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Cost Of Books At Penn State

Penn State announces new scholarship for engineering students

The cost of books often surprises first-year college students. The actual cost of books and supplies depends on the courses you take and what kinds of books and materials they require. To save money, many students choose to use books from the library or buy books from students who have already taken the course.

Financial Aid At Penn State

In 2022, 15,483 of the 40,600 undergrads enrolled received financial aid. Penn State meets 62.5% of the demonstrated financial need for undergraduates.

The average financial aid package for a full-time, first-year student is around $10,491 a year. Around 54.67% of Penn State undergrads take out student loans to cover any remaining costs. Penn State graduates who have student loans graduate with an average of $43,359 of student loan debt.

The average debt for each loan type varies.

Average Debt By Loan Type
Federal Loans
Private loans 20.87%

Most students take out institutional or government loans, because they tend to have lower interest rates and more flexible repayment options than private loans. Loans from the federal government can be subsidized or unsubsidized. Subsidized loans do not accrue interest during school, while unsubsidized loans begin accruing interest at the time the loan is issued. If students do no qualify for enough federal loans to cover the cost of tuition, some take out private loans. Parents can also take out ParentPLUS loans, which are government loans for parents who are helping their children pay for college.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid helps colleges determine how much financial need students and their familes have, so they can offer a financial aid package that meets, or come close to meeting, their need. For more information on Penn State financial aid, keep reading, or visit their financial aid website.

Room And Board Costs At Penn State

Housing and campus dining at Penn State costs $12,744 a year. This covers the cost of living in dorms or other on-campus housing, plus a meal plan that allows you to eat all or some of your meals the Penn State’s on-campus cafeterias and dining facilities. Students who live off campus but still want to use the dining facilities can opt-in for a meal plan. The cost of a mean plan, or board-only, is $7,126.

Board costs may vary depending on the numnber of meals you intend to eat on-campus

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Outcomes At Penn State

When choosing a school, you should encourage your student to look at the typical student outcomes as a factor in their decision. Although their individual effort and resourcefulness are more likely to secure their post-college success, its still good to know if a school provides a conducive environment to students. At Penn State, around 83% of their students graduate within six years. Ten years out of school, the average main campus grad is making $55,300.

Tips For Winning Penn State Scholarships

Penn State gives walk

Many awards you may apply for will have some written component, whether a full-length essay or questions requiring an extended response. Be sure not to ramble on the application and stick to the topic.

Another way to increase your chances of winning is by applying for awards of smaller funds.

You can also increase your chances by applying for opportunities for a specific type of applicant.

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What Is The Merit Aid Net Price At Penn State

Merit aid is usually offered to students on a need-blind basis, meaning that students of any income level can receive merit aid. Merit aid is generally offered to the top admitted students with exceptional accomplishments.

At Penn State, about 15.6% of students who dont qualify for need-based aid receive some form of merit aid . The average merit aid award for a student without need was $653, which reduces the net cost for in-state students to $35,105 and out-of-state students to $49,587.

Although it may not be much, every bit helps, and there are some schools that dont offer any merit aid. Due to its small average award size, Penn State ranked 807th in a pool of over 1000 schools we analyzed for merit aid generosity.

Federal Student And Parent Loans

Education loans are the primary source of student aid at Penn State. Each year, the majority of Penn State undergraduate students receives a loan to help pay for their education.

For most students, federal education loans may be the only form of assistance available. Besides the loans available to students, parents who request additional assistance will be directed to consider the Parent PLUS Loan Program. Parents who qualify for this program can borrow up to the cost of attendance minus any aid to their student.

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Applying For Student Financial Aid

To be considered for most student aid, all Penn State students must complete the FreeApplication for Federal Student Aid , a form accepted universally by U. colleges anduniversities to determine a students eligibility for financial aid.At Penn State, submission of the FAFSA qualifies students for consideration for all four types ofstudent financial aidgrants, loans, scholarships, and work-study.

Penn States Federal School Code: 003329

How Eligibility is DeterminedThe amount of financial aid awarded is based on the following: The information submitted on the FAFSA The information submitted on the admission application The amount of funding available The number of available endowed scholarships The number of students attending Penn State

The Aid AwardStudent aid is awarded in the form of loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study. Moststudents can expect to receive a $5,500 Federal Student Loan as one, if not the only, source ofassistance. * Students and families are responsible for covering the remaining educationalcosts. This difference is generally covered by additional loans, which means a credit- worthy co-signer may be necessary. The graph to the right shows the amount you can expect to cover eachyear. Parent PLUS and Private Alternative Loans are available to those who qualify.For more information, go to website: studentaid.psu.Students will receive an email notification prompting them to view their Award Summaryonline.*Federal Loans are not guaranteed

Best Penn State Scholarships To Apply To

The moment when Chad Powers aka Eli Manning awarded a Penn State walk-on a scholarship

Students can apply for many types of financial aid, including federal student aid . But some students may not know where to start to look for this aid. While the Office of Student Aid and related offices on campus can offer the free application for federal student aid, a scholarship program may be the way to go.

Scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate a need for financial aid. While many students are considered for scholarships, some need them more than others. The following scholarship opportunities may help in the search for assistance.

This scholarship program seeks to support low-income African American applicants in Pennsylvania with a history of self-improvement or beating the odds.

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Whats The Best Way To Apply For Penn State Scholarships

Applying online is one of the easiest ways, as you can use many at once, keep track of those you have already applied to, and see everything available. For more information, visit Penn States website for previous amounts awarded and a menu on what is available. Or, if you are on campus, the Office of Student Aid can also have applications.

Scholarships For Penn State Students To Apply For In 2022

Pennsylvania State University ) has a campus located in State College, PA, and has several highly ranked programs, so if you find yourself among their first-year students in the coming academic year, you can be sure that your education is in good hands. The cost of this quality education can be a little staggering if you dont have any financial aid yet have a financial need.

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Award And Campus Benefits

  • With 19 Commonwealth Campuses across the state of Pennsylvania, we are sure you can find your Penn State fit Research our campuses .
  • Campuses offer a wide variety of four-year baccalaureate programs from which students can choose Review Campus Majors.
  • Students earn a degree from Penn State, regardless of their chosen major or campus.
  • Students are able to earn their degree at a considerable savings, particularly when compared to another out-of-state institution.
  • Students already save approximately $10,000-15,000 in tuition annually at a campus.
  • Adding the award, students can save $16,000-22,000 annually on their degree.

Can You Afford To Attend Penn State

Scholarship Award for Holbert Family Orthodontics patients

Once you have a Net Price estimate, youll want to figure out whether your family can afford to pay Penn State tuition and costs. Once again, the Net Price is the total cost of attending, minus the aid you can expect to get . It’s the amount you’d have to cover yourself.

The US government has come up with a standardized way to calculate how much a typical family can afford to pay without help. They call this the Expected Family Contribution, or EFC.

As an example, a family that brings home $80,000 in income before taxes, with no assets and no other children in college, has an EFC of around $7,000. This is the amount the government thinks that family can reasonably pay, and the school will have to step in and cover the rest.

Colleges use this number as a guideline to decide how much aid to give you, but it’s just a guideline. Some schools will be stingier with aid, and you’ll have to pay more than the government’s suggested EFC.

So we’re going to calculate your EFC and compare it to Penn State’s Net Price. If the Net Price is higher than the EFC, the school will cost more than you can typically afford. It’s a simple equation:

Net Price – Expected Family Contribution = Deficit

We’ve constructed a simple tool to figure out whether Penn State is affordable for you:

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Cost Of Attendance At Penn State

Before getting any scholarships at Penn State, the annual tuition fee for in-state students is approximately $18,000 and the additional cost is approximately $15,000. This makes the cost of attending Penn State to be about $33,000 a year for in-state students. For out-of-state students, this cost is estimated to be around $50,000 a year.

However, this university helps students to attend by giving out generous Penn State Scholarships. So, lets take a look at the various options that you have available.

Penn State Behrend Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Penn State Behrend, in conjunction with the National Science Foundations Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program, has created the Penn State Behrend Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. Undergraduate juniors and seniors eligible to pursue dual majors in Mathematics and Secondary Education in Mathematics may apply to this program, which provides up to $22,500 in financial assistance per academic year for up to two years. Programming will equip teachers to thrive in diverse settings and offer mentoring into graduates early teaching careers. Scholarship recipients are required to complete two years of teaching mathematics in a high-need school district anywhere in the U.S. for each year of scholarship support received.

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How Much Does Penn State Cost

What will the cost of attending Penn State be? Here is a breakdown of tuition and expenses.

2022 Total Tuition and Expenses
In-state Tuition
Other expenses $3,222

The total estimated cost will vary depending on whether you are going to live on-campus or off-campus.

Total Estimated Costs

Tuition and fees may vary depending on program, course level, location, and more.

Finally: Is This Price Really Worth It

Penn State Offers 14-Year-Old Local Girl a Hockey Scholarship

Chances are, college won’t be cheap. Even if you have a few top choice schools in mind like Penn State, it’s still useful to explore broadly.

A few questions to ponder:

  • How much better off will you be if you attend Penn State as opposed to a similar, but cheaper, school?
  • Have you considered a range of private and public schools? Big and small?
  • What if you didn’t attend college at all? (This is extreme, but just worth considering even for a second.

Here’s our take: college will be a really important stage in your development. Going to a better, more reputable college will usually pay off in the long run. By going to a better college, you’ll be surrounded by a more interesting community, find it easier to land a job, and open up opportunities.

To determine the value of Penn State, we’re going to rely on reputable ranking lists. These consider factors like reputation, student selectivity, income after graduating, and more to determine the value of a school.

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Leadership Scholarship Application: 20232024 Academic Year

Scholarships of $1,000$2,000 are offered on an annual basis to students who demonstrate leadership and engagement outside of the classroom. In addition to this financial scholarship, opportunities are provided to awarded students as part of our Behrend Leadership Scholar program. Opportunities occur monthly and cover topics and events including social events, service projects, leadership speakers, alumni resources, and advanced workshops.

