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What To Write In A Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter – Academic Reference Letter Writing for Chevening & Other Scholarship Programs

An impressively written letter of recommendation states the following:

  • Student-Teacher PR

This section can acquire a complete paragraph. Your teacher or mentor expresses the present relation between him/her and you. It describes how respectful you have been throughout the entire period of engagement. Also, your teacher can state the level of comfort you both had while working with each other. In short, this part of the letter is focused on your social qualities.

  • An analysis of your academic career

Your teacher/mentor gives an analysis of your academic activities that he/she has been related to. Your teacher will describe your attitude to academic challenges and your work ethics to deal with those challenges. He/she will also shed some light on your weakness and also the recommendations to fix those issues. Furthermore, your teacher expresses his/her opinion on your overall performance as well as the progression over the period of engagement. To make this part look good, the primary emphasis should be on the qualities you possess.

  • A brief note on your accomplishments

This paragraph states all the goals you accomplished during the engagement with your teacher. Moreover, your teacher can add all the achievements of yours so far, but emphasizing the recent ones would be better. The paragraph ends with a statement on your potential to achieve more.

  • The final comments

How Can We Help You With Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

Every student understands that creating a recommendation letter for scholarship is a herculean task. Although you have a recommendation letter sample for scholarship with you, writing the same is an entirely different thing altogether.

With our expertise in the field that goes over a decade, we have developed a unique understanding of writing reference letter for scholarship for students from different academic backgrounds.

And if you are wondering how we can help you write an LOR for fellowship, here is how. We have worked on a plethora of recommendation letter projects for scholarship such as

  • Recommendation letter for scholarship from employer
  • Scholarship letter of recommendation template
  • Recommendation letter for scholarship from professor
  • Scholarship recommendation letter from friend
  • Recommendation letter for PhD scholarship
  • Letter of recommendation for scholarship from mentor
  • Endorsement letter for scholarship

Our team of writers will work as per your requirements and render you with impeccable pieces of recommendation letters for scholarship that will bolster your chances of winning the scholarship.

Recommendation Letter For Graduate School

I highly recommend for admission to the at X University. I am a psychology professor at Y University and had the pleasure of teaching in during their bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

stood out from the other students because of their ability to research topics with exceptional depth and use feedback to strengthen their knowledge on how best to present nutritional studies. They thrive in collaborative environments because of their superb teamwork skills and communicate effectively with peers and colleagues.

Consider finishing the letter by expanding on the candidate’s research topics and explaining some of the reasons why they have good teamwork and communication skills. It will help to know more about the program theyre applying to and which strengths to emphasize.

Each admissions committee will have different criteria, so tailor your examples to reflect the skills theyll need to succeed.

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What If I Dont Feel Qualified To Write A Reference Letter For A Student

Just because a student asks you to write a recommendation letter doesnt mean youre required to say yes. Recommendation letters can be powerful tools, but only if they come from the right person.

If you cant speak to a students performance and character, it might be better to decline. An impersonal or lukewarm reference letter doesnt do much to help the applicants case, and theyd likely be better off finding an adult who can write about them with conviction. Likewise, if a student asks too close to a deadline or after youve already agreed to write for a handful of other students, its more than okay to say no.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Writing Tips

40 Amazing Scholarship Recommendation Letter Samples

While the printable letters above are good options, they may not be exactly what you have in mind. You may find it helpful to review additional sample recommendation letters for inspiration. Whether you edit one of the provided templates or write your own letter from scratch, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

  • Follow an appropriate business letter format when writing a recommendation letter.
  • Include information about how long you have known the person and in what capacity.
  • Adapt the letter to the purpose of the scholarship program for which the purpose is applying.
  • Give some specific examples of positive traits the person has that are relevant to the scholarship.
  • Include relevant facts that could help the individual win the scholarship, such as financial hardship, unique talents, or special circumstances.
  • Review the finished letter to be sure it clearly conveys your intended meaning and is free from errors.

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Letter For Graduate School

Students dont just need letters of recommendations in their senior year of high school there are many scholarships geared towards graduate students as well. If youre recommending a student for a graduate program, try to speak to their undergraduate track record as well as their leadership skills. Graduate schools are often more selective than undergraduate programs, which means recommendations matter a lot. Fortunately, this template should help take some of the pressure off.

What To Include In Your Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Your experience with each student that asks you for a recommendation is likely unique. And youll want to make sure each letter sounds authentic and not like a copy and paste template.

