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Chancellor’s Laureates Award Fall 2022 Entry Term

A Guide to Scholarships for International Students 2022-23 | Road to Success Ep. 0

The award is valued at up to $10,000 a year and may be renewed for a total of eight consecutive, full-time fall or spring semesters.

Chancellors Laureates Housing Award

In addition, recipients will receive a one-time, one-year offer of $10,000 that can be used toward on-campus housing.

Recipients can find the specific value of their award on their financial aid notification letters, which are typically distributed in early March.

Selection Criteria

Open to Illinois residents who are also U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens whose families have a household income less than six times the federal poverty rate. See the Illinois Student Assistance Commission web page for more details.

Please note, funding is limited, meeting the following criteria does not guarantee receipt of the award. The award is only valid for the term in which it is offered. Other eligibility requirements exist, including:

  • Have an ACT of 33 or SAT score of 1450
  • Must complete a first-year application for admission to UIC by Dec. 1, 2021
  • Financial Aid Criteria

    • Must apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid with the UIC school code by Dec. 1, 2021

    Total family income cannot exceed 6 times the Federal Poverty guidelines.

    • For Chancellors Laureates:
    • Total EFC from FAFSA may not exceed $10,000

    Funding is limited, meeting these eligibility requirements does not guarantee selection for the award. Please note, the award is valid for the starting term in which it was offered.

    Illinois Institute Of Technology

  • Camras Scholars Program: Offers full tuition. In order to be eligible, students must be a full-time student, a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and must demonstrate outstanding academics, involvement in extracurriculars, and dedication to leadership. No additional scholarship application is necessary.

  • Crown Scholarship: Offers a full tuition scholarship for five years of study from Illinois Techs College of Architecture. This scholarship is open only to incoming freshmen, and U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Selections are based on academic achievement, artistic skills, and involvement in extracurricular activities demonstrating leadership and independence. Applicants should complete the Common Application and submit an essay, creative work portfolio, and a letter of recommendation by November 15.

  • Duchossois Leadership Scholars Program: Offers full tuition, room and board, summer educational experiences, a fall retreat, and mentoring. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.5 and SAT/ACT scores in the top 10% nationally, and a household income level of under $200,000. A supplemental application along with the regular application must be completed, which is due November 15.

  • M.A. and Lila Self Leadership Academy Scholarship: Covers full tuition the first year, and after that, students must cover the following years annual increase in tuition. This scholarship is awarded to top applicants to the university that demonstrate exceptional leadership potential.

  • Become A Resident Advisor

    Also sometimes referred to as resident assistants, resident advisors are college-level mentors whose primary task is creating a supportive and safe environment for students residing in dorms and other student housing options.

    RAs are especially helpful for freshmen who have just transitioned from living at home to living alone.

    Being an RA is a real job, which means that you will have to carry out duties and responsibilities delegated to you by the school, including but not limited to:

    • Facilitating dorm or housing activities
    • Resolving conflicts between roommates or residents
    • Submitting reports on issues on safety, violations and others
    • Responding to requests, reports and emergencies
    • Ensuring all residents are following rules and regulations

    But just because you want to become an RA in order to enjoy free room and board and/or be able to hone and exhibit your leadership skills doesnt necessarily mean that you can work as one.

    There are certain requirements to meet for those who wish to become or stay as RAs. Some of them include:

    • Earning a minimum number of credits. Its not uncommon for some colleges and universities to require RA hopefuls to have completed at least 40 credits some institutions may require less.
    • Maintaining a certain GPA. Some schools are known to require RA applicants to have a GPA of 2.75 at least. Its also important for RAs to maintain the required GPA if they want to keep the position.

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    What Is A Student Housing Program

    A student housing program is a purpose-built program that provides students with residential real estate units. These apartment communities are generally used to accommodate residents in higher education.

    Student housing programs are tied with a number of amenities. Some of the most essential perks include individual lease terms, provision of study areas, fully furnished units as well as roommate matching.

    Student housing units are generally located in the vicinity of college campuses and give students the opportunity of being employed as community assistants so that they can earn while providing support to their fellow student residents.

    Join A Military School

    Admission &  Aid

    There is a surefire way to enjoy free room and board in college: going to certain military schools.

    Not all military schools in the country are cut from the same cloth. For instance, while some are absolutely cost-free to attend, others charge students just like traditional colleges and universities.

    However, generally speaking, attending military schools is cheaper tuition costs can range anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 per year.

    At some military schools, accommodation and food are sort of free because the tuition already includes room and board. Tuition may vary from student to student, depending on whether they live on- or off-campus.

    Fret not if the goal is to pay zero for room and board. Thats because there are military schools where lodging and meals are free of charge. As a matter of fact, tuition is free, too. However, as expected, in exchange for a college education is a service obligation, which can start for a minimum of five years.

    Here are five US military schools where both tuition and room and board are free:

    US Naval Academy Annapolis, Maryland

    But keep in mind that applying to military school is just like applying to some of the most competitive colleges and universities in the country in terms of chances of gaining admission into them.

