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The Gretchen J Adler Study Abroad Endowed Fund

Oakland University apologizes after mistakenly telling thousands they earned huge scholarships

The International Studies Program announces the availability of scholarships from the Gretchen J. Adler Study Abroad Endowed Fund. Awards may be used for tuition, fees, books, travel and/or room and board expenses relating to student participation in a University-approved study abroad program, during the Academic Year 2022-2023. University-approved study abroad programs are those listed on the web page of the Office of International Education. Following donor preferences, the award is limited to students who intend to study in Europe or China. More than one award may be given.

Students otherwise eligible for this award include those who:

  • be undergraduate students enrolled in a humanities or social science major program in the College of Arts and Sciences,

  • have successfully completed at least 8 credits of study of a foreign language relevant to their study abroad plans or program and

  • preference will be given to students who study abroad for one full Oakland University semesterfall, winter, or the entire summer semester

  • no later than March 1st

    Oakland University Tells 5500 Students They Received Full Scholarships By Mistake

    Prospective student shares disappointment after mistaken Oakland University scholarship email

    A mistake left more than 5,000 prospective students thinking they had received a full scholarship to Oakland University.

    SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – For the second time in a week, a university in Michigan mistakenly alerted incoming students that they were receiving full ride scholarships, this time it was at Oakland University.

    According to a statement from Oakland University, the mistaken notifications were sent in early January and informed the students that they were being awarded the “Oakland Universitys Platinum Presidential Scholar Award, our highest award.” In a statement sent to FOX 2 from the University, the students who received the message did not meet the eligibility requirements for the university’s highest award.

    The university said those students did, however, qualify for other levels of scholarships.

    OU said it notifies students of awards through an official scholarship award letter via USPS.

    Within two hours of those emails being sent, OU sent out a follow-up email with an apology and urging them to contact the school with additional questions.

    OU confirmed to FOX 2 that approximately 5,500 students had been informed of receiving the award.

    The scholarship is valued at $48,000 for four years at the university.

    CMU said they was not won the award but the message had gone out “inadvertently” as school staffers were testing new messaging technology.

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    Scholarships Equaled $12k A Year For Four Years

    Kayla Clarke, Senior Web Producer

    OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. The college admissions process is already extremely stressful for students, and what happened earlier this month at Oakland University made it even more stressful.

    In January, 5,500 students were told they received close to full-ride scholarships — only to be told later that it was a mistake.

    A glitch with Oakland Universitys undergraduate student application system left some prospective students thinking they were getting a full ride.

    The email stated the students were eligible for the Platinum Presidential Scholar Award, $12,000 a year for four years, Oakland Universitys highest award. A correction was issued within two hours.

    + Oakland University Students Mistakenly Receive Scholarship Notifications

    The Oakland Post 5.26.21 by The Oakland Post

    OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. About 5,500 future students of Oakland University mistakenly received the schools Platinum Presidential Scholar Award due to an error earlier this month, the university confirmed with FOX 17 on Friday.

    This comes after reports of Central Michigan University sending out full-ride scholarship notifications by mistake.

    Were told OU’s scholarship awards students $12,000 a year over the span of four years.

    Oakland University tells us the students were updated in less than two hours after the error was made and that the school is in the process of making telephone calls to explain what happened.

    Representatives of the university add scholarship notifications are usually sent to students through the mail.

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    Michigan School Mistakenly Tells 5500 Applicants They Have Scholarships

    Oakland University in Michigan mistakenly told 5,500 applicants that they had received nearly full scholarships to attend the school, according to a report from NBC News.

    The school blamed the faulty emails to prospective undergraduates on a human error.

    We know the college application process is an extremely stressful time and we are sorry for the added confusion and disappointment this email has caused, Oakland Undergraduate Admissions Director Shane Lewis and Enrollment Management Vice President Dawn M. Aubry said in a joint statement.

    The emails told students that they had received the Platinum Presidential Scholar Award, the universitys highest grant, which covers nearly all of first- and second-year tuition. Each award is valued at around $13,394 a year.

    Bizarrely, its the second time in weeks a school in Michigan has mistakenly told a group of students they were winning full scholarships.

    Central Michigan University in January incorrectly told 58 high school seniors that they had received a full-ride scholarship. That school decided to honor the scholarships, something that Oakland University said was not feasible given the number of applicants mistakenly told of their good fortune.

