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What Are Easy Scholarships

100% Scholarships for International Students at Yale University | Road to Success Ep. 07

Easy scholarshipscan take many forms but are generally no-essay scholarships that require little effort to apply. Many easy scholarships on require no content to be submitted and only require applicants to install a free and helpful resource, such as theConscious Consumer Scholarship.

Other scholarships just require a quick click of the âapplyâ button to enter, such as theUSM Transfer Students of NE Scholarship. In this way, easy scholarships often offer quick, stress-free applications for high school and college students.

Additionally, some easy scholarships allow you to access your creative side by asking for a video, photograph, or other media in place of an essay. This not only spares students the time necessary to craft a winning essay but also offers a change of pace from typical essay-based applications.

Annika Rodriguez Scholar Program

Awarding students with exceptional talent, the Annika Rodriguez Scholarship is awarded to applicants who demonstrate leadership, academic excellence, and involvement in community service.

Awarded to diverse groups of students, this scholarship program is a great way to connect with people that can help you down the road. Make connections with your professor and take advantage of it!

Applying For Federal Financial Aid

Non-citizens of the US are only eligible for federal financial aid in certain circumstances. For instance, you are eligible if you are a U.S. permanent resident holding a green card or if you were granted asylum in the United States. Refer to the Federal Student Aid website for more specific information on non-U.S. citizen eligibility for federal aid.

If you believe you may be eligible for federal aid, youll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid . This is the form that qualifies you for federal student aid, and some universities use information from FAFSA for awarding need-based aid.

Heres what youll need to file the FAFSA:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your parents Social Security numbers if you are a dependent student
  • Your drivers license number if you have one
  • Your Alien Registration number if you are not a U.S. citizen
  • Federal tax information or tax returns including IRS W-2 information, for you , and for your parents if you are a dependent student
  • Records of your untaxed income, such as child support received, interest income, and veterans non-education benefits, for you, and for your parents if you are a dependent student
  • Information on cash savings and checking account balances investments, including stocks, bonds and real estate and business and farm assets for you and for your parents if you are a dependent student.

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Virginia International University Undergraduate And Graduate Scholarships For International Students

VirginiaInternational University offers a unique opportunity to acquire anexcellent, multi-disciplinary education at an affordable cost by offeringstudents access to scholarships. VIU has been attracting individuals whotake their VIU experiences into their own cultures, share their knowledge withfuture generations, and launch successful careers. Thus, there are severaldifferent types of scholarships available based on exemplary personal skills,academic achievement, extracurricular participation, on-campus work, andresidency.

Application Deadlines: Varies


  • Current and prospective students are eligible toapply.
  • Students who are enrolled in any of VIUsundergraduate, graduate, and language studies programs as full-time studentsare eligible to apply for a scholarship if requirements are met.
  • Students enrolled in the language studiesprogram as part-time students are also eligible to apply.
  • Prospective students have the chance to applyfor scholarships during their application process for admission to VIU.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Program: Scholarship awards are givenas a credit towards semester tuition only.

Scholarships For International Students: Benefits

Us college application scholarships for international students

So now that we know one or two things about scholarships, lets take a look at some of the benefits they offer

1. They provide an opportunity to study in the USA: One of the main benefits of scholarships is that they offer an opportunity to study in the USA. For many students, this is a dream come true.

2. They help you finance your studies: Scholarships can help you finance your studies, which is a huge benefit, especially if you are struggling to pay for your education.

3. They can help you get a job: Many scholarships come with the added benefit of helping you get a job after you graduate. This is because many companies are looking for talented and ambitious students who have been awarded scholarships.

4. They give you an edge over other students: When it comes to applying for jobs or getting into graduate school, having a scholarship on your resume can give you a big advantage over other students.

5. They can improve your career prospects: Finally, scholarships can improve your career prospects. This is because they show that you are a high-achieving student who is willing to work hard and achieve your goals.

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Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

A non-degree scholarship program for experienced international professionals wanting to undertake 10 months of academic study in the United States. Although funding does not support degree qualifications, students are able to study and develop their knowledge in academic institutions across the country.


Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program

The U.S. Department of States Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a grant program that enables students of limited financial means to study or intern abroad, thereby gaining skills critical to our national security and economic competitiveness.

The Gilman Scholarship Program is open to U.S. citizen undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.

  • A citizen of the United States
  • An undergraduate student in good standing at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States
  • Receiving a Federal Pell Grant during the time of application
  • In the process of applying to, or accepted to, a credit-bearing study abroad or internship program, or a virtual international program.