But, even still, the best recommendation letters follow a similar format:

  • An introduction that identifies who you are, your relationship to the student, and how long youve known them
  • Your general observations and thoughts about the students academic strengths, personal qualities, and readiness for college
  • Specific examples that support those observations and thoughts
  • A summary that includes why you think this student is a good fit for this particular scholarship
  • A closing that says youre open to being contacted for more information if needed

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Recommendation Letter For A Scholarship

I highly recommend choosing for your annual marketing scholarship. I’m a former coworker of from 2015-2022 and saw firsthand how skilled they execute marketing strategies and intuitively understand data to predict future trends.

started as an intern and has since secured a full-time paid position. In their time at X Company, they demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a high level of professionalism, which is why they’d be an ideal candidate for your scholarship. They would represent your scholarship and their school with dignity and integrity.

The body of your letter should include references to specific projects the person worked on and how theyve become a great leader in the workplace to show the selection committee why they best meet the scholarships criteria.

Formatting Tips For Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Scholarship Recommendation Letter EXPLAINED

It complies with the guidelines that you are asked for: For example, in some cases the institution may ask you that the letter of recommendation be in a previously defined format, that it be written by specific people and / or that it be sent in a sealed envelope. If so, follow those instructions because they are application requirements that, if not met, can mean your immediate disqualification.

Language: If it is for an English program, it is ideal that it be written in that language and that the person serving as a reference can answer questions in that language. However, it is not mandatory that it be handled in this way because you can attach an official translation to your letter of recommendation.

Size: It is recommended that the letter of recommendation be between 1 and maximum 1.5 pages in Times New Roman , Arial or Calibri , size 12 and with normal spacing and margins. This way you make sure it is concrete but descriptive enough.

Letterhead: Ideally, the letter should be written on a letterhead of the institution to which the teacher belongs or the organization where your boss works. This gives the document more formality and therefore more confidence.

Contact information: The letter must clearly include the telephone, postal address and email of the person who recommends you. In this way, the evaluating institution is given the opportunity to contact the person who recommends you to verify the information.

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Who Should Write A Scholarship Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter for scholarship is written by any person whom the grantor declares as a viable source of information, for example, a lecturer, dean, counselor, employer, or team coach when it comes to sports scholarships. The author should be familiar with the candidate personally to clearly and concisely base their description of the candidate. A personal interaction also helps in citing actions/events that best support the authors claims.

Review The Scholarship Or Admission Requirements

Read through the scholarship recommendations. What do they require you to do? For example, lets say a scholarship application requires the following:

  • An essay of introduction stating your present and future goals in less than 350 words include how your participation in community service has affected you.
  • A brief description of work or community service activities while attending high school.
  • A description of reasons for applying for this scholarship.
  • Recommendations from three individuals .
  • List any awards, achievements, sports activities, or positions held during high school years.
  • High school transcript .

As you can see in the above example, it clearly lists examples of individuals who can write a letter of recommendation. Some scholarship criteria will be more explicit, possibly that a letter of recommendation from a coach may not be appropriate.

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What Kind Of A Doc It Is

To make a long story short, this is a document where a person who knows you well provides a brief overview and arguments why you are suitable for getting concrete funding. Usually, this document accompanies the application. So, it should align with such an application and also be written well. We will tell you how to do this in our article more precisely. And, of course, supplement our story with a sample letter of recommendation for a scholarship, even not one.

What Makes Us The Best To Write Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

40 Amazing Scholarship Recommendation Letter Samples

During our experience as a recommendation letter writing services provider, we have worked with numerous students and professionals who are looking for the best place where they can get the most compelling recommendation letters that can help them win scholarship or admission.

One of the major questions that we got from our clients while trying to work with us is what makes us one of the best in the field to help them with writing scholarship recommendation letters. We have service qualities that help us meet every expectation that the student.

When they come to us looking for professional help with writing scholarship recommendation letters, we use the service traits given below:

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Template For Recommendation Letter For Scholarship

Letter of Recommendation

I have great pleasure in recommending Ms. Your Name D/O Mr. Father Name in her pursuit of higher educational qualifications. I have known Ms. Your Name for the past four years and during this period I have found her very participative and dedicated. She has always shown a keen interest in her work/commitments. She has always been eager to take responsibility and fulfill them at any cost. She always completed her assignments, projects, and other tasks well in time.What particularly impressed me most is her devotion and motivation to understand challenging issues. She has enormous potential to undertake research work independently. She has the ability to grasp new ideas and skills which would enable her to take full advantage of the facilities available there. Ms. Your Name is a pleasing personality and can work in multicultural settings.In view of her sound academic performance and the desire to enhance her knowledge, I strongly recommend her to study at your esteemed institution.