    Unfortunately, due to a human error, the email was inadvertently sent to you and others who had not received Presidential Scholar awards, Lewis and Aubry wrote. Please know we take this unfortunate mistake very seriously and would like to sincerely apologize.

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    University Mistakenly Tells 5500 Students They Won Huge Scholarships

    Oakland University in Michigan said human error was to blame for the incorrect emails. It was the second university in the state this month to make such a mistake.

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    By Eduardo Medina

    Carnell Poindexter looked at the subject line of the email Congratulations! and opened it immediately while in a debate class at his high school in West Bloomfield, Mich.

    Mr. Poindexter, an 18-year-old senior with a 3.8 grade point average, thought that perhaps this was the scholarship he had hoped for from Oakland University.

    You worked hard and it paid off! read the Jan. 4 email, informing him that he had won a $48,000 academic scholarship over four years. Mr. Poindexter, who wants to be a lawyer, and his parents were elated.

    But then, more than two hours later, came another email with a subject line that read, CORRECTION.

    Oakland University where the campus extends into two cities, Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, each about 30 miles from Detroit said it mistakenly told 5,500 incoming students that they had won the scholarships. In-state students pay about $58,000 in tuition over four years, with room and board costing an additional $11,192 a year, according to the university.

    And just like that, the excitement of thousands of students, including Mr. Poindexter, evaporated.

    Oakland University Mistakenly Tells 5500 Students They Won A Nearly Full

    Oakland McClymonds High School Football Star Lands Scholarship To UNLV

    The wind and freezing rain ice on an Oakland University banner Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 24, 2016. Detroit

    ROCHESTER HILLS, MI On Jan. 4, Oakland University notified 5,500 admitted students that they won nearly full-ride scholarships. Two hours later, students were told it was a mistake.

    University officials said human error led to the batch of accidental emails.

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    Oakland University Mistakenly Awards Scholarships To More Than 5000 Students

    ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. Oakland University said Friday it erroneously notified students that they would receive top tuition awards, just days after another school, Central Michigan University, said its prospective students were mistakenly told they had won full-ride scholarships.

    Oakland University said in a statement that due to human error its undergraduate student application system sent email notifications to some admitted students that they were entitled to receive the school’s Platinum Presidential Scholar Award.

    The school said about 5,500 students received the erroneous notification. Those students have qualified for other levels of scholarship awards, according to the school, which learned of the error on Jan. 4.

    The award is Oakland University’s highest, but the students who received the notification don’t meet eligibility requirements for the award. The email was intended for students who had already been sent notice of their Presidential Scholar award through an official scholarship award letter, the university said.

    “An immediate correction update was sent within two hours to the students who received the scholarship messages in error,” the school said. “Our Undergraduate Admissions team also scheduled phone calls to explain the situation for those who contacted us.”

    A follow-up apology notice was sent Jan. 5.

    University officials apologized for the error Wednesday night, and offered all 58 prospective students the equivalent of a full-tuition scholarship.

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    Oakland University Blames ‘human Error’ For Scholarships Mistakenly Awarded To Thousands

    ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. A Farmington High School senior is devastated.

    Charmaine Brown says shes worked around the clock applying for scholarships, so when she received an email from Oakland Universitys admissions she was overjoyed.

    When they sent that email, I was like Wow, this is my escape, this is everything Ive ever wanted, Brown said.

    The email read: Hi Charmaine! You worked hard and it paid off!

    The university email goes on to say, you are the recipient of the Platinum Presidential Scholar Award. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to high achieving students like you in the amount of $48,000 for four years

    Browns mother Carla was excited for her child who is currently a 3.7 GPA student in the dual enrollment program at Oakland Community College.

    I said, Wow we dont have to pay for anything for you to go to school. Its going to be fully covered,” Carla Brown said.

    But that was not the case. The university sent out another email hours later saying, due to a human error, the email was inadvertently sent to you and others who had not received Presidential Scholar awards. Please know we take this unfortunate mistake very seriously and would like to sincerely apologize.

    Thats a big mistake. Thats a very big mistake, the 18-year-old said.

    Its a mistake that went out to 5,500 potential incoming students, a university spokesperson told 7 Action News.

    Brown says an apology isnt enough and wants the university president to make it right.

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