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Is There Financial Assistance For International Students

College loans are one option for financing your education. Loans must be paid back to the loan provider or bank over time.

International students can receive two government funding opportunities, which include Fulbright and the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship. Specific universities also offer a variety of scholarships that international students can apply to. There are general scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students available as listed below. There are many ways to find scholarships.

There are not many grants for study offered to international students. We have listed a few below.

Am I Eligible For A Scholarship

Simmons University Fully Funded scholarship for international students

Eligibility for a scholarship depends entirely on the scholarship there is no general rule of thumb on whether you are eligible for a financial award. Some scholarships require students to have a certain TOEFL score some ask that you are from a certain country some ask for you to have a certain grade point average. You will need to do your own research to see if you are eligible for a scholarship. It can be confusing, but remember that college admissions officers and financial aid experts are there to help you find as much money as you qualify for.

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How To Find Easy Scholarships To Apply For

Once you create your profile on, you will receive scholarship recommendations that will help you find good-fitting scholarships based on your profile information. You may even be nominated by another user or a donor for a scholarship that they think youâre a good fit for!

You can browse through all of the scholarships currently available on, or you can filter by category to pull up scholarships that are relevant to your major, hobbies, or personal identity. You can also choose to only display scholarships that donât require an essay, which will then leave you with most of the easy scholarships offered on

Scholarships For Your Major

Depending on the major you choose to pursue, different opportunities will be available for you. Using the scholarship search page can help you find categories that best fit your interests and career path.Categories include arts, business, career, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, humanities, law, music, STEM, writing, and so many more.

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Miami University Merit Scholarships

Offered to incoming undergraduates, Miami University offers a great incentive standard for its scholarships. The scholarship amount increases with your GPA, which means high grades equal large money.

Strictly based on your GPA, you just need to complete the admissions application for Miami University. All applicants that submit the admissions application will be automatically considered.

Oregon State University International Cultural Service Program Scholarships

YES Scholarship for Pakistani Students in USA 2020

Oregon StateUniversity is offering scholarships to international students in exchange forcultural service to OSU, academic colleges, and the surrounding communities.The goal of the ICSP program is to increase cultural awareness andunderstanding throughout the local region and the state of Oregon.

Application Deadline: 15th January

Value of the Program: $7,500 $30,000

Number of Awardees: 10-20

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Use More Of The Credits Youve Earned To Accelerate Your Career

Move your education forward without repeating courses. At Bellevue University, you can transfer your entire associate degree even your A.A.S. toward a bachelors degree.**

See how your credits transfer.

No repeating coursesreceive credit for all college courses you’ve taken from an accredited institution.**

No transfer fees or application feesavailable for community college students from partner schools

A faster path to graduationcomplete your bachelors in an accelerated cohort program

See how your credits transfer.

University Of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships

The University of Birmingham announced that it will be offering new Global Masters scholarships for international students valued at £10,000 per year. The student population consists of 22,940 undergraduates and 12,505 postgraduates. The University of Birminghams acceptance rate is 13.54%.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2022.

To recognize academic achievement, Humber offers Degree Entrance and Degree Transfer Scholarships. These scholarships are automatically awarded based on academic average or credential completion.

DEADLINE : Programs deadline.FINANCING : up to $4,000 renewable.COUNTRY : Australia.

  • Scholarship Link
  • Scholarship Amount for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD: Full Tuition, accommodation, medical insurance, local transportation, and a monthly stipend from 65 Euros 85 Euros

The Romanian Government offers a fully funded scholarship program aimed at helping students pay for their education. Under this plan, students may receive full tuition coverage for up to six years if they are studying for a Bachelors degree, two or three years if they are studying for a Masters degree, and three to five years if they are pursuing a Ph.D. However, the Romanian Government does not cover medical, dental, and pharmacy programs.

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# Gilman Scholarship Program

The Gilman Scholarship Program provides USA Scholarships for International Students with awards of up to $5,000 to study in the United States. The scholarships are aimed at those with financial need and are awarded on a competitive basis. Recipients are able to renew their awards in subsequent years as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress, as defined by each institution.

  • for further information of scholarship

Private Scholarships For International Students

USA Universities offering 100% scholarship for international students | Part 1

Some reputed private scholarships for international students from non-governmental organizations include:

  • Euraxess UK: Its a European Commission initiative to fund researchers in Europe. Its run by the British Council in the UK, offering various graduate research scholarships for international students from across the globe.
  • CastleSmart Scholarship CastleSmart offers an annual scholarship of £6,000 for an undergraduate student to study in the UK. The competition applicants should make a convincing YouTube video outlining their academic and professional plans, and its open to students from all nationalities.
  • The Royal Society Grants The Royal Society is a Fellowship of various eminent scientists worldwide. The society offers grants and fellowships for skilled researchers in the UK and other locations.
  • Surfshark Privacy and Security Scholarship: This $2,000 scholarship prize is available to high school, undergraduate, and graduate students studying in the UK or elsewhere. The program is open to all international nations you must submit an essay to apply.