    NCES says that the average acceptance rate at the five military schools mentioned above where tuition and room and board do not have a price tag is 9.8% only.

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    Special Notes About Out Of State Scholarship Students

    At their June 9, 2014 meeting, the UNA Board of Trustees approved a resolution adopting a portion of the provisions of House Bill 424 pertaining to out of state students being eligible to pay the resident tuition rate for enrollment at the University of North Alabama. This provision allows out of state students receiving a scholarship award of $250 or more to be eligible for the resident tuition rate. The out of state student must meet the following criteria to be eligible to pay the resident tuition rate:

    The student must be a full-time undergraduate US citizen student enrolled at UNA who is receiving an institutional scholarship award of $250 in recognition of a particular talent or ability, provided such student possessed the talent or ability at the time of initial enrollment and maintains continuous scholarship eligibility at UNA. Scholarship funds provided by the UNA Foundation and scholarships funded by external organizations do not qualify the student for the resident tuition rate.

    The student may no longer be eligible for the resident tuition rate at UNA if the student does not maintain continuous scholarship eligibility.

    Maximizing Your Chances Of Fully Funding Your Education

    With the average cost of college reaching $34,740 in the 2017-18 school year, students and parents are looking for ways to reduce the cost of higher education. While most scholarships and grants can chip away at the total cost, there’s usually some left to be covered unless you’ve earned a full ride scholarship. Full ride scholarships cover the cost of tuition and more, removing the difficulty from paying for an education. These scholarships are available to all types of students, too, and there are plenty of full ride opportunities available.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Full Ride Scholarships

    Anyone can be eligible for a full ride scholarship, depending on their background, skills and expertise. Most students earn full ride scholarships because of their academic history, athletic prowess, leadership or merit. But other types of these scholarships can be offered by schools for different reasons, and they can be offered by the school, state or federal government or by private organizations.


    These scholarships are offered for students that have demonstrated excellence leadership, service or another area. Sometimes, students that show great promise are also offered full ride scholarships.


    Students that show athletic prowess can earn full ride scholarships to some Division I or II schools. Full ride athletic scholarships are only offered to football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball, volleyball, tennis and gymnastics.


    Some state programs will cover the cost of college for students. These vary state by state and are often only usable at specific public universities.


    The government offers full ride scholarships to some students. Some common full ride scholarships offered by the government are for ROTC students, or students studying at a military academy.


    One of the most common types of full ride scholarships, merit-based scholarships are reserved for students that have shown academic excellence. This is usually determined through GPA, SAT scores, ACT scores or through a combination of the three.

    Expert Tips To Winning Full Ride Scholarships

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    Finding a full ride scholarship without any help can be difficult. Fortunately, there are experts who have plenty of experience connecting students to the right scholarship opportunities. Here are some tips from Veronica Schofield, an academic success coach:

    1. Look at your heritage

    Some scholarships don’t require academic or athletic success. Your heritage or any other affiliation can lead to private full ride scholarships that are accepted at any accredited institution.

    2. All athletics can count

    While Division I sports only offer full ride scholarships to 6 sports, private organizations also offer full ride scholarships for athletics. âI know of a Bowling League that offers a full-ride scholarship!â â Veronica Schofield

    3. Keep applying!

    Each application is a chance to practice, and the more you apply to, the stronger your applications will become.

    4. Be creative

    Many students are eligible for full ride scholarships â they just haven’t found the right scholarship to apply to yet.

    5. Always apply

    If you think you have a chance at earning a full ride scholarship, then apply.

    “Students shouldn’t make the mistake of not applying because they don’t think they’ll win they’ll never know if they don’t apply.”

    Veronica Schofield

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    How Can I Calculate Room And Board

    If you receive room and board from your college, the cost will be listed on their website. However, if you are taking care of your own housing and/or food situation, youll have to do some research and estimation.

    A good first step is to look into the typical rent in the area surrounding your campus. You can look on sites like Craigslist to get an idea of what you might end up paying. Your college might also be able to put you in touch with students who take care of their own housing.

    The same goes for food you can start budgeting your current food budget, and then look at the cost of living in the area surrounding your campus. If youre moving from Ohio to New York, expect to may more than you currently pay. But if you are moving to a place with a comparable cost of living, it will probably be similar.

    Duct Tape: Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest

    Deadline: July 21, 2022, by 11:59:59 PM EDT

    Award Amount: Were giving away $20,000 in cash scholarships to high school students who make the best prom attire out of Duck® Brand Duct Tape!

    Overview: Create and wear your original & unique prom wear using Duck® brand duct tape and/or Duck® brand crafting tape. Submit photos of your prom creation for a chance to win several awards worth $10,000.