Recommendation Letter Sample For Scholarship 2022

One of the key documents required by every educational institution or professor is to submit at least two recommendation letters. Many students struggle at this stage because some professors are so busy with research work that they ask their students to write a letter by themselves and get it signed by the professor. Also, some early-stage professors also struggle to write recommendation letters for students as they are new to academia. This post contains the Letter of Recommendation Template that students/professors can follow to recommend students.

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Letter Of Recommendation Examples

The things you include in a letter for someone hoping to gain admission into graduate school differ from someone trying to secure a job offer. Each letter follows the same format, but the details are different.

You may find that getting the first few words down is the hardest, and that’s understandable. But once you start your introduction, the rest of the letter will follow suit.

Here are three examples of how to start letters of recommendation for different scenarios, plus a few things to keep in mind for the rest of the letter:

Use The Right Greeting

How to get a great reference letter for scholarships

Letters of recommendation are formal, businesslike letters, sort of like cover letters written on someone elses behalf. Its proper to start these types of correspondences with the salutation To Whom it May Concern or Dear Sir or Madam. Its also tradition to use a colon after the greeting instead of a comma.

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Content Tips For Recommendation Letter

Your letter of recommendation should contain the following elements:

Reason: The person who recommends you explains the reasons why you are going and explicitly mentions the program to which he is recommending you.

Who he is and how he knows you: The person who recommends you should mention his position, the institution he works with and the relationship he has with you. For example:

  • As a teacher of the course of International Relations of the National University
  • David was my student for the class of

Description of the program or work: It is important that the reference contextualizes the reader about the nature of the program or the work performed by the person whom he recommends. And in this way give it the importance it deserves. For example:

  • The Mechanical Engineering program requires about 20 hours of study
  • Teamwork is essential to develop these activities
  • Its a position with a lot of responsibility since

The reasons why he recommends you: Very related to the previous one, here the person who recommends you describes your personality, academic and / or professional skills that make you the ideal candidate for the program to which you are applying. For example:

  • Pepe showed and good handling of ..
  • During the time that Juana worked with me, she stood out for her. Y .
  • I recognize Pepe as a person.,. Y ..
  • Joan managed
  • For more questions, do not hesitate to contact me
  • I will be willing to solve the questions you may have

Know The Purpose Of The Scholarship

Experts will tell you that you need to know what exactly the scholarship is for. Is it an international or a local scholarship? Is it for minority students who are pursuing a technological program or degree courses? In simple terms, taking some time to discuss with your student is the only way to understand the scholarships purpose.

Additionally, since the Recommendation Letter for Scholarship carries a lot of weight, its important that you include genuine and factual information. Again, while interviewing the student, make sure you get your facts right. Note that the recipient will solely depend on your words to decide whether or not to issue the scholarship. For any reason, if they detect unrealistic information, they will easily deny the scholarship allocation.

The other thing you can do is to have a look at the scholarship guidelines, demands, and expectations. Once you are aware of the requirements, you can then easily validate your students qualifications.

Finally, you can think of the students strengths, qualities, and abilities. If you are not familiar with the student, you can request them to share it with you. Having this information at hand-make your work easy and efficient.

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Letter From A Ta Or Associate Professor

As a graduate student or associate professor, you might be asked to write on behalf of your students, even if you dont teach them full-time. This sample scholarship recommendation letter is detailed, insightful, and personal, and could help your students continue their education at your institution.

Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship

FREE 32+ Sample Letters of Recommendation for Scholarship in MS Word ...

Place and date.

Head of the Department of Admissions and Scholarships


Dear Dr. _______________:

I hereby wish that the citizen ______________ be considered as an outstanding applicant to be eligible for a partial scholarship. This benefit would allow her to continue her academic training at such a prestigious university. Exactly in the masters degree_____________________, which will start on the day_________________.

For _________, I have been her professor and thesis advisor. This contact with the student has allowed me to closely follow her fruitful student career. In this sense, I can attest that he is a student with an impeccable record. In addition, he is a disciplined, dedicated and responsible young man who has managed to maintain his academic excellence within our institution.

All his effort and dedication yielded very valuable fruits, obtaining an honorable mention. Furthermore, he has managed to gain recognition from his peers. For dedicating yourself to sharing his exceptional knowledge, skills and achievements.

Therefore, I am writing this letter to recommend that you continue your postgraduate studies at such a prestigious institution. This will allow you to further his personal and academic goals.

Grateful for his attention. And willing to give additional information required.


Name of the person issuing the letter.

Contact information.

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