Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter

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Keep An Eye On The Organization Coherence And Style

Scholarship Thank You Letter Writing

These are basic writing requirements that you should follow even in higher levels of writing. State youre crucial notion briefly and to the point! You may wish to use exaggerated words as part of your style, but they may not help your message be as effective.

Remember that the people reading your letter are busy people who dont have time to read long notes. Therefore, demonstrate to them that you deserve the scholarship and do not need to explain it in such detail.

Sample : For Students In Freshman Year

Those who just got into their first year of university/college can take help from the following sample to write their letter.


I am writing this letter to thank you for the LMN scholarship award.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you sincerely for the LMN scholarship award. I am currently a high school senior and I have gotten admission to the prestigious University of NAME.

I have enrolled to study for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and hope to become a mechanical engineer upon graduation. Without your generous gift, I would not have been able to pay for a four-year college degree at such a prestigious university.

Thank you once again for the help that you have provided in the form of this scholarship award. I really appreciate the assistance and without it becoming an engineer would have been quite hard for me.

Best regards,Sasha Abrar

Scholarship Thank You Letter Format

  • A thank you letter for scholarship should be written within 1 week of acceptance of the scholarship letter.
  • The letter should not be too long or lengthy and should not exceed one page in length because that may lose the interest of the reader and people who are reading your letter.
  • Also, do not forget to mention the organization name and address and a formal salutation such as Dear, Respected or depending upon the designation at the beginning of the letter, which will make the reader feel respected and loved.
  • Please ensure that the letter is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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College Scholarship Thank You Letter

A college scholarship provides financial aid for students who may not be able to afford college on their own. So if youve recently received a college scholarship, congratulations!

Your college scholarship thank you note should include the following components:

What to mention in your scholarship thank you letter for college

  • your contact details and the name of your university, college, or institution youre attending
  • your year of study and your education track
  • any significant academic goals, extracurricular interests, GPA, sports you play, and clubs youre involved in
  • your proposed graduation date and the job title you intend to pursue after graduation
  • your career plans and how youll contribute to society

College scholarship thank you letter example

Saying thanks to the organization or individual who is supporting your education is important, so have a look below at our college scholarship thank you template:

Maintain A Positive Attitude Throughout The Letter

How To Write Thank You Letter For Scholarship

Emphasize the scholarships long-term implications. You could also want to describe your future ambitions, emphasizing those that align with the organizations mission and vision. You may wish to look up templates on the internet, but its vital to remember that your enthusiasm should be based on your circumstances and context.

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Each Donation Should Receive A Thank

This is true if an organization gives the scholarship with only a few members on the board of directors or officials. They will remember you if you send them a thank you message, and they will look forward to your future success.

As feasible, include a personal letter highlighting each persons unique qualities. You might wish to do some quick research on some individual facts for each officer and effectively use that information.

How Is The Scholarship Helpful

In this section, provide a few details of how you will be using your scholarship award and how it has helped you financially to succeed in your education. Talk about what opportunities the scholarship has opened for you which might have been hard otherwise. You could even mention which educational institution you are attending and which major you are pursuing with the support of the scholarship if you like.

Again, like all the previous sections, keep this one short and simple too. Generally, around three sentences would be enough to deliver what is necessary.

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Completed Scholarship Thank You Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with heartfelt thanks that we receive your generous scholarship offer. Your support means so much to us and we are humbled by your kind gesture. We would be thrilled to accept your offer and will use the funds to further our studies. Thank you again for your generosity.


Sample : Addressed To The Organization

Sharing Gratitude | How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

If the donors name is not known, then use the following sample as a reference for your letter.

Dear members of the ABC Foundation,


I am writing this letter to thank you for the ABC scholarship award.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank you sincerely for the ABC scholarship award. I am currently a high school senior and I have gotten admission to the prestigious University of NAME. I have enrolled to study for the Bachelor of Education and hope to become an early childhood teacher upon graduation. Without your generous gift, I would not have been able to afford such a good university or pay for a four-year college degree.

Thank you once again. I really appreciate the assistance.

Sincerely,Jill Houston

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How To Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter Or Note

It Is Important to Thank Your Donor

Scholarship donors are caring people who unselfishly give to support the educational endeavors of students. They typically ask for nothing in return, but receiving a well-written thank you letter or note from a student shows the donor that his or her scholarship was appreciated. A note or letter reminds them why they gave and is a polite and professional thing to do.

You are an important part of the UTC Gary W. Rollins College of Business, and the written communication skills you demonstrate in your letter reflects on you and on the college.

  • Open the Note or Letter With a Salutation or Greeting to the DonorFor example: Dear Mr. Smith, or Dear Smith Foundation,
  • Express Your Gratitude- Write sincerely and use active voice.- Mention the scholarship by name.- Do not directly mention money amounts. Examples: Thank you so much for your generosity. OR It is an honor to be chosen for the ABC Family Scholarship.
  • Demonstrate the ImpactShare how being a student in the Rollins College of Business is having a positive impact on your life and what you enjoy most. Examples: Describe your course of study. List community service activities, accomplishments, awards or honors you are proud of. Briefly share other activities outside your studies.
  • Close your letter or note by saying thank you again.Examples: “Thanks again for your gift.” “Thanks again. I appreciatethe scholarship assistance.”
  • Final Steps:

    Re: Smith Scholarship

    Dear Mr. Smith,


    Thank You Letter To A Scholarship Donor

    A thank you note addressed to your scholarship donor is a great way to show you value their donation.

    Although scholarship donors describe the requirements for their scholarship award recipients, they may not personally select them.

    Dont forget to mention these details in your scholarship acceptance letter to a donor:

    What to include in your thank you letter for a scholarship donor

    • your contact details and the name of the scholarship you received
    • the details of your academic education such as your universitys name, your degree name and program , year of study, and your minor or specialization
    • any information about the extracurricular activities, volunteer organizations, leadership initiatives, and clubs youre a part of
    • a description of how your donors contribution will help you accomplish your career goals and reach your full potential

    Thank you letter for a scholarship donor example

    Heres an appreciation letter example to impress your scholarship donor:

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    Why Is It Important To Write A Scholarship Thank You Letter

    Writing a thank you letter is in most cases a choice, but it is recommended to do so due to how important it is. It not only expresses gratitude but allows the donors and sponsors to see that their contributions are actually doing good in society. They feel their efforts are valuable and this inspires them to continue sponsoring future students too. If you know how to write a scholarship thank you letter, it would only take a few minutes to write one but the impact of it may be huge.

    Therefore, writing a scholarship thank you letter is important as:

    • It shows your appreciation and gratitude towards the donors and sponsors.
    • Being thankful and appreciative helps spread positivity in society.
    • It ensures that the organization that issued the scholarship stays committed to it and continues to give out new scholarships to future students.
    • It helps make personal connections with the sponsors and donors that can be helpful later on in life.
    • It is a way to practice formal business writing that can prove to be handy for your future.

    Scholarship Thank You Letter Pdf

    How To Write Thank You Letter For Scholarship

    Our dear scholarship winners, we don’t want internet disconnection to stop you from having an easy access to the above thank – you letter for scholarship donor sample. You can easily download the material in a scholarship thank you letter pdf version. A scholarship acceptance letter pdf will be provided on the next posts. For now, don’t delay a single minute in downloading your scholarship acceptance letter pdf.

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    Scholarship Thank You Notes

    If a scholarship you have been offered requires a thank you note, you must complete the thank you note and a short bio before the scholarship can be disbursed to your student account.

    Scholarship donors are generous and caring people who give to support the educational endeavors of students like you. Receiving a well written thank you note from the student who received their scholarship is always special and lets the donor know how much you appreciate their support. Your note reminds them why they gave in the first place and often helps secure continuing gifts for future students.

    You were awarded a scholarship because of your financial need and/or academic abilities stood above all other applicants. Your thank you note is a great opportunity to present yourself in a professional manner and express your gratitude to your donors.

    • Make sure it is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Its always a good idea to ask someone else to review your letter too.
    • Keep it to one page, typed in a standard business format .
    • Express enthusiasm. Work or research experiences, study abroad, involvement in student organization or student projects are all good topics to include.
    • Be sincere. Convey to your donor the impact that receiving this scholarship has had on your life and what it means to you.

    Our Analysis Of The Scholarship Thank You Letter

    Robert did a great job of summarizing how Robert planned on using the scholarship. You can see that he included the specific college that he was planning on attending, as well as what he hoped to study at the college.

    Robert also explained why the scholarship was valuable to him and shared his general appreciation for receiving it.

    Youll notice that this scholarship thank you letter was only two paragraphs. This is totally okay and while you can certainly write more, a short and sweet note will suffice and do the job.

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    What Should You Put In A Thank You Letter For A Scholarship

    You should try to make this letter as personal as you can. In other words, be specific about who you are and your plans and ambitions. Be enthusiastic, but also be sincere.

    Start by thanking the person or people you are writing to for the scholarship.

    You may want to review the difference in grateful to vs. grateful for as you are writing this part of your letter.

    Include the name of the scholarship, but dont directly mention the money.

    Talk about how the scholarship will help you reach your goals.

    Your letter should remain under a page, but you dont have to aim for the same conciseness that you would in many other types of formal business letters.

    Its okay to let yourself get a little carried away by your enthusiasm and discussing your future if that fits your style.

    At the end of the letter, offer another thank you.

    You can find ideas for various thank-you phrases that you can use in the article A Huge Thank You.

    Reinforce that you will make the most of the scholarship.

    It is always important to proofread a formal letter before you send it, but in this case it is especially important.

    Imagine how it would look to the people who gave you the scholarship if they received a thank you letter than was riddled with spelling and grammatical errors!

    For this reason, its a good idea to have a friend or family member whos good at those things read over it for you too.

    Scholarship Thank You Letter Example

    UT Students Read Thank You Letters to Donors

    Here is a well constructed scholarship thank you letter example that can serve as a good guide.

    Dear Mr and Mrs Coleman,

    I write this scholarship gratitude letter to you in appreciation for awarding the Academic Prowess Scholarship to me. I am deeply honored to be found worthy in your eyes of receiving the award. I am deeply convinced that I will have the most impact – driven period of my life in the University of Pennsylvania.

    I come from a town in Georgia that has been economically disadvantaged over the years. The status has adversely affected my family’s finances in a way that I could not further my education. I was at my wit’s end when this scholarship opportunity came knocking on my door. Mr and Mrs Coleman, you may not know me on a personal level. But you took a heavy financial burden off my shoulders and and that means a lot to me.

    Once again, thank you for this award. Having a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Pennsylvania is an asset. I will be able to decipher the deadliest crimes in my town, thus contributing to the restoration of greater peace in Georgia. Thank you for your timely, financial support. May your family be blessed.

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    How To Write Scholarship Thank You Letter

    The objective is to come up with a high-quality scholarship thank you letter. The time taken to write a scholarship thank you letter varies depending on the authors skills, but normally it takes just a few minutes to craft one. Understand it does not have to be too long to serve its purpose effectively.

    The letters body can be categorized into the following paragraphs:

    Keep It Short And To The Point

    Your donor is probably a busy person and may only have a few minutes to read your letter. Save their time by keeping the letter straight to the point. Choose your words wisely and remember to show them how grateful you are. The tone of your letter should be sincere and one that shows gratitude, but should not downplay your enthusiasm after winning the scholarship.

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    What Is A Scholarship Thank You Letter

    A scholarship thank you letter is a letter that you write to the scholarship donors. It is a short formal letter that expresses your appreciation and gratitude for the financial assistance you received for your education.

    Writing one is often not compulsory but it is suggested and highly recommended. This is because when you show your gratitude to the donor, it helps encourage them to continue such gifts for future students. It lets them know that they are appreciated.

    Sometimes, writing a thank you letter is a requirement for some college-supported scholarships. It is compulsory for such institutions that you thank your donor or sponsor by writing them a letter showing how much their donation is appreciated. Therefore, it is important to know how to write a scholarship thank you letter. Some colleges also provide a standardized template that suggests the best content to include.

    Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter

    9 Best Scholarship Thank You Letter Examples (Guide + Tips)

    Scholarship applications are a common part of the college application process. Whether youre an incoming freshman or a senior, its important to give your scholarship applications the best chance of success. That means writing heartfelt thank you letters that highlight why you deserve the award. If youre starting from scratch, or if you need a little help getting started, check out this sample scholarship thank you letter for reference. From there, its just a matter of tweaking it to fit your own circumstances and goals.

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    Scholarship Thank You Letter Templates

    You may have specific target audience in mind. It is understandable that the above guide might not capture all the aspects of your target audience or your purpose of composing a mouth – watering scholarship thank you note for scholarship. That’s why the following scholarship thank you letter templates will appear very helpful. Pay rapt attention.

    You Should Keep The Following Things In Mind When Writing A Scholarship Thank You Letter:

    • Address it to the person who signed your scholarship award letter. This is often the highest authority at the organization, and should be the recipient of your thank you note, unless it is noted differently elsewhere.
    • Send a hand written note. In this day and age when all is done electronically, hand-written notes definitely stand out.
    • Make sure to check your grammar and spelling. Use online resources to make sure your spelling and grammar are impeccable.
    • Be specific. Make sure you let the trustee know how exactly they are playing a role in your future, e.g., thanks to your scholarship I will be able to pursue my engineering studies and hopefully become a leader in environmentally safe practices. It is good to show how they are investing in a bigger cause- your future!

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