    Deadline: March 15, 2022

    Award Amount: $20,000

    Overview: Blacks at Microsoft is a company-sponsored employee network dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of black employees at Microsoft Corporation. Applicants for the Blacks at Microsoft Scholarship must be high-school seniors of African descent must plan to attend a four-year college or university in the fall of the year following high-school graduation, and plan to pursue a bachelors degree in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, or select business programs . A minimum 3.3 GPA and financial need are required. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship providers website.

    Deadline: Information on the 2022 Scholarships will be available in the spring. If you would like to be notified when the call for applications opens, please email.

    Award: $2,000 $3,000

    Deadline: The application period for the 2022-2023 program will open in the fall.

    Award Amount: See website

    Deadline: Expected to Reopen in October

    Award: A $20,000 scholarship and more

    Deadline: March 15, 2022

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    Best Housing Programs Available For College Students:

    For students living far away from home for the first time, even the thought of renting and living alone in an apartment all by themselves may seem quite daunting. To help reduce both the stress and the cost of residence accommodations, there are a number of student housing programs initiated in the US.

    Here is a brief overview of some of the best housing programs for students who cannot afford the hefty amount of housing expenditures.

    Quick navigation of the best housing programs for college students in the US:-

    Are There Other Types Of Financial Aid

    Yep. If you file a FAFSA , you may qualify for federal aid such as loans, grants and work study. Ohio residents may also qualify for state and University need-based aid. Incoming UToledo freshmen were awarded more than $7 million in need-based aid in 2021-22.

    We award scholarships based on all kinds of things good grades, your college major or high school extracurriculars. You dont have to repay scholarships.

    A loan is money you borrow and pay back with interest. Generally, federal government loans are lower interest and have more benefits than loans from banks or other sources. Always and we cant stress this enough do your homework. Know the terms and conditions and who is making the loan.

    Grants are usually need-based. No repayment required. They can come from the federal or state government, UToledo or a private organization.

    You may qualify for a federal work-study job based on your financial need. Many of our campus employers hire work-study students. You also may find other jobs on or off campus to help pay tuition.

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    Washington University In St Louis

  • Danforth Scholars Program: Offers full-tuition scholarships and a $2,500 stipend to students with a passion for helping others and have demonstrated community and service leadership. The application is due January 4, 2023.

  • Annika Rodriguez Scholars Program: Same requirements and deadlines as the Danforth Scholars Program.

  • Meet Emir Moore Utoledo Mba Student

    Class of 2020, Business Management and Marketing

    At first, some people told me I was crazy and it wasnt feasible to move to Washington, D.C., at the beginning of my senior year for the Congressional internship while taking classes as a full-time student. Im happy I listened to myself. Multicultural Emerging Scholars program gave me the head start, network and support to be successful.

    Moore was one of 25 African-American students in the U.S. the first from UToledo selected for a Congressional Black Caucus internship. Read more about Moores experiences at UToledo.

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    University Funded Merit Scholarships

    The University funds several academically-competitive scholarships for incoming freshmen. In order to be considered for a university-funded scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Apply for admission to UH for the fall semester immediately following high school graduation.
    • Complete your application for admission, including the submission of all supporting documentation , by the priority date.

    How Can College Students Apply For Housing Assistance

    September 2022 – Board of Education Meeting

    The true scope of the problems faced by homeless college students is undetermined. This is one of the main reasons why this issue is still largely unresolved.

    However, students can try to resolve the issue and ease out the process of reducing, and, in some cases, reducing this heaviest cost related to college for themselves on a self-help basis. This can be achieved by applying to rental assistance programs and by submitting an application for house grants.

    Some of the most effective ways in which a college student can get housing assistance are as follows:-

    #1 Apply to Federal or State Grants:-

    Students attending colleges or universities within their own states can apply for state grants. There are a number of financial funds operating in every state, which provide financial aid to students on both a need basis and on a merit basis. An example of such funds is the Educational Opportunity Fund operating in New Jersey.

    In addition to this, there are several state programs that offer living allowances to students attending colleges or universities in any state and also to those attaining higher education in community colleges or technical schools.

    Moreover, students may also find themselves eligible for federal grants, which they can use to support their housing. For example, students pursuing their degree in any field of teaching can qualify for the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant, otherwise known as the TEACH Grant.

    #4 Become an RA:-

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    Other College Costs To Consider

    A scholarship may be described as full ride, but that doesn’t always mean that every expense will be covered. Here are other costs you should consider even if you get a full ride scholarship:

    1. Books and supplies

    Book fees and studying supplies can add up quickly. You may be required to get a dozen books a year, or even a new computer for studying and writing.

    2. Room and board

    Your scholarship might pay for all, some or none of your room and board. In some areas , the cost of living can be incredibly high, meaning you’ll need to budget for this.

    3. Personal expenses

    While students go to college to learn, they’ll need money for personal expenses, like buying new clothes or going to the movies. Full ride scholarships are rarely going to cover these expenses.

    4. Travel Costs

    Many students leave their home city and state to pursue an education. Visiting their families for the holidays or during the summer means travelling, and plane tickets can add up.

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