  • First-year students: Applications for students starting at Behrend in Fall 2023 are now open. Interested students should apply here no later than January 15, 2023, at 5:00 p.m.
  • Transfer, change-of-campus, and returning students: Applications will open in February 2023 for transfer, change-of-campus, and returning Behrend students.

Any additional materials or questions can be directed to Clark Tieman, assistant director, Student Leadership and Involvement, at or 814-898-6171.

Get Access To Merit Scholarship Information From All Schools In One Place

Want to easily research merit scholarships for all schools without having to google each collegeâs common data set?

Check out our College Insights tool. Its an easy-to-use resource that combines government college data with common data set information.

In one resource youâll be able to filter, sort, and compare colleges by merit scholarships as well as other variables such as:

  • Average and 75th Percentile Test Scores
  • Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision Admit Rates
  • Availability of Honors or Co-op Programs
  • Acceptance of AP Credits
  • Application, Financial Aid, and Housing Deposit Deadlines
  • And so much more!

Having this information all in one place saves you time otherwise spent searching individual college websites. It also gives you the ability to filter, sort, and compare ANY criteria or combination of criteria thatâs important to your family.

You can quickly and easily use the tool to find colleges where your student is in the top 25th percentile of applicants and more likely to receive merit scholarships.

Use College Insights to quickly search and find schools where your student is likely to be accepted and receive need based aid and/or merit scholarships.

Merit scholarship information for other schools:

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Are Penn State Scholarships Legit

Yes, they are legit. However, it is possible to run into scams. If any opportunities ask for specific personal information, it is most likely a scam. Options like a scholarship program that comes up in your search online should be under the Penn State Federal School Code.

Some opportunities may be found on social media, but be wary of those not through legit organizations, like a school site.

Pennsylvania State Universitys List Price

Penn State football mailbag: New runners in 2015, touching on ...

Although we call it the list price, schools refer to this as the estimated cost of attendance. If youre wondering why its an estimate and not an exact number, its because schools tend to average the cost from their current students. Each student has different expenses, from housing to transportation to groceries.

Generally, the cost of attendance includes things like tuition and fees, room and board, and other costs of living like transportation, or even laundry expenses. Because Penn State is a public institution, there is a difference in the tuition and fees for in-state students versus out-of-state students. In the 2016-2017 school year, the total price for in-state students was $35,758, while the total price for out-of-state students was $50,240.

Most families dont end up paying list price because they qualify for some kind of financial aid, but there are some families who would likely pay list price at any institution. Wealthy families with household incomes over $175,000 usually end up paying the list price, especially if their student didnt receive any merit scholarships.

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Penn State Cost By Campus

For estimating purposes only

Penn State University Park:Pennsylvania Residents:Tuition and Fees: $18,

Additional Estimated Cost-Room and Meals: $12,Miscellaneous Cost: $1,8405,NOTE: Miscellaneous costs vary by individual and academic program of study.Total: $32,608-35,

Penn State University Park:Non-Pennsylvania Residents:Tuition and Fees: $35,

Additional Estimated Cost-Room and Meals: $12,Miscellaneous Cost: $1,8405,NOTE: Miscellaneous costs vary by individual and academic program of study.Total: $49,672-52,


Pennsylvania Residents:Tuition and Fees: $13,360-15,

Additional Estimated Cost-Room and Meals: $12,Miscellaneous Cost: $1,8405,NOTE: Miscellaneous costs vary by individual and academic program of study.Total: $27,518-32,

Non-Pennsylvania Residents:Tuition and Fees: $21,3784-24,

Additional Estimated Cost-Room and Meals: $12,Miscellaneous Cost: $1,8405,NOTE: Miscellaneous costs vary by individual and academic program of study.Total: $35,942-42,


*Penn State Abington, Penn State Altoona, Penn State Beaver, Penn State Behrend, Penn StateBerks, Penn State Brandywine, Penn State DuBois, Penn State Fayette, Penn State GreaterAllegheny, Penn State Harrisburg, Penn State Hazleton, Penn State Lehigh Valley, Penn StateMont Alto, Penn State New Kensington, Penn State Schuylkill, Penn State Scranton, Penn StateShenango, Penn State Wilkes-Barre, Penn State York, Penn State World Campus

Why College Costs Are Highly Variable

You may be surprised to learn that college costs vary from campus to campus of the same institution, but they also vary from student to student at the exact same campus. Although were going to go over what the full price of a year of education at Penn State is, you should know that the actual cost of a Penn State education will likely be different for your family.

Instead, youll want to consider what the net cost for your family will be. Although averages are a good place to start and we will include them, its better to consider the specific factors that will reduce your net cost. Very few families pay full price, and this is due to financial aid from:

  • The federal, state, or even local government
  • The institution itself
  • Any additional private or merit scholarships the student has earned.

A combination of financial aid from these sources will help you reduce your net cost, and well go over what you can roughly expect from each source below.

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