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St Lawrence Trustee Scholarship

St. Lawrence Trustee Scholarship is also one of many full-tuition scholarships in the United States that are offered to international applicants who are applying for an undergraduate program.

Being a part of the St. Lawrence merit program, the Trustee Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship that requires no scholarship application. If you apply for admissions, you will be automatically considered for this award.

University Scholarships For International Students

Just about every university in the United States offers scholarships to international students. Still, the amount of money the average international student typically pays is higher than the amount domestic students pay. That means, for international students, there are fewer available scholarship dollars from universities, and sometimes they may even have additional fees and costs for students from different countries.

But even though there may be fewer resources, you should still apply for available scholarships for foreign students. And, keep in mind, despite fewer available options for international students, 17% of those studying in the United States in 2020 said their university was the primary source of funding for their US higher education. In other words, almost one in five students from different countries receive financing that pays for the majority of their college costs.

Start your search for college scholarships for international students by reaching out to the financial aid department at your university. Look for university-based scholarships open to every applicant, not just the ones for naturalized or US citizens. And, if you are a graduate student, donât forget to look for grants and research stipends in addition to scholarships.

Learn how Shorelightâs academic support team can help you find and apply to colleges and universities in the United States > >

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University Of Cambridge Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount for Bachelors: Full tuition and living stipend Full tuition, a living stipend, and travel expenses Full tuition and other costs
  • Scholarship Amount for Masters: Full tuition
  • Scholarship Amount for PhD: Full tuition Full tuition, a living stipend, and personal research allowance Full tuition, maintenance fees, and health insurance

The University of Cambridge is a public research university in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1209, it is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world and the worlds second-oldest surviving university. The university has an academic staff of over 7,000, including about 1,800 professors who teach and research at the highest level in over 100 subjects across all disciplines within arts, humanities, social sciences, and science subjects. The university has also produced more than 30 Nobel laureates.

The Cambridge Trust Scholarship was created to support students at the University of Cambridge who have been admitted to one of the colleges degree programs. It comes with a full tuition waiver and a living stipend.

The Jardine Foundation awards full scholarships to the University of Cambridge for students from Cambodia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar , the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Students must also have excellent academic qualifications and be in good health.

A Roundup Of The Best Sites To Research International Scholarships

Trust Me, I

Studying in the United States offers unparalleled opportunities to grow personally and prepare for a career after college. For aspiring international students, there are many reasons to study in the U.S. However, when it costs more than $34,000 a year on average to attend a private U.S. university, knowing where to find international scholarships can be the difference between studying abroad and staying home.

Fortunately, there are many scholarship resources available to help international students pay for college, beyond part-time job banks or work-study programs. In addition to scholarships, these resources can help you find loans, grants, financial aid and more.

Check out our list of the top 15 scholarship sites to fund your higher education at a U.S. university.

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# Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship 2022

All international students now can apply for World Bank Scholarship Program in USA .It is open to men and women to study the full-time Master Degree Program at U.S. Universities. The World Bank Scholarship Program will cover all costs and will cover everything under this Plan. Every year, the Government of Japan only sponsors the JJWBGSP.

  • for further information of scholarship

African Scholarships For Undergraduate Students At Kansas State University

Kansas StateUniversitys Philip and Jeune Kirmser International Student Scholarship areawarded to a non-resident undergraduate student properly enrolled in anycurriculum at Kansas State University with financial need. First preferencewill be a student of African origin and be able to provide proof of citizenshipfrom any country on the continent of Africa.

Application Deadline: 15th March

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How Can I Easily Get A Scholarship That Is Typically Hard To Get

There are many examples of scholarships that are difficult to earn merit-based scholarships andathletic scholarships are two examples of that. With merit-based scholarships, it’s often important to excel academically . For athletic scholarships, it’s important excel in a sport as well as demonstrate leadership qualities.

Scholarships For International Asian Students

100% Scholarships for International Students at MIT | Road to Success Ep. 01

The following list represents just a few of the available scholarships for Asian international students applying to study in the United States. Remember that more scholarships are available than those listed here, so be creative when searching for essay contests and corporate or private options.

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