apply towards tuition, but it also funds trips and internships in Cape Town, South Africa. Anyone can apply, but preference will be given to underrepresented and first-gen students, especially those who are attending or applying to Historically Black Colleges and Universities . Applicants should also be majors in pre-approved categories such as education and social work.

    U.S. citizen or permanent resident

    Low-income, first-generation student

    Attending a historically black college

    Recommended by a counselor

    The Walmart Foundation First-Generation Scholarship is for minority students who are enrolling in Historically Black Colleges and Universities or Predominantly Black Institutions . It offers two $3,100 checks in the fall and spring semester for a total value of $6,200. In addition to meeting the eligibility requirements, applicants must answer the essay question, What would it mean to you and your community to be the first person in your family to earn a college degree?

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    Cesar Chavez Memorial Leadership Award

    DEADLINE: Contact sponsor

    The Cesar Chavez Latino Scholarship Fund and PepsiCo jointly sponsor this scholarship that makes 11 annual awards of up to $5,000 to assist Latino scholars pursue higher education in Arizona.

    Applicants must have/be:

    Attend an accredited Arizona postsecondary institution Demonstrated academic excellence, extracurricular activity leadership, and commitment to volunteerism Demonstrated financial need

    Cesar Chavez Memorial Leadership AwardCesar Chavez Foundation Education InstitutePhone: 362-0260

    Advantages Of First Generation Students

    Scholarship For First Generation Students

    Many colleges use a holistic admissions process which allows them to get to know applicants as a whole individual and understand their backgrounds. If this is used in the college you are applying for and the admissions officers find out you are a first-gen student, then you are likely to attract the attention of the admissions board.

    And this is a good thing because they will give more concentration to your application and because of your background give you admission even if you have lower grades, test scores, or extracurricular involvement. By applying to college as a first generation student, the admissions officers will know that you have worked harder than regular students to get to where you are and this is the kind of hard work that every college values in its applicants.

    So, your chances of getting into college as a first-gen student are likely to be higher compared to non-first-generation students.

    You will also get better financial aid options that will help fund your education, which is the major reason for creating this post in the first place. To help first-gen college applicants find scholarships that will help offset their tuition load since most of them are from low-income backgrounds and it is usually the major reason why their parents didnt get a college degree in the first.

    Without any further ado, lets get to exposing the college scholarships for first generation students.

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    Private And Corporate Scholarship Programs

    The Hertz Foundation offers a number of scholarships annually to those students pursuing a degree in physical sciences. The idea behind this extraordinary scholarship program is to educate students who are interested in discovering new ways of expanding industry while at the same time acting as responsible stewards of the natural resources of the planet. The Hertz Foundation has paid out nearly $130 million in scholarships over the past four decades, offers two distinct five-year programs, and allows students to select from a number of different colleges and universities.

    Applicants from minority groups and those who are the first in their family are strongly urged to apply for this prestigious fellowship award. The Hertz Foundation Fellowship awards are given only to those presently enrolled in college and who are pursuing a graduate degree in the physical sciences. Biology, chemistry, physics and engineering science majors are welcome to apply.

    Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, have excellent academic marks in high school and college, and be able to satisfactorily complete a technical education testing procedure. The awards given are sufficient to pay for graduate studies, and the student is under no obligation to repay any amount of the scholarship given.

    Is It Possible To Apply For First Generation And Other Scholarships At The Same Time

    Theres no reason not to do so! It is possible to students to apply for numerous scholarships. This includes those for first generation and those for others that you may be eligible for. Some other potential scholarships to look into may include:

    • Scholarships for extracurricular activities, such as sports, clubs, or activities
    • Academic scholarships, including those for high GPAs, competitive scores on testing, or honor society membership]
    • Need-based scholarships for those who have a financial need and limited means to cover the cost of their college education
    • Community service and volunteer scholarships based on previous efforts
    • Athletic scholarships based on performance or participation in sports
    • Employer scholarships from the students or the parents employers

    A wide range of options are available at Unigo that fit into many of these categories. Its worth it to look into any that you may be eligible for based on the requirements set by the provider.

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    Cynthia E Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund


    Junior or senior in high school

    Planning to attend college in Maryland

    Planning to pursue a healthcare degree

    First-generation college student

    Future doctors can benefit from the Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund. It offers $1,000 to high school students in Maryland who are seeking a medical or medical-related degree. This includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists, and occupational therapists. Applicants must be first-generation college students who are planning to attend school in the state of Maryland.

    Who Awards Scholarships And On What Basis

    The Greater Arlington Chamber &  META Foundation Announce the American ...

    Various types of organizations may award scholarships, such as:

    The reasons these organizations award scholarships vary. Typically, scholarships fall into one of several categories:

    Need-Based Scholarships

    Students qualify for need-based scholarships according to their familys income. Organizations examine the assets and financial circumstances of prospective students to determine their financial need. Students who come from low-income backgrounds benefit from these scholarships. However, its important to note that many need-based scholarships also consider other factors such as academic performance or athletic ability.

    Merit-Based Scholarships

    Merit-based scholarships provide financial support to students with academic, artistic, or athletic gifts and talents. These scholarships may also be awarded because of a students special interests, community service, or extracurricular activities and hobbies. While the primary focus of merit-based scholarships is recognizing talent, financial need may play a role in eligibility as well.

    Identity-Based Scholarships

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    Catrina Celestine Aquilino Memorial Scholarship

    On my first list of college scholarships for first generation students is the Catrina Celestine Aquilino Memorial Scholarship worth $500. It is awarded to first-gen students whether at the undergraduate or graduate level who want to pursue a degree in law and/or medicine or healthcare. You must also be a US citizen.

    Applicants are also required to write an essay that says a bit about you and your plan to make a positive impact on the world through your medical or law